Zaid, UMNO and Royalty

May 13, 2010

Zaid, UMNO and Royalty

by SakmongkolAk47 (May 11, 2010)

I have always been against the use of a show of force to enforce opinions, thoughts, ideas etc. In this context for example, I treat with sadness the approach taken by a group of PERKASA young men, demonstrating in front of the PKR Headquarters, Merchant Square, Tropicana.

It was in effect a show of force, sadly unrestrained by the  Police nearby as they claimed to have received no instructions to intercede (sic). It also shows, those people who resorted to a show of force, have no reasonable answer to challenge Zaid’s essay.

UMNO’s credibility

Stating that Zaid is disloyal to the King is also hurting UMNO’s credibility because UMNO had also in the past clashed with the Royal Houses. UMNO’s confrontation with the Malaysian Monarchy then was more severe and intense leading to widespread belief, that Malaysia was going the Republic way. Some of those people calling for the emasculation of the Monarchy are still around today in UMNO, projecting themselves as shameless paramours of democracy for the people. What they meant was power unto themselves.

Even in this instance, the thunder was stolen from present day UMNO because the group that is now standing and being counted as defender of the King is PERKASA. It is led by the Pied Piper of Malaysian politics–one Ibrahim Ali. UMNO Selangor through its deputy head could only muster a feeble riposte by beseeching HRH Sultan not to receive Zaid. Why should the Sultan be dissuaded to see Zaid if HRH chooses to? The King is King to all his subjects– UMNO and non-UMNO people. The King does not belong to UMNO.

I found one stupid trait among UMNO people as regards people not from the state but who have adopted their current state of domicile as their own. In Pekan where I come from, for example, we have many Kelantanese voters who have stayed in Pahang for over 30 years. Whenever these people ask for land or assistance or facilities from the state, the UMNO people will always create a ruckus. Shamelessly, during elections, all UMNO people want are their votes ignoring and treating the state of origin of the voters as non issue. By his admission, Zaid says he has stayed in Selangor for over 30 years. On that basis, he is entitled to the same treatment and rights as Noh Omar who is a Selangorian . Zaid has as much right to see the King as Noh Omar.

Needling Zaid is counterproductive

Needling Zaid on the Royal  House issue is counterproductive. First it will serve as opening up of old wounds inflicted on the Royal houses by UMNO of 1988. Second, it exposes UMNO’s weakness in the mosque centered activities department- UMNO is weak when it comes to carrying out mosque and surau -based activities. UMNO people want to be office bearers because of the power therein and the social standing the posts confer, but are insignificant when it comes to posturing in the mosques.

All this while, aren’t the mimbars and pulpits in the mosques employed to disseminate current issues of use and benefit to the government of the day? It’s a tit to UMNO’s tat. UMNO is now forced to answer this weakness by finding ways to enliven its own role in this department. Sermons by UMNO preachers are not endearing the devotees.

So when Noh Omar asks his rhetorical question, people ask back- why you are not doing the same. And don’t hide behind the cloak of honoring the sanctity of  Royal commands. People already know what UMNO has done and is capable of doing to royal commands. Only when UMNO is weak, does it overplay its royal cards.

What did Zaid do? Zaid had opined that the statements given by HRH Sultan of Selangor were personal opinions and don’t carry the force of law. The Selangor Sultan was said to have expressed his unhappiness at pulpits in mosques being used as political platforms.

Those statements were quickly seized by UMNO people as royal command which, if met with non compliance or even contrarian viewpoint, are tantamount to disloyalty and perhaps treasonable. By taking an early position on the high ground, UMNO sounds to the world, that only UMNO owns loyalty to king. In any case, isn’t loyalty to the King enshrined in Article 3 of UMNO’s constitution? Unfortunately such manifest expression of unrivalled loyalty to the King by UMNO, coming from self-serving UMNO  types must be treated with circumspect.

UMNO is feudal

Zaid says we don’t live in a feudal society anymore where the word of the Sultan is law. Even with regard to Islamic religion, the Sultan needs to sit in council, which is the Majlis Agama Islam of their respective states, to have his opinions enforceable as law. In Kartika Sari’s case, the Sultan of Pahang was advised by the Majlis Agama and Fatwa Negeri Pahang.

Here is where we part company with Zaid.  Zaid got it wrong when he wants us to think that it is only the monarchial system in Malaysia which represents the actual feudal system. The actual feudal system, my dear Zaid, is the one practiced by UMNO.

Look at the essence of UMNO power hierarchy. Just like William the Conqueror, UMNO’s power structure was based on similar principles.  William, King of the Normans rewarded his chiefs, vassals and others with land in exchange for loyalty and for the supply of military and material support when facing common wars. Everyone owed allegiance to his immediate superior.

The King (UMNO) was at the apex demanding and receiving allegiance from the 190 Ketua Bahagians, who demand and are owed allegiance by the many many  Ketua Bahagians and Ketua Bahagians demand and are owed allegiance from Ketua Cawangans. The bottom was occupied by the rakyat who are herded and corralled. Each successive leadership level is held captive by the promises of material reward.

Wasn’t it UMNO in the 80s which went around cutting the clips on the Monarchy here in Malaysia? Indeed I can still remember, Musa Hitam announcing to the world at large, the presence of UMNO’s 7 heroes including at that time Anwar Ibrahim and Dato Seri Najib? He made that announcement in Batu Pahat I think. He regarded the 7 as the magnificent seven.

And so, if suddenly now, UMNO rediscovers the value of an institution that preceded its own deliverance to the world today 64 years ago (May 11), I say, all praises be for the Almighty.

20 thoughts on “Zaid, UMNO and Royalty

  1. An UMNO man has spoken and what is needed is an equally eloquent response from UMNO cybertrons like Leman, Ilham and others. We will stay out momentarily to allow space for their reactions. Aren’t we democratic? –Din Merican.

  2. Sakmongkol AK47 should join PKR or PAP.

    He is viewed by UMNO leaders and coathangers as irrelevant tin-clanging loud mouth wannabe ADUN-again who got too much time on his hands. UMNNO members think Sakmongkol AK47 ( the nickname ) is so foreign to Malays that they think he is a spy from Narathiwat Province to stir unrest to reinstate the Sultanate of Patani.

    Din has lowered his intellectual tolerance to listen to idiots like Ilham. I thought intelligence should be highly prized and protected .

  3. since when is Din is so intelligence ? Just because he writes in blog?
    any Tom, Dick and Harry can do it by copy and paste from the web.

  4. sniper tom. dick and harry. please provide link to your blog so we the unintelligent bloggers can learn a thing or two (ooops maybe teach a thing or wo)
    you really live up to your name, sniper, taking pot shot and then hiding.

  5. Sniper:

    Oh yeah, you think you are so smart? Then why are you here in an “unintelligent” person’s blog? What does that make you? Imbecile?

  6. I’m quite interested to hear what “The head of Religion (in every state)” is saying about the gomen (UMNO) approving sport betting. Are all of the state Religion heads going to ban UMNO members from their state for going against islam teaching and insulting the role of Islamic head of state? ARE they going to BAN BERJAYA GROUP from doing business in their state? Is PERKERBAU..oppps..

    PERKASA going to ask the Finance minister aka PM to issue an apology immediately (it seems that 24hrs and 48hrs ultimatum doesn’t work) and cancel the approval? Are they going to organize a demo in front of PM office in Putrajaya? Are they rallying 10,000 malay (muslim) to a rally demanding the government adherence to islamic teaching and law? IS IBRAHIM ALI going to DENOUNCE the PM and VINCENT TAN as immoral personS trying to corrupt the muslim mind? More interesting to know is what’s TDM take on his friend (Vincent Tan) audacity of proposing this gambling venture in ‘his Islamic country’?

    I hope to get a satisfactory reply from them but I’m BETTING AGAINST THAT HAPPENING!

  7. Frank,

    Sakmongkol is a committed UMNO man. He’s using well the democracy in UMNO to set the party on a right course. He is the conscience of UMNO. He sincerely wants UMNO to return to its past glory. His viewpoints are laudable in wanting to correct the wrongs in our beloved party.

    In a sense, he’s like Din who has an objective view of the party he supports but not following it blindly. He wants to fight the party to change from within and not going outside like some losers. Fat hopes he will be joining PKR or DAP!
    Sayang Bangsa, I am a civil society person with no political links now. 2008 is a political tsunami that will be long in coming again. So, I am promoting constructive discourse. May There is no one right answer in life, business and politics. If Government delivers I will say well done; if it fails, I will criticise it.

    I have friends in UMNO-BN and Pakatan Rakyat to whom I am not afraid to express my views. I am pro-Malaysia but there are people on this blog who say I am a turncoat. I find that amusing indeed.–Din Merican

  8. “He wants to fight the party to change from within and not going outside like some losers.” Sayang Bangsa

    Why? Is he ‘Malaysian’ first or umno first?
    Define ‘Malaysian’. Does it mean being a ‘citizen’ by an accident of historical geopolitics and human migration (and thus it’s manifold appendices); or does it mean belonging to a specific demographic?

    This should be the present civil discourse that this country needs before we glimpse the notion of ‘nationhood’. But we are unwilling. A nation is of the people. A country is of virtual lines and borders.

    Someone said that: “Distrust of authority should be the first civic duty.”

  9. To be fair to Din, I think he has his plate full , so he has to make do with cut and paste and to throw in his own pieces whenever his schedule permits. 🙂

    Any blogger worth his/her salt will agree with me that it is not easy to maintain a credible blog site because it takes bloody hard, time consuming work and research unless one is a full time writer cum blogger or one has paid staff to do the research .

    “I have friends in UMNO-BN and Pakatan Rakyat to whom I am not afraid to express my views. I am pro-Malaysia but there are people on this blog who say I am a turncoat. I find that amusing indeed.”–Din Merican

    Any smart political animal will know that in the arena of realpolitik there are no friends or foes; only opponents who are to be treated with respect as both friend and foe may one day, turn for worse or for better.

    There is nothing wrong in taking sides however, the danger lies in the follower who becomes so carried away with his/her strong sense of loyalty that he/she becomes blind and ceases to become objective in judgment.

    The current power arrangement between the Tories and the Liberals in the UK is a perfect illustration of realpolitik in motion where it is proven that even opposing political parties can work together for the common good of the nation because at the end of the day it is all about the attainment of power. It has been and will always be the political animal’s ultimate objective !
    Thanks, Ocho, for your understanding and useful comments. Politics is always the art of the possible. There are no permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests (power).–Din Merican

  10. “ the political animal’s ultimate objective !”

    For arguments sake ocho, does ‘one’ come before zero?
    I would be very supportive, if Jibbo had sloganeered: “Minus one Malaysia to Zero Malaysia.” That inded would mean ‘progress’ after 22 yrs of Octoshit and 6 years of Dopeysleep.

    UK’s Tories and LibDems are a totally different species of political animals. Feudalism and fascism aren’t part of their inbred psyche.

  11. This time Sakmongkol Ak47 sounds intelligent. Otherwise just like KJ.
    No Frank ! knowing him, Sangmongkol won’t joint PKR, if he does, it will be on a mission and he’ll be the King Frog.

  12. Menyalak-er – May 13, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Menyalak-er, that will be the day when that happens in our own backyard – Jibbo has to factor in a lot of elements, firstly his own political survival in his dog screw dog world.
    Nah. The politicos in the first world are no different than their counterparts in the third world, If any, they are only more sophisticated and suave – they screw their people over and over while they are asleep ! Look at the deplorably dismal state the American and the European politicians have landed their citizens into ! What they thought were dreams have turned out to be a living nightmare !!!

  13. Sakmongkol won’t joint PKR– samsaimon

    Yep, I know he would not join PKR ( perhaps he should join PAS) YET.But you never know.People can change for the better like Zaid Ibrahim, Anwar, Chua Joo Meng, Syed Husin Ali, Azmin Ali, Lim Guan Eng who despite his DAP credentials willingly went to jail in defense of the modesty of a young MALAY girl against the statutorial rape by an UMNO warlord…. and there those who change for the worse of his fellowmen eg Zahrain Hashim, Zulkifli Noordin, Ibrahim Ali and the Kerala Indian Malaysian Prime Minister etc

    But every man has a price and given Sakmongkol has shown in his writings he is one person who are willing to be his own man against his fellow UMNO members, I believe there is a point in every person (or some of them at least) which he/she will not go below his/her moral principles and philoshophy of life.

    If Sakmongkol AK47 remains true to type as shown in his blog, I believe if UMNO turns for the worse against his own moral principles too many times, he would have searched in his own soul whether it is worth going into his deathbed and able to tell his children or grandchildren he did the right thing.

    Perhaps now Sakmongkol has not found his Road to Damascus, so to speak.

    His defense of Zaid is non-partisan and spectacular in many ways and I think his own family and children will be proud of him as a husband and father for what he stands for on this issue.

    I think if Sakmongkol can get UMNO out of his skin, (and he does not need to be pro PR or any party), he can be a wonderful leader and statesman from amongst the Malay community of the likes of Ku Li and Tunku Abdul Aziz. These are the people who are able to see their own politics as borderless when it comes to issues of moral standards and principles.

    I know that Anwar after his incarceration and what he is doing now to break this ONE PARTY STATE and try to give Malaysians a way to have a TWO PARTY SYSTEM, will able to tell his family and grandchildren, he did the right thing not only for them for ALL decent minded Malaysians.

    I have only one question for Sakmongkol: Whether he truly believes that the ONE PARTY STATE as imposed by UMNO-BN or any party for that matter over the last 40 years should be encouraged and allowed to continue as against a TWO PARTY SYSTEM, for the wellbeing of our political system and the wellbeing of our country??

    I say to Sakmongkol :Let’s talk about the issue of ONE PARTY STATE vs a TWO PARTY SYSTEM for the future of the Malaysia, not about whether we want PR to win or lose of to retain UMNO-BN or kick UMNO-BN out.

    If it comes to pass that we do have a TWO PARTY SYSTEM in place in years to come, we can say we owe it to ONE man… Anwar Ibrahim.

    Like all politicians, Anwar will have to be accepted, warts and all, and he is not perfect, but at least he tries to correct the wrongs of the past, his own and that of his fellow UMNO friends and colleague.

    Today the pariah UMNO Malays, Muslims they say they are, are out to demonise his person and his family. But there will be a space in which his faith in his religion will give him solace and peace right up to his deathbed.

    As he said many times, at his age of 62, what more there is to achieve politically. He was there at the top, been there and seen them all when he was in UMNO. It is others who are craving for the power in UMNO.

    This generation of Malaysians who have the power to vote should see themselves on a cross-road: Whether they still want their children and grandchildren to continue living in a ONE PARTY STATE or to enable them to live in a TWO-PARTY SYSTEM?

    My position is this: Assuming that PR happens to be the coalition that sought to impose a ONE PARTY STATE, I would instead support to strengthen UMNO-BN to a viable contender to the incumbent so that both will fight for the soul of the Malaysians at even par.

  14. correction

    I know that Anwar after his incarceration and what he is doing now to break this ONE PARTY STATE and try to give Malaysians a way to have a TWO PARTY SYSTEM, will be able to tell his family and grandchildren, he did the right thing not only for them but for ALL decent minded Malaysians.

  15. oops!!

    But every man has a price and given Sakmongkol has shown in his writings he is one person who IS willing to be his own man against his fellow UMNO members, I believe there is a point in every person (or some of them at least) which he/she will not go below his/her moral principles and PHILOSOPHY of life.

  16. Yep ocho, a bit of idealistic (Frank’s nominalstic word) premature ejaculation on my part.., but it would be good that our politicos have even a single iota of those nebulous concepts called ‘conscience’ and ‘common good’. I think that PR has really to walk the talk about ‘civil nationalism’ as opposed to the severely constricted view of ‘bumiputridism’.

    But before that, we have to educate and integrate first. I see some good things happening in the PR ruled states which are in transition, but not enough. It will take another generation, and i really hope that i’ll not be a nappy lined incontinent, doddering old senile dementic when that day dawns. Maybe our great-grandkids can play coloured marbles together without worrying too much about race and religion.

  17. The scariest part that I dread most and hope will not happen in Malaysia is this – that contrary to the aspirations of the rakyat for a two party system, the bloody politicians will eventually sell the rakyat out via political merger, to achieve their own political interests, like what the Greens in Ireland and the Liberals in UK did unless at the next GE, it is imperative that Malaysians make sure that PR gets voted in with a majority to form the n.ext government and put the BN out to the pasture to rehabilitate in opposition land
    That is the price we have to pay, to give PR a shot, to make sure that a viable two party system is in place.

  18. That is the price we have to pay, to give PR a shot, to make sure that a viable two party system is in place.– ocho onda

    Thank you. I am honored to have your agreement with me on this one, for a change.

  19. It is a sad but real fact Malaysians have to face up to that the one party system is no longer tenable like twenty years ago before that glorious grandson of mamak tongkang systematically ran our beloved country aground !
    Monopoly of any sort especially that of power does more harm than good !!!

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