Nightmares for Dream Candidate, Zaid Ibrahim

April 21, 2010

ANALYSIS By JOCELINE TAN : Nightmares for a dream candidate

Pakatan Rakyat thought they had a dream candidate in Datuk Zaid Ibrahim but he has been put on the defensive over his lifestyle and the positions he has taken on sensitive issues concerning Islam and Muslims.

DATUK Zaid Ibrahim started out as a dream candidate for Pakatan Rakyat. But the Pakatan bid to make him the next MP of Hulu Selangor is fast turning into a political nightmare.

Zaid seems to be loaded with more baggage than any of his friends in Pakatan had imagined possible. His past has finally caught up with him and it could not have happened at a worse time in his political career.

Cool Zaid refused to be distracted by personal attacks on his character

His liberal lifestyle and highly publicised stand on national issues, especially those touching on Islam and Muslims, are now being dug out by his opponents to haunt him. He had to admit on the second day of the campaign that “I am no angel”, meaning that he is not perfect but had weaknesses like all human beings. To his credit, he has not lost his temper or lashed out at his accusations. Instead, said reporters, he seems to be taking it calmly and like a gentleman.

But a winning campaign should not be run on the defensive and that is where Zaid has been stuck from the word go. He started off denying he was a millionaire with homes overseas, then came the drinking issue and that was followed by a replay of his legal suit against the implementation of hudud laws by the PAS governments in Kelantan and Tereng­ganu in 2002.

His stand on the Lina Joy apostasy case, that it is a constitutional rather than an Islamic issue, is also being brought up again.

The PKR dilemma is a mirror situation of that faced by UMNO in the Permatang Pasir by-election last year. The UMNO candidate was bogged down by issues concerning his conduct as a lawyer and also over an alleged second wife. UMNO had to literally run the race with a sprained ankle.

The allegations have dented Zaid’s standing as a candidate. His drinking past, it is said, is forgivable but his stand over hudud laws and apostasy is a bit more complicated.

Zaid’s history was not exactly unknown to his allies in Pakatan, namely DAP leaders and the liberal camp surrounding Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

“In a by-election, every detail about your life can be an issue. People will scrutinise everything, even the underwear you have on,” said deputy Kapar UMNO chief Datuk Faisal Abdullah.

His advocates were either over-confident or had under-estimated their opponents in pushing for him. Zaid is the sort of Malay that this group feels comfortable with and whom they would like to see as a fall-back leader should Anwar have to return to prison.

There is even a conspiracy theory going around now saying that Zaid, flaws and all, was put up as a candidate to take the bullets on Anwar’s behalf. The theory goes that the other contender, Dr Halili Rahmat, was so uncontroversial that if he was picked, Anwar would be the one taking the hits.

The theory is full of holes. Every party goes into an election to win, and on paper, Zaid looked like a presentable candidate with the right credentials — ex-minister, successful lawyer, thinking politician, outspoken and articulate.

But his supporters failed to give sufficient weightage to his track record on sensitive Islamic issues. His stands on these issues go down well with non-Muslims as well as liberal Malays.

The Malay ground in Hulu Selangor is generally conservative. The line between halal and haram is clearly etched in their minds. However, the campaign questioning his credentials as a Muslim will not have any bearing on the non-Malay voters. The Chinese “yam seng” culture is a feature of life, likewise among the Indians.

Some have likened the character assassination on Zaid as a series of cluster bombs.

The latest bomb was not about him but connected to him. Dr Halili Rahmat stunned everyone by resigning from the party. Dr Halili is an established neurosurgeon and no one can accuse him of having done it for money. He has been loyal to Anwar since 1998. He probably feels hurt that loyalist like him have to make way for a parachute candidate like Zaid.

The political chatter over Zaid’s dilemma has spread over to Kelantan where Zaid, who was Kota Baru MP, is well-known. One of his UMNO friends from Kelantan recalled: “He was quite open about it, he is not a hypocrite. We were having steak and when I ordered pineapple juice, he told me steak does not go with pineapple juice, it goes with red wine.”

His then opponents from PAS had used the same allegations against him in the 2004 general election but they were not as creative as UMNO now and Zaid won narrowly by 43 votes. But PAS and he are now on the same side, and PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang has defended his alcohol consumption, saying Zaid has changed since returning from Mecca. Hadi also brushed off Zaid’s anti-hudud action as a thing of the past.

Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat is due back from Mecca tomorrow and is scheduled at a big ceramah on Friday night during which he is expected to further exonerate Zaid. Pakatan is racing to do damage control for Zaid.

www. (April 20, 2010)

53 thoughts on “Nightmares for Dream Candidate, Zaid Ibrahim

  1. “Pakatan is racing to do damage control for Zaid”.
    www. (April 20, 2010)

    Yet another feather to my cap! Soon you will not be able to see my cap.

  2. Zaid’s lifestyle should not concern us. It is personal and private. Voters should be focusing on his track record as a politician and minister. But are the Malay voters in Hulu Selangor going to accept him as the representative in Parliament? That was the question.

    To find out I went to Kuala Kubu Baru and Serendah yesterday to ask the rural Malays there. Their view is that Zaid cannot represent them because of his drinking habits (Dia tak layak kerana dia kaki minum. Ini haram dan dosa bagi kita yang berugama Islam). They are also unhappy with the neglect they suffered under Pakatan administration. “Mereka lupa kita selepas dah menang” said one of the Malays I spoke to at the local warong. Unless PKR intensifies its effort with the help of PAS, Zaid is likely to be the loser.

  3. Jocelyn tries hard to be balanced. In this instance, she gave two sides of the story. I read it and think she did quite well. Antares, you are being hard on her. You should compliment her for being a good pro-BN spinner; she has no time for the opposition politicians. Read what she writes between the lines.

  4. Guys, while we see a lot of stuff in this blog about the probable “Waterloo”(whatever that means) of Zaid, the ‘dream’ candidate – we need some balance of what the gentlefolk in H.S. are thinking of the ‘nightmare’ cadidate on the other side. While msm is happily harping on the negative aspects of Zaid, do you really think the electorate is enamored with “Kamlan”?

    The spin might just ‘gostan’ on itself with the influence of T.Nik Aziz and the heavy artillery from PAS, in the coming days. Those within the camps have already decided and the battle is now geared towards the fence-sitters. A non-entity like umno’s candidate who requires heaps of ammunition from his masters but doesn’t possess artillery himself will be torn to shreds. Btw, where’s ‘Me no speka Ingerlish’?

  5. Dear Din Merican,

    1. Since the article talks about the “crushed dream” of PKR, Ithought I might share with you my observations on what is going on in PRK HS and what I think will be the outcome.

    2. At the moment the advantage is clearly with BN. If a rough survey is made at the time of this writing, BN would win with a majority of +- 1300. Now before you say I am another “cyber-trooper” please try to read on and see my reasons.

    3. The figure I stated is in tandem with military intel on the ground which reported around 1500 to BN.

    4. However due to the large number of “fence-sitters”, I predict that BN will win the by-election between 2k-3k come 25th April.

    5. Now on to the analysis. First let us look at PKR machinery. The PKR machinery is in chaos. The level of distrust is currently so high in the camp and the morale is very low.

    6. The PKR candidate, Zaid Ibrahim is campaigning without listening to the order by Fuziah Salleh who is the Election Director of PKR. Instead Zaid prefers to go at it on “his own term”. This has created confusion amongs the party workers (If you do not believe me please ask your PKR friends about this).

    7. The reason for this is because Fuziah is alleged to be part of Azmin Ali’s team and after the recent expose (alcohol and gambling) on him, Zaid do not have much faith in Azmin’s people. The reason is because it seems now that the sources who gave information on Zaid Ibrahim came from inside PKR itself.

    8. Another reason for the organizational disaster, is due to the money allocated for funding the Opposition supporters went “lesap”. When Zaid Ibrahim was nominated he aleggedly provided around RM20K to each 30 camps and around RM15k to each PKR Ranting. However 4 days have past and most of the money are “missing”. I dont know about the figures but I am sure of about huge sum of money given by Zaid Ibrahim went missing “along the way” (again you can ask this from your friends if you do not believe me).

    9. Now let us look at PAS involvement. Other than a few PAS leaders, the grassroots are nowhere to be seen. The reason for this is simple. They have no motivation to go all out for someone who they deem “unworthy” for their support. The leaders might feel “terpaksa” but there is no way to motivate(force) the members/supporters.

    10. Of course some of your readers will say I am lying thus I kindly ask them to go to HS and compare PAS presence there with previous PRKs. Khalid Ibrahim said you dont see PAS flags that much because they all agreed that only PKR will take charge. This is BS since you can clearly see a lot of DAP flags laying around.

    11. There are rumours that say PAS is nowhere to be seen due to them campaigning deep inside Felda areas. This is not true. It is just an attempt to explain(lie?) about PAS lack of involvement.

    12. Like it or not, Zaid Ibrahim image has been tarnished for good. No amount of counter-spin i.e. Nik Aziz praying for him etc will do any good now. This was why Azmin were hell-bent on saying NO to Zaid in the first place. Bear in mind, the Malays there are conservative lot. The accusations against Zaid is not just on Alcohol but on Gambling and Corruption all at the same go. This is too much for the Malays to ignore or bear. When Nik Aziz do come it might generate a few interest but I doubt it will make any significant differences.

    13. Many people that gives comments here and other sites failed to understand and differentiate how voters see issues btw PRK and GE. In GE, the image and personality of a MP or an ADUN may be less scrutinised compared to PRK. In PRK, image and perception is everything. Past PRKs (even the ones PKR/PAS won) have clearly showed us this.

    14. Therefore I predict BN will win with a comfortable 2k-3k. If BN gets more than it is a bonus for them just like in Bagan Pinang. If BN win, we will see the end of Zaid Ibrahim in PKR and Malaysian politics.

    15. I am not a Zaid Ibrahim hater but you cant deny the fact that he has a huge ego problem and craved for attention from his past actions. Azmin was correct, Zaid Ibrahim is not your “PKR pejuang” and will not have the “kesetiaan” for the PKR party.

    Fatimah Zuhri

  6. If malays have problems with malay leaders drinking then they should be really mad at UMNO. After all UMNO accepted Zaid before, though they know he drank. Why is UMNO acting holier-than-thou now? Are they trying to BS us into saying noneof the UMNO members drank? If they can accept Nazri and Najib’s children drinking, why the double standard? God knows how many others in UMNO drink!!

    This is what we call politics…creating, shaping and manipulating public perceptions. The ordinary voter in the outback can be influenced when you bring in religion. But the damage is now contained because Zaid was cool under fire and refused to be refused to be pushed or boxed into a corner by this move. –Din Merican.

  7. Take with a grain of salt what Jocelyn Tan writes.

    She is well-known among Malaysian media analysts as a groveler of UMNO-BN. The way she stoops so low in her writings to win favours from BN leadership is a disgrace to the journalism profession.

    She writes like a blogger/columnist rather than as a journalist and presents her articles a news report.

    I am surprised Din does not know that and have to recycle her articles in his blog.
    Frank, I know where Jocelyn is coming from. The Star still has a wide circulation despite efforts by civil society groups trying to boycott. There are diversity of views out there and we need to know what is being put out for public consumption. I need to post this article–the first of Jocelyn’s–on this blog so that people like you good self can debunk it for the benefit of readers visiting this blog (average daily hit: 3000-4000). We must be tolerant of different perspectives. You have to know the competitor (how he thinks and acts). Hope my clarification helps. –Din Merican

  8. Kelantan Umno chief Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed today labelled Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidate for the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election, as a reject who had failed to fulfil his responsibility as the Kota Baru member of parliament.

    He said Zaid: “We feel that he is not capable of championing the issues brought up by the people of Selangor. He does not have credibility nor the capability to solve issues faced by the rakyat.

    “This is because he does not understand problems faced by the kampung folks what more those estates and rural areas. We, on the other hand, have put forth a candidate who had integrity and morals to be a member of parliament.

    “Zaid failed in Kelantan. There have been many complaints about him during his tenure as an MP. He is a rejected product while our man (Kamalnathan) is the best product for the people of Hulu Selangor.”

    I wonder why Zaid is chosen by Anwar since there are a number of dedicated PKR leaders who are good but less controversial than this Chivas Regal Royal Salute man. Zaid is likely to lose because many in PKR do not want an upstart like him who has been UMNO’s man, member of Parliament, senator, and minister to gain prominence in PKR without serving the party.

  9. Kelantan Umno chief Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed today labelled Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidate for the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election, as a reject Ahmad Naim

    So what’s new? He is from UMNO. You expect him to praise Zaid Ibrahim???

    If you want to convince us that there is something negative about Zaid Ibrahim, the last person you want to quote is from an UMNO chief!!!

    No brainer posting coming from you.

  10. If Zaid loses here it is only a reflection of the quality of the voters in this constituency, the gutter politics by people from the gutter and gutter journalists like this writer.

  11. “I need to post this article–the first of Jocelyn–on this blog so that people like you goodself can debunk….” Din

    Every single article on politics that appear in the Star can be debunked even by a Form One school boy? The Star has too many journalistic gigolos and prostitutes.

    See how often stupid statements (with no news value) by Nallakarupan against Anwar, is given page lead treatment in The Star?

    See how many ‘positive’ statements by Pakatan and even by the Opposition Leader in Parliamant is blacked out?

    Even Zaid’s past drinking habits was given Front Page treatment when his rebuttal that UMNO leaders do the same was not highlighted.

    There is no forgiveness in BN even if one recants for past transgressions. And they preach about religious values!!!!
    Can anyone be more evil?

  12. There is no human being in this country who has been so vilified and betrayed as Anwar Ibrahim.
    Beginning with Mahathir and UMNO leaders and now his closest friends in Pakatan have betrayed him. To leave the party is one thing but the vitriol against Anwar after their departure from the party is inhuman and despicable.

    How long can UMNO survive on gutter politics? Will God look down kindly on such a regime?

  13. I need to post this article–the first of Jocelyn–on this blog – Din

    Din, there is a thinking among readers that if a blogger recycles another person’s article, it implies, rightly or wrongly, that the blogger agrees with what that article says. You see that in many blogs.

    What some bloggers do is to put only a link to it and the blogger makes his/her comment on it and then let the readers decide.

    So a full reposting of Jocelyn’s article would send a message that you agree with what she wrote, after all, yours’ is a blog, not a news website (that distinction has to be made).

    Of course, if DIN’S BLOG is a news website, fair enough, you post without having to give your opinion.

    For writers like Jocelyn, they love bloggers like you, Din, because you help to expand more readers to her article. Isn’t that what every writer dreams about? The honour and privilege of having somebody reposting their articles.

    That is the reason I made that earlier comment.

  14. RPK did the right thing with Malaysia Today.

    He recasts Malaysia-Today into a news website. He separates his writings as separate (having his own column eg No Holds Barred etc) from the main thrust of Malaysia-Today, which I think he left it to somebody else man it as webmanager/administrator. RPK becomes just one of the many columnists. Malaysiakini is a full blown news website. The Steven Gan, if he comments, it is specifically stated it is an editorial. His team will either report as news or as columnists.

    What I think you have done is to evolve your blog from initially a webpage solely for your article or your commentaries of issues, ( like that run by Dr Bakri Musa and Azly Rahman and Sakmongkol AK47,and many others ) to one lately as some sort of a hybrid version of a news website ie recycling other news items or from other blogs ( hybrid blog). But it is still a blog. So any reposting another’s article would be interpreted or perceive that you concur somewhat or inclined with the thrust of what the writer wrote.

    Of course, having said that, it is your blog and that the ultimate prerogative is yours. I am just giving a viewpoint.

  15. Malaysiakini reports:

    ……Stating that he has “no political ambitions”, Dr Halili Rahmat – who quit yesterday as Hulu Selangor PKR division treasurer to join Umno – …said “”As a sane person, I must be on the side of the righteous (pihak yang benar),” he said to cheers from the 200-strong crowd assembled in Bandar Sungai Buaya.

    Isa Samad, who was the guest of honour…”

    Take note of this: Dr Halili joined UMNO to be on the side of the RIGHTEOUS and he had ISA SAMAD, someone even UMNO admits he is corrupt and got suspended, is his GUEST of Honour at his first ceramah.

    Something is wrong with the brain of this neuro-surgeon turned politician. Afflicted with a bi-polar syndrome !!! Having a “convicted” corrupt politician in UMNO to be the Guest of Honour and to say he left PKR to join UMNO to be on the side of the RIGHTEOUS.

    Can’t get any better than this…

  16. At the moment the advantage is clearly with BN. If a rough survey is made at the time of this writing,” Fatimah Zuhri

    Yet another feather to my cap!! Soon I’ll be growing feathers.

  17. “As a spin-doctor this Joceline Tan is so good she’s evil. Pray for her soul, folks.” Antares

    Evil? Pray for her soul?? That’s rather harsh. Either with us or you’re with the Devil?? Sounds like Bush and his axis of evil.

  18. Interpreted as you concur to some degree with the writer??– Mr Bean

    If you are an avid reader of other blogs, not just Malaysian blogs, you will know what I mean.

    Some bloggers because they don’t first hand access to news items or they don’t have time to blog their own views, take the easy way out… cut and paste. The question is: the choice of which articles to cut and paste. That choice comes the discretion and the motives of that blogger.

    The interpretation of concurrence is rightly or wrongly, the fact remains that it is. For a person who don’t normally troll the blogs, you can’t see it.

  19. correction

    Some bloggers because they don’t have first hand access to news items or they don’t have time to blog their own views, take the easy way out… cut and paste.

  20. I really am growing feathers!-Mr Bean

    Be careful, you may soon turn into a duck, lol. 🙂

    Is that the best shot that the opposition can throw !?!

    Kaki botol, penjudi, etc.. all petty non issues – can someone please enlighten me how many of the HS Malay constituents, regardless of how ulu and religious they are, do not drink alcohol, gamble or commit any other sins !?!

    This BN spin by a known MCA carma will backfire on her face – if I were a less than holy HS Malay constituent, I will be mighty pissed off with BN for indirectly saying that I am crap because I drink alcohol , I gamble, I am worthless,I am crap, etc, etc…

    Anyway, it is still too early to predict because we haven’t seen the PKR counter attack yet and Tok Guru has not entered the battle field yet. We shall see……

  21. Classic piece of pro-govt propaganda or “spin” as it is called nowadays. Note the loaded words peppered all over this piece of

    I have an excellent book called “The Age of Propaganda” by
    psychologists Anthony Pratkanis and Elliot Aronson. Please check the book out on the Internet.

    Ms Tan is “writing by the book”, so to speak.

    Didi: I read elsewhere that this “Fatimah Zuhri” is a police operative (Special Branch counter-intelligence)??

  22. Hahaha…, Bean is in full flight mode. All he needs now is a coupla ‘flight’ feathers. Beware of volcanic ash though.

    Yep, there are reports that the PR campaign is being bogged down by indecision and untoward ‘trivialies’. Esp. wrt the PAS grassroots who somehow have been ‘mis-handled’ due to the incompetency of the young ‘uns who are doing the organizing. A lot of miscommunication going on.

    Mata Hari in baju kurung Tok Cik? Dr. Phua thinks she’s a mata kuching in baju katak. Cheers mate.

  23. Dear Phua Kai Lit,

    1. Special Branch counter-intelligence ? Really? sigh

    2. Come on la. Shoot/discuss the message rather than messenger.

    ps : There is no such thing as SB counter-intel @ PDRM

  24. Dear Din,

    1. Have you read the latest Merdeka Centre survey from TheMalaysianInsider?

    2. Seems like 70% agree with PERKASA stands.

    3. Maybe if you have this article on your blog, we all can have a discussion on this -> just a suggestion
    Fatimah, I welcome you if you can continue in the spirit of open and rational discourse. We can disagree, but we must remain civil. I have done so. Salams, Din Merican

  25. 1. Police interference
    2. Unfair news coverage
    3. Dirty tactics
    4. SPR assisting BN
    5. Government machineries

    PKR already listing their excuses

  26. Fatimah Zuhri

    I suppose you have heard of “full disclosure”?
    So, the messenger should disclose what organisation he or she is working for.

    In academia, if we are sposored by a drug company, we publish our research findings with the disclosure that our research was sponsored by a specific drug company.

    So, if you work for the police or another govt organisation you should say so.

    Special Branch may not have a unit with the name
    “counter-intelligence unit” but I am sure they (you?) have
    units performing equivalent functions.
    We have all heard of the famous C.C. Too!

  27. Kratos

    Ever heard of the saying “Just because I am paranoid, this does not mean that they are not watching me”?

    You are confident that PKR excuses have no basis in fact??

  28. kratos is merely stating facts, Dr. Phua. He is indeed a most accurate prophet on weeds or mycelia.
    However, he failed to mention denial of access to the orang asal and threats to pin trumped up charges on the batin, if he allowed the PR machinery into their kampungs. But the PR senoi praaq are more than ready to to meet their brother temuan in the dead of night.

  29. Bro. Din, di kepala orang UMNOPUTRA minum arak itu adalah kesalahan yang amat besar. Tidak ada maaf. Tetapi merampok wang negara beratus ratus juta tu OK dan tidak salah. Malah sanggup mencium tangan2 yang kotor itu.

    Sometime I wonder, where the hell these UMNO goons put their heads. Mungkin di bontut kot !!!

    Itu lah dia Melayu2 hari ini. Otak2 mereka is very much ‘twisted’ dan akan sesatlah dan hancur sampai bila2.


  30. Listen up, Fatimah Zuhri, you got interesting points to make, opinons not excactly on all fours with many contributors to this blog. The popular opinion appears to be that they want you to come out of your stuffy closet and declare at least your sexual orientation. Expect to be badgered to a pulp until the day after the elections. After the elections some hope you would then have been turned to pulp.

  31. I say ‘popular opinion’ and not ‘right opinion’. One thing we should be circumspect about is the tendency to equate right with might. Majority is not always right. As Sir Winston Churchill once said about democracy:

    “Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time”.

    Zaid is the better candidate for change if change is what the constituents of Hulu Selangor want. He is the right candidate. But democracy is about the will of the majority and the majority could be wrong and often get it wrong. Putting my ears to the ground half way across the world, I could still hear the rumble in this sleepy hollow called Hulu Selangor i.e. the sound of horses but they are not going towards candidate Zaid but away from him. Castrated horses, it seems, do not go towards the watering hole but away from it.

  32. Firstly, the writer Jocelyn Tan is on the books of BN and was even acknowledged by BN for her “journalistic” work as she writes for the Star. So, we need to be a bit careful with what she writes.

    The analysis of all Jocelyn Tan’s writings had shown that she had the knack to create a wedge among Pakatan leaders as well as among PKR leaders.

    In her earlier article on the Selangor leadership, J Tan tried to drive a wedge between Selangor MB Khalid and Azmin and protraying that Azmin lost the MB’s post to Khalid who is a newcomer to PKR politics.Now she is trying to “bitch around” saying that Zaid and Azmin are competing for glamour.

    The readers decide who this real J Tan is.

    Not all the Merdeka survey findings reflects the majority of Malaysians views and perceptions. Some results are skewed for reasons best known to the authors.

    In the final analysis, if you ask me who is the better candidate it would be without hesitation Zaid Ibrahim who is sincere and straight forward in his talk.

  33. This is a male dominated blog and men like dogs (and there the similarity ends hopefully) are very territorial.– Mr Bean

    Please exclude me. Men are like horses.

  34. It is not about democracy. It is common knowledge why the western form of democracy has failed to take root in the Philippines or for that matter, Thailand,
    We can only hope that at the next GE, Malaysia has a middle class, broad , educated and informed enough to exercise their democratic rights wisely and vote with their brains and not with their hearts.

    As far as P94 HS is concerned, it is a matter of understanding and delivering what the people want – if pork barrel politics is what they hanker for then that is what they will probably get.
    A bridge to Sungai Selangor or Sungai Klang, perhaps ? 🙂

    If Tok Guru, the epitome of the most holy and religious of all Muslims in Malaysia can forgive Haji Zaid Ibrahim for all his past “sins” and “aberrations”, who are all these holier than thou scum of bumi Melayu to place themselves on such self raised moral high ground to justify their continued harangues on another Muslim’s demeanour ???

  35. The weaker sex is always the stronger sex because of the weakness of the stronger sex for the weaker sex.
    And at the rate science is progressing, dogs of the two legged kind may soon become a dying breed, probably before the end of this century, when male sperms are no longer required to fertilize the human egg . Hence, all futuristic males will probably be castrated at birth to eliminate their aggression and dominating behaviour . 🙂 🙂

  36. This is a male dominated blog and men like dogs (and there the similarity ends hopefully) are very territorial.- Bean.

    Admit to be partial to C. lupus (wolf) – smarter than horses, cute and friendly especially when a puppy. Most times we howl at the moon.. We don’t know why.

    Aiyah ocho, that term ‘pork-barrel’ very haram to many here – perhaps wang ehsan? Seems that the ‘arak and kaki judi’ thing boomeranging back at them, until their candidate is running for cover screaming – “It was not me.. It’s them!”

  37. The weaker sex is always the stronger sex because of the weakness of the stronger sex for the weaker sex– oncho onda

    Darn, my brain got fried by that sentence. My neurons went into total seizure after 10 times attempts.

  38. Mr Bean,

    It could be that women are a stronger sex because the woman below has to bear the weight to support with the man on top!!!

  39. It has nothing to do with physicality and size.

    Females are stronger than males because they are the dominant ones in control – even in the game of courtship, males are the ones who have to do all the chasing and compete with other males for the consent of the female .
    Hence, the saying that women are the cause of the downfalls of men or that behind every strong man is an equally strong woman!

    If it is all about size and physical strength, Goliath wouldn’t have got his ass kicked around by David ! 🙂

  40. well, at least zaid is not like the prostitute working in the Star paper, prostiuting herself for UMNO.

    or the Star’s sunday preacher who tells us how to live our lifes in god’s way but prostituitng himself for UMNO.

    yes, zaid drank, so? its between him and God. at least, he didnt condemn drinkers while being a drinker. compare him to the two prostitutes of the Star paper and evaluate for yourself who is more credible.

  41. If it is all about size and physical strength, Goliath wouldn’t have got his ass kicked around by David !– ocho onda

    David is a male. It would have been more convincing if you say Goliath got his ass kicked by Delilah.

  42. Nah.
    If it was Delilah, being female and more sophisticated, she need not resort to kicking – she will just let Goliath kick and punch as much as he wants till he is spent of energy and collapse ! 🙂

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