On MP Zulkifli Nordin

January 25, 2010

PKR calls for a Special Political Bureau on MP for Kulim Bandar Bharu, Zulkifli Nordin

by Terence Netto (January 24, 2010)

PKR have called a special meeting of its Political Bureau for Tuesday to discuss the latest outburst of its refractory MP for Kulim Bandar Bharu, Zulkifli Nordin.

“It’s the first item on the agenda and it’s likely we will make a decision that will be communicated to him soon after the meeting,” said the party’s newly appointed secretary general Saifuddin Nasution.

anwar qazaf case at syariah court 070110 zulkifli nordinSaifuddin, MP for Machang, declined to be drawn further but it was clear that Zulkifli’s (right) latest machinations – his lodging of a police report against Pas MP for Shah Alam Khalid Samad and his public denunciation of the man – have crossed the red line separating reasonable intramural dissent from open revolt.

Zulkifli has been scouring that line for a year and more. In 2008, he and a band of cohorts intruded aggressively on a Bar Council meeting that was called to discuss the issue of religious conversion.

The intrusion caused huge public embarrassment to PKR, intent as the party was on augmenting voter support for an agenda of political change based on policies promoting political and economic egalitarianism and social emollience.

Immediately after that incident, Zulkifli was incommunicado. There were reports he had been detained under the ISA, a bizarre turn given that the police are widely viewed as compliant with the powers-that-be and therefore unlikely to act against a politician seen as a liability to the opposition.

While PKR were mulling disciplinary action against Zulkifli, the matter was compounded when vice president Azmin Ali and its MP for Balik Pulau, Yusmadi Yusof, met up with Zulkifli on the margins of a session of Parliament and afterwards pronounced themselves satisfied with the explanation for his conduct proffered by the unrepentant MP.

This was myopic because the party’s disciplinary committee was edging to a recommendation that sanctions be applied on its recalcitrant member. But the recommendation was mothballed after PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim chose to ignore it.

Lost to the subtleties of communication

Privately, Anwar is known to take a dim view of Zulkifli’s machinations but in public, elects to treat the MP like a somewhat prodigal though malleable sibling, an attitude in keeping with the Pakatan Rakyat leader’s more exaggerated notions of inclusiveness.

On the level of personal interaction, this stance was perhaps understandable, but at the level of public projection of PKR’s political goals, it was self-undermining.

This is because Zulkifli’s public posturing on Islam continued to certify him as belonging to the fanatical fringe rather than the broad centre of Malaysian politics where PKR is soundly emplaced.

pakatan convention 191209 anwar talkAny subtleties of suasion that Anwar (left), who enjoys a wholly justified reputation as a conciliator, had hoped to bring across in personal interaction with the much younger man had little chance to succeed because Zukilfi is about as sensitive to the subtleties of communication as a bull would be in a china shop.

Though in his forties, Zulkifli appears to have lost none of the astringent seriousness of youth. Even more, he still seems powered by youth’s missionary energy, the sense of absolute righteousness that maturity usually softens.

Anwar’s lapse of judgment in not earlier acting against Zukifli has led to the current situation where the brazen MP publicly struts his defiance of party policy and attacks a fellow coalition MP widely regarded as an emblem of the new politics of a reforming nation.

Zulkifli does all this while appearing for Anwar in the matter of his application to the Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court on an accusation of sodomy. A convoluted situation!

It’s time PKR puts Zulkifli Nordin out of the misery of his radical attenuation from the broad middle ground of Malaysia.

60 thoughts on “On MP Zulkifli Nordin

  1. Just get this of this loose cannon and bigot. He’s already caused irreparable damage to PKR and it’s coalition. He’s obviously in the pocket of Najib. It’s better to lose one seat now than to lose more seats later. He’s will be of little value to Umno if he’s sacked from PKR and they will not touch him even with a 6 foot pole.

  2. Sack this religious bigot from the party. He is like a Devil defending God. He hasn’t an iota of religious piety in him. He is crude, hateful and revengeful.

  3. PKR leaders are a bunch of weak-kneed whims who lost their balls when dealing with a problem within their midst.

    Zulkifli Noordin has been a problem for over a long period and for too many times.

    Yet they still want to have a Special Bureau meeting to DISCUSS (???) . Is Anwar and his Team deaf and blind???

    Guess what? Nothing is going to happen. What do you expect from a leadership cowardice? The reason: Fear of loss of Malay votes…from one man?? and just because Zulkifli is talking about religious issues and therefore he is halal.

    PKR leaders are only good for clap trap ceramahs for criticising UMNO’s weakness yet they could not remove the garbage from the front yard of their own house.

    Did we in 2008 elected a crap party who cannot even have the balls to discipline their own people who transgressed countless times and has progressively up the ante to destroy PKR from within????

  4. Zul obviously not taking the middle Malaysia path. He makes his opinion known. This guy has balls. Middle path seems to suggest lack of strong opinion.
    A country without strong opinion is useless for noble cause like supporting Palestinian struggle and condemning Israel aggression.
    Zul speaks to represent the Muslims opinion and does not care what PKR middle stand on the issue.

    Does PKR has the balls to discipline or sack Zul? No? Stay in the middle?

    Here’s something for the middle. PR should advise the Herald to retract their silly claim on the use of the word “Allah” and make corrections to “their” bible. PR will gain a lot of plus from the Muslims, and their vote. And the silent majority of Christians who were not comfortable and objected the usage of Allah.

    Otherwise, this Zul will continue to stir shit within an already crumbling PR. Time to act right, or is it middle?

  5. PKR wat r u waiting for? a sign in the sky? u shd hv sacked him long ago! ppl are getting really fed-up with ur feet-dragging to deal with the situation. when voters lose hope on u, u lose votes.

  6. What good is Nordin in PKR except being a self claimed saint in the eyes of the people He has not done anything that is good as a elected MP I have not heard of his contribution at all except shitting with his Taliban and selfish one way traffic Islam. Let him join the Ketuanan Melayu UMNO tribe

  7. Yeah, just assign him into the bin. He can’t have the cake an eat it as well. Come on, DSAI show us you’re a man of steel. Don’t be a wimp.

  8. Are we ever gonna rise above the level of a third world country that sees making of statutory declarations and the lodging of police reports as an end in itself?

  9. ” This is because Zulkifli’s public posturing on Islam continued to certify him as belonging to the fanatical fringe rather than the broad centre of Malaysian politics where PKR is soundly emplaced.”

    I won’t be too sure if he belongs to the fanatical fringe of Malaysian politics. It looks more like he is not too far to the right of center. PKR appears to be left of center rather than center. The center is never fixed and is in a state of flux and forever shifting. Right now I think the right has moved to center.

  10. Reporting to the police against a fellow MP from the PR coalition party is the last straw and should be the last straw for PAS, PKR and PKR.

    Khalid Samad is a respected PAS MP. Non Muslims WILL support him, come what may, not because he played politics with the non Muslims but because nonMuslims believe he talked sense about Islam and he is seen as a genuine UNIFIER for muslims and non muslims.

    Christians will NEVER forget his courage of being the first Muslim MP and PAS MP to walk into a church in to speak to them right after the March 2008 election.

    Non Muslims know Khalid Samad will always be a devout Muslim whatever political stand he takes but he is one Muslim who understands the sensitivities of believers of other religions and who has the intellect to talk about Islam to other nonMuslims. And they know that Khalid Samad will bring a better understanding of Islam to non Muslims

    That is the fear of Zulkifli Noordin and Hasan Ali, because Khalid Samad’s benign outreach to non Muslims frightens the shit out of them.

    The conservative people in PAS are also afraid of him because Khalid Samad makes their politics outdated and irrelevant. People like Hasan Ali and Zulkifli Noordin and Nasharuddin Mat Isa have to play the communal politics of Islam to remain relevant.

    Since they cannot challenge his intellect, idiots like Zulkifli Noordin goes to UMNO’s stooge, ie the POLICE, and the UMNO-infested judiciary to bring down the man… and they call themselves Muslims waiting for the arms of the 72 Vrigins.

    If those naive dreamers of PKR and the group-think mentality experts in PKR can’t convince Anwar and his team the obvious recourse to prevent further outgrowth of this malignant cancer in PKR, then they might as flush their own heads in the same toilet bowlin which the federal constitution and the Perak State constitution had been flushed down by UMNO.

  11. Zulkifli Noordin is basically telling Anwar, NOT the first time:


    PAS is watching Anwar whether he is just a PAPER TIGER.

  12. carlos – ” PR should advise the herald to retract their silly claim on the use of the word ” allah ” and make corrections …..” .

    carlos .. you must be nuts just like your mentor zulkifli nordin.

  13. “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband” Revelation 21: 1-2

    What do you think ‘virgin’ in the Bible and the Koran is all about?

  14. Mr Bean

    What the Bible and Koran say about “virgin” or “virgins” are different from what Muslims and Christians think.

    What Muslims and Christians think are more important and crucial to the survival of mankind than what the Bible and Koran say.

    It is what the mullahs and the ulamas say that move the earth under the ground than what the Koran say.

    If they think the 72 virgins are 16-20 year nubile females who have yet to experience sex, that is what count.

    Likewise if Mary, WIFE of Joseph is really a Virgin or not . By the way, the New Testament is quite clear that Jesus have at least two brothers. One of them was James who became the Bishop of Jerusalem.

    Even the Emporers of China think they came from Virgin birth since they claim to be Sons of Heaven too.

    If the Mullahs and ulamas think there is sex in Paradise,I think it is worth dying a matyr as a Muslim. Why not, 72 virgins to be shared by how many Muslims who have died since the beginning of Islam in 600 + AD. Are there new 72 Virgins keep popping up in Paradise?

    Atheists think one earthly virgin is worth more than 72 virgins you get after you are dead.

  15. C’mon guys, this Zul Nordin fella is very attched to his god – it is a pious thing to protect his god from all comers – even to the extent of using earthly, profane policemen and human law, if need be.
    The proper aphorism to use is : “Otak tak center.”

    Stephen, it also seems that, ‘Allah’ should be proscribed to Christians by other ‘Protesting’ Christians, because of inaccuracies and bad linguistics/translation or theology. Whatever-la, they will fight will also fight against “Tuhan Yeshua”, when the time comes. This comes from ‘purity’ of heart. Peace and silence, brother.

  16. Din

    Sorry. I think Mr Bean and I are off-message for this thread.We both should not have confused readers with virgins and Zulkifli Noordin.

  17. Mr. Bean

    Talking about Allah is getting about tiresome. My brain is getting pickled if I have to keep on talking about Allah and why Christians should or should not to call Allah God or vice versa. This debate should be left into the 4 walls of the churches and mosques and let the respective believers go and stir in their own juice.

  18. Imagine 72 vrigins per martyr since circa AD 600+. Heaven must be overflowing with virgins. There are millions now. Those earlier virgins must have become old maids by now. So new ones need to be introduced.

    On hindsight, don’t they get bored with the same 72 virgins after a while?

    Over to you, Bean and Frank.

  19. Now! now! What have we here?? A bunch of self-proclaimed liberators of justice scrambling by leaps and bounds to character asassinate zul nordin like he is a judas reincarnate or something but falls short (as Bean will put it ‘kecut teloq’) of speaking up against far more heinous crimes commited by certain high ranking individuals , where the only glimpse of an objection is a sly sigh of ‘hmmm’ apparently having ‘chicken-out’ , scared of being entangle under the seditous act.

    So , zul nordin is the closest these frusrated individuals get in venting out their disappointments

    Well , let us cast religous bigotry aside and take into consideration the other traits. What is not highlighted about this Zul personality is that he is an “honest” hard liner. However more important than that he is seen as having a cleaner and less corrupt image than his competitors. He is not the type that will abuse the system to get rich.

  20. Tok Cik

    My worry is about the space left in Heaven/Paradise.

    Even spirits or souls occupy some space in Heaven is not a vacuum.

    The bored ones come back to earth as hantus.

    The frustrated ones come back to select candidates to replenish the 72 virgins stock. They are the good spirits to protect real virgins (between 15-25; 26 and above are not qualified to go to Paradise as virgins) on earth against rapists, prevent them from getting married and stop people like Tean, so that these nubile females have to die before age of 25.

  21. Danildaud

    Zulkifli’s honesty and less corrupt image is not the issue here.

    It is that he is not a team player and a destablising factor in PR. He is a snake in a blanket sleeping with Hasan Ali to bring down Anwar Ibrahim covertly so that UMNO, where his heart is, will take him back. His kind of politics is more suited to UMNO. He wants his “road back to Damascus”.

    Even if there is a saint in PR but he is a snake in a blanket, then he is cancer cell. A cancer cell is a mutated cell in your body. It is not a foreign element.

    Cancer cels,l like Zulkifli Noordin, have to be blasted out with huge doses. Just ask an oncologist.

  22. Tok Cik

    Every time a good muslim dies or a suicide bomber dies as a martyr, at 1 second after his death, 7 virgins are created automatically. Well God’Allah is All Powerful and Most Compassionate and He (??) works in mysterious ways, doesn’t He?

  23. Some time ago , anwar ibrahim sorted out jeffery kitingan vis PKR
    sabah , with the speed of lightning . but when it comes to this zulkifli fella , he seems to be procrastinating. why?

    ” Otak tak center” or not – both anwar and zul must be suffering from the so called mad cow disease.

  24. it is a shame that there are people like zulkifli nordin running around like a ” spoiler ” being anti thesis to the very values that pakatan ra’ayat is trying to achieve . how they can continue to keep them in their midst is something i can’t fathom.

  25. “He is not the type to abuse the system to get rich.” Danildaud.
    Yep, no silver nor gold there.
    But accusation against a fellow Muslim?
    Go la, to the syaria courts…, but sedition to what?

  26. if there is sabahan leadership dominant in PKR , i am sure people like zulkifli nordin would have been sorted out a long time ago. the problem with anwar ibrahim is that he is a good talker if there is an audience , but when it comes to showing leadership , he is kinda at a loss. i think he should let jeffery kitingan show him the way . good leaders don’t mince their words – they LEAD.

  27. Yeah, he may not abuse the system to get rich but he’ll screw up the system to put others in trouble. We don’t need this kind of people around. Even Umno wil not have him.

  28. Yes,Frank to a certain extent , I do use your lyrics in my songs. But less we forget , we’re in a political arena here and are constantly reminded that politics is all about perceptions.

    Khalid Samad’s liberal approach towards islam is appealing to the urban dwellers hence a Pakatan asset in this section of society

    A conservative zul nordin may in uncertain terms be a pain in the ass to a huge portion of the population ,
    yet be a darling to a muslim majority rural community.

    Let us perceive this as being part of DSAI political game plan.
    salute brother

  29. “i think he should let jeffery kitingan show him the way . “- salmiah hassan

    Please say you are not serious. He frogged to more parties than I can remember. He needs a visa.

  30. Let us see what Anwar and his Political Bureau will do to this MP who is always going against party policy. Some people say he is a Special Branch agent. But I have no means of verifying this. But I do know that MP Zul is Anak Polis and one of his brothers is a senior SB officer.

    The time has come for PKR to sack him and let him be an example to others who are waiting in the wings to act in similar fashion. They should read the result of the Haris Ibrahim poll and decide once for all that MP Zul should pay the price of going against the party and Pakatan Rakyat.

  31. Zaid Ibrahim could not have said it better (read below)

    “… Pakatan’s image as a champion of democracy would be affected if the coalition did not act against Zulkifli.

    The time has come for PKR to look at itself and ask what kind of people it wants.

    It will not be enough to suspend Zulkifli’s membership, as this is not the first time the controversial MP has tainted the party’s image….”

  32. “Every time a good muslim dies or a suicide bomber dies as a martyr, at 1 second after his death, 72 virgins are created automatically.” .

    Frank – January 25, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    What good is a virgin to a suicide bomber in heaven since he hasn’t got any balls left to consummate his joy ! 🙂

  33. Anwar is a politician. Zulkifli is another.

    As I said before, the last time Dr. Bean visiting heaven, he met Mahatma Ghandi, the only politician and Mother Theresa up there. The 72 Virgins are still waiting for Dr. Bean and Ms. Ozawa to show them some practical lessons.

    Zulkifli and Anwar are two smart guys and they know that only on this planet there are real virgins. I think Frank would have to agree with me on this.

  34. Yes, we know that this recalcitrant Zulkifli Nordin had been on the side of Anwar during his difficult times. However, we must also know his real intentions i.e to be by his side to see, hear and report who and what transpired between Anwar and his top aides and that of UMNO contacts. In short he was planted by UMNO to surface at the right time to create maximum damage to PKR and PR coalition.

    This Trojan Horse is no different from Ibrahim Ali, Hassan Ali, Wee Choo Keong and the PKR Selangor Exco member for Selat Kelang as well as one or two others who will wag their tails on the command of their UMNO masters.

    As a result of the gangster lies spread by Wee Choo Keong, a few Selangor Exco members and their political aides were harassed by MACC and resulted in the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

    The earlier Anwar expelled these sheep in wool’s clothing turncoats the better it is for PKR and PR. Their clownish acts had already created a bad impression for PR and we cannot tolerate any further damage especially when Najib and UMNO is eyeing to topple the Selangor state government.

    It is better to have good quality PR politicians than having the numbers but without any political ethics, principles and loyalty to the party.

  35. DanilDaud,

    What use of ” a honest and less prone to currupt ” politician in PKR when one is creating maximum damage to the PKR and PR cause at the right moment ?

    Do you advocate that PKR should keep him and allow him to damage the PR coalition irreparably ? So far, his accusation against others have no basis and I believe that his clownish acts is more detrimental to Anwar and PR than an asset to him.

    His contacts in UMNO is no secret and neither is his motives.

    He is the seed of cancer in PKR and if left untreated will destroy the whole PKR organisation. In fact Anwar had a few meetings with him and he had not relented and his motives is clearly to tarnish Anwar, PKR and PR at the right time as per the command of UMNO.

  36. Why are you guys beating up this guy?? The country’s Constitution allows for free speech. Let the guy speak! After that you can exercise your free speech by kicking him out.

  37. Free speech in Bolehland? You must be kidding, Bean. See what ruckus Umno Youth and Rais have started about the blogger who is alleged to have posted the wrong stuff about the royalty down south.

    When Maha Firnaun says such things no one dares to do a thing. Smack of double standard eh?

  38. “Free speech in Bolehland?” Tok Cik

    I didn’t say there’s free speech in Bolehland. What I did say was “Free speech is allowed by our Constitution.”

  39. I remember one guest lecturer at the Armed Forces Defence College telling us the ours is a living Constitution. I did not quite understand what he meant by living until he elaborated. The BN Government had been amendng the Constitution at its whims. Now that it has lost its 2/3 majority it can no longer do so at our behest.

    Free speech is something Mah Firaun dislikes (but he can say and do as he likes) and when he was at the helm made everything possible to curtail free speech by intorducing legislations to the contrary.

  40. “The earlier Anwar expelled these sheep in wool’s clothing turncoats the better it is for PKR and PR.”
    – mslam – January 25, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    Wolves in sheep’s clothing is more appropriate, mslam.

  41. “I remember one guest lecturer at the Armed Forces Defence College telling us the ours is a living Constitution. I did not quite understand what he meant …” Tok Cik

    When your guest lecturer said a sacred document like the country’s constitution is “a living document” did he also say that by ‘living’ does not mean it could be injected with steroids.

    I still keep a pocket copy of the Federal Constitution of 1957 which I used as an undergrad studying constitutional law. It is more than 40 years old. It is rendered obsolete by the hundreds of amendments made to it since it was published. Yet over the same period, the U.S. Constitution only has two amendments made to it – both minor ones involving the lowering of the voting age for citizens and the other involving compensation for the services of Senators and Representatives.

    Our Federal Constitution of 1957 has been drafted in such a way that Parliament or a political party with two-third control of Parliament could do whatever it likes. Amending the constitution is rendered that much easier since voting along bipartisan lines is unheard of in Malaysia’s parliament. So instead of the constitution being supreme, Parliament (read: UMNO-BN) is supreme.

    In other jurisdictions, to amend the constitution to introduce articles like the introduction of a parallel double-tracked system of justice one based on the English common law and the other on the shariah law would require a national referendum. To begin with there are enough ‘loopholes’ and ‘ambiguity’ within our constitution and these have paved the way, for example, for the passing of subsidiary legislation that have made a mockery of the so-called fundamental liberties. Whatever ‘fundamental liberties’ we have we ‘enjoy’ them for as long as the ruling party sees fit to allow.

    A country’s constitution is supposed to be a sacred document and if you could amend it at will there is no telling what the political party with a 2/3 majority could do. By ‘living’ it does not mean you amend it at will.

  42. Do you advocate that PKR should keep him and allow him to damage the PR coalition irreparably ? So far, his accusation against others have no basis and I believe that his clownish acts is more detrimental to Anwar and PR than an asset to him – mslam

    Yeah! Agreed but he still has his rights to free speach. Anyway it’s best you consult Bean on matters of law . He has a forty year old pocket copy of the nations constitution tucked away in his upper shirt pocket. How patriotic of the man. The next thing he’ll tell us he has been singing ‘negara-ku’ every morning for the past 20 years or so in front of The Empire State Building. This most certainly will make Tean proud.

    By the way I do like your proverb though “sheep in wool’s clothing turncoats”

  43. mslam,

    By the way I do like your proverb though “sheep in wool’s clothing turncoats”

    Now this is free speach. It doesn’t matter what you say , if what you say makes sense only to yourself! Nothing perplexing like zul nordin , you’re merely practicing you constitutional rights

  44. There is only ONE PLACE where free speech has NO boundaries whatsoever, and your rights are FULLY protected no matter what.

    That’s in the mental hospital/psychiatric ward.

    In Malaysia, 200 % (read: two hundred %) free speech is allowed with food and lodging on the house in Tanjung Rambutan Hotel, for as long as you stay.

  45. Frank,

    The U.S. Constitution, for example, states clearly the U.S. Congress cannot pass laws to limit free speech. Period.

    But there are consequences to free speech e.g. shouting “Fire” in a crowded cinema when there is no fire. There are tort laws which provide remedies to those injured as a result of your free speech.

    You are free to say Najib is a murderer and it is up to him to sue for defamation and slander or whatever. Who says he must sue? Najib understands the significance of free speech to an infant democracy like Malaysia. He exercised restraint and has not sued. He is willing to accept damage to his character and who are we to say he should not?

  46. Thanks, Bean for your clarification. You’d walk into MPAT (Maktab Pertahanan Angkatan Tentera), as a guests lecturer, anytime. The college is pretty short of qualified ones. Razak (Altantuya) Baginda lectured on defence strategies for quite sometime.

  47. Now this is free speach. It doesn’t matter what you say , if what you say makes sense only to yourself!

    Danildaud – January 26, 2010 at 8:36 am

    🙂 – 🙂 -v-: !”

  48. “Najib understands the significance of free speech…He is willing to accept damage to his character”- Mr. Bean

    No, I think he is smart. There are too many skeletons in Najib’s cupboard and the last place he wants those skeletons to come out is in the court. He must have consulted his UMNO friend, Tun Zaki Azmi of the consequences and he must have been advised that it is best he let the allegations about him to go away instead of making it into a civil case. Easier to win a criminal case in UMNO judiciary. Civil law, as you are more familiar than me,is another kettle of fish.

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