‘Why can’t UMNO be a responsible opposition?’

December 28, 2009

‘They better get used to that role as this is going to be their role for a long time to come unless their leadership and attitudes change.”

Group urges PAS to quit S’gor Pakatan

Multi Racial: Yet another of UMNO’s ‘act’. Since Pakatan Rakyat came to power in Selangor, there seems to be endless trouble coming from BN especially UMNO and its members. Why can’t they be a responsible opposition? They better get used to that role as this is going to be their role for a long time to come unless their leadership and attitudes change.

Amos: UMNO can’t find ways to win over the voters so they try to break up Pakatan. Their only hope is to grab Selangor like how they did Perak. The ‘25 Million Ringgit Mansion Man’ is definitely behind this and he is desperate.

Nicholas Lim Ming Xhin: Besides Hasan Ali, the rest of the ‘elected’ PAS representatives are with Pakatan. No worries. Let Hasan join UMNO for all we care, it will still not make a dent in Pakatan’s hold on Selangor.

And in the event they do indeed succeed in toppling a state government yet again, then at the next elections we just elect Pakatan back to power. Don’t forget that 45 percent of Selangorians are non-Malays. UMNO can keep on dreaming of holding on to Selangor if they continue with their present racial and religious stoking.

Wong Chee Kong: Wolves in sheep skins. That’s what they are. Anyone can see through them.

Mamakboy: PAS Selangor is messed up. Don’t be surprised if Hasan Ali causes Pakatan to fall in Selangor just like Perak. Anwar Ibrahim had better do something. Raja Petra Kamarudin’s prediction on Selangor falling to UMNO might be right..

Geronimo: The statement made by these bunch of PAS members are similar to that of Umno. So, for heaven’s sake, go join Umno and stop being a pest in Pakatan. Pakatan is trying its best to move forward with the aim of capturing Putrajaya and here you have these blokes who want to go regressive UMNO-style. Please be our guests – join UMNO.

Year of controversial court decisions

AMT: All verdicts against the government will be overturned by Appeals Court. This is such the norm now that the people just don’t believe any judgment made by the High Court anymore. We are just like Zimbabwe.

TC Koh: We are definitely going for the ‘Sick Man of Asia’ award.

Yuvan: There is every reason to believe that the Malaysian courts will not be lacking in all sorts of dramas in the coming year. Some verdicts will be ‘yes’ in the lower courts and the same verdicts will be ‘no’ in the higher courts. And vice versa. Some cases will be filled with a lot of sentiment and emotion and some will be downright boring.

And some cases could prick our conscience as much as some may tickle our bones. Whatever it is, let us all hope and pray that the good will prevail and the sanctity of our legal system will be upheld and preserved – always.

Chan Tuck Fook: The only solution is ‘change’. Otherwise, Malaysia will have no future.

Hindraf leaders squabble over accounts

Iilidetector: Everyone is accusing each other of taking money, but the deafening silence is from P Waythamoorthy. He has not uttered a single word for past two years on how he can stay in an expensive city like London. Who is paying for his food and board? I understand he underwent heart treatment in London as well, so was it from a private specialist? Who gave him funds to fly to Singapore to see Zaid Ibrahim?

Bozuka: You are entitled to free medical treatment and surgery at the Queen’s hospital in the UK if you hold an ‘international amnesty’ passport. Waythamoorty falls into this category. So the question of his medical expenses is taken care. Now, how does he meet his expenses in London? From well-wishers whom he does not need to expose to the public.

DC: K Vasanthaumar admits he is the director of the Hindraf enterprise. The money was collected into this account. The person responsible is Vasantha and not Waythamoorthy. We know Vasantha has been instigating the public and those accused for illegal assembly and we know how the Tamil papers manipulate the story.

What Waytha is doing is right – get the accounts verified by independent professionals. Soon, I believe, Vasantha is going to say that the accountants have swindled the money.

Reflections of an Old Man

Wong Chee Kong: Sim is an excellent example of a true warm, red-blooded Malaysian who fears not what he says and writes. We all hope he will continue to be in good health to share with all his thoughts and advice. All Malaysians have a lot more to learn from this wise man.

Lusiapa: Sim Kwang Yang is the personification of a true Malaysian. A retired opposition member of parliament, he continues to serve his country loyally through his regular writings. His comments are never partisan – always inspiring and educational. Never once does he use uncouth language or unsavoury innuendoes to drive home a point unlike some counterparts.

In his latest contribution, he shares his innermost thoughts on today’s world and his own mortality. One cannot fail to see his frustration at what is going on in the country and the world outside. Indeed,’SKY’ as he is fondly known, is a man of valour in a world of squalor. From Brisbane, I salute you, sir.

RubyStar: Mr Sim, please live on as your work is not done, and I am sure it will never be done in your lifetime, given the deep rot that Malaysia has gotten itself into starting with the rape of the nation’s coffers and the multitude of government’s wrongdoings under Dr Mahathir Mohamad, followed by the ineptness of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and now the current prime minister who is is full of rhetoric and treats the allegations of murder of a beautiful Mongolian lady against him and his wife as one of frivolity.

We need voices like your kindself to generate sufficient heat and action for people to realise that what we are under is the tyrannical rule of the present BN for more than 50 years. We need young voters of age to go and register themselves. We need to expose all the evil deeds and misdemeanours of the present government and all its corruption

5 thoughts on “‘Why can’t UMNO be a responsible opposition?’

  1. They cannot even be a responsible and an accountable government, and to expect them to be a responsible opposition i, it will be the day the sun rises from the east.

  2. Maybe UMNO has been the government for too long.
    And DAP, PAS (well, not PKR) has been the opposition far too long.
    old habits die hard.

    responsible opposition? is there an example in this country?

  3. Without a clear and unequivocal declaration from PAS on their Islamic Agenda, no coalition with PAS will work nationally.,

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