MP Zahrain says he has enough PKR colleagues to give UMNO-BN 2/3rd majority in Parliament

January 30, 2010

Zahrain: I have the Numbers

by G.Manimaran

Disgruntled PKR MP Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohd Hashim has reportedly offered enough Pakatan Rakyat colleagues to Barisan Nasional as to enable their full legislative control of Parliament, but his colleagues dispute he has such numbers.

It is understood that the Bayan Baru MP has offered some 10 lawmakers, including himself, to add to BN’s 137 for a two-thirds parliamentary majority.

Such a majority allows the government to pass any law despite opposition from their rivals. BN needs 11 more seats in the 222-seat Dewan Rakyat for the psychological majority, and it is learnt that Independent Pasir Mas MP Datuk Ibrahim Ali or even Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin is expected to join the group if the defection happens.

Zulkifli has supported Zahrain in his diatribe against Lim.“I have heard that [there are] three or four who want to leave the party. BN really wants him, too,” Penang PKR chairman Dr Mansor Othman told The Malaysian Insider, referring to his predecessor whom he replaced after winning the Penanti seat and being made deputy chief minister last year.

Zahrain was not available for comments despite several attempts to reach him. He had previously said it was mere speculation that he would leave PKR for former party UMNO or the newly set-up Parti Cinta Malaysia.

Several other PKR and DAP leaders confirmed they have heard news that Zahrain was now gathering allies to make the jump.

“I don’t think he has the numbers. From what I know, it’s just three of them,” a senior DAP leader told The Malaysian Insider. Pakatan Rakyat now has 82 MPs, of which 31 are from PKR including the four from Penang: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (Permatang Pauh), Tan Tee Beng (Nibong Tebal), Mohd Yusmadi Yusoff (Balik Pulau) and Zahrain.

Mansor said he was not sure if the MPs are from Penang, other states, or they included those from allies DAP and PAS. “I don’t really know… All I know is that there are some MPs who have expressed an intention to leave the party,” he added.

Speculation that Zahrain could be leaving peaked again when he restarted a simmering feud with Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng this week, by calling the DAP leader “a dictator, a chauvinist and communist-minded” and earning brickbats from party colleagues and allies.

He had previously criticised Lim when former Penanti assemblyman and deputy chief minister, Mohamed Fairus Khairuddin quit his post and seat last year.

Mansor said that while the bad blood between Zahrain and Lim was long-standing, news that the PKR leader wanted to quit began very recently and added the matter would be brought up at the party’s special supreme council meeting tomorrow.

The Malaysian Insider understands that the issue will also be discussed at the PR joint leadership council meeting due to take place after tomorrow’s PKR meeting.

DAP parliamentary leader and representative at the PR meeting, Lim Kit Siang, today called for the formation of a disciplinary committee to discuss the cases of intransigence within the pact, saying these cases have dented the coalition’s recent hard-won gains.

Mansor yesterday lamented Zahrain’s statement, which was critical of Lim. “The words were uncalled for and I regret his statement. That is certainly not the way to address our fellow partners in PR,” he said and declined to elaborate further.

The PKR leader said the party will issue a statement on Zahrain’s criticisms against Lim, but coalition insiders believe Anwar might not take action after having failed to admonish his fellow Penangite last year.

Anwar has also been seen as soft on Zulkifli, who has ignored a party gag order by continuing to make comments on the “Allah” issue.

63 thoughts on “MP Zahrain says he has enough PKR colleagues to give UMNO-BN 2/3rd majority in Parliament

  1. One reaps what it sows. Can we say that PR is killing itself softly?

    That it’s convulsing in slow painful and silent death?

    Or is it a miscarriage resulting in a stilt-born?

  2. This begs a question in the minds of voters:

    Can MALAY MPs and ADUNs be trusted to be elected into any party in the Opposition to UMNO?

    In PAS, they don’ jump, they try to form UNITY-Govt.

    In PKR, they frog back to UMNO.

    Why is the Opposition having very UNSTABLE MALAY POLITICIANS especially in PKR … $$$$ or Race Politics simmering below the surface?

    After two years since March 2008 election looks like UMNO has won the day withh its mantra of “UNTUK BANGSA DAN AGAMA”, .

    Pakatan Rakyat’s ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA heralded by some of these PKR and PAS MPs and ADUNs is just another crap, not worth the cloth it is painted on.

    RACE (include Religion) POLITiCS never left after March 2008. We are back to square one after about TWO YEARS from March 2008.

    It bores down to MARUAH Bangsa Melayu vs Politik Melayu Untuk Bangsa dan Agama

    Someone suggested that Zaid forms a new party. Good idea but I think it will be more of the same.

    The pull of “UNTUK BANGSA DAN AGAMA” is too strong for these Malay politicians in PKR who got elected under the Pakatan Rakyat banner and for the more conservative in PAS.

    In the next few months, there will be a surge of capital flights out of the country. And the economy. UMNO doesnt’ care, so who cares?

    So far, we have only the woman HEE frog who left DAP, that’s because she needed the RM 24 million from UMNO via Vincent Tan to pay part of her husband’s debt and to look after herself for life due to her disability.

    Be interesting to see how many Chinese DAP/PKR MPs go back to MCA and Gerakan?

    There are rumours of some Indian MPs/ADUNs going back to MIC.

  3. PR should be relieved to be able to get rid of all these opportunists . Good for them, free them of their miseries. They can all go back to where they originate.
    They are no more than pus filled scum bags ! Let UMNO have them back !

  4. “Be interesting to see how many Chinese DAP/PKR MPs go back to MCA and Gerakan?

    There are rumours of some Indian MPs/ADUNs going back to MIC.”

    Frank – January 30, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    They are all chancers ! Their days are numbered. Perhaps the scums will all end up in the ” third force “,eh, Frank ? 🙂

  5. Bro Frank, it can’t be that bad. Just because of one or two frogs, the world is not going to end.

    And bro ocho-ondo …. “Let UMNO have them back !” … and close shop? Come on bro. Surely there’s some other ways.

    Or are you one of those trojan horses?

  6. Well, the psychological warfare has just started. Few things need to take note here

    1) Read between the lines & you would find the key phrase liek “It’s reported……”. If you have watched Yes Prime Minister, “Man Overboard”, Sir Humphery

    2) In this articles, no leaders who have commented on the possibilities of defections are not named except Mansor.

    We have seen such artciles before in Malaysia Inisder. Sensational but most of thme are not materialised.

    You must understand that Malaysian Insider is a Pro Singapore government based media. Singapore government preferred to deal with Najib because top PAP leadership believes in dealing with tried & tested folks. Second, it would have implication back in Singapore

    There would always be problems in any political organisation. It depends on Anwar or the top PKR leadership’s ability in dealing with this situation. Now why I say Anwar should look at LKY’s masterly handling political chaos happenning in PAP during the 50s & 60s
    I hope there is a plan. Of course, let watch it with closely & implement the right actions on this situations
    It could be the brinkmanship strategy carried out by Zahrain. Unknown to all, LGE is armtwisted to

    1) allow one disgruntled PKR Johari back into MPSP. Johari has led the boycott against LGE

    2) Zahrain was given the Datuk Seriship by the Penang government

    It could possibly be the internal struggle between Mansor & Zahrain. Nevertheless, DAP must stood the ground carefully & diplomatically. Quietly building fortifications in Penang, should things go awry

    Somestimes, Anwar might need to play dirty on these folks. If have to. LKY has plenty of tricks against these folks. Learn from LKY.

  7. Yes. Let all these frogs leap out as soon as possible.

    There are enough trustworthy and capable candidates to fill up the places to be left behind by these frogs.

    I do not think people like Raja Petra, Haris Ibrahim, Art Harun , and Dr. Rafick will turn down the invitation to stand as the candidates of Pakatan in the next GE as it is too difficult for them to bear to see UMNO winning. ( I would like to convey my apologies to them for quoting them here without their permission ).

    Let it be if this leaping exercise will result in BN has the two third majority in Parliment. The main targets of Pakatan is not only to win the next GE ,but also to have trustworthy and capable people to run the country.

  8. Hmm…, interesting times ain’t it, ocho?
    Goodness gracious, any good irish setter would have smelt this coming a long time ago.
    The relief from self inflicted pain would be more than welcome.
    Getting rid of these toxic toads, will rid PKR from the malignancies in one fell swoop, and there will be no requirement to choose amphibians, next time round.
    2/3rds majority? Biasa lah, can wait another 2-3 years wat…, if not, another 2-3 rounds (before we all croak) since old dogs like me have consistently voted opposition, no matter what odor, stripe or color.

    Laoshan, i think many of those flurs you mentioned, above wouldn’t want to become candidates – they have another purpose, don’t you think?

  9. ocho onda

    Didn’t I tell you why there is need for the third force, an extra choice for the voters!!!

    If PKR collapse, there will be the DAP and PAS left. That is not much of a choice between the two.. one seen as a Chinese chauvinist Party and the other a Religious party where its members are is still not sure whether Islam is a universal religion or Islam is a Malay religion.

  10. Bernama) – Penang DAP said today the recent outburst of former state PKR chairman Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohd Hashim against Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng could be due to personal reasons.

    Its chairman Chow Kon Yeow said he believed that Zahrain was frustrated over Lim’s refusal to endorse a tender for the Management of Bukit Jambul Golf Club to a company.
    “Lim informed me Zahrain is not happy with the state government for refusing to endorse the company to run the management of the golf club,” he said.

    Chow said Zahrain was also unhappy over his removal as the state PKR chairman.

    He added the state DAP and all its representatives fully supported the continued leadership of Lim as the chief minister.

    News reports quoted Zahrain, who is the Bayan Baru MP, as accusing Lim of being a “dictator, a chauvinist and communist-minded.”

  11. Frank,
    I have been in UK for quite sometime. I have come across Liberal Democrat. This party has contested all 646 seats. However, what has it acheived? It’s alaways between Tory & Labour
    What the point of wasting my vote on a party like PSM or PRM? They won’t be part of the government. They will never be. What makes you think they would be so bloody noble

    If I want third force, I would go for SPOILING MY VOTES. Yes, it happened to Mansor before. If the spoilt votes commands more than 50% of the votes.
    My votes are too precious to be casted on PSM/PRM. There are plenty of fringe parties. One of them is Parti Cinta Malaysia. Also claiming to be third force
    Me spoiling votes proves that moi is TOP LEADER.

    Better right?

  12. The third force is called balancing the bastards.

    The fact that you that just because Liberal Democrat will never win Govt because of the Tory and Labour goes to show the kind of citizenry you are.

    This is democracy, you can spoil your votes. Sure, but that just expose the type of person you are dictators love to have.

  13. correction

    The fact that you said that just because Liberal Democrat will never win Govt because of the Tory and Labour goes to show the kind of citizenry you are

  14. Here is more about the malignant cancer, Zulkifli Noordin:


    “… Ramai tidak sedar bahawa Zulkifli Nordin ini memulakan karier politik beliau dengan menjadi Ahli UMNO Bahagian Bukit Bintang.

    Saya mendapat maklumat dari seorang pemimpin PAS Kawasan sendiri yang pernah rapat dengan Zul Noordin ini.

    Pemimpin PAS Kawasan ini cukup rapat satu masa dahulu dengan Zul Noordin. Dan beliau adalah seorang yang berakhlak mulia serta menjaga solat.

    Pemimpin PAS KAwasan ini memberitahu saya dengan tiada ragu bahawa Zul Noordin ini adalah agen SB.

    Bagaimana dia tahu, saya tak boleh cerita lah tapi cukup setakat itu.

    Zulkifli pusing kampung kononnya beliaulah juara dalam “Dream Team” Anwar. Kononnya Anwar Ibrahim begitu bergantung pada beliau. Maklumat yang saya dapat, semuanya auta semata-mata.

    Anwar WAJIB membuang sampah bernama Zulkifli Noordin dari PKR demi perpaduan serta kesatuan Pakatan Rakyat.

    Pendapat saya pula adalah UMNO telah sampai ke tahap “desperate”. Mereka terpaksa menggunakan KESEMUA agen mereka secara maksima sehingga Zul Noordin terpaksa menunjukkan “wajah” UMNO beliau yang sebenar. …”
    -Abdul Rahman Abdul Talib

  15. Dey tambi, sendiri rumah sudah goyang, jangan tunjuk jiran punya hal juga.

    Dulu kalu, semua alik abang, bulan bintang..

    Lu jadi agen direct selling la amaaa..

  16. mereka yang berwajah UMNO dan BN memang patut di pecat daripada parti PR.Kita tak perlukan mereka untuk memerintah nanti.Biar kita jadi pembangkang jangan jadi pengkhianat.Chey Anak Gerik

  17. UMNO can buy all these MPs but can it buy all the voters in the next General Elections?
    If our friends in Sabah and Sarawak have a conscience they can make a difference…. to allow BN to destroy the country or allow Pakatan to try save it.

  18. If our friends in Sabah and Sarawak have a conscience they can make a difference- Sam01

    I doubt it. They can’t even protect their 1963 Agreement…instead they not only sold off their resources and the future of their next generations, they also sold their soul to UMNO-BN since 1963

  19. UMNO can buy all these MPs but can it buy all the voters in the next General Elections?
    If our friends in Sabah and Sarawak have a conscience they can make a difference…. to allow BN to destroy the country or allow Pakatan to try save it – sam01

    What?? , you gotta be cuckoo. Sabah/sarawak give pakatan the votes and they deliver to sabah/sarawak Hassan Ali.

  20. Malaysia is eons away from a two-party system with ideology defining the two. Ideology is what unites and binds members together. Over here you are either a Democrat or a Republican. If you are a Democrat, for example, you believe the government has an important role to play to curb the excesses of the market place and to the Republican it is anathema. The latter believe in the efficiency of market forces, in the ability of the market to regulate itself. The government must remain small. Laws to regulate businesses would be shunned for ideological reasons. These are core values that separate the Democrats and the Republicans and at the same time bind them together.

    Umnoristas bypassed for promotions to division chiefs who fail to make headway in the patronage system long promoted by their leadership etc and generally unhappy with their party leadership broke away to form a splinter group in a new party. Whatever the “core” values like ‘ketuanan Melayu’ they share in common remain intact even forgotten in the confusion which followed the leadership crisis of the late 90s. Now the political baggage they carry is allowed to unravel and is disguised as a power struggle among members of the coalition.

    For Najib to bring them on board now would be rewarding bad behavior. These are not UMNO loyalists but individuals who would sell their grandmothers if the price is right.

  21. Stay your ground MPs who have faith in their God given conscience. Stay your ground and be counted. A house divided cannot stand. Evil against evil, the devil in the midst. When God strikes He will not miss. All these happenings in our beloved Malaysia have a divine purpose.

  22. Frank,
    Aaaah, say what you like but Spoiling My Votes are the best way of exerting third force. Have you heard of Thailand GE?
    As for Liberal Democrat in UK, it’s a fact. Anyway, what LKY say is correct. The country need a capable & competent government. And when the incumbent becomes slacken, more credible people who set up another political party to challenge the incumbent.
    Sincerely, judging from the present situation, 2 is enough. 3 can be a crowd, you know. There is no guarantee that there are no rogue fellas in parties including PSM/PRM.
    Ah so since I don’t really think that PSM/PRM has the capabilities of running the government, if I have decided Pakatan Rakyat such a bullshit, I would rather spoil my votes.

    My vote is far precious than you think. It should mean something. Political parties remain dormant far too long should be gone for good.

  23. Well, killing his own political ego must be dreaming his voters are
    forgetful. From UMNO to PKR to UMNO looks like one playing toto
    this number to next number hopeful to strike .

  24. When God strikes He will not miss- joehancl

    God does NOT strike. Only NATURE strikes.

    God only picks up the pieces and tries to hear the pain.

    Think of Haiti tragedy and the helpless victims. They are all God’s children and they go to church, mosque and temples.

  25. “For 48-years under Umno, Malays never felt threatened but they feel threatened today and that is why Perkasa exists,” Mahathir said.
    He lamented how Malay’s were weaker now because their vote was divided between Umno, PAS and PKR, whose leaders were not listening to the grouses of the community.”


    Watch out! Here comes the spoiler.

  26. The biggest democracy on earth, i.e. India, has something like 500 political parties. Has it improved tremendously? Their federal politics is still dominated by the Congress Party and BJP, with their tenous allies?

    I think we really need a 2-party system whether ready or not, in order to move on. I don’t forsee PKR losing out in long term, if they can get rid of these thugees. Since we can’t call ousrselves Democrats/Peplubicans, maybe Pakatis/Beens’ would have to do. All the rest will called Nadas.

  27. “For Najib to bring them on board now would be rewarding bad behavior.’- Mr. Bean

    Najib is welcoming back UMNO’s Prodigal Sons and they will be well rewarded.

    Najib is not going to make the same mistake as Nabi Ibrahim when he sent out his first son, Nabi Ismail (who forgot to return home to his father after spending time in Arabia ) and then his second son who stayed back, stole the divine heirlooms given by Allah.

  28. Let’s just face it, they were all planted by UMNO into PKR and probably it was the only way they could be MPs. Now because they cannot get what they want, they want to jump ship. I do hope that at the next GE, the people will vote for change and by then PKR and PAS should have weeded out these traitors.
    The sad part to all this is that the country is burning but all they are concern about is power, money and which race is in charge.

  29. Now, will Anwar sack Zahrain since he said he is canvassing to bring across 10 MPS to UMNO to allow UMNO to have 2/3 majority which we in March 2008 worked very much to deny that to UMNO-BN????

    Will the 23 wimps in the PLR Political Bureau recommend Zahrain to the Disciplinary Committee so that he can be sacked?

    What is the use of keeping Zahrain now in PKR if he has already exposed himself as a potential frog???

  30. Loyal UMNO supporters who stick through thick and thin would feel they have been short changed by their own leadership. Welcoming these renegades back into their fold with promises of positions, lucrative business contracts etc would be like rewarding bad behavior. They may follow suit and leave UMNO only to return.

    There would be no end. It is a short sighted strategy that is set to backfire.

  31. “What is the use of keeping Zahrain now in PKR if he has already exposed himself as a potential frog??? – Frank

    Lovers of exotic cuisine can look forward to having frog legs for the right price.

  32. “Loyal UMNO supporters who stick through thick and thin would feel they have been short changed by their own leadership.” -Mr Bean

    There is enough stolen loot by UMNO to go around for the next 15 years. UMNO’s cash cows are the Federal Treasury, Petronas, kickbacks from mega-projects, and kickbacks by MCA-Chinese towkays to satisfy the loyal UMNO supporters who stuck thick and thin.

    Where you do think UMNO got the RM24 millioin to give to that DAP woman frog Hee?

  33. Ai Ya !

    Another form of third force , Perkasa , is coming up.

    There is no end of surprises from Dr. Mahathir !!!

    Yes, Pakatan needs to watch out as this old man has never given up to pin down Anwar !!!

  34. The facts have not changed.

    In racist Malaysia where the Malays are united and the minorities (read: Chinese) are demonized and held out by Malay leaders as the ‘boogeyman’ there will be peace and stability. Could what is happening be an aberration?

  35. “this old man has never given up to PIN down Anwar !!!”- Laoshan

    Mahathir??? NO way.. he is 84 years old and going senile and Anwar is only 62.

  36. Ajajal,
    Especially Zharain’s seat is a mixed seat. PKR or rather Zahrain has more to lose in this case. Don’t forget! Mansor’s team is very much against Zahrain’s team.
    I felt that LGE has done the right thing to keep mum. Chow Kon Yeow is rather to reactive towards this situation. Hmmm…….need to be trained as I can see Kon Yeow would be next CM after LGE.

    I susgest you should watch the whole episodes of Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister. By the way, read the article about Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister. RPK’s favourite show too.


    Don’t you think that Councillor Agnes Moorhouse is the same as those in PSM/PRM.

    Frankly, I hope LGE would watch the episodes. I love the part Big Brother how Jim Hacker outwit Humphery Appleby

  37. “In racist Malaysia where the Malays are united” -Mr Bean

    Malays will never be united as long as PAS feels Islam is a universal religion like the rest of the world and UMNO feels Islam is strictly a Malay religion.

  38. Malays will never be united as long as PAS feels Islam is a universal religion like the rest of the world and UMNO feels Islam is strictly a Malay religion.” Frank

    That is what PAS wants you to believe. The religious ideology of PAS which binds members together will keep them apart from the remaining members of the coalition.

    The issue is still very much the underlying struggle among Malay leaders for control of the government.

  39. “The religious ideology of PAS which binds members together will keep them apart from the remaining members of the coalition” – Mr Bean

    That’s par for the course since PAS Is a religious political party and other partners should not have any qualms about it. For PAS, what you see is what you get.

    Why I say PKR leadership is a bunch of wimps: read the following news bit picked up by Malaysia Today

    Earlier, Deputy Chief Minister I Mansor Othman, who is the state PKR chairman, said the party’s central committee would meet today to discuss Zahrain’s outburst.

    He said the party would announce the outcome of the meeting – WHETHER ACTION WOULD BE TAKEN AGAINST ZAHRAIN OR OTHERWISE – on Tuesday.

    Are these PKR chaps deaf or blind? DPM PKR Mansor is formerly an academic from USM (not sure whether he was a former UMNO member or supporter). Mansor behaving like a lecturer deciding whether OR NOT to punish a student who was caught red handed cheating an exam!!!

  40. Beans got it ten pins down. If PKR was true to its struggle, we wont be trying to figure out how these monkeys got into the camp. It is time to clean house, and until such time Anwar Ibrahim comes out the turtle shell, the only light in this tunnel is Zaid Ibrahim.

  41. Yep Bean, it is THE only plot – about Malay leaders trying to outdo/outsource/outscore each other.
    Has been and will be, for the forseeable future.
    The Great Game is therefore played with the nons as chips.
    It has always been – “Racial”. Protest you must, but that’s reality!
    It is getting very complicated isn’t it? Balancing is at razor’s edge.
    No matter what is happening, the typical chinapek has upped and left the Beens – they will no longer be bought nor traded as commodities. As for the Indians, nothing gets them so fired up as swami sami and mied.
    Therefore, in actuality – the ‘third force’ resides in the longhouses and outhouses.

  42. UMNO’s version of Islam is that the People of the Book described in the Quran only refer to he following: Malays, Arabs and Indian Muslims. Christians and Jews cannot be called People of the Book because Alalh is not their God.

    That is why for the UMNO Malays including people like Zulkifli Noordin and PAS’s Haron Din and the Sufi sect represented by the mamak Zainol Abideen who calls himself Mahaguru58, Islam as practised in Malaysia is a MALAY religion ie Melayu-Islam

    As far as UMNO is concerned, the rest of the Muslim world is wrong including the highly respected Muslim scholar Sheikh Yusuf Qardhawi

  43. The ’social contract’ was the most degrading offer
    accepted by the early immigrants at the height of pre-independence!!

    Their descendants have been licking the wounds eversince!! While the Malay’s pour more salt every opportunity they get!!

  44. Pakatan Rakyat has a uphill battle in the rural malay heartland.

    If you go to the rural malay heartland, sit in the pondok with a group of pak ciks and mak ciks and listen to a PKR and an UMNO person trying to win their votes as follows:

    UMNO man: You should vote “untuk bangsa dan agama”

    PKR man: You should vote as a hard woking Anak Bangsa malaysia.

    You should know where the votes will flow to.

    For the Chinese votes, it is a bit easier:

    DAP man to Chinese voters: Why should you vote for MCA which is an UMNO lap dog for the last 50 years. A vote for MCA is a vote for UMNO. Gerakan has past its use-by date formed by english speaking chinese who cannot read mandarin properly.

    For Indian man to voters: Up to you, MIC also can, PKR also can.

  45. Whatever the provocations may be the likes of Zahrain should not be sacked. Isolate them from forums discussing important party or state government matters. Let them resign if they so wish. Sacking will only give them excuse to justify their switch over to become pro-BN independent or join the ranks of Barisan MPs. More importantly they will give the added numbers for BN to regain two-third majority to amend the constitution to screw PR good and proper.

    Concurrently people like Tengku Razaleigh (and I am sure there will be a handful others) should remain where they are now i.e. BN. They should choose the moment to strike back and that should be only when and if the BN achieves the two-third majority and moves a motion in Parliament to introduce a Bill that jeopardizes the interests of democratic principles, the opposition and the people. This cat and the kitten struggle should be stretched to the maximum period till the next GE until the kitten grows in strength to become a cat and make it a royal battle where one will finish off the other for once and for all.

  46. Guys,
    It seems Din Merican is completely silent about this. Worst still, Anwar is too silent about this. Time would tell if Anwar resembles Nero watching motionlessly while Rome is burning in ruins. Or like King Alexander of Russia or Josef Stalin carrying scotch earth, waiting to retaliate while Hitler or in this case Murujib, raging deep into the unknown teritory.
    It’s known that Hitler would have defeated Soviet Union politically if he decided not to divert his troops to gain the oilfields down south. I have gone through the facts. Hitler is not insane while taking up this decision. No oil. No economy. Hence, IT’S ECONOMY STUPID! Or to be crude, boils down to dollars & sense.

    You might think. What the heck looes74 is talking about! Geez, Paul Augustine might utter, “Irrelevant”. Then again in the political world where truth & lies smudge over each other. No one can tell which is the truth or deception
    Hence, my question to Anwar, Din & even Kit Siang. What the heck is the game plan? What’s the beef?

    We are living in an interesting times. Nobody would predict how things turn up. LKY wept when he said “It’s a moment of anguish”. PAP left behind Malaysian contingent soon become DAP. Just as Singapore battalion kenna stuck in Sarawak fighting insurgents.
    To cut the whole story short. There are more to meet the eye. Why Abdullah let Anwar go resulting 308 GE? While we are gunning at PKR on its alleged rogue members? Little you guys know the implosion of UMNO? Presure on KJ to relinquish the post? KJ retialiate with…….? Tengku Razaleigh fighting for Kelantan Oil royalty? Remember, the remnant of Tengku teams still with UMNO ready to pop too whenever the time is right.
    Perhaps, Din can share with us some insight, otherwise we would never know. But I believe Anwar, being a knowledgable person have read books on LKY’s escapade.
    LKY, a remarkable man, feared by UMNO. UMNO till today can’t imagine why Singapore malays are so loyal to Singapore & PAP. Within 5 years of PAP’s disastrous defeat in 59, avenge by sweeping all malay seats from Singapore UMNO or PKMS. Tunku was stunned when Ishak’s younger brother shouted in Malaysia Parliament that kami orang2 melayu di PAP berpegang teguh kepada prinsip2 yang diamalkan oleh PAP walaupun diasak bertubi2 oleh UMNO.

    Just read the hansard. DAP, the long history derived from PAP, founded by Devan Nair. Definitely not chinese chauvinist party. Frank, a simpleton being duped by UMNO machination. Dreaming of the third force. For those who has watched ” Power to the People (Yes Prime Minister)”, you would realist a socialist militant (Agnes Morehouse) decided to join hand with the bourgeoius Overlord. Hahahaha! Have noble folks in PSM/PRM. Hah! Hah! Hah!
    I still stick with DAP & Pakatan

  47. Din,
    You are very quite on this issue. Looks like Anwar don’t command the respect of his MPs. Instead of refering to him when problem arises, they threaten to quit. Anwar now looks like a lame duck leader of PKR and PR. You’ve got RPK walloping him like no business and I am very sure now many are questioning his ability to lead. I know i am.
    Najib must be laughing, and his master spin Rocky is having a field day!!!

    Please la go tell Anwar to read RPKs blog and what he write about him. The people want action and not NATCO – No Action talk Cock only.

  48. And bro ocho-ondo …. “Let UMNO have them back !” … and close shop?
    Come on bro. Surely there’s some other ways. Or are you of those trojan horses?

    Sumo Piar – January 30, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    By closing shop, I assume you meant UMNO ?
    And by the way, which type are you, Sumo ?
    Trojan horse I mean, – the type that comes in a packet of three or the type that roams around in cyberspace ? 🙂

  49. “Whatever the provocations may be the likes of Zahrain should not be sacked. Isolate them from forums discussing important party or state government matters. Let them resign if they so wish. Sacking will only give them excuse to justify their switch over to become pro-BN independent or join the ranks of Barisan MPs….”
    K Das – January 31, 2010 at 1:20 am

    You tell em. K Das ! That’s the point I have been trying to put across !!

  50. Ha ha ha bro ocho-ondo;

    Before 2008, they don’t provide any choice. Then one Anuar provides us with the choice.

    “By closing shop, I assume you meant UMNO ?” … that would leave us with no choice again.

    I suppose you yourself do not wish to go back to square one.

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