Anwar Backs Penang Chief Minister

January 31, 2010

Anwar Ibrahim backs Penang Chief Minister

By Adib Zalkapli and Neville Spykerman

PKR de facto chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim  today took steps to paper over cracks in his Pakatan Rakyat coalition by declaring his support for Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and sending his critic to be disciplined.

Anwar said Bayan Baru MP Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim, who called Lim a “dictator” and “communist-minded”, will join another PKR MP, Zulkifli Noordin, and Datuk Zaid Ibrahim to face the disciplinary committee.

“We reject and condemn his views on the Penang chief minister,” he said, adding that Zahrain’s attack was uncalled for.

The Oppositon Leader added that Zaid, who criticised the party leadership for not taking immediate action against Zulkifli, will also have to explain himself to the disciplinary committee.

“Some of us have called for immediate actions, but here in PKR and Pakatan, we have to adhere to the party constitution and allow due process to take place,” said Anwar, adding that he hoped that the committee would convene as soon as possible.

He also said the DAP-led Penang government had also given PKR a list contracts awarded by the state to dismiss Zahrain’s claim that the state government has been unfair in awarding contracts.

“It is not that we don’t like to be criticised, it is ok to criticise, but it is not right to attack Guan Eng calling him dictator, chauvinist, communist as he has always consulted others, sometimes he reviews his own decision, but at the end of the day, he is the Chief Minister,” said Anwar.

DAP leaders have responded to Zahrain claims saying that the former Umno man was unhappy as a company linked to him has failed to secure a government contract.

Zahrain is also said to be a leading a group of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) MPs who intend to help Barisan Nasional (BN) regain its two-third majority. He denied the allegation.

22 thoughts on “Anwar Backs Penang Chief Minister

  1. “Anwar said Bayan Baru MP Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim, who called Lim a “dictator” and “communist-minded”, will join another PKR MP, Zulkifli Noordin, and Datuk Zaid Ibrahim to face the disciplinary committee.”

    I would not worry about it. The PKR Disciplinary committee needs one month each for each of the three “Z” to decide what to do, and the the 23-wimps in the Political Bureau needs a month for each “Z” to decide whether action should be taken.

    That is about 6n months. By which time, BN already got its 2/3 majority with the compliments of PKR MPs.

  2. Anwar wants to appear unbiased, so he wants to send Zaid to the Disciplinary Committee, who is telling the truth.

    Doing the PAS thing, when Khalid Samad was suspended 6 months for exposing the shitty going-ons of the PAS leadership during last year’s PAS Muktamar when a UMNO-friendly Selangor firm paid for the 10 expensive rooms for the PAS leaders in the Concorde Hotel.

  3. The world is a living canvas, not necessary painted on ,only in black and white !
    The true and actual colours will sometimes appear only at certain times and conditions of the day. 🙂

  4. Malaysiakini reports:

    The PKR disciplinary committee has given itself ONE MONTH to decide on the actions which will be taken against two of its elected representative – Zulkifli Noordin (Kulim) and Zahrain Mohd Hashim (Bayan Baru).

    According to Anwar, Azan has been contacted by several times on his hand phone to entice him to leave the opposition party.

    “The enticements, the plans to seize Selangor, to indict its MB Khalib Ibrahim, to buy over MPs and state assemblypersons are part of a plan to be carried out before the Chinese New Year, to take advantage of the two week lull during the festivities,” said Anwar.

    Knowing what UMNO is doing this,what is Anwar and his team of wimps are going to do about it?

    Lying down with legs wide open and allow UMNO to rape PKR.

    No counter attack??

  5. Is PKR’s strategy is to win pity and sympathy votes from voters?

    That is long gone. Voters want to see a more aggressive PKR, not a wimp expected to win Putrajaya

  6. Frank,
    Just wait & see lah! By the way, what bright ideas PSM wanna provide to Malaysian?

    We don’t create parties for the sake of creating political parties. In fact, this is the actual problems beleaguering Malaysians now.

  7. ” Lying down with legs wide open and allow UMNO to rape PKR.” Frank

    Sometimes it pays to pretend, even go as far as to fake orgasms. Frank should consult tean on this as he is the expert when it comes to detecting faked orgasms.

  8. Rape? What rape? Why should PkR be the ‘victim’?
    There is a story about Genghis Khan, died from his infected ‘instrument’ after he raped a xi xin princess who had hidden a pair of pliers in her ‘ahem’.
    Niice tragicomedy, for Mongolian lovers.

  9. Menyalak-er

    For the crime of rape, you will need to prove penetration. Mind you, that is only the actus reus of the offence of rape. Then there is the mens rea of the crime of rape – which is absence of consent. Both must occur at the same time. What if at the point of penetration there was consent. Then consent is withdrawn?

  10. Mr. Bean

    What happens if the man says to the woman, “I want to rape you” (mens rea) but the woman says, “No problem, I might as well enjoy it” And then the man proceeds with his intention. The woman’s defence is that there is nothing much she can do under the circumstances, and that is why she decided she might as well “go with the flow” although she would have not allowed penetration under any other circumstances.

    Rape or no rape?

  11. “Go with the flow” defense? No, that will not work.

    But the question that is always asked by the male students is “What if she withdraws her consent while he is still in her? Does he have to pull out and then penetrate her (this time without her consent) for there to be rape?”.

  12. Each day we are moving closer to the next GE 13, three years to be exact, or snap polls? anytime!
    And PKR is still in shambles, sad to note!

  13. Here come another one !

    Nibong Tebal MP Tan defends Zahrain ( from the Star today ).

    Among others , Tan said that he was nominated by PKR to become a PBA director but was sidelined by LIM for constantly speaking out against him.

    There is a common Chinese saying ” The fox has exposed its tail ”
    ( sorry , if my translation is not very good ). I think this fits him well.

    He accused that Lim and his Father ( DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang ) are trying to turn PKR into a ‘ Malay Party ‘ by sidelining all the Chinese PKR so they can portray themselves as the heroes of the Chinese. He must be damn stupid to think people will believe him.

  14. As i had mentioned before, DAP flurs seriously lacks “sensitivity” training – the ‘in your face attitude’. This inability to emphatize (or even pretense to do so), is their hubris. They come across as very ‘unaccomodating’ and ‘instrangent’ chaps probably because of their years in the political wilderness. Their comminication skills vis-a-vis detractors is at best abominable. Other than that, they are doing a good job in Penang and elsewhere…

    In the meantime spats like these are to be expected, with personal agendas and vendettas getting in the way of the big picture. Look at all the opposition run states – the political balance hasn’t been sorted out yet. It will take time to consolidate because governing is not like “barking.”

    Since it is midterm, its too early to give a report card or tally the results. Just watch and read with proper discernment.

  15. Malaysiakini (February 1, 2010) reports:

    “Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s chief of staff Jeff Ooi wants PKR to take stern action against its members who, he claimed, were attempting to break up the Pakatan Rakyat coalition in the state.

    Ooi, who is the member of parliament for Jelutong, said he hoped that PKR would take some affirmative action to resolve the issue relating to its members making personal attacks on Lim.

    “I hope they (PKR) can make a decisive judgment on this issue so that the entire Penang state can move on under the Pakatan coalition,” he told reporters in Penang today.”

    I am told that Jeff Ooi is the problem, not the solution to the PR crisis in Penang. He is from Subang Jaya and does not understand how Penangites think and react. Will someone in Penang reading blog respond?

  16. Jeff Ooi is a penangite.

    Just like many internal migrants who found jobs in the Klang Valley.

    No, he understands Penangites better than Guan Eng and those UMNO vultures and parasites.

    Jeff Ooi has the feel of the ambitions and visions of those Pro Pakatan bloggers who worked so hard to get PR to be a viable option to BN.

    No, Jeff Ooi is NOT the problem. Those disgruntled UMNO in PKR cannot take the heat from jeff Ooi… and they want a DAP that is soft on PKR.

    If they had listened to Jeff Ooi right after March 2008, PKR would not in the stupid and avoidable mess right now with those Islamic radicals in PKR and the problems like Pro-UMNO vultures who got voted into PKR such as Zahrain, would have been nipped in the bud.

  17. Who was the champion who was actively encouraging crossovers from the other side ?

    And who was the one who warned against accepting the leaping frogs into PR ?

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander, so to speak. Party crossovers are like double edge swords, they cut both ways .
    In any case, what is the point in lamenting now . It will be more productive to spend more energy to persuade law makers from both sides to introduce a law to restrict party crossovers .

    More crossovers are to be expected as opportunists abound in both side of the camps .

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