PKR’s Zahrain on Penang DAP Leadership

January 30, 2010

Zahrain blames DAP for defection speculations

by Athi Shankar (January 29, 2010)

Bayan Baru parliamentarian (PKR)Dato Seri Zahrain Hashim blames the current defection speculations among PKR MPs on the party’s submissiveness to DAP’s political demands. He said due to disgruntlement among PKR leaders and members, talks of defections have surfaced among party elected representatives.

NONEZahrain was rumoured to be leading a handful of PKR parliamentarians out of the party to become Barisan Nasional-friendly representatives. He has neither denied nor confirmed the speculation.

Zahrain claims that the majority of PKR’s elected representatives and members, especially from Penang, were frustrated with their party’s subservient attitude to Pakatan Rakyat ally DAP.

Their anger, he alleges, was more towards DAP secretary-general and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

The former Penang PKR chief is particularly annoyed with PKR’s ‘virtual surrender’ to Lim and partly blamed it on a weak state party leadership. He said the current PKR representatives in the state Pakatan government were meekly giving in to DAP at the expense of party interests, rights and benefits.

“They dare not stand up against Lim. PKR has compromised its original reformasi agenda to suit the whims and fancies of DAP’s political game,” he told Malaysiakini.

‘PKR doesn’t need DAP’

Zahrain believes that PKR could survive without DAP, being a multiracial party. He called on PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim to review the party’s ties with DAP before it was too late. “If defections happen, it will be due to DAP’s dominance over PKR,” said Zahrain.

He also rubbished the Lim government’s CAT principles based on competency, accountability and transparency. Instead he claims Lim’s motto of governance was “it must be my way or no way.”

Zahrain says he is prepared to face the music for publicly criticising another Pakatan leader, calling Lim a “chauvinist running the state government like his own backyard.” He described the DAP secretary-general’s style of governance as taking the island-state “backward rather than forward.”

“Being a multi-racial party representing all communities, PKR has to take the rap for Lim’s failures,” Zahrain said. Among the ‘failures’ Zahrain alluded to were the contentious Kampung Buah Pala and Kampung Melayu Tanjung Tokong incidents.

Penang ‘better off’ without Lim

NONEZahrain also lambasted Lim for fast tracking the construction of the much-opposed Penang International Convention Centre (PICC) in Relau, which ironically sits in his constituency.

He said Lim has also failed to practice political unity and power-sharing by sidelining PAS from the state administration. Zahrain also alleged that Lim was against holding local council elections in Penang for fear of losing control over municipalities, despite being a central figure in DAP’s ‘third vote’ campaign.

He said Penangites were also growing restless with Lim’s statements blaming the previous BN administration for everything.

“He should stop complaining and start to look for money to carry out people-orientated programmes. Until today, he has not done anything worthy for Penangites,” lamented Zahrain.

Since the much-hyped initial foreign investments in 2008, the PKR man said Lim’s government had failed to attract any notable foreign investments despite spending millions in public funds in frequent foreign trade missions.

He also slammed Lim’s hypocrisy of ‘advocating’ press freedom on one hand, while banning certain media groups and reporters from his functions. “It’s because Lim cannot take criticism,” he said.

Zahrain also opined that Lim has failed to comprehend Penangite sentiments and aspirations as the latter was ‘parachuted’ in from Malacca; he believes that Penang should be led by a local-born chief minister. “Penang would be better off without Lim,” he said.

55 thoughts on “PKR’s Zahrain on Penang DAP Leadership

  1. Zahrain believes that PKR could survive without DAP, being a multiracial party. He called on PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim to review the party’s ties with DAP before it was too late.,

    The guy is an absolute idiot. This is a typical UMNO tactic to win back 2/3 majority in the name of “Untuk Bangsa dan Agama ” mouthing through a former UMNO warlord who is now a potential PKR frog.

    It is the fastest way to kill off PKR, the very idea of UMNO.

    Din. what’s going in PKR?? It is becoming a joke. Every day, this is what we hear almost everyday:

    a) PKR politicians threatens to frog off
    b) PKR MP/ADUN behaving worse than PAS in their Islamic radicalism
    c) PKR politicians making police report on fellow politicians in PR
    d) PKR politicians on a insult-name calling basis
    e) PKR politicians behaving like UMNO warlords
    f) More often, PKR politicans frogging off to UMNO.

    NO, it is not right for Anwar to review PKR’s relationship with DAP. It should be for PAS and DAP to kick out PKR from Pakatan Rakyat as the most useless and unreliable partner in the Coalition.

    PKR should join UMNO… they are first cousins by association.

    Bunch of PKR idiots acting like pariah UMNO Malays which we all made a mistake of voting them into Parliament in March 2008.

    Mana maruah orang Melayu ???

  2. ” Police have ordered the Pakatan Rakyat state government to remove a stage set up at Batu Caves for celebrations on the eve of Thaipusam tomorrow despite prior approval from the authorities.

    Selangor executive councillor Dr Xavier Jayakumar told The Malaysian Insider he had been informed that this was because Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was scheduled to visit Batu Caves at 9pm tomorrow.”


    Malaysia is not a true federation. There is no state police and there is no state court – and no state issues except land and religion. It is a joke. With the police and judiciary in federal control, power is easily abused and there is nothing anybody can do.

  3. I am waiting for Bayan Baru parliamentarian (PKR)Dato Seri Zahrain Hashim to file a police report against DAP’s Penang Chief Minister Lim Guang Eng for being “communist-minded”. There is strong case for police investigation under ISA for Guan Eng as a potential communist sympathiser being a Chinese, in Opposition and having encouraged Chinese investors to come to Penang to invest. Guan Eng is introducing communist ideas in the Penang govt and PKR and UMNO cannot read chinese and understand chinese.

    Yes, Bayan Baru parliamentarian (PKR)Dato Seri Zahrain Hashim should report to the police on Guan Eng for wanting to turn Penang into an Asian Cuba.

  4. Strange things are happening in the Pakatan Rakyat corner, giving the impression to many I spoke to yesterday that the informal coalition after its successful First National Convention and the launching of its Common Policy Framework is buckling under pressure.

    We had Zul Noordin and now Zahrain challenging PKR leadership. These concerned Malaysians tell me that there could more in the days ahead. Both Hassan Ali and Khalid Samad have been disciplined by PAS. In addition, they said that the Sodomy 2 trial is drawing Anwar’s attention from his party and because of it, his influence within Pakatan could be diminishing and the other pretenders are waiting in the wings.

    Najib’s Transformation Malaysia agenda is very attractive, they say if the Prime Minister has the political will to fight corruption and improve the public service delivery system. My friends keep reminding me that Najib is not Abdullah Badawi. The Prime Minister is an astute and dynamic leader who understands power and will use it to ensure his political survival. He has a good team of strategists and the advantages of incumbency on his side.

    If he can demonstrate his ability to deal with corrupt UMNO politicians like Khir Toyo and others, he would have restored his credibility as a corruption fighter. My standard response is : “let us wait and see since Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar Ibrahim cannot be underestimated”.–Din Merican

  5. “My standard response is : “let us wait and see since Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar Ibrahim cannot be underestimated”.–Din Merican

    I think the person we are underestimating is Najib.

  6. After all, PKR must balance its attack on Pakatan partners. A police report filed by Zulkifli against PAS MP Khalid Samad for attacking Islam.

    And to show that PKR is not favouring PAS in its attack, a police report is needed by PKR against a DAP member who holds a higher position than Khalid Samad . The rightful target is the DAP Chief Minister of Penang. Jom..kowtim.

    Don’t forget, that racist Ahmad Ismail is reinstated into UMNO after his suspension. PKR Zahrain Hashim has his former friend in UMNO to help bring down DAP in Penang so that UMNO can take over Penang.

  7. EGO and GREED getting to the PKR parliamentarians. They must always be the leader and never the follower. They don’t mind being a follower to the BN but not to others. What a bunch of crap. They left UMNO but carried with them the UMNO mentality. They stink to high heaven, no principle and no humility. They’ll never survive either in UMNO or as a BN friendly bunch.

  8. ” Strange things are happening in the Pakatan Rakyat corner, giving the impression to many I spoke to yesterday that the informal coalition after its successful First National Convention and the launching of its Common Policy Framework is buckling under pressure.” Din Merican

    Like I said earlier, PR is an electoral coalition set up to fight UMNO-BN. There is little else in common. No common political ideology to fall back on in times of leadership crisis, real or imagined, natural or engineered from within, that it is experiencing right now. Like you say it is “buckling under pressure” and it is not even pressure from without but from within.

  9. Frank,

    Pakatan Rakyat is entering a critical testing period while PKR is severely divided along ideological lines–former UMNO leaders at one end and Syed Husin Ali and his Parti Rakyat colleagues with new leaders like Chua Jui Meng and Zaid Ibrahim in between. I would discount the concerns you raised in your commentary (and Bean’s too). And at this time, I am not sure if you and Bean are right.

    There are enough PKR members who see the potential of Pakatan Rakyat as the next government. It is they, not a few disgruntled ones, who will decide whether they should fight on or quit. Anwar has a lot of influence still on them and can work his magic on this group and also voters who are sympathetic towards him. So the early demise of PKR is grossly exaggerated, to paraphrase Mark Twain.–Din Merican

  10. Shrek,

    They smell blood in the water. Like the U.S. Marines ( ‘semper fi’) they move fast and aim for the jugular. It is kill or be killed. Except that these are traitors to their cause who do not know the meaning of ‘semper fi’ or always faithful.

  11. “I’m sorry but everything I said earlier about Pakatan Rakyat is coming to pass. It is set up for failure.”-Mr. Bean

    I am sorry too. I have sounded the alarms for months hoping that Anwar and his team will wake up from their viagra-filled dreams fed by his naive dreamers and group think mentality advisers.

    UMNO is doing a fine job in working on each and every Malay PKR MP and ADUN, most of them are former UMNO members.

    A little visit to the homes, an invitation to a social function here and there, the Hari Raya, the buka puasa dinners, always coupled with the gradual feeding of discontent about how DAP is destroying the “Ketuanan Melayu” and insulting the “Bangsa dan Agama” into the ears of these PKR MPs/ADUNs. UMNO chaps had been working the PKR MPs/ADUNs right after March 2008 election.

    It is now paying dividends.

    Meanwhile UMNO works on PAS MPs/ADUNs about how the UMMAH is more important than UMNO or PAS and therefore UMNO and PAS must join hands to form a UNITY GOVT because is selling the Malays to the Chinese and Indians.

    The only person who saw through the treacheary of UMNO was TG Nik Aziz.He didn’t even trust the President of PAS Hadi Awang and Hasan Ali.

    Even former UMNO branch chairman, blogger Kickdefella, Sheih, once a PAS supporter and a strong critique of UMNO and assistant to Husam Musa is about to frog back to UMNO, after he got sack from the MBK job in Kota Bahru by TG Nik Aziz’s son in law.

  12. ” I would discount the concerns you raised in your commentary (and Bean’s too). And at this time, I am not sure if you and Bean are right.” Din Merican

    We don’t expect you to agree because your views are necessarily partisan. On all fronts PR apparently is under siege and it is not even election time. I think it is planned and choreographed for maximum impact.

  13. correction

    Meanwhile UMNO works on PAS MPs/ADUNs about how the UMMAH is more important than UMNO or PAS and therefore UMNO and PAS must join hands to form a UNITY GOVT because Anwar is selling the Malays to the Chinese and Indians.

  14. Din

    Much as I would like to share your optimism and hopes, but the facts on the ground are different. Perception is more dangerous than the truth. In politics, once PKR is seen/perceive a party consisting of unreliable and destructive elements whose speeches and actions are like UMNO, then PKR is as good as dead in the water. That perception once entrenched over the months becomes irreversible.

    Pakatan Rakyat began as an entity upon which voters place their hopes and dreams of a Better Malaysia. Voters were looking to these MPs and ADUNS to materialise that hopes when they were given the votes to enter Parliament or be part of the State Govts.

    What do they do as a return favour? Backbiting at each other, making police report, banning beer, calling fellow MPs as communist-minded, wanting to form a unity govt with your political enemy? And then frog off to join the parties which they voted AGAINST!!!

    Those were the returned favours by Pakatan Rakyat MPs and ADUNs for voting them.

    NonMalay votes are still strong with PAS and DAP, so far. But as for PKR MPs/ADUNs I think it is best to let them go to UMNO.

    A PAS candidate standing against any of the former PKR-turned UMNO candidate will NEVER get the Chinese vote, perhaps some Indian votes.

    The fight for the Malay votes in GE13 would be between PAS and UMNO, and PAS’s Nizar of Perak knows it. PKR ADUNs in Perak will have little chance of retaining their seats if there is a snap election in Perak right now.

  15. correction

    A former PKR-turned UMNO candidate standing against a PAS candidate will NEVER get the Chinese vote, perhaps some Indian votes.

  16. These people are opprotunist. Leaving a party when not in favor and joining another in the hope of getting what they have missed out. When the new party doesnt give the opprtunity the old part enitce them back with promises of the “good old feeling”. They then carry out the plan.

    I am no blogger but as I see it BN has not shown any changes, so it is batter to stay with the lesser evil. As I see it the present govt is not bad, no hidden agenda and works for the rakyat first not the warlords of whichever factions

  17. Din,

    What is the use of being good on paper when there is big talk but no action ? Where is the principle of 1Malaysia when within the same country East Malaysia can use the term ” Allah ” and West Malaysian Christians can’t ?

    Fight corruption ala UMNO, then you are kidding all Malaysians. Ikan bilis hauled to court whilst the corrupt billionaires go scot-free ? Malaysians nowadays are more informed and cannot be fooled.Using money to attract people to your cause is shallow politics and is also corruption.

    Now back to PKR Zahrain. He was an UMNO warload once where he called the shots in running Penang instead of the CM Koh Tsu Koon. Now he could not exercise this power in Lim Guan Eng’s government and he is frustrated. Resorting to called Lim Guan Eng a communist is no different from those UMNO stalwarts calling all those that opposed UMNO.

    Probably, Zahrain was thinking that he is still in UMNO and not in PKR when he uttered those words. Now you tell me how to shake the UMNO ” corrupt” mentality when these exUMNO leaders are still thinking of how to rape the state ?

    They could not discard these old habits and how can Najib promote his 1Malaysia corrupt-free society. Better that these exUMNO leaders go back to UMNO to help Najib implement his 1Malaysia. These people are indeed political opportunists and are not attracted by Najib’s 1Malaysia.

    Zahrain still harbour the thoughts that he can puppet-twist the CM Lim Guan Eng like he did with auntie Koh but find that he could not do it his way and therefore the outburst.

    The true colours of these exUMNO leaders in PKR is now showing.

  18. While there is a lot of fire and brimstone being hurled about, i’d
    like to quote from Dirty Harry,aka Clint Eastwood:

    * About PKR+DAP+PAS (i.e PR):
    “They say that marriages are made in heaven. But so is thunder and lightning.”
    Yep, a good marriage seldom means absolute smooth sailing.

    * About Pessimism with PKR:
    “I don’t believe in pessimism. If something doesn’t come up the way you want, forge ahead. If you think it’s going to rain, it will.”
    Detritus and floatsam will invariably be cast out of the water. It will take time, which admittedly, is not on PR’s side.

    * About Failure and Corruption:
    “Feeling lucky today, punk?”
    “Make my day. Let me blow you away.”
    If uncorrected, this will happen – usually by way of a 0.45 slug in the head.

    Sdr. Gobalakrishnan said that PM is “play acting” in Batu Caves. So nothing beats putting things in context.

  19. This is umno working the potential frogs to wreck PKR. Everything boils down to easy money. If only politicians have the conscience to think of the people and country how glorious Malaysia will be. I believe there is more to share if all put shoulder to the wheel to develop Mother Malaysia, rather than destroy her with every man for himself.

  20. When the expensive Arabian imported PKR perfumes have been used up on those umno-coats, the stench will be unbearable and even PAS & DAP will be filled with horrible shit for forcibly standing so near.

    Its not easy to be Anwar as we can all see. Politics is a dangerous game with high risks and handsome rewards …if one is patient enough ( like Anwar is now , not before)

  21. Zahrain is President of Bukit Jambul Gold & Country Club, which is Penang State-owned and when Lim Guan Eng insisted on an open tender for the maintenance job (worth a total of RM3 million per year) and over rode his selection of his friend’s RM2 company, Zahrain’s fuse blew!

    His first reaction was to demand (together with Balik Pulau MP Yusmaidi Yusuff) that the Chief Minister’s post be rotated between DAP and PKR.

    Ask Zahrain,as President of Football Assn of Penang (FAP) how the firm for raising funds for the football assn was selected? And how big a fraction of the fund collected is paid to the contractor. Better still, ask him who is the contractor?

    Ask Zahrain what has he done for foorball in Penang esp the programme for the schools and youth to spot and nurture the young talents to be state footballers?

    Zahrain’s outburst is because he is frustrated because he cannot misbehave like his days in UMNO, period.

    Penangites all support Lim Guan Eng!

  22. And to think that pkr’s brain dead supporters crawling all over the blogs like zombies posting write-ups blaming sabah/sarawak of pakatan’s failure in capturing putrajaya in the so called tsunami GE12

  23. Din

    Can you ask your good friend Anwar what happened to the gag order on Zulkifli Noordin after the wimpish Political Bureau put a gag order on Zulkifli.

    He says the 23 pkr wimps in the Political Bureau ONLY gag him about the police report !!!!!!!!!

    He has just open his mouth again, this time with his anti-Christian outbursts;:

    Read here Malaysiakini report:

    29 January 2010: Christians have ‘ulterior motive’, says PKR’s Zulkifli

    Vocal PKR parliamentarian Zulkifli Noordin claims that he has proof that Christians have an ulterior motive behind their insistence on using the term Allah. The Syariah lawyer turned politician also accused Christians of fanning the flames of religious discord with regards to this issue.

    “Why should they insist on using the word ‘Allah’? There must be something wrong,” he told Malaysiakini during a no holds barred interview THIS morning.

    Zulkifli said that the gag order only concerned the police report and not the Allah issue.

    Why are we waiting for two weeks or one month to remove this cancer from the body politic of PKR/PR.

  24. Happy idiot is a better idiot in comparison to these ‘kera sumbang’ politicians pkr is trying to export into the living rooms of east malaysian’s. Better go makan you punya belacan la…

    Zahid Ibrahim should form a new party with east msia as it’s base!

  25. The biggest liability in Pakatan is Anwar Ibrahim.

    Anwar Ibrahim is a wimp. As a leader he does not dare to lead but only to let his mouth do the walking. He has made mistakes after mistakes. In his impatient attempt to take over Putrajaya he throws caution to the wind and decide to challenge the BN with questionable means.

    Being a seasoned politician he should understand that in order to win the race he should not have resorted to inducements to persuade MPs from a corrupt regime to jump like frogs. The BN is very powerful by dint of its stranglehold over the rein of power of the federal apparatus and the use of public funds. Once his September 16 plan failed his credibility was damaged.

    His choice of people around him was also troubling because many of these are proven to be trojans which brought untold grief to his party and the coalition. And the worst part of his failure is that while the house was on fire he was no where to be found. There were stark silence.

    And now with his coming trial, his support might be not be as forthcoming among his supporters. People are becoming disillusioned over the quality of his leadership.

    It might be well that in order to save the Pakatan coalition, Anwar should be locked up and the key be thrown away by Najib. Then only is it possible for a more credible leader to take over his place.

  26. This happens when candidates don’t earn their seats as members of parliament or as aduns . Most of these ” problem children ” won their respective places because of the pent up anger amongst the people . And this pent up anger was shared across the board and not divided by race nor religion.

    What Lim Guan Eng is trying to do cannot be achieved overnight . It is the same for the Menteri BESAR of Selangor. One has to be patient . Those who choose not to be patient , be rest assured , that the electorate will deal with all these ” PROBLEM CHILDREN ” like they dealt with UMNO – Barisan at the ballot box in 2008.

  27. It’s so plain to read. The long hands/tentacles of UMNO is omnipresent despite their denials. With money as carrots it’s not difficult to allure these easy wealth seekers to sell their principles if ever there is any to BN.

  28. It’s so plain to read. The long hands/tentacles of UMNO is omnipresent despite their denials. With money as carrots it’s not difficult to allure these easy wealth seekers to sell their principles if ever there is any, to BN.

  29. I must agree with vsp. How can PR survive when her advisor is slow, indecisive and hasty in making pronouncements. PR need better leadership or else sink in the next GE.

  30. First you have Zulkifli , now you have Bahrain , tomorrow there may be some one else . Let all these fanatics and wealth seekers surface one after the other. It is better for them to surface now rather than just before the next GE.

    More dangerous are those Trojans who are still hiding somewhere and waiting to strike just before the next GE.

    If Anwar can not get rid of these people , he can forget to become our next PM.

  31. To be very honest, PKR is just like the PAP in the 50s. The difference is Barisan Sosialis factions within PAP are far more noble & pure as compared with disgrunted folks in PKR

    Just as RPK says, DAP has far more experience in handling these situations. Besides, Anwar should read the memoir of LKY. In the early days of PAP, LKY leadership is as shaky as what Anwar is having now. You can find substitutes for all the characters here.

    Hahaha, Zahrain can be Ong Eng Guan (Sorry, I thought of Zul is the right choice but Ong Eng Guan is far too senior for Zul).

    LKY handling of PAP is lagendary. How he turn a leftist, Devan Nair into a strong allies. Pitting the likes of Devan Nair against folks like Fong Swee Suans, Lim Chin Siongs.

    Hahahaha….Anwar’s mentor, Mahathir is nobody as compared to LKY. Hence, PKR’s situation requires the magic touch of what LKY & his lieutenants have executed

    I believe Anwar by now should have a strong core of inner circle leaderships.

    It’s time for Anwar to learn from the right master.

    RPK is right. PKR can learn from DAP, founded by Devan Nair,

    Oh Frank,
    Still thinking of having third force. Hey, don’t think that PSM would not have the same problem

  32. PKR members are mostly from the UMNO . Don’t forget they are mostly spoiled. Hope Anwar will flush them clean before the next GE.

  33. When a boil bursts, follow this basic remedy :

    Press firmly on the infected area even when the oozing has ceased,to induce further letting out of all the bad blood and poisonous nana .
    Clean area thoroughly. If there is pain or fever, take panadol. No need doctor unless amputation required !!! 🙂

  34. Oh Frank,Still thinking of having third force. Hey, don’t think that PSM would not have the same problem- looes74


    If PKR dissovles (and mostly they have to), Syed Husin will bring his people back to PSR/PSM.

    I trust Malay politicians in the PSR/PSM any time and even those PAS than those disgruntled UMNO who came over to PKR.

    Those former UMNO members now in PKR left UMNO vecause they lost out on the gravy train in UMNO, so they came over PKR and after they got elected under PKR , they sell themselves as the leverage to get back into UMNO to jump back on their gravy train in UMNO. That is all to it

  35. Bro Frank, … “I trust Malay politicians in the PSR/PSM any time and even those PAS than those disgruntled UMNO who came over to PKR.” ….. meaning especially Anuar?

    After all some said he is the biggest liability in PR. Bad leadership. Questionable battle plans …. etc etc.

  36. Frank,
    Unfortunately, PSM & PRM can’t go far on their own. It’s been so many moons already. Syed Husin knew this. PSM & PRM simply lack political quotient in acheiving the final objective. Running the federal government.
    If such thing happens, I would suggest PSM & PRM folks to join DAP instead. DAP has far more experience in this matter.

    Be practical. Even RPK can sense this

    It’s not the end of the world. Lets wait & see how this develop. Zahrain is playing brinkmanship. I hope Anwar got better strategy to contain. Perhaps, Anwar should flip through Alex Josey or Raj Vasil’s books
    UMNO is so frighten of PAP that Tunku was willing to chop off Singapore. Malaysian PAP kenna left behind along with Devan Nair. Enter DAP. Much upheavel going on in DAP. But just as Tunku Abdul Aziz says DAP has been consistent in its struggle.
    Furthermore, it survive even through the wilder years of the 70s. Of course, I would have my trust in Pakatan Rakyat. I am against creating another third force. Malaysia is simply too weak for multi partyism. 2 party is good enough

  37. looes74, how about dissolving DAP and PAS to merge with PKR. Afterall bangsa Malaysia is not ready to accept LKS or LGE as PM. Malaysia won’t accept Nik Aziz to turn Malaysia into an Islamic Republic as PAP wont accept a Malay to be PM of Singapore.

  38. Din,
    As much as i admire your faith in PKR and Anwar but all i see is inaction and lembik leadership. PAS and DAP are the ones with the real balls in PR. They take action and we see them taking real action. If PKR and Anwar is really serious about change then the first thing they do is cleanse themselves from these former UMNO goons.


    I am no longer in DSAI office. I quit the party a month ago.

  39. Sumo Piar

    In football parlance, Anwar’s problem is that his eyes are not on the ball.

    You can think of big strategies to win the war, but you also must have detailed tactics to win the daily battles.

    If you keep on losing small battles, it saps the morale of your troops and your supporters who fund your war.

    Anwar should spend more time reading Sun Tzus’ Art of War instead of reading Socrates , Descartes, Sartre and those Western philosophers.

    Sun Tzu lived in the world of crisis and war.

    Socrates lived in the world where he had nothing else better to do but to question every stupid thing he saw around him.

    Malaysia is now in the state of crisis. And we have better things to do than to ruminate on other Socratic nonsense

  40. Yes Bean, the Proud and the Few “Semper Fi” These PKR people don’t know the meaning, how true. They switch horses at the drop of a coin. But what can you ssay, most of them are Malays. No integrity and no loyalty except to the RM$. Gone are the credo “kemana dan dimana sahaja” I’m ashamed to even call myself a Malay at the rate the Malays are behaving both in BN and PKR.

  41. “But what can you say, most of them are Malays.Gone are the credo “kemana dan dimana sahaja”…. I’m ashamed to even call myself a Malay at the rate the Malays are behaving both in BN and PKR.” -Shrek

    ME TOO!

  42. “But what can you say, most of them are Malays.Gone are the credo “kemana dan dimana sahaja”…. I’m ashamed to even call myself a Malay at the rate the Malays are behaving both in BN and PKR.” -Shrek

    ME TOO!

    Frank – January 31, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    ME THREE ! Well, one-third of me anyways ! 🙂

  43. Do we have any substitute?- Sumo Piar

    I put my confidence in Zaid Ibrahim. He has the package to lead PR to Putrajaya.

    Here is why:

    a) He pissed off UMNO and he himself is pissed off by UMNO’s hanky-panky when he was the de facto Law Minister

    b) He does not need to be in politics to make money. He is a philanthropist, and recognised as one in the region.

    c) He has the intellect

    d0 He has the passion to make Malaysia a better country

    e) He is a unifier… unlike Anwar still trying to win Malay votes talking about Malay and Muslim agendas.

    f) He speaks his mind, not only in UMNO and now in Pakatan when the 23 chaps in the Political Bureau behave like wimps, ie testerone wrap in skirts.

    g) He talks sense all the time.

    h) He has balls while the 23 wimps in PKR Political Bureau lost theirs.

    i) More importantly, he is Kelantanese. He can bring PAS on side better than Anwar .

    j) As full blooded Kelantanese,he can take on the likes of Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who is a Javanese, of Johor-Riau and Berunai ancestry and born in Bagan Datuk, Teluk Intan in Perak on January 4, 1953.

  44. “I put my confidence in Zaid Ibrahim.”
    – Frank – February 1, 2010 at 11:09 am

    While I agree with points a) to j), I want to point out that for all his brilliance, when it comes to the acid test, Zaid has failed miserably – his decision making skill is nothing to boast about.

    He seems to be the perennially, unwelcomed guest at other people’s parties – at UMNO, he had to deal with the slum lords and at PKR, he had to contend with the prima donnas !

    One of the main qualities of a good leader is the ability to connect with and to win people over.

    If only he has half of Anwar’s EQ and Anwar has half of Zaid’s IQ but as it is, Zaid Ibrahim should have joined DAP but instead, he decided to join PKR, perhaps thinking that he had found his niche, since birds of the same feather tend to be together. Big mistake.

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