Most Malays still want Malay-centeric Affirmative Action Policy

April 21, 2010

Most Malays still want  Malay-centeric Affirmative Action Policy

By Boo Su-Lyn

The majority of Malays in the country support affirmative action and are quite traditional, said Merdeka Centre Head Ibrahim Suffian*.

After the independent pollster’s recent survey revealed that close to 70 per cent of Malay voters in peninsular Malaysia agreed with Malay nationalist movement PERKASA’s demand to stop dismantling Bumiputera quotas, many Malay liberals questioned if the results were accurate.

In response, Ibrahim replied that the survey sample represents the Malay population which is traditional, Malay-centric and supportive of affirmative action.

“For now, it (Malay liberals) is a minority,” said Ibrahim in a telephone interview. He added that although Malay leaders on the Internet are critical and tend to be anti-establishment, most Malays feel that they are lacking in economic empowerment and access to economic opportunities.

“They supported a particular idea that PERKASA was championing at that time,” said Ibrahim, referring to PERKASA’s clarion call for the government to support Malay affirmative action.

“They agree with the idea, but don’t necessarily agree with Perkasa as a group,” Ibrahim told The Malaysian Insider, when informed that many news reports on the mentioned survey appeared to show that the majority of Malays supported PERKASA.

The survey was conducted by telephone on 883 registered voters in West Malaysia between March 11 and March 27. Ibrahim said that the survey respondents were distributed equally across rural and urban populations, gender, age and state of residence.

That coupled together with a tiny margin of error of under 3.5 per cent showed that the survey was an accurate representation of the Malaysian population despite its small sample size, Ibrahim pointed out.

Merdeka Centre was started in 2001 by Ibrahim and Hazman Hamid, but the organisation only gained public interest in 2004 when it conducted surveys on Malaysians’ health conditions and work-life balance. Since then, most of their surveys are focused on political and socio-economic issues.

Some of the major surveys that they have conducted recently include one on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s first 100 days in office, a 2008 voter opinion poll, a Perak voter opinion poll, and a media independence survey.

Merdeka Centre surveys have been quoted extensively in various print and online publications over the past few years since 2004, lending it credibility.“We try to make it as broad-based as possible,” explained Ibrahim in reference to the relevance of small survey samples to the Malaysian population at large.

*Ibrahim Suffian is from a finance and marketing background while the rest of his team comprises people from diverse backgrounds, such as economics, public relations, statistics, and political science.

96 thoughts on “Most Malays still want Malay-centeric Affirmative Action Policy

  1. Frank,

    The Prime Minister’s hands are tied by Malay pressure groups and he must manage their demands while he works on his NEM programmes which will require bold reforms.

    It is to be expected that most Malays want the status quo although we know that the NEP is benefiting cronies and politicians in power. Najib has to listen to the faction within UMNO, if he is to survive as UMNO President in the next 3 years.

    If this is what the Malays want and Pakatan Rakyat advocates reform, then Hulu Selangor will fall into UMNO-BN hands and Kamalnathan will be the MP on April 25, 2010. –Din Merican

  2. Survey results can be greatly affected depending on the wording
    of the questions.

    If one were to ask the same sample of Malays if they support
    “affirmative action based on need” as compared to
    “affirmative action based on race”, one may get interesting results. And then how about
    “affirmative action for poor Malays ONLY” versus “affirmative action for all Malays”

    Progressive Malaysians should press for affirmative action based on NEED for ALL Malaysians. Otherwise, how are we going to improve the lot of the poor Indians and others like them?

  3. “Most Malays still want Malay-centeric Affirmative Action Policy.”

    There is a fatal flaw in this call in that in practice it seems to fail to include Sabahans and Sarawakians who are not Malays or Muslims (they too have equal rights under Art 153 of the Constitution) as well as those “others” in the 50% band classified as “poor.”

    Any race based centricity in affirmative action policies WIIL FAIL as the NEP has; it MUST be based on econimic circumstances. Thus 7% housing discounts, cornering of AP’s and special shares issues etc., for millionaire Bumis and croneys must be scrapped

    So, if Najib is to be a credible PM, he must resist pandering to Firaun, IA, Perkosong and the bigots. I don’t buy that these Malay pressure groups have any real power if the PM of the day articulates what affirmative action is all about clearly and sticks to his guns!! Do that Najib, and all those lost votes will come flocking back!

    As for who will win HS, I have no doubt Zaid will ace it!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  4. Not to cast doubt on the survey, but can we know the methodology? Cohort size, degrees of confidence, chi2/p value etc? Statistics are suspect, if there is absence of this. Perhaps a link, Din?

  5. —“We try to make it as broad-based as possible,” explained Ibrahim in reference to the relevance of small survey samples to the Malaysian population at large.—

    Ibrahim , yes, I presume you had tried. But I do not think you could achieve with such a small survey samples of 883 out of the millions of malay voters. Who is the statistician in your group ? Is there such a thing as minimum sample size for any survey to be representative before you go into the other aspects of the methodology of survey ?

  6. I believe the survey is quite accurate, reflecting the feelings of the majority of Malays. The Malays, through the years and years of indoctrination, have become imprisoned by their own fears and under some kind of siege mentality. And it all started when the old crooked pariah mamak-kutty took over the reins and used race/religion to ensure the Malays remained the ‘katak-katak di bawah tempurung’.
    You older Malay folks among us should know better, for I remember when I was growing up in my small hometown of Batu Pahat, we did not have the problem of the widespread polarisation and general ‘suspicion’ of our (non-Malay) intention when we offered definitely non-haram food (eg coffee, cakes, etc) to them. Seems that nowadays, the Malay/Muslim has become so pious and superior that drinking from the cups we serve is too ‘dirty’.

    Everywhere we go, we are constantly reminded that we are non-Malays, even the Bahasa Melayu (or is it back to Bahasa Malaysia now?) we get from Malays is automatically switched to ‘bahasa pasar’ the moment we are known to Malays as Chinese, doesn’t matter how well we speak Bahasa Melayu.
    I have wokred with Ibrahim in the past and find his surveys useful and resonably accurate. The Malays are worried if policies which favor them are removed.–Din Merican

  7. So, we’re back to square one. It’s not something easy to get the Malays to think differently. I’ve seen it for myself. The learned ones form the minority and have little impact on Maha Firaun’s scheme of things. He had said so before.

    The rural masses matter most to him. They are the ones who will decide the directions Umno will take. The pak ciks and mak ciks in the kampongs condone the excesses of the Umnoputras. After all, they are one of them.

    We’ll cross the line one day. It’s part of the social evolution. I am not giving up yet.

  8. Najib has to listen to the faction within UMNO…It is to be expected that most Malays want the status quo although we know that the NEP is benefiting cronies and politicians in power. – Din

    Que sera sera.

    After all, the Malays call Malaysia, Tanah Melayu. So be it.

    Non Malays and hard working Malays will migrate… the talent will go overseas to serve foreign govts, capital will go off-shore…

    If the Malay heartland wants it that way, take Beatles’ advice.. Let It Be.

    After all, since 1970, national development had been Malay-centric across all spheres and strata of Malaysians’ livelihood.

    So let it be for the next 100 years, if that is required to uplift and make the Malay community a competitive and self-reliant community.

    It is hard to explain the world to the blind, nor the beauty of sound to the deaf.

    There is a saying shared to me by a Chinese man who tells me that the Malay-centric policies and NEP actually helped his children and his family. I asked how? .

    He says, life is all about overcoming obstacles and constraints. Parents spend all their lives teaching their offsprings about how to use life’s tools to overcome obstacles and constraints. Only when you are faced with obstacles and constraints, you will never learn how to survive in this world.

    Each time you face artificial constraints put up by others preventing you to move forward, you got to behave like running water. He says, water will find a way to overcome obstacles on its path and he says, how long can an obstacle block the forward movement of water? An obstacle becomes a challenge for you to move forward you find ways either to overcome or circumvent that obstacle, like running water.

    So, with the Malay-centric policies such as NEP, which seems to be implemented on the basis of a zero-sum game, or winner takes all, nonMalays who do not migrate will find ways to circumvent these obstacles to survive and others will overcome it by migrating. He says Chinese history of 5,000 years was all about surviving, and those genes are being passed down, even to the Chinese diaspora living in Malaysia.

    Because of the Malay-centric policies of the UMNO-BN govt, many young nonMalay students have a better life, better jobs and better standard of living overseas eg Australia, UK and US. They learn that to be good you have to be the best. They sharpen their tools of survival better than those whose comforts of life are literally put on their lap without having to work hard for them.

    I know of many non Malay students who have migrated who said, “The greatest gift my family gave me was to send me overseas to get a degree and did not insist I return back to Malaysia to find a job. Look where I am now, professionally and I know my children will have a future in my adopted country. Malaysia will not give them that future.”

    I think Mr Bean will able to relate this sentiment better.

    If you ask me, Din, it does not matter. If the country does well with Malay-centric policies, well and good, If not, then the Malay heartland to take full responsibility if the country goes to the dogs b

  9. .. continuation

    If not, then the Malay heartland to take full responsibility if the country goes to the dogs because they gave us the govt we don’t deserve.

    Que sera sera. Apa boleh buat. Itulah nasib kita semua.

  10. Change does not happen just because the majority wills it. But at least it is a start. However, right now the majority does not appear to want change. But that’s what democracy is all about. It is about the will of the majority.

    Change does not happen unless the Malays want it.

  11. Frank,The Prime Minister’s hands are tied by Malay pressure groups….then Hulu Selangor will fall into UMNO-BN hands and Kamalnathan will be the MP on April 25, 2010. – Din

    Din, this issue about more Malays want a Malay-centric affirmative policy is more for the Malay heartland to chew on. It is of little relevance to the mainstream Non Malays ( except for the politicians, because they have to say something about) community.

    Since UMNO-BN wants to roll over to emphasise ethnicity over nationality, which it has been doing for the last 40 years, does it matter now to Non Malays if Najib wants to roll over so that he can be PM for the next 10 years?.

    If Kamal bin Nathan is elected, I will celebrate with the Malay heartland that an Indian from MIC will be looking after the Malay heartland’s interest instead of a successful and self-made Malay alternative candidate who happen to be from another party. We should announce early so that the pak cik and mak cik to prepare kenduris in all the kampungs to celebrate the victory of an MIC Indian untuk Bangsa dan Agama.

    All I know is that it will not affect the lives of the Kelantanese Malays and Chinese nor the Penang Chinese an Penang Malays or Johoreans.

    If UMNO thinks Kamal bin Nathan ( who cannot even remember he kissed Muhyiddin’s hands, not the DPM’s ass) can uplift the Malays, well, MIC might as well dismantle and be part of UMNO ie Hindu chapter of UMNO with Hq in Hulu Selangor.

    According to RPK, Kamal bin Nathan said he he graduated from Cowan University but according to RPK, the University had no records of his name Click here to read more on the search for Kamal bin Nathan’s name in the University’s records

  12. But that’s what democracy is all about. It is about the will of the majority.– Mr Bean

    That’s stating the obvious. That is not the issue at hand.

  13. Democracy is never about being right but about might with numbers. Hitler did not do a coup d etat to be the Chancellor of the Third Reich.

  14. Don’t vote Kamalanathan and Don’t vote Zaid Ibrahim to be MP for Hulu Selangor.

    I want this man to be the MP of Hulu Selangor. He got more talent than Kamalanathan and Zaid Ibrahim any time of day:

  15. Frank,

    1. Nice try by PKR to have a cheap shot but totally flopped. lol

    2. Anyway on the issue of the Merdeka Centre survey, it just confirm that most Malays while they are accommodating and respectful of others, that should not be mistaken as being liberal as some people in the opposition try to make it out to be.

    3. I am not going around the bushes and will admit that I do support PERKASA and its objective.

    4. I personally do not see any problems whatsoever to have PERKASA as pressure group representing the Malay interest just as how HINDRAF is to Indians and Dong Jiao Zhong and CCC is to the Chinese.

    5. 70% is not a small number. It also prove what I have been saying all these while that always be skeptical with people who write stuff on the web.

    6. Just because a lot of the writers @ Mkini or @ TMI are Malays liberals, that does not mean the large population of Malay (youth or adult) have all of a sudden become “liberalized” post GE 2008. lol

  16. Affirmative action was introduced because a need was felt. It has not worked because of wrong implementation. The NEED is still very much there and in this instance the majority who want it are right.

  17. Frank,

    1. I just remembered something, didnt Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang and the rest of them lot just yesterday (or the day before) ask people to stop personal attacks?

    2. Now they are trying very hard to find faults with Kamal to the extend that Kamal showing respect to TPM also want to politicized.

    3. Pathetic i say

  18. 1. Hahaa.., but Fatimah, when the master’s diploma is from Olympia College and not in Edith Cowan U, that is not a personal attack. It is called convenient lapse of a Fact. Just call it a twinned degree. What’s the hang-up?

    2.Nah.. kissing the hand that feeds, is never an offence, my dog does that (lick, rather).

    3. Pathetic? I agee.

  19. Isa,

    Yes of course.

    I can’t think of any other country other than Malaysia in which the majority (and it has the Govt in place for them too ) demands affirmative action against the minorities. The deaf wants affirmative action, the blind wants affirmative action, the malnutrition want affirmative action, the poor wants affirmative action, the invalid wants affirmative action, those whose house got burnt wants affirmative action, teenagers want affirmative action.

    Sure there is a need. Even the rich wants affirmative action because what they have is not enough. Hey, my son also wants affirmative action from me.


  20. Fatimah Zuhri

    The trouble with you is you are naive regarding politics. What are you complaining about? They are politicians, for God sake. If they don’t go on personal attacks, while asking others not to, they are not politicians.

    They are not pathetic. You are…for being naive and silly to even write about it. Tell me something else I don’t already know!!!

  21. I am not going around the bushes and will admit that I do support PERKASA and its objective– Fatimah Zuhri

    To tell you the truth, I don’t give a damn (or more crudely) I don’t give a shit if you or anybody support PERKASA. Its a free country, as Mr Bean says. You can even go and kiss Ibrahim Ali’s ass and I will even ask you, “How was it?”

  22. Fatimah Zuhri

    And one more thing, if you do kiss Ibrahim Ali’s ass and any of the Perkasa’s asses, don’t come here and tell me about it. All the asses are the same. Perkasa’s ass is not special.

  23. Fatimah Zuhri

    And don’t forget to go and kiss Kamalanathan’s ass also because he also supports Perkasa and possibly your favorite MP for Hulu Selangor.

    He did one thing more than you. He kissed Muhyiddin’s hand when he was nominated as a candidate and you should be there as a witness as a fellow supporter of Perkasa when he kisses Muhyiddin’s ass should he becomes the MP of Hulu Selangor. That I want to know because it will be something new, not that politicians are making personal attacks which you are trying to educate me about.

  24. Isa

    My son told me one day, ” Dad, it is not fair. You have a house all paid for, you got a job with money in the bank and a family. I am just starting out in my first job , I am paying rent since I am working in another town, and Iwill be paying the bank for my car. for the next 3 years. I am YOUR son. I have the right to demand for affirmative action from you. You and mum gave birth to me, and I didn’t ask to be born. So it is your duty to make sure I get affirmative action from you”.

    So, I agree with you, Isa, there is need for affirmative action for the majority. And my son is also quite persuasive when he demanded affirmative action from his parents. By the way, my son is a majority of one.

  25. Fatimah,

    We must deal with national issues without looking at them through the prism of race and religion. We cannot be held hostage to habits of mind. To do that, we have to reject emotionalism and sentimentality and remove our historical baggage (specifically I mean the divide and rule approach which was inherited from the British). If that baggage which helped UMNO to rule our country for 52 years+ is not eliminated, we will stagnate and degenerate into a Zimbabwe in our region. Eventually, UMNO will lose its political power because it cannot sustain reckless and wasteful spending of scarce resources.

    We must think first of how we can create conditions conducive to a high income economy and what it takes to compete in an open and knowledge driven world. After that, we can devise support systems to incubate and rehabilitate and compensate those who are losers in the game of competition.

    We cannot be hindered by considerations of equity and justice when our economic cake is not growing (in fact, it will be shrinking over time because we are not investing prudently in education, research and development, and innovation and developing entrepreneurs).

    No race should hold the nation hostage to its selfish needs; each race must contribute to nation building in equal measure, and not free ride on the efforts of others. Competition is good for everyone. Compare Israel or Singapore with their neighbors.

    If that makes me a liberal Malay or whatever, it is okay. But certain unpleasant or unpalatable truths must be accepted. We Malays have been spoilt by a nanny state that bribes us to stay in power. That opium of goodies and candies is weakening us as a people.

    Look at all the evidence in history (read Arnold Toynbee and Ibn Khaldun). By gleaming through the pages of history, we should be convinced that only a tough people in a strong state will emerge winners in the competitive race toward societal progress and enlightenment. Let us accept this historical truth and look at ourselves critically and decide what we the Malays must do to survive in a world where competition is a way of life. What do you, Bean and Frank, think? –Din Merican

  26. I forgot to add, my hands are tied when my son make demands for affirmative action from me. He might disown the family, and how can I not succumb to such pressure. He is my son, and I don’t want him to shun me. I am a father first and husband second. What will the neighbours say, they will be thinking, what kind of father for not looking after his own kind?

    I did tell my son, but your friends don’t ask affirmative action? He replied, but they are not your son. And you cannot compare me with others. They are more fortunate than me, otherwise why should I ask for affirmative action from you?

    There you go. You don’t need to convince me there is need for affirmative action for the majority.

  27. What do you, Bean and Frank, think? –Din Merican

    Before you wrote your response, I have already gave Fatimah Zuhri what I think about one of her views which she addressed to me. I didn’t think I need to go intellectual in my response to her, but it does not warrant firing of my neurons.

    I responded to her questions to me like any charkoayteow/nasi lemak/roti canai seller, would. I hope she gets my message.

    I get tired and “jemu” with commenters like Fatimah Zuhri pushing the same propaganda-messaages on blogosphere. Quite nauseating, to be honest, especially after reading truck loads of similar barrel-pushing comments from La-di-la in particular and the other UMNO-pushers.

  28. Din

    For most Malays in the Malay heartland (not all), UMNO is like a drug, a narcotic, like cocaine. They cannot live through the day without UMNO in their subsconscious mind. They are so addicted to UMNO after being influenced for 52 years, it is hard to break the addiction. Just ask any drug addict.

    They go for rehab, (leave UMNO) thinking they are cleansed (eg those ex UMNO chaps who joined PKR etc eg Dr Halili, Zahrain Hashim, Ezam Noor) but they later they will return back to the same addiction, ie they have to return back to UMNO.

    Even though March 2008 is like going into a rehab, you can bet they will return back to the drug. And we are seeing now how powerful is the addiction to UMNO.

    Don’t be surprised, Din, you may even have the residual effects of your past addiction. Halili is a medical doctor, he couldn’t come out of the addiction after some years.


    Sorry Frank, you are absolutely wrong on this one. I have no emotional hang ups with my past!

  29. Any race based centricity in affirmative action policies WILL FAIL as the NEP has;– dpp

    dpp, who cares?

    Do you think UMNO cares? Do you think those educated and intelligent Malay elites who are members or supporters of Perkasa care? Do you think the smart ones in the Malay heartland care?

    All I know is the non Malays also don’t care? They have lived through and learnt to survive for 40 years of NEP, without the crutches, the subsidies and hand-outs.

    If there is an open economic competition nationally or internationally or if Malaysia is forced to enter into some kind of international free trade arrangement like WTO or AFTA, guess who in the business sector will survive better under such dog-eat-dog competive economic climate?

    The small nonMalay retail or wholesale businessmen are quite adept in “making-do” without subsidies and handouts and without Isa Manteqi’s “affirmative action for the majority” policy coming their way..

    It is the pak cik and mak cik in the rural Malay heartland who will suffer the most as a consequence of the NEP in the medium to longer term.

  30. Sorry Frank, you are absolutely wrong on this one. I have no emotional hang ups with my past!– Din

    I pray and want to believe what you say is true. And I want it to be true. Since we don’t know the future, I say, Insya Allah.

  31. I, for one. am glad that the government has decided to retain AA. But retaining it is one thing. Let’s see if they implement it sensibly. Given the state of UMNO, this is a big IF. This time round they do not have the luxury of another 50 years.

  32. isa,
    you are glad that govt. “has decided to retain aa”? when? now as you say it? and luxury of 50 years “if available”??? next election the “so-called govt.” will not be the same as the one you are refering to now.

    sorry to throw spanners to mr. bean’s “feather in his cap”, dato zaid will do a reversal of ijok and by a huge margin.

    i’m male crystal ball gazer.

  33. The Malays are spoilt rotten. I’m not sure what the Malays really want? Do the Malays want to be beggars waiting for handouts all their lives? After 2 or 3 generations of AA the Malays should have been able to stand on their own two feet and compete with the best. At the rate they are going they’ll never catch up. It would take a quantum leap. They have to run while the others crawl and still won’t be able to catch up.
    Maybe the Malays should try to live in another country where they have to fend for themselves. That way they will be more matured and totally independent.

  34. This time round they (UMNO)do not have the luxury of another 50 years.– Isa Manteqi

    Why not?

    I say UMNO has the luxury of another 100 years.

    UMNO is an addiction like a drug, cocaine, for the Malay heartland. Affirmative Action is the life-line of UMNO. It will implement Affirmative Action, not for the primary purpose to benefit the Malay heartland, but for its own survival. A effect of the drug (UMNO) can only be expressed by the users (Malay heartland).

  35. Maybe the Malays should try to live in another country where they have to fend for themselves. – shrek

    Bad advice. Why should the Malays go live in another country when their own Tanah Melayu does not need them to fend themselves.

    When you are given free lunch, why go out and work your butts off to just earn money to have your lunch??

    No thank you sir. I say the Malays should stay put in Malaysia and enjoy life. The Govt will look after their children and their children’s children through Isa Manteqi’s “Affirmative Action for the Majority”. Life is short, so why suffer like those stupid idiots ( I mean those Malay emigrants) who migrate overseas to work hard like a slave to earn a living.

  36. I’m not sure if affirmative action is really working for the good of the malays. If it did than the malays should not have the need for it now. All I see is that this affirmative action only makes malays less competitive and dependent on the government to help them out. Just look at SPM results in general, there are a lot of non-malays who scored strings of As compared to malays. That’s because most malay students know that no matter how bad the did, they can still get a place a public university.

    Having been in UITM, I know that most of the students there lack the competitive spirit. Yes, there are a few that are exceptional but the majority just don’t want to compete. I’m glad that my dad sent me to the States later. It really makes me realize that being spoon-fed for most of my life wasn’t the best thing for me. I doubt it’ll do good for anybody too.

  37. frank,
    with due respects, din might have infiltrated his own blog with recycled pieces, but, look at all the comments over his postings!!

    how can he keep up with you! bean! and so many more whom i myself do not remember who posts comments?

    he’s supposed to have quit pkr hq to devote time to his family – which all of us agree and encourage. but, by the looks of it can he?

    which one of us would want to start and maintain a blog to cater to “entertain” all you who wish to post a comment as and when you like and i “keep it coming” = struggle to come out with new postings “acceptable or not” and monitor for bad/seditious comments and aiyah!!! painful, very painful indeed. salute to you din merican.

  38. It really makes me realize that being spoon-fed for most of my life wasn’t the best thing for me.-didi

    You are the minority, unfortunately. Outcast and dishonored from Isa Manteqi’s exclusive “Affirmative Action for the Majority” fraternity.

    Your life lessons in the States are un-Malaysian culturally and they are anathema to the desired attributes of the Majority privileged with Affirmative Action.

    The only consolation I can give you is that I feel sorry for you having to leave to far distant land to realise spoon feeding is bad for your health.

  39. klik

    You should feel sorry not for Din but for didi for being made an outcast from Isa Manteqi’s exclusive ” Affirmative Action for the Majority” fraternity.

  40. I love it when Frank is on the roll, splashing shit every which way in the faces of those who disagree! This blog would never be the same without Frank. No sooner had he got La-di-la out of his hair another scrambled to get in. Good luck to her!

  41. “(Zaid ) … will do a reversal of ijok and by a huge margin. i’m male crystal ball gazer.” klik

    Klik, you’re one click away after puffing the magic dragon. Whatever it is that you’re smoking could we have some??

  42. frank,
    i associate with you on various, if not all issues. you have pointedly talked abuot such issues. what’s new??

  43. “Its a free country, as Mr Bean says.” Frank

    Frank, I never once said that Malaysia is a free country. All I said is that free speech is the constitutional right of every citizen according to our Constitution and in any democracy; but free speech is heavily qualified by our Federal Constitution. Our Constitution unlike that of the U.S. Constitution allows our Parliament to pass laws to restrict free speech. Hence over the last fifty years a plethora of legislation like the Internal Security Act, Sedition Act, Official Secrets Act to mention but a few has grown, passed to stifle growing dissent against controversial government actions and policies.

    Malaysia to begin with is never meant to be a free country. The Federal Constitution of 1957 says it all; freedom exists only in the minds of those who allow themselves to be intoxicated with western ideas of liberal democracy and liberalism.

  44. mr. bean,
    i kalaidescope with my pals first with “hard days night”, then carousal with “lucy with her heart with diamonds”, but, after john lenon”s demise i can only “imagine”

  45. mr. bean,
    in the usa, they are not on the “metric system”, so the chubby checker song ’20 miles is a long, long way —-, but i come to see my baby everyday’

  46. Dear Frank,

    1. First of all I suggest you to calm down and start behaving like an adult.

    2. Acting tough wont win you any respect from anyone and definitely will not make your arguments (if you can call them as such) be listened to…lol

    3. Now boy, I think you should google and learn about this one word in the English language called “Sarcasm” since you obviously have no clue about it.

    4. You submitted 4 separate emotional comments just to talk about kissing someone ass and hands ? Did you mother not advice you to be quiet if you dont have anything worthwhile to say?

    5. Hmmm…yeah moving on. lol

  47. Why are you guys not sleeping?? It’s afternoon over here but well passed midnight over there!! Are you so worked up that you need to get at each other’s throat even in your sleep? Follow klik and puff the magic dragon for a change!

  48. fatimah zuhri,

    you are venturing into “mr. bean’s den, and, frank’s stable”

    i have to leave to report early next day? it’s already another day!!

    good morning.

  49. Frank,

    Don’t be sorry for me to be made an outcast. Being outcast is good because only then I know I can survive anywhere I go.

  50. but mr.bean,
    i do not live by the sea.
    i hallucinate for malaysia for all,
    but, what is there to see?

    but,if it is little jacky dragon that is so mesmerising, sorry,
    you gotta go twenty miles, if it’s not a long,long way.

    well, we can even limbo rock. dato zaid loses HS by-election, i de-register as a voter. my conviction? “#9 dream – john lennon”

  51. Dear Din,

    1. First of all I would like to say that we both want the same prospect and future for the nation and its inhabitants.

    2. However where we differ is the implementation of it.

    3. While I totally support your argument that a nanny state is not a viable path for our nation to grow to nonetheless the process of growing out of that state takes time and effort by ALL.

    4. You gave the example of Singapore. When Singapore separated from Malaysia they knew they needed to do something drastically different from all their neighbours.

    5. A clear example if how they “took very good care” of the foreign investors which we could not do at that time. They totally “open up” their economy to the world.

    6. Of course, you could argue we could have done the same and if there is any who somehow “tercicir”, we could pick them up later on when we are rich and mighty.

    7. But the problem is, once they “tercicir”, they start to get angry, get upset and chaos ensue. Of course we can let the “creative destruction” to occur but the feelings of “dendam” especially amongst the Malays lingers from one generation to another.

    8. Singapore history itself have shown us how while in one aspect the opening up of the country had increase the rate of development of the country but in another hand it created a lot of enemies, angerness and resentment fromth e public.

    7. But Singapore is small, 75% of the country of a single race, and as a whole and they do not have to go through the non stop “political drama” that our country faced and currently facing. LKY made lots nof enemies but being a “dictator” he could do what he like. I dare not imagine what will happened to Anwar if he was the opposition leader in Singapore and plays his usual “drama”.

    8. Of course LKY didn’t send his political enemies to the dungeons but he stripped them completely naked…literally.

    9. Do you really believe this could work in our country with all the SUHAKAM, SUARAM, Bar Council, and what have you ? In one hand people want “creative destruction” to occur but at the same time they want “stabilizer” such as the ISA to be removed. I wonder how many people who want ISA to be removed also know that our neighbour down south also has their version of ISA and LKY time and again use it on his political friends and enemies.

    10. Old guards such as DAP Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang know about this but if you ask the young DAPSY nowadays, they would be horrified to know that an advanced country and an economic powerhouse have a “draconian law” like us.

    10. Mahathir did exactly what LKY did and you yourself saw the level of resentment he had to endure for the whole of his reign.

    11. Nonetheless the Govt is trying to slowly but carefully trying to do what you describe e.g. liberalization of certain sectors and NEM albeit it is a bit slow to some people.

    12. Take for example the petrol subsidy issue. You saw what happened. The rakyat could not think past what affects their daily life directly (petrol price, price of products etc). They still could not understand why PETRONAS cannot subsidize the country any longer.

    13. Plus if we have an opportunistic opposition, it makes the job of the government harder because they would have to develop the country but at the same time have to “take care of the feelings” of the people otherwise the Govt will be out of office.

    14. If you see the history of Singapore and Malaysia, we grew, prosper and develop when the opposition parties were at their weakest.

    15. I am not saying we should have no opposition at all, I am just saying that if you have an opposition who aims is to take over the Govt instead of criticising the Govt constructively, you tend to see Govts taking “safe and slow options” and end up everyone loses.

  52. Fatimah,

    I wonder if you’d say no.14 and 15 again if BN becomes the opposition? Why can’t the opposition takes over as the government? We are a democratic country aren’t we? So it should be decided by the voters. You are a typical UMNO puppet who thinks the government should be exclusive to just BN. Why just look to Singapore? Why not look at the Brits too?

  53. ” I am not saying we should have no opposition at all, I am just saying that if you have an opposition who aims is to take over the Govt instead of criticising the Govt constructively, you tend to see Govts taking “safe and slow options” and end up everyone loses.” Fatimah Zuhri

    Do you even understand what you wrote here?? Because I don’t.

  54. Fatimah:

    Since I have a lot of time at hand right now, maybe I should amuse myself and try to make sense of your post.

    1-2) No comment

    3) 40 years is not enough? How long do you need? A century? A millennium?

    4) No idea what your point is. I imagine it probably

    5) So whose fault is it that we cannot open our economy? Was PAS or DAP the government? or the BN?

    6) What???

    7) Tercicir? malay dendam? What????

    8) Did you do a survey on Singaporeans or you just made it up? Let me go and ask my Singapore relations.

    9) For a second I thought you were describing Tun Dr. M. Anyway, even if the country is made of 75% chinese there are still 25% of non-chinese and what of it? Are you saying that if you come from the same race, you’ll have the same political ideology?

    10) Your experience?

    11) So what if Singapore has its own ISA? Still doesn’t make it right to put your political enemy under ISA. People who are against ISA are not going to change their minds about it because Singapore has ISA too. That’s a ridiculous argument.

    12) You are really underestimating the youngsters. We are not ignorant about the world. However, haven’t you heard of the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right” ? So if somebody eats dung, would you eat it too? Because your logic seems to indicate that.

    13) Mahathir is a muslim. Don’t forget that. Again another stupid argument from you.

    14) Slowly? You already had all the time in the world.

    15) Of course the rakyat have to think for themselves first. Because they are the ones who have to suffer with increasing oil and food prices.

    16) If you can’t develop the country and take care of the people at the same time, then I would suggest you resign your job and give it to someone who can.

    17) Prosper? Who? You? Me? BN? Rural folks?

    18) I’m at a lost there. Amazingly nonsensical.

    Oh you might want to learn your numbers again. 9 goes after 8. Not 7.

  55. Now boy, I think you should google and learn about this one word in the English language called “Sarcasm” since you obviously have no clue about it.– Fatimah Zuhri

    Aahh!!, we have an old woman , just arrive in this blog to teach me English

    Sarcasam??? No, Fatimah Zuhri, I am NOT sarcastic when I comment about you. I really meant it. Go read again what I said about you. Silly woman !!!

  56. Did you mother not advice you to be quiet if you dont have anything worthwhile to say?– Fatimah Zuhri

    No. My teacher also taught me to not let stupidity especially from a woman like you to go unchecked. It affects upbringing of children and women are regarded as smart and gentle and they wear panties and they do not go around telling the world they wear pants and underwear like you do on this blog.

    I have all the time in the world to say when you try to show how clever you are by telling me politicians should not make personal attacks on others!!!

  57. You submitted 4 separate emotional comments just to talk about kissing someone ass and hands ?– Fatimah Zuhri

    Fatimah Zuhri,

    Out of respect for you as a woman ( I presume you are by your name), I could not use any more polite words and any more polite way to describe your personality as you presented yourself on this blog. After all, I must presume you wear panties but you behave as though you belong to a group I classify as , “teloq in panties” (go read in earlier thread what that phrase means, if not, ask Tean our Buddhist monk on this blog)

    If I were to use the language I normally use to those who wear underwears , Din will ban me permanently.

  58. Do you (Fatimah Zuhri) even understand what you wrote here?? Because I don’t.– Mr Bean,

    Mr Bean,

    Fatimah Zuhri wants to be intellectual here. And she is trying hard to string her thoughts together between her ears in a long and winded way.Unfortunately, in doing so, she gets into a ” gossip-mode ” when she writes to expound her expertise on Malaysian politics. That is why it is hard to comprehend easily what she is trying to say. Well, you know how gossips work.

  59. Fatimah Zuhri,

    Just before I got distracted by your silliness, you gossipped to me that Guan Eng and Karpal Singh made some personal attacks on Kamal bin Nathan. I didn’t know that. You know, how can they do such a thing!!!!Please tell me again what did Guan Eng and Karpal Singh said about Kamal bin Nathan. I promise I won’t say I heard it from you. You can whisper it to me in my ears!!!

  60. First of all I suggest you to calm down and start behaving like an adult.-Fatimah Zuhri,

    Fatimah Zuhri,

    When you write like a juvenile, eg telling me politicians should not make personal attacks, I get very excited and I find it hard to behave like an adult.

    I read in a book about how to communicate with those with less-than-matured minds, and it says, you got to behave and go to their level so they will understand better . That is what I had been doing with you.

  61. Frank,

    I think you should not entertain this Fatimah Zuhri so much. It’s not going to be good for your overall health. She’s just a shill for UMNO. She can’t even make proper arguments.

  62. didi

    Thanks for the advice. But I am pretty bored at the moment . I am glad Fatimah Zuhri is entertaining me after some heavy stuff I was forced to be engaged in the earlier two weeks prior to the arrival of this old woman on this blog. By the way, I call her “old woman” with all the respect attached, because she calls me “boy”. Would love the idea if Fatima Zuhri can call me “toy boy” too.

  63. Fatimah Zuhri,

    If I sound too patronising and if you feel demeaned when I call you “old woman”, perhaps, I should call you “Mak Datin”. It sounds much more respectful than “old woman”. If you don’t know who or what Mak Datin is, RPK best describes the term well. Click here to read the description of Mak Datins

  64. The very words ‘Affirmative Action’ gives out the impression the dire requirement of remedial steps undertaken by the government to put right a major flaw obstructing the smooth function of the country.

    But in this case affirmative action means turning the country into a social institution for the Malays and perhaps to a limited extent if ever this so called ‘spoon- fed’ policy find it’s way amongst the indigenous sabah/sarawakians

    Little do they realised or don’t they by holding on to such policies , hence , policies that’ll impede an open and healthy culture of competition between it’s citizens , they’re in fact causing the country to suffocate , depriving it of a pool of fertile growth of talent and quality personnel
    One wonders when will these obvious negative circumstances penetrate into the thick skulls of those supporting the Perkasa agenda??

  65. This same Fatimah Zuhri is running amok in Anil Netto’s blog. She’s the freewheeling “mak andam” dispensing comments and views at will. Luckily, there are no Beans and Franks to counter her there. One frenzy Umno freak, I must say.

  66. Mr Bean

    Fatimah Zuhri is alright. If she can take as much as she gives, its fair and square.

    As long as she does not insult people’s personal integrity and modesty who cannot defend themselves here, and engaged in gutter-style insults, she is a welcomed fellow debater on this blog. At least she tries hard to defend her views.

    Mr. Bean, you and the other regulars have set a standard for those who want to comment on Din’s blog. I am just following and enforcing that standard.

  67. Just back from Bandung. Even the shop assistants there are talking about “Kompetasi” (competition) and “bisnis global”(global business). They too laughed at our “not so open” mindset. sigh.

  68. Fatimah, Since I have a lot of time…and try to make sense of your post.-didi

    You are wasting your time. Fatimah Zuhri is trying hard herself to make sense after what she put on paper . As I write now, the poor old woman is still trying to dis-entangle her own ideas between her ears.

    And I am afraid you are confusing the poor old woman further with more ideas for her to think about.

    Please give her a break. A special request from her “toy boy”.

  69. Frank, I never once said that Malaysia is a free country.– Mr Bean

    You are being pedantic. Malaysia IS a FREE country. You only need to ask those UMNO cronies, UMNO family members including those MCA Chinese lapdogs, how they can become instant milliionnaires without so much as 3 drops of sweat from their eyebrows?

    Ask Hee the Frog where she got the free money of RM 24 million for her to cripple out of DAP? What about those Perak frogs who managed to get their debts settled.

    Fatimah Zuhri kissing Ibrahim Ali’s ass, as she says she is doing, is free. No fee involved and for that matter, she might be rewarded.

    Malaysia is a free country. But don’t say that to the nonMalays and the Malay PAS supporters.

  70. Well, not exactly free. You have to sell your soul. Fairuz Khairuddin former PKR Deputy Chief Minister of Penang who frogged to UMNO did a David Copperfield to produce a RM109,000 check to pay off his Mercedes Benze within three months of joining UMNO, while for the better of the years he was with PKR, he was borrowing money and minta sedekah from friends in and around Penang to meet household expenses.

    But Fairuz wants the Mercedes Benz even though he is broke, and he exhibits a typical UMNO asslicker: Duit tiada dalam poket tak apa, tapi style mesti ada.

  71. Frank:

    Funny thing is that I read somewhere that this Cik Timah calls herself a non-partisan writer. She really ought to google and read what non-partisan means. Oh Frank, you don’t want to be her new “toy boy” . What will her children and grandchildren say about this?

  72. Frank: i think it’s typical asian you know to be “biar papa asal bergaya”. I have few friends who are like that. But they don’t lick anybody’s back though.

  73. rm24 million for hee, “umpteenth millions for the collection of the rest of the froggies” and the imminent millions for wck. can special draws really “kow tim” all these immoral transactions? could it be that – there are laundering methods picked up with jewish associations?

  74. Funny thing is that I read somewhere that this Cik Timah calls herself a non-partisan writer. -didi

    That is true. Fatimah Zuhri is nonpartisan between UMNO and Perkasa. She kisses asses of both sides.

  75. Have to bring up affirmative action again. Perhaps some feel that with AA we shall not get any much needed meritocracy. This need not be the case.

    With ANY policy, the crucial thing is implementation. That is why the NEP did not work. Without a large dose of AA the NEM will not work either.

  76. Isa:
    AA should be for the poor and not be based on race. Rich Malays should not get all the benefits when there are poor non-malays out there. Why should you further enrich people who are already rich?

  77. Yes didi, that is where the implementation part comes in. But after our past experience I feel there should from now on be continuous oversight of everything politicians do.

  78. I want to see TANGIBLE affirmative action for the Orang Asli. Everybody else does not deserve any form of affirmative action.

    Since UMNO and Isa Manteqi is for Affirmative Action for Majority, I call upon others especially NGOs (including Perkasa) to fight for Affirmative Action for the Orang Asli.

    Better still go out and do the affirmation action yourself instead of waiting this useless UMNO-led BN govt to help the Orang Asli.

    NEP for the Orang Asli was joke and still is a joke.

  79. I cannot recall ever having said I propose AA “for the majority”. What I have always tried to say is (a) we definitely need to continue AA and (b) it can be made to work if implemented correctly.

  80. Isa,

    The operative word from you was “CONTINUE” AA. That in itself meant if not imply Affirmative Action for the Majority, which had been for the last 40 years. No?

  81. Isa,

    When one says “Continue” it means doing the SAME. If it is a different thing, then you “discontinue the old”, or “modify”, “revise” or “adjust”, “recast”, “re-conceptualise”,” terminate the old”, “revamp” etc etc etc

  82. “continue”, “same”, “discontinue the old”, “modify”, “revise”, “adjust”, “recast”, “re-conceptualise”, “terminate the old”, “revamp”

    Thank you. I think what I meant was “discontinue the old” and “re-conceptualise” the AA.

  83. malays need not apologise for the NEP affirmative action program. the british caused the misalignment by putting the malays in istanas and bureaucracies, leaving the indians and chinese to do the harder chores in the fields and mines. having been kept soft for a long time, can you expect them to come out fighting for their share in their own tanah melayu? affirmative action is not wrong in itself as it is meant to correct an anomaly; it is wrong when it is used as a shield to hide the parasites and opportunists who use malay rights to make themselves rich while potraying their heroic intentions to berjuang untuk melayu. but malays have to realise that the natural law dictates that they compete on the same playing field with their malaysian brothers and continuing to rely on handouts and subsidies from their heroes will make them weak willed and consign them to the history dustbin of the mediocres. it is time we have a brave malay leader who can tell the malays to throw away their crutches and compete like anybody else in the global community.

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