Fissures fester in PKR

by Terence Netto
January 31, 2010

That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

This is what is being touted about PKR in the wake of the continued insolence of Zulkifli Nordin and the attacks on Lim Guan Eng by the party’s MP for Bayan Baru, Zahrain Mohd. Hashim.

The antics of a pyromaniac were followed by the reaction-baiting broadsides of the party’s former Penang chief. There is the scent of mutiny in the salvoes let loose by Zahrain  in recent days at the Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary general.

He is upset with Anwar Ibrahim but apparently can’t bring himself to train his guns on the PKR supremo. It appears Guan Eng would do nicely as vicarious substitute.

A little over two weeks ago, Zahrain was nowhere to be seen when Anwar visited Permatang Pauh, to hand out free spectacles to poor residents, attend a DAP dinner in Bukit Mertajam, and then speak at ceramah in Cherok Tok Tun and Sungai Bakap.

Usually, Zahrain would be around to accompany the PKR supremo, though on this occasion he was less duty bound to. Last October, Anwar picked Mansor Othman, the present Deputy Chief Minister, to replace Zahrain as PKR chief for Penang.

Zahrain had wanted to be the PKR candidate for the Penanti by-election in late May 2009, a poll that was called because the incumbent Mohd Fairus Khairuddin resigned at Anwar’s behest following a painfully embarrassing run in the deputy chief minister’s role.

Anwar chose former his political secretary, Mansor, as the candidate for the by-election, to Zahrain’s chagrin. For Anwar’s January 15 visit, Zahrain, no more the state chief, was not required to be in attendance. But telltale signs of a rift were inferred when Anwar let on to state party insiders that he had not heard from Zahrain in some time and, having misplaced his Blackberry, was at a loss to contact his old Penang buddy.

Friends of some 30 years’ standing don’t usually have any problems getting each other’s contact numbers from mutual acquaintances. There then followed the spectacle of the public rants of Zulkifli Nordin over supposed threats to Islam.

Zahrain must have been unimpressed with PKR’s vacillations in the face of Zulkifli’s shenanigans, considered hugely damaging to the party’s image as multi-denominational. The barbs Zahrain aimed at Guan Eng are calculated to coerce his party to take action against him when it is already hard put to do just that to Zulkifli.

Angling for action to be taken

Meanwhile, Zulkifli has defied a PKR gag order by claiming that he knows of ulterior motives behind Christians wanting to use the word ‘Allah’.

Court approved use of the word is the subject of controversy, so it is said by some quarters, while others maintain the hubbub is contrived to serve the aims of elements conniving to forestall Umno’s prospective loss of power.

In sum, the darts now hurled by Zahrain on Guan Eng come at a time when PKR has drawn withering fire for having been woefully supine towards Zulkifli.

Today the decisions of a combined PKR Political Bureau and Leadership Council meeting in the morning followed by a Pakatan Rakyat presidential council meeting in the afternoon are not likely to impress Zulkili , neither Zahrain, if at all their outcomes impinge on PKR’s malcontents.

Ostensibly, the earlier meeting was called to discuss Zahrain’s fulminations against Guan Eng. The latter has wisely elected not to dignify them with comment.

Both Zulkifli and now Zahrain are angling for action to be taken against them, the better they can make alternative arrangements with power brokers who are intent on the next item in Malaysian political gamesmanship: the re-delineation of parliamentary boundaries.

Their redrawing, held every 10 years and which never failed to favor the powers-that-be, has to be endorsed by two-thirds majority in Parliament which the ruling Barisan Nasional were denied at the last general election and could now secure by default, with the help of some new-found friends.

Presumably, Zahrain’s prospective departure would not be unaccompanied. If he is joined by the PKR MP for Nibong Tebal, Tan Tee Beng, the charade will be complete in its turn towards farce.

For only last June, Tee Beng led nine of 13 PKR divisions in Penang in a petition to party headquarters demanding Zahrain’s removal as state chief.

Like they say, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

23 thoughts on “Fissures fester in PKR

  1. first theres tan sri khalid ibrahim.he is doing to dsai macam lembu
    kena tarik hidung.what economic advisory?

    then there’s zaid ibrahim who went to sabah despite dsai’s warning.he took leave

    thirdly,there’s d saleh sec gen who cannot stand dsai’s weak leadership and cakap tak serupa bikin and left

    fourth,there’s zul nordin who shows dsai who is the boss

    fifth,you got datuk zahrain whom dsai did not help with any opportunity that is fair to the rakyat.the guy that shld get the

    job was the guy that can deliver at best throughput value.guan
    eng definitely erred at this.

    dsai is not helping anyone but himself.

  2. In politics, paid spin masters come into play and are happy to write about the desmise of any party but do not have the journalistic ethics, courage and principle to air the true state of affairs of the party that paid them to write.

    When the MCA crisis erupted, Terence Netto was taking a break and did not report any fissures ; when UMNO was in shamble neither did you comment on their internal bickerings and with the MIC in total disrepute Terence kept silent like a mouse.

    This is the crab write-up by crab spin masters which fits snuggly in any waste-bin.

  3. mslam

    Terrence Netto is a Pakatan Rakyat sympathiser and a supporter. That is a fact.

    But he is a journalist.

    There is little to write about MCA… they are already waiting to slaughtered together with the pigs in the abbatoir.

    MIC is in a shit-house when they voted in a rejected person to be their President.

    When the cards are falling on UMNO, you just remain quiet and let it fall.

    The problem with Pakatan Rakyat/PKR, the leaders are too smug and complacent about where they are, and not realising the very foundation of their existence is been corroded away from the inside, not outside.

    So, if you are one who wants PR to succeeded, do you still tell them everything is OK, don’t criticise in case the enemies will take advantage, like those on this blog who I called naive dreamers and group think mentality advisers.

    UMNO did bad in March 2008 because there were group-think experts who refuse to tell those UMNO leaders they had shit in their pants.

    It is tough love… and if PR leaders can’t take the hard criticisms and condemnations, it is for them to lose, not me or Terrence Netto.

    PR especially PKR need to be awaken up with a loud bang.

  4. Midterm or midlife crisis, for PKR?
    Seems that all these toads are more loyal to DSAI than to the party.
    Anwar is PKR and vice versa? The Man or his Vision? Toads can’t differentiate. Reminds me of blind disciples.
    Terrence’s description of Zuhrain’s ‘antics of pyromaniac, reaction-baiting and vicarious substitute’ seem pretty accurate to me.
    The faultlines in Umno is just as bad, esp. now that Octo is starting to meddle directly with Perkasa. Just look at their Pemuda chief – neti, neti.

  5. This Octo has his ultimate motive in attacking the present Pemuda Chief. Najib has fair share of problem from this Octo !!!

    It seems that there are battle fields everywhere. Does this mean that a new order is going to take place ?

  6. Hahaha… Laoshan, a ‘new order’ needs a revolution if not an outright rebellion. Things must get worse before anything can change for the better. Of course our blog-host is helping to stir the pot, he needs us to see see the ‘Big Picture’ – and that’s why he keeps harping on ‘minutiae’ and shortcomings of PKR-PR.

    If we say that PR is ‘fissuring’, then Be-End is a has-been monolith – it’s in smithereens. Meanwhile, Umno is struggling to keep it’s head above the water – there are all sorts of ‘factions’, delusions and hallucinations going on underneath it’s seemingly placid surface. The $$$ is drying up fast and they are currently trying to squeeze blood from stone.

    Does Octo truly love Malaysia? I think he loves his own image more. Legacy of his Fall. Oh yes, he’ll be remembered – either as an ‘idol’ or as an effigy to be burned.

  7. “Fissures festering in PKR’ ? That’s only one way of looking at it. Another is that an opposition is evolving – but that it will take a very long time.

  8. “PR especially PKR need to be awaken up with a loud bang.”

    Frank – January 31, 2010 at 11:47 am

    You cannot be serious to even suggest that PR is not aware of what is happening !?!
    What crisis are you talking about ? What is evolving within PR has been anticipated since the decision was made to let these opportunists into the PR fold.
    And I can assure you that Anwar is a voracious seeker of ideas, Sun Tzu’s included !

    “Both Zulkifli and now Zahrain are angling for action to be taken against them, the better they can make alternative arrangements with power brokers who are intent on the next item in Malaysian political gamesmanship: the re-delineation of parliamentary boundaries.”

    These prostitutes know that they have outlived their political expediency and that they are not getting any where in PR – the only way out for them is out of PR but where to unless they can re-package themselves. !?!
    So now, that you have inferred yourself a disciple of Sun Tzu, – tell me, Frank, why should PR not just free them of their miseries and grievances when it has already been established that they are a liability to the party with their differing agendas but instead, play into their game plans and sack them , thereby giving them the credibility that they are desperately craving for !?!
    The last thing, PR should be doing is over react to a situation they have themselves already anticipated and predicted but to remain calm to exercise damage control which starts by doing exactly the opposite of what these whores wanted – to play up the situation – but instead, to bring the situation to its actual perspective by countering the spins of MSM that there is a crisis going on when in reality it is only a storm brewing in a tea cup !!! 🙂

  9. Well, guys. Everybody loves doomsday prophetic message. DAP is one good example. Many has said that DAP would be dead in the 90s when Malaysians preferred the quiet but yet productive MCA. Whether Koh Soo Koon perform or not, never mind, need to have a chinese chief minister.

    DAP got 1 adun. Lost parliamentary as well as most adun seats in Kinta Valley. It was so doomed that we have KOKS campaign. Hahahaha

    RPK is so correct to ask DAP to teach PKR on crisis management

    There are problems in any major organisation. Even it happens in PSM/PRM. Though Frank admired PSM/PRM so much, to me they are humans. Hahahaha
    We need top leadership demosntrate leadership. LKY first generation leaders are superb example. Mahathir is nothing not as compared to LKY. They were down, out but perserved, survived & won the war

  10. “These PROSTITUTES know that they have outlived their political expediency…” – ocho onda

    Ouch!! That really hurts!

  11. “…play into their game plans and sack them , thereby giving them the credibility that they are desperately craving for”- ocho onda

    When you have your cells in your body turned into cancer cells and the cancer cells are now killing other cells in your body and you know you are going to die because of these cancer cells, tell me what do you do?

    Pray that these cancer cells don’t do damage?

    That these cancer cells revert back to their original benign cells of your body?

    No.. You flush them out thoroughly and make sure NONE of the cancer cells, and oncologists will emphasis, NONE, remain in the body. Think of chemotherapy and radiation therapy and body losing hair, vomiting, feeling weak… well ask those who had suffered from cancer and haven’t gone to see God/Allah and the 732 virgins.

    Likewise, you flush out cancer cells the like of Zulkifli Noordin, Zahrain, Hasan Ali and all the potential frogs/precursor cancer cells.

    In the beginning, PR/PKR will lose plenty of hair and go bald, will vomit and feel sick, but if the treatment is done early so there is sufficient time to recover and at same time take necessary precautions so that other PKR MPs and Aduns don’t convert into cancerous MPs/ADUNs, , there is hope for remission in time for GE13.

    Go see your doctor /oncologist about the curative techniques against cancer. You don’t need a medical degree to fix PKR’s ailments. Straightforward flushing, like we do in the toilets.

    Otherwise, ask Anwar to call an oncologist to give a lecture on the adaptation of cancer treatment for PKR survival.

  12. oops!!

    “…haven’t gone to see God/Allah and the 72 virgins.”

    “732 virgins” are for the 10 PKR MPs who Zahrain wants to bring across to UMNO for BN’s 2/3rd majority.

  13. ocho onda

    This is what happens if you allow cancer cells to remain in your body (ie they get other cells to become cancer cells) :

    Click here to read more


    Pengerusi Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Pulau Pinang Dr Mansor Othman mengakui tiga hingga empat ahli Parlimen parti itu ada membayangkan “hasrat” untuk menyertai Barisan Nasional (BN), sekali gus mengukuhkan kedudukannya di Parlimen.

    Mereka termasuklah bekas ketua PKR Pulau Pinang Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohd Hashim. “Saya pun ada dengar, tiga atau empat orang (anggota Dewan Rakyat) yang hendak keluar… BN memang hendakkan dia (Zahrain)”

    Mansor enggan menyatakan sama ada mereka kesemua dari Pulau Pinang ataupun termasuk ahli Parlimen PKR dari negeri-negeri yang lain.

    Difahamkan angka itu mungkin mencecah tujuh hingga lapan orang, membabitkan negeri Selangor dan Kedah…”

    ocho onda…. now what? Allow more PKR MPs and ADUNs to become more cancer cells by Zahrain, and Zulkifli Noordin.

    Rumour also there is one Chinese PKR MP who is going to frog to BN with Zahrain.

    If this Chinese PKR MP is from Perak, he better sell his house and move his family out of Perak. Firstly he is a man and he will get worse treatment than the frog Hee.

  14. Frank, I hope you are not an oncologist ! 🙂

    Surely, any good oncologist worth his or her salt will advise the patient that the decision to operate to remove the cancerous cells is an option taken only as a last resort.
    In any case, such procedures, depending on the severity of the malignancy,do not guarantee the survival chances of the patient.
    In most cases, where early detection is made,when the cells are still dormant, the emphasis of the treatment will to isolate the cells so they will remain dormant, through a regime enforced by a change of diet and de-stressed living environment for the patient, so as not to exacerbate the condition.
    It is only when proven conclusively that the dormant cells have become malignant and worse still, have spread to other healthy cells, that more drastic treatments are followed .

    In any case, in PKR’s case, I am certain that you have misdiagnosed the illness of the patient !
    Your patient is not suffering from terminal cancer but only just showing the early symptoms of a sore that is about to turn gangrene which can still be treated effectively by antibiotics without having to resort to amputation yet – the objective is to let the patient remain whole and not crippled . 🙂

  15. If you are my doctor and after hearing your diagnosis, I will book my ticket early to get my quota of 72 virgins.” Frank

    Don’t forget to make an appointment with Tok Mudin first because uncircumcised appendages generally are a no-go with these 72 virgins. Don’t confuse Tok Mudin with our Tok Cik. Tok Cik cocks his M16. The other pops the cock like when you do each time you open a bottle of champagne.

  16. No, it is not part of the small and medium-scale industries that form the backbone of any growing economy but a cottage industry – of which batek industry is an example. Tok Mudins do not require professional certification from any body in order to practice. They are not required to attend school for that. Sometimes mistakes are made. The short and long of the matter is then settled out of court. That’s why you don’t hear about it.

  17. Di sini ramai pecaci-pecaci cakap orang putih.. bontot hitam…

    Pakiam, Torren and Frank

    Dont you malaysian Pakiam/CHIN agree to the proposal to rename Georgetownin Pulau Pinang to more malaysian name to Tanjung Butterworth to Bagan

    I am sure our friends , especially Pakaim do not like this ideas.

    But thier Pakiam home country (India) change the name of Bombay to Mumbai, Culcutta to Kolkata and Madras to Chenai we heard no complaint… Malaysian Pakiam always agreed

    Dasar Pakiam alwasy bias


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