Lawan Tetap Lawan, no matter what, says Anwar Ibrahim

February 7, 2010

Pakatan will soldier on

by Humayun Kabir (February 6, 2010)

Pakatan Rakyat will continue to grow in strength even if its supremo Anwar Ibrahim is found guilty of alleged sodomy and imprisoned.

This is the message that Anwar put across in his brief speech to some 2,000 people who attended the first anniversary of Barisan Nasional’s political coup in Perak programme organised by Pakatan in Air Tawar last night.

Anwar believes that UMNO is under the wrong impression that by removing him from the political arena, Pakatan will collapse.  The opposition leader, who claims that the sodomy charge is a political conspiracy by his rivals, noted that he is facing an uphill battle.

“Insya-Allah (God willing), we hope to win this case as we have a strong legal team headed by Karpal Singh.

“However, if I am in (jail) or out (freed), it does not make a difference to the political struggle of Pakatan which will continue,” he said to thunderous applause.

The heavy police presence outside did not deter the crowd from cramming the hall to hear the speeches of several Pakatan leaders such as DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang and ousted Perak menteri besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

Kit Siang: We must move on

While speculation is rife that come next Tuesday, the Federal Court might decide in favour of Nizar as being the rightful menteri besar, Pakatan leaders however were less optimistic.  But when Perak DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham took to the microphone and posed the question if Nizar would win the case, a rousing ‘Yes’ rippled through the crowd.

In his speech later, Nizar said he will seek the consent of the Sultan to dissolve the state assembly to hold a fresh polls if the court rules in his favour.

Nizar also expects BN Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kadir to do the same. However, Zambry has told the media previously that he will not be pressured by Pakatan to hold a snap polls.

Pakatan speaker V Sivakumar called on the Indian community in Perak to free themselves of BN’s shackles whereas PKR state deputy chief Dr Lee Boon Chye had the crowd in stitches when he dissected the medical claims made by Anwar’s accuser, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

DAP’s Lim, who was the last speaker, also stressed on the importance for Pakatan to move on even if Anwar is convicted.

20 thoughts on “Lawan Tetap Lawan, no matter what, says Anwar Ibrahim

  1. The cause of Freedom, Democracy and Justice is larger than one man. Anwar Ibrahim has always recognised this reality and since Fitnah2 began in 2008 after the General Elections, he has been reorganizing his own party machine and strengthening his grassroots organization. Although a lot of work remains to be done (and is being done), PKR is a much better organised than it was two years ago.

    The Fitnah 2 trial is giving PKR and PR the raison d’etre to continue its reform agenda with renewed vigor. Change is difficult and hazardous, but we must change as a nation if we are to compete in the region and with the rest of the world. Right now, our attention is being diverted from our national malaise by an ancien regime which is myopic, corrupt and incompetent. Fitnah2 is just another diversion among the many that we have seen since April 2009.

    Wake and Wise Up, Pakatan Rakyat.Stay focused. To fellow Malaysians, I say, the status quo is not an option. Democratic politics is our future and let us work towards that goal.—Din Merican

  2. Good to know that PR spirit is not diminished just because Anwar Ibrahim is being slammed in our court. Public resentment over this court saga is on the rise, but Malaysians must be restrained in their reaction.

    Please do not give Musa Hassan and cohort the opportunity to use Police emergency regulations to further curtail our freedom. Najib himself is also seeking the pretext to impose emergency law and suspend Parliament. This cannot be ruled out since Najib faces intra-party dissension (from forces as aligned to his present Deputy Prime Minister), and public outrage over Fitnah2, a sort of double whammy.

    His regime is under threat and he must act drastically to save it from total collapse. Anwar Ibrahim is thus a convenient target since he is the only serious challenger with the relevant experience as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance to lead our country out of its current morass.

  3. Fitnah 2, a Diversion? It looks more like pure undistilled desperation.
    BeEnd has imploded. The onus is on bumno, that is so riddled with factions. The virtual thrusts and feints and the potshots they are taking, are way off-mark. Their strategy of roiling Penang in mud to divert attention from Selangor and Perak will be their undoing. They are no longer the Force they once were.
    They have become overly reliant, as never before, to abuse their instruments of power – be it Pdrm, A-G, Macc etc.
    Seems the politicking for their Oct. annual conference has already begun.

  4. PAKATAN must soldier on no matter what. Other than God damned umno what is left for malaysia? Pakatan must keep its integrity and good governance and lead the people. Too long the people cry for a good govt.

  5. so far , it seems that only the old loggerheads DAP & PAS stalwarts are holding on strong while the ex-UMNO turncoats (so-called PKR) + some infant wannaB MPs (so called the other PKR ) are beginning to feel the hardships and tricks of the real battle for which they are ill prepared, or issit the time for the trojan horses to break out are indeed coming ? I sadly & disgustedly predict Nizar and Anwar will both fall from Najib’s desperate dirty tricks this round, but then Najib himself will fall soon thereafter this year

  6. “Wake and Wise Up, Malaysians. Stay focused. The status quo is not an option. Democratic politics is our future and let us work towards that goal”.—Din Merican

    Very well said, Din.

    I second Din’s call. Onward Malaysians. Opportunity knocks on the door only once… and THIS is that TIME, to get rid of the scumbags and rascals running this country over the last 50 years, fracturing our society.

    Get them OUT BEFORE the damage to our society and country becomes irreparable.

    Do that small part around your neighbourhood, in your work place and in your leisure watering holes.

    A word here and there goes a long long way to remove these racist and immoral scumbags and corrupt rascals out of the next government.

  7. And before I forget…..

    We must also get rid of the malignant cancer inhabiting the body politic of PR. That is, Zulkifli Noordin and Hasan Ali. Their removal from Pakatan Rakyat is NON -negotiable as far as voters are concerned.

    Anwar Ibrahim and his PR Team better note that for clarity because I and many other voters will campaign like hell AGAINST Pakatan Rakyat if these two are still nominated to stand under the Pakatan banner

  8. Before Mar 2008 nobody gave the the motley crew of X-UMNO misfits/celups plus some 3rd / 4th stringers / has-beens / rejects under the PKR pasar malam vendors any chance against the Millionaire Club of UMNO, MCA & MIC.
    Just like today , nobody expect these same accidental Heroes to be on the verge of collapse so soon, so fast. Money politics is indeed powerful, as is the use of race and religion ! This is the area we have to tell the whole world, the rampant corruption and the hypocrisy all round of the Gomen of the day. Can the outside world help in any way, other than laugh over thebad jokes and then issue some statements now and then ? Is that all that they can do ?

    We have to save our last hope on Anwar. Whether he is in jail or not doesn’t really matter, maybe even better if you ask us, as the anger and sympathy if he is imprisoned will definitely crush BN, in the next crucial round. What sodomy ?

  9. Frank,

    PR will be self healed as these characters will be eventually, self-inflicted, vomited out of PR. Even Nik Aziz is putting finger to his throat inviting UMNO for talks, after witnessing the beginnings of the trial. What ever happen to “pergi mampus UMNO?”

    There will be a lot of vomiting from PKR, as part of internal immunization reaction. No medication needed for this type of disease. It’s either full recovery or death.

  10. “Wake up and wise up MALAYSIANS. Stay focused…” Din

    Replace the word ‘MALAYSIANS” with “PAKATAN RAKYAT”, Din and then the call becomes about right.

    Thanks, Isa.

  11. Between governing Perak and removing Anwar, the latter is more important to Najib and UMNO. Also to salvage the tattered reputation of the judiciary and to give the impression to people here and abroad that there is indeed judicial independence and fairness, the court may rule in favour of Nizar restoring his position as Chief Minister, and convict Anwar and sent him to jail. Who knows, it could also be 0-2 with both verdicts going against PR.

  12. Din,
    We too will tetap lawan but with intellect and not force. I think you should be a spokesman for PKR and PR. Let your blog be the voice of PR’s groundwork, plans and achievements. We need to know more!!!
    The Simple Man,

    For that, you have to go to PR and PKR’s official blog, read Suara KeADILan, The Rocket, and Harakah, and Anwar Ibrahim’s blog. I try in my own way to make a contribution to efforts to make Malaysia a better place for all. In that I am in the company of people like Haris Ibrahim and others of Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia(SABM) group. I want to be critical of PKR and Pakatan Rakyat and also the Government in a constructive way. But there should be no doubt about where my sympathies lie–for Freedom, Democracy and Justice.—Din Merican

  13. The verdict on Tuesday re the Perak case is interesting, as it will give an indication/sniff of the influence and power of Najib at this present point in time. On the face of it & to the public at large ,he appears to be devoid of concrete strategies & tactical moves and seemingly like a sitting duck (or rather, a blessed but unlucky Romeo the minute Queen Rosmah ensnared him between her fat thighs) much like the previous sleeping PM. His kiddy 1Malaysia & bullshit kpi sounds like an abandoned 28 year old MBA project from Papua New Guinea which shows that he knows nothing , much less how to govern an entire country of 28 million on the cutting edge of 1st world status ! It will be clearer on 9 Feb 😀

  14. ” While speculation is rife that come next Tuesday, the Federal Court might decide in favour of Nizar as being the rightful menteri besar, Pakatan leaders however were less optimistic.”

    My gut feeling tells me that Abang Aki will not allow it to happen. What is unclear is the legal reasoning and how the federal court justices arrive at their majority decision. I expect there would be a dissenting judgement.

  15. backStreetGluttons,

    It is likely that verdict will be in favour of Zambry and UMNO-BN because Najib is thinking of the next target. Selangor. A verdict in favour of Nizar and Pakatan Rakyat will stop him in his tracks.

    The Prime Minister is not interested in having elections too soon. Even in Sarawak, state elections will be held in the last minute. What Najib wants to do is to buy politicians in PR and PKR in Selangor. But then I can be wrong since I am not a mind reader of the judge. Let us wait for the next 48 hours.–Din Merican

  16. NAJIB/UMNO will decide what the Federal Court’s decision will be.

    Everybody outside Malaysia, out of ignorance of the uselesssness of our Judiciary, thinks the Federal Court will rule be based on the law or the facts of the case.

    There is no need to speculate in which direction the Federal Court will decide because past constitutional cases involving Paktan Rakyat politiicians are indicative enough.

    Malaysians don’t even bother to refer/discuss to the laws or facts of the case because they don’t need to guess what the UMNO-judges will rule in the Federal Court.

    UMNO made sure the case in Perak was delayed in the courts until it reaches in the Federal Court over a long period of time to allow UMNO’s MB Zambry in Perak to have enough time to run Perak to win back the voters to UMNO-BN, all done in cahoot with UMNO Chief Justice Zaki Azmi. Only a fool in Malaysia doesn’t know that.

    Many tend to forget the head of the Malaysian Judiciary, the Chief Justice, Zaki Azmi was a former seniior member of UMNO and legal adviser of UMNO.

    No judge in Federal Court or Appeals Court would like to go against the political leanings of the Malaysian Chief Judge. Their standing and promotion in the judiciary will be affected and worse still, they will be demonised by UMNO Ministers in Govt and criticised by the UMNO papers such as Malay Mail, NST and Utusan Malaysia.

    FederaL Court and Appeal Court = UMNO .

  17. The Federal Court decision will be a controversial one and its reasoning hard to follow as it would be convoluted. You’ll have to be good at mental gymnastics – and be able to deliver a perfect 10.

    But all is not lost. If only we could smuggle in Ms. Maria Ozawa under cover of darkness with tean on tow to Abang Aki through the back door and into his chambers.

  18. Don’t get it wrong Carlos, Nik Aziz wants to have a meeting with your umno so that he can say PERGI MAMPUS UMNO right into your face !!!

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