Will UMNO non-drinkers stand up!

April 20, 2010

Will UMNO’s non-drinkers stand up?, says Lim Kit Siang

by Hazlan Zakaria

Veteran opposition politician Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) challenged UMNO and Muslim ministers to declare that they have never drank alcohol in their youth.

He targeted, in particular, UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin (BN-Rembau), de facto Law Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

parliament dap pc on ronnie 171108 kit siangSaying this in the House today during the debate on the Whistleblower Act, Lim added that if drinking was the criterion to disqualify BN leaders from office, BN’s ministerial ranks would be sorely depleted.

“If having had drinks in the past incapacitates one from holding office, then we will lose half the cabinet, as well as the Malaysian Ambassador to the United States, and we will need to have a by-election in Rompin,” said Lim in reference to Jamaluddin Jarjis.

He questioned what he described as BN’s desperation and lack of class that they have to resort to such “gutter politics”.

“Let us have a higher standard in politics and elections, as it is the avenue to serve the people and the nation and not to indulge in personal attacks and character assassination.

“As an example, (we in) DAP have instructed our campaigners not to touch on the Chua Soi Lek (sex) video,” added Lim This, he says, is in contrast to to the ungentlemanly ‘kaki botol’ allegations leveled against PKR Hulu Selangor candidate Zaid Ibrahim, which has become a major weapon wielded by BN in the by-election campaign.

Lim cited Zaid’s response to the allegations, praising the PKR leader for not resorting to similar retaliatory attacks on UMNO.

‘Government not serious’

Lim also questioned the seriousness of the government in protecting whistleblowers.NONEAccording to him, they had previously done nothing but hound those exposed corruption and abuse of power, in particular, those he called “whistleblowers par excellence“, blogger Raja Petra (right) and private investigator P Balasubramaniam.

“We are debating the Whistleblowers Protection Bill but the two Malaysian whistleblowers are on the run outside the country.Raja Petra Kamaruddin has tons of materials and information on his Malaysia Today blog while private investigator Balasubramaniam has information on the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Sharriibuu.”

Lim contended that if the government is serious in wanting to fight corruption and to encourage whistleblowing, it should welcome and cooperate with these two instead of allowing an inclement environment which has driven them into exile overseas.

He also wondered if the government had and will take any action over information provided by whistleblowers. “Has MACC taken the materials exposed in RPK’s Malaysia Today blog seriously by conducting full and proper investigations?”

Meanwhile Yusmadi Yusoff (PKR-Balik Pulau) also questioned the wide ranging power granted by the bill to the minister to remove protection from whistleblowers as the minister sees fit. “What if the person being reported by the whistleblower is the minister or the minister is in collusion with the the guilty party?”

11 thoughts on “Will UMNO non-drinkers stand up!

  1. I did beer early in school and in campus. I did Tiger Beer in school, followed by Anchor and Carlsberg, a little Guinness (too bitter for me), Foster’s and then I moved on to Heineken, Budweiser but stayed on Heineken and Carlsberg.

    Carlsberg anybody?

  2. mr. bean,
    this is interesting. a mule is one where, whatever you do to it, it will never move. so the message here is umno will never move on? or forward? or will keep on harping on dato zaid’s previous bad habit? correct me please.
    This Zaid matter is now a non issue. The shift is towards what PKR has done for the people of Hulu Selangor in the last 2 years after the Pakatan Rakyat took over Selangor, and the sudden rush of defections. Here, PKR will be on the defensive. Politics is about perception. But it is in my view still too close to call. The next few days will be critical. Wait to April 25 and that is how close the race is going to be.–Din Merican

  3. mr. bean,
    carlsberg my time was “a long cool dane” with a pretty long lass emerging from the shores like ursula andress in 007’s dr. no.

  4. din,
    tan sri khalid has provided free water (sorry, i am not able to quote exact figures at this moment of writing) to all selangor folks and also trying buy back water concessionaires. why? i don’t have answers but, i’m inclined to believe that, the previous umno state govt.’s privatisation of water is to benefit croonies “at the expense of the rakyat”. pkr should use this issue to inform the voters on what “at least the pkr state govt. has done in 2 years to undoing what umno/bn will continue to do to selangor if they were still the state govt.”

  5. Carlsberg’s ‘Long Cool Dame’?? I’m not sure if the distributor in the ’70s was F&N but I did not get the job as marketing manager though I told my Irish interviewer that I loved to drink.

  6. I used to drink with 1 or 2 of them now sitting in the umno supreme council , but as Tok Cik would say sekarang dah taubat beb!!

    Abg Din ,
    What is the yard stick like , we’ve 2 years of pakatan rule in comparison to 50 odd years of BN? The present MB could be stuttering not only in his speach but common , his 2 year administration has not reach puberty yet , so to speak. Should we not exempt him a little from too much scrutiny?

  7. This is played for Frank who needs to calm down and shake La-di-la out of his hair. So far he has been stomping all over the threads and pulling out his hair. This is bad for your health, Frank. And we are all very concerned. We don’t want to have to lose you. A couple of downers should do the trick and music to soothe your nerves!

  8. Well I guess it’s a different case when you are an UMNO drinker. No law is above you, even if it’s God’s law.

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