Khalid Ibrahim stays as Menteri Besar and Selangor PKR Chief

May 30, 2009

Selangor Menteri Besar stays as State PKR Chief, says President Wan Azizah

S Pathmawathy (May 29, 2010)

PKR has no plans to replace Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim as the party’s Selangor chief, said PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

“We have no plans to review his position in the party,” she told a press conference in Kota Bharu after issuing the presidential address to PKR’s national congress.

Also present were PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali and DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang.

On PAS’ part, said Mustafa, the party has “full trust” in the Selangor MB as he has been doing a good job. “The question does not arise at all, but we have to do stock-checking as we are already in the middle of the year,” added Lim Kit Siang.

Wan Azizah  was fielding questions on Khalid’s tenure following rumours of a rift between him and PKR vice-president and Gombak MP Mohd Azmin Ali, and that both could not see eye-to-eye on certain matters.

Other key leaders within the party had also purportedly been sceptical of Khalid’s ability to head the Hulu Selangor by-election campaign and his general lack of political acumen.

Lacking skills?

The tensions supposedly ruptured last month in the run-up to the Hulu Selangor polls, after Azmin voiced disagreement with Khalid, who is also PKR’s treasurer-general, over campaign strategy issues.

Azmin (right), however, has rubbished the rumours, and pointed out that it was he who proposed the former Guthrie CEO to be the party’s election director for the by-election.

It was only on the question of when the campaign was to start that their minds did not meet, he added. Earlier in her address to the party, Wan Azizah praised Khalid who she said had borne heavy responsibilities since leading the Selangor government as its Menteri Besar.

“He has defended the principles of transparency and accountability by chipping away at the wastage and corruption that have become part of UMNO’s culture.

“The courage of the Selangor government in introducing SELCAT – exposing all (the state government workings) – is (the type of) renewal that we can be proud of,” said Wan Azizah in reference to the state assembly’s Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency.

Notwithstanding Khalid’s leadership, the PKR top gun warned party members and leaders – especially the excos in Pakatan-Rakyat-led state governments – to defend their menteri besar and chief minister.

While the Selangor government is firm, she said, it is under pressure from UMNO leaders’ plots “to sabotage and seize the Selangor state” from the Pakatan coalition.

“We need to be aware of their agenda,” she added.Nonetheless, said Wan Azizah, congratulations are in order for Khalid and the other Pakatan leaders in the Selangor government who have toiled to administer the state well despite being faced with internal and external challlenges and hindrances.

“Recognition (of good work) does not come free. The Selangor government must continue upholding the aspirations of the people, the aspirations of the party and of Pakatan.”

29 thoughts on “Khalid Ibrahim stays as Menteri Besar and Selangor PKR Chief

  1. What choice has Wan Azizah got except to be in a state of denial?

    She thinks that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim remains PKR’s best hope for retaining Selangor, despite heavy criticisms from party supporters in the state. Mr Indispensable will continue to do what he is good at, that is being a corporate bureaucrat.

    Anwar is also untouchable, although he has proven to be an ineffective Economic Advisor to the state. He cannot deliver because he cannot focus. The ongoing trial (Sodomy 2) is exacting a heavy toll on his mental state.

    There is no mention of the Semesta sand scandals. Wan Azizah says, “The courage of the Selangor government in introducing SELCAT – exposing all (the state government workings) – is (the type of) renewal that we can be proud of.” What renewal is the PKR President talking about? SELCAT is like a Punch and Judy show and so far, it has not done much for transparency and accountability in the state. Tan Sri Khalid should come clean on Semesta.

    Let us face it. PKR is a political party that makes promises with no capacity to deliver.UMNO should be happy that Tan Sri Khalid remains as Menteri Besar. They can be sure that the Selangor Menteri Besar will continue to make more political blunders. If UMNO has a change in leadership in Selangor by removing Toyol, it can retake control of the richest state in Malaysia in 2013,if not earlier.

  2. PKR is in a sad and sorry state. It has lost momentum which it generated in 2008. Badawi was easy meat.

    Now PKR has to deal with a tough and politically savvy Najib. It is going to be a different political ball game from here on. The Prime Minister’s rating is high and most people I talk to recently feel that they want to give Najib a fresh mandate.

  3. Both Beanto and Naim may be right about the possibility of PKR losing Selangor in the next election. Najib has shown that he can provide the leadership and the polls give him a high rating. But it is too early to tell what can happen in the next 3 years. In politics, a week is long enough.

  4. My view, is all about the changes Selangor Government has made ever since taking over from bn. Pakatan Rakyat Government has made tremendous improvement. It has eased the burdens of the Rakyat. Talking about problems within, its only normal unlike MIC,MCA,UMNO,PPP,IPF and you name it from the BN. And of late you can see the malpractices of the BN leaderships has been dug up to show, how the BN screwed up the lives of the people. Especially the Low Cost House Scheme for the poor had been divided among the rich BN ones.And am sure in the next weeks time there is another case coming up against PBT’s in Selangor. Am being very optimistic about the progress going in the Pakatan Rakyat Governess. With this trend of Government, the Pakatan Rakyat will sweep clean in the next Genral Election, I bet you all on that result.

  5. “Let us face it. PKR is a political party that makes promises with no capacity to deliver.UMNO should be happy that Tan Sri Khalid remains as Menteri Besar. They can be sure that the Selangor Menteri Besar will continue to make more political blunders. If UMNO has a change in leadership in Selangor by removing Toyol, it can retake control of the richest state in Malaysia in 2013,if not earlier”.- Ahmad Naim

    If it’s so, whom would you suggest to be a much better person to replace Khalid Ibrahim as the MB of Selangor? Someone from PAKATAN RAKYAT’S first or second highest echelons, top ranks or you’ll opt for a retake by UMNO, I presume?

  6. Kak Rubi
    You call “lu tolong wa, wa tolong lu” and “BN menang hari ini, hari Isnin saya bagi cek RM5 million” leadership? That is taking politics to hthe lowest level, outright vote buying.
    It’s not so much if its BN money but what Najib is dishing out is rakyat money. To win one constituency Najib pours money which was earlier destined or earmarked for another constituency. Throughout all this the rakyat still lose. Still rakyat tak sedar, jadi biarlah luncai dan labu labunya.

  7. Semper fi,

    Politics is politics.I don’t condone money politics. But let us admit that Najib is much better than his predecessor whose coasting in office was disastrous to say the least. We lost 6 years. Mahathir is not much of a help either. The Octogenarian has his own agenda and needs attention all the time. The PM must sort out his own party as soon as possible: to draw out his internal enemies and opportunists and consolidate his position as party president.

    The PR has not been able to get its act together and clearly they are not ready for national leadership during this phase of our country’s history. Anwar himself is being pinned by the sodomy trial which is ripping him apart while PKR, the weakest link within the PR chain, continues to be in a mess. It is likely that PKR will suffer more defections since Wan Azizah has decreed that Khalid Ibrahim remains state party chief and menteri besar.

  8. Kak Rubi
    Yes I agree with you that PKR is far from ready to take over the government. Let’s not forget that PKR is only one component of the Pakatan coalition.

    DSAI could have better managed PKR and Pakatan had it not been for the trumped up sodomy I and Sodomy II cases which have sidetracked him. Opportunity through deviation by BN.

    Being on the outside we don’t really know the reasons why Wan Azizah chose to retain Khalid Ibrahim. We can only guess and often times we guess wrong. The only thing we can do is offer our views as we see it and hope the leaders of PKR are cognizant of the rakyat’s views and take into consideration the wishes of the rakyat.

    BN or Pakatan, to me the jury is still out. We have been under BN for over fifty years and it is the only government we ever knew. Perhaps Malaysia would have progressed better had it been governed by others. If we don’t give another party a try how would we know that they are better or worse than the one we have.

    Life is always full of choices. Dare to make the difference?

  9. The Pakatan formula is no different from the old formula first introduced by the Alliance Party. It may be a skewed version of the same formula but it is the same formula nevertheless.

    Ideologically speaking PAS is the weakest link and the chain as we all know could only be as strong as its weakest link. For the time being the focus is on PKR and the house cleaning which has to occur in view of defections and the threat of more defections by party stalwarts.

    What continues to hold the loose coalition together for the time being is the common desire to unseat UMNO from power. Once that is achieved, the loose coalition is set to implode under its own weight.

    Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor MB is bad news. If he cannot hold his party together then he has to go. Nobody is indispensable. He had the opportunity to unlearn what he learned when he was CEO etc providing leadership to corporations under his control. Politics is a different ball game and a game he has yet to show finesse in. PKR does not have the luxury of time to wait for its head of the executive branch in Selangor to complete his internship.

  10. Those who know this guy know that he has an abrasive style of leadership. A man with that kind of leadership would find himself quickly isolated as he surrounds himself with ‘Yes men’. Suddenly he is being fed with information he wants to hear rather than the truth. From that point he can only spiral downwards as he blunders and fumbles his way.

  11. Let’s put it this way. So far nothing suggests that Anwar will be found not guilty in the second sodomy trial. What are you guys going to do? Wait until he gets sentenced? That will be the end of this man. His political career will not survive a second incarceration.

    Shouldn’t he be persuaded to apply for political asylum abroad now rather than later and continue to provide leadership from a distance rather than from behind bars? For PKR-Pakatan it is like having to decide to amputate your leg in order to save your life.

    Anwar Ibrahim is too much of a distraction. The cause Anwar Ibrahim stands for and is committed to serving is larger than himself. Surely he must know that.
    Yes, Bean, Anwar is not guilty unless he is proven otherwise. If there is no penetration and the prosecution insists that it found Anwar’s sperm in Saiful’s anus, then this is perverted “immaculate conception”or the hand of strange God in PDRM. It boggles my mind how these guys in the AG’s Office and PDRM can come up with this idea.

    Anwar will not seek asylum because he believes in his innocence. I am of the view that PKR will survive even if Anwar goes back to Sungei Buloh. In fact, PKR will grow in strength without because it is not short on talent with Wan Azizah at the helm.–Din Merican

  12. Guys,
    I am compelled to provide views on this matter. Before I begin, I susgest you guys to read Dr Raffick’s Right to Write Blog before passing judgement on Khalid Ibrahim.
    Sometimes I do wonder, are we playing into the hands of the devils? It could be part of the propogandic scheme, either by UMNO or by some folks within PKR. However, take note that I don’t agree those folks who left PKR due to this reason.
    I can’t help but notice someone within PKR who desperately wanted to be MB. It’s no longer Hassan Ali. Come to think of it, I need to apologise to Hassan Ali. He’s pretty harmless now. By the way, if such trend continues, I might even agree or side Dr Raffick’s view on who is the best person to run Selangor state government. You want fair assessment, ask teh Grand Old Man of Singapore, LKY. He can give far better assessment.

    Lets not argue rhetorically that Khalid Ibrahim is not up to mark again. Be specifcs! Which policies? At what ways? I have to agree with Dr Raffick that Khalid Ibrahim is far more hands than ahem….the other contender….The Housing Issue, seems that fella did not bother to fight vigoriously in parliament. And the freqeuent going out with Anwar without much strong presence in his own constituency speaks volume of him. If I were to choose, Khalid Ibrahim is far better….
    Read Dr Raffick’s blog. I am not asking you guys to accept Dr Raffick’s statement wholesale. I disagree with Raja Petra on assessment on Khalid Ibrahim. Worst still, Hisham Rais has been shooting the wrong fella in Thailand. Thaksin is a “good” guy. The only Thai politicians to give aids directly to the Thai Rakyat instead of through cronies like the rest of the politicians including Sondhi…..That yellow shirt fella who started he whole mess. Sondhi is Thai version of Ibrahim Ali. (Ok, sorry to off track but we need to assess objectively)

    As for that fella, I suggest that he should be patient…..God knows he might be the Defence Minister. He could be the “Tun Razak” of PKR. Zaid Ibrahim is “Tun Dr Ismail” of PKR. Hehehe…..Don’t wanna tarnish Toh Chin Chye’s name. Ok, Zaid Ibrahim is more of “Sinathamby Rajaratnam” of PKR though Sivarasa can come close to him. And Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is more of “Lim Kim San” of PKR. Wanna know who is Lim Kim San…..Check it out man

    I always see PKR is a resemblance of PAP. Perhaps, PKR should consult DAP more often on political management. PAP is combination of English educated centrist & Chinese Educated Leftist. What Anwar needs is the right mentor. Anwar’s best mentor perhaps is Tun Mahathir. Mahathir is USELESS & HOPELESS as compared to Lee Kuan Yew himself. With the right mindsel, even if PKR faces grave concerns, it can still survive.
    PAP survived through the split within the party, mass exodus of party members, onslaught from UMNO & federal government, got to fight the leftist at home & at one point of time, a minority government. All within 5 years (1959 – 1964)…..PAP survived. All Anwar Ibrahim pick up the books from LKY or better still The Men in White & start meditating……Better still grab Toh Chin Chye to come over…..His organisation skill was superb. Toh Chin Chye was the Chairman of PAP. One of the Big Three

  13. It’s very interesting Both Lim Kim San & Khalid Ibrahim shared the same trait. Lim Kim San was a businessman & director of several banks before being appointment as the Chairman of HDB…..

    Hmmm…..Khalid Ibrahim should have met up with this legend & perhaps would solve all housing woes in Selangor as espoused by Dr Raffick.

    Of course, Khalid MUST NOT EMULATE of another “China born Malaysian/KL bred” Teh Cheang Wan who committed suicide on the eve of the conviction of corruption while Teh was the Minister of National Development in the 80s.

    Speaking of this corruption case, even in a squeaky Singapore with LKY & Goh Keng Swee still at helm in the 80s, you dare to say Singapore PAP is corrupt because of Teh Cheang Wan’s case. What is the Sand Concession issue in Selangor? Plus, is it really Khalid’s fault? Think!
    Thanks for your impassioned defence of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and Wan Azizah’s retention of him as State PKR chief and Menteri Besar, Selangor. Khalid’s problem is that he lacks political flair and has been making some blunders of late. Of course,there are few in PKR who want to replace him but they have not able to convince top PKR leaders.–Din Merican

  14. Mr Bean, a perfect description of Khalid.For those who knows Khalid, even his tenure in Guthrie was nothing special.It was just that the late Tun Ismail Ali had special liking for him as Khalid knew his way to tackle the old man.

    As for being MB of Selangor, he never dreamt about it.He never thought he could win the election and what more to become MB. Therefore, what becomes PKR government in Selangor is no surprise.

    It is simply that Khalid did not have the guts, flair and real substance to run the state. As for simple comparison, look at Lim Guan Eng running Penang. LGE takes the shits out of BN goons handling and tackling him. As said by our fellow bloggers, Khalid would lose Selangor to the ugly, dirty and devious tactics of the BN in no time.

  15. Err.., i really don’t want to know what the MB ate last night or whether he has well formed stools. As an ordinary rakyat, going about doing my own business, i will vote for the big picture, and am not bothered the type of paint/watercolour – as long as i can frame it up, and it looks good.

    What i interested in is how much my sand costs per tonne, if i am in the construction business. I can’t be bothered where it comes from or how it’s ‘mined’. But i would be concerned if it was a monopoly.

    In other words, this storm in a teacup is not worth thinking about, when there is a tropical storm brewing over the horizon. That’s the difference between an insider and outsider. If you want to criticize this and that, take a good look at yourselves. Comprendo?

  16. Din,
    If you have read through the lines, I have hinted very clearly that person who wanted to replace Khalid Ibrahim. If you read through Dr Raffick’s post, you might have come to a conclusion that that fella is no better. What then?

    You can’t compare with LGE. He has gone through baptism of fire. Plus, Lim Kim San or even Goh Keng Swee did not have political flair, but they got things done. Khalid Ibrahim’s one good troubleshooter. Hence, these folks should look another fella that has the flair.

    By the way, Dr Raffick is very critical of that particular PKR leader who wishes to be MB of Selangor that in the next GE, he might not vote for him.

    Stop this political game!

  17. “Anwar will not seek asylum because he believes in his innocence. I am of the view that PKR will survive even if Anwar goes back to Sungei Buloh. In fact, PKR will grow in strength without because it is not short on talent with Wan Azizah at the helm.–Din Merican

    It has nothing to with a sense of guilt or his belief that he did nothing wrong. The asylum law of the United Nations is not meant to protect fugitives from the law. It protects those fleeing persecution (as opposed to prosecution as a result of alleged criminal acts). No one has a stronger case to make than Anwar Ibrahim who was incarcerated for alleged sodomy (though the case was overturned on appeal but not after he had served six years). No one really believes him to be guilty of the allegations made against him including his prosecutors.

    If he were to seek asylum in the United States he would be among friends. He would be in political exile but he could continue to fight to bring an end to what he sees as an oppressive regime bent upon perpetuating its rule at any cost; and bring democracy to his country. He is more useful out of jail than in jail. He would be a General Douglas MacArthur in the making with his promise of “I will return”.

    If Anwar were to seek asylum in the United States, would U.S. President Obama extradite him? The view of U.S. State Department officials has always been that the earlier trial of Anwar Ibrahim was a political trial on sham charges. This second trial on similar charges is more of the same. Would asylum in the U.S. threaten a break in diplomatic relations between the two countries? I don’t think so. Because it would be pre-arranged and agreed. The government of Malaysia would agree to drop the charges if Anwar Ibrahim agrees to seek asylum. But would Anwar Ibrahim agree? Your view is that he will not.

  18. The UMNO government will not rest of course. It is a matter of time before calls are made for the revocation of his Malaysian citizenship similar to the ones being made against RPK; and without a passport he cannot travel. Anwar will become another stateless person fleeing persecution.

  19. Bean,
    And Turning Anwar Ibrahim into Nelson Mandela. Don’t be stupid laaa……Bean, how did US lost the Vietnam War?

    Again I suggest you read Men in Whites. Between PR & BN, it’s a marks of brinkmanship. The one who blinks loses

  20. Khalid, bersih? Nampak comot aje. Comot dengan skandal yang tidak boleh diselesaikan, tetapi mempunyai pak sorak dan mak sorak..Wan Azizah dan DSAI menyogok ahli ahli yang rata rata meluat dengan kerenah yang tidak telus , tidak bersih dan banyak alasan.

    PKR mungkin pada mulanya pemangkin gabongan PR antara DAP dan PAS. Kini PKR, liabiliti untuk GE13!!DAP dan PAS perlu lebih bekerjasama dan mula bertindak tanpa PKR kerana PKR adalah serpihan ahli BN..

    Mentaliti BN dan reject BN seperti TS Khalid yang tidak diterima oleh UMNO. Beliau terbawa bawa cara UMNO dan tidak seperti negeri negeri yang di wakili kepimpinan PAS atau DAP!

  21. Yes Loose74, we would like to know why and how the US lost the war in Vietnam. Veterans Day is coming up soon and I would like to invite you to be the keynote speaker at the Memorial ceremony honoring the dead US Marines. I’m sure the US Marines will be glad to award you with the Jane Fonda award. Please provide me with your military records and assignment during the Vietnam War. The Department of Defence is interested.

  22. Semper Fi & Bean,
    By the way, me beri lazy but me no stupid. Me give you the link why US lost Vietnam war? Else convince me why otherwise. Go & read yourself

    By the way Vietnam uses American equipment to defeat Pol Pot Regime in Cambodia. And you want me to show the picture how the US Ambassador exited from US Embassy when North Vietnamese barged into the gate

  23. “Don’t be stupid laaa……Bean, how did US lost the Vietnam War?”

    Since you couldn’t string your own sentences to give us a briefing on the issue you raised (no one else did) then perhaps you could tell us how the war in Vietnam, the U.S. government, the Malaysian Government and Nelson Mendala and Anwar Ibrahim are inextricably tied to each other?

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