Malaysians, don’t we care!!

December 27, 2009

The Winner is the Royal Malaysian Air Farce (December 22, 2009)

by Art Harun (

Art Harun

The theft of not one, but TWO F5-E fighter jet engines from the Royal Malaysian Air Farce, eh sorry, Air Force, perhaps aptly defines the year 2009 as far as Malaysia (1 or otherwise) is concerned.

The absurdity of it all. And not to mention the audacity of it all. And as if to further add sodium chloride to the wide gaping wounds that all of us, Malaysians, suffer every time our so called leaders forget to take their medications, we are told that so and so have been sacked or told to leave their job, some even earning pensions and whatever.

First it was some plastic explosives being taken out from the storage to blow to smithereens some poor woman from far away lands, whose entry into Malaysia was erased from record. Just like that. As if C4 explosives from the people who are supposed to protect our country are just some cheap chewing gum which could be taken by anybody, at any time, for whatever reason. As if Immigration records are notations made on some scrap book which could be altered, amended or erased by anybody, at any time and for whatever reason.

And nobody even shake their butt to do anything. No report. No investigation. No blinking nothing. Just like that. At the same time, the public has to endure living in fear of crimes. We have to keep even our rubbish bins in locks and chains. Our drainage cover has to be welded lest it will be stolen in bright day light. Our roads and lanes have instant holes as the sewage covers are stolen. The women can’t even walk on the side of our roads for fear of being dragged to their death by handbag snatchers.

Nowhere is safe. Not even in the police lock-ups, as Kugan found out the hard way. Not at the MACC office either, if reports of torture and even death are to be believed.

Meanwhile, those upon whom are entrusted the duty to protect us are busy tracing individuals like Raja Petra Kamarudin, who apparently had so insulted Islam that he was, and still is, deemed to be a threat to national security. Even then, with all the might and powers of the State behind them, they are not able to trace him!

If RPK had insulted Islam, what about those who had walked after Friday prayers with bloodied and severed cow head with the policemen standing by the side doing nothing for fear of “making the situation worse”? Haven’t they insulted Islam? What about those who said non-Malays are second class citizens? And those who wrote that the Kelings are so lucky to be in Malaysia that they should just shut up and count their blessings? Oh well, they are given a pat on their shoulder because the newspaper they wrote for is the “voice of the people”.

And at the same time, billions are squandered, pillaged and stolen. PKFZ have become really dirty alphabets. And what do we all get? Yes. We get engineers, architects and some minions charged for falsifying claims and the like. Now, the questions are, were all those false claims paid? If so, why? And who are the beneficiaries of those payments? Who authorised those payments? Aren’t they guilty of something too?

Elsewhere we are the masters of sloganeering and self-glorification. We shout and scream 1Malaysia at every possible instant and opportunity. Why? Even our mandatory “salam” has been revised to “Salam Satu Malaysia”. We have become, or been reduced to, a society which is shallow. Which is no deeper than our skin and the colour of it.

We are obsessed with some drama actress becoming the second wife of a Member of Parliament who ironically declared that women “leaked” once a month. Never mind the FDIs. Never mind the proposed GST. Never mind the Copenhagen Conference failing to reach any kind of tangible consensus on climate control.

Never mind. Because we are a society who love celebrities and their weddings. And divorce too.

An old Professor of mine remarked something profound to me over tea some months ago. After leaving Malaysia for Japan for so many years, he observed that Japan had gone through a period of extreme physical and material transformations. Coming back to Malaysia briefly after some years, he also noted that Malaysia had achieved so much physical and material transformations, just like Japan.

But there is one marked difference. Japan and her people have not seen their values and honour change. Their values and old aged honour are still part of their society. They still know their responsibilities. Their duty to account. They still possess a deep sense of honour. And all that despite their physical and material achievements.

Malaysia and her people, according to him, have lost their sense of honour. We have changed our values. We are now measured not by our honesty, honour and sense of responsibility. We are now measured by the location of our house and mansions; by the Cayennes, X6 and whatever road going behemoth that we drive; by how much power we could wield to bend the rules and laws in our favour; by how much favour we could call our friends in high places to do us. And of course by the trophy wives and girl friends (and vice versa) who are seen beside us with the obligatory gold and diamond crusted watch, LV handbag and Blahnik shoes.

Because that is what we are now. How we acquire those material possessions is not important. The question is what we do possess. We are a society which is almost bereft of any spiritual and moral guidance. As if whatever is fair is foul and foul is fair. As if the very fabric of our existent has changed. And for worse, that is.

It is little wonder that two whole jet engines could be stolen from our royal air force. It is a right royal embarrassment, by any count. But what do we care? They are old engines. We could buy thousands more. We have the money. We have palm oil, crude oil and gas which we plunder from some states without compensation. And the persons whom we think are responsible for this shameful, dastardly and treasonous act have left.

Never mind any criminal offence which have quite obviously been committed by these people. They have after all been punished by being told to quietly leave. That was what we did to that Penang mamak character Ahmad Ismail, remember? And Isa Samad, remember? We dealt with them internally. They have served their sentence. And they, as everybody else, deserve a second, or even a third, chance. Why? Even Anwar Ibrahim is now a Member of Parliament.

And so we are told that we do have a full-proof system which would ensure these kind of things do not happen. But is this system fool-proof? Because if it is not, then there will always be some fools who can’t even operate within a full-proof system. That is quite obvious.

And so we are told that there will not be a cover up. Yes, we, the people expect that there will be no cover up. But of course what constitute a “cover-up” is subject to interpretation, isn’t it? Like “we will not discuss it ever ever because the matter concerns national security”. Is that a cover up? Or “we cannot charge them because matters concerning national security should not be discussed in open Courts”. Is that a cover-up? Or “we can only charge them behind closed doors because the matter concerns national security”. Is that a cover-up?

And we are left to wonder how it all happen. And why did it take a full year before the whole magical act was discovered by our ever vigilant military who is supposed to protect our nation from rogues countries, evil terrorists, Islam-insulting individuals and Ketuanan Melayu evil objectors who really should just go back to wherever they came from (never mind the fact that these people were born in this country). And quite why it takes another full year before this event is made known to all of us, the stupid, gullible and irrelevant stakeholders of the military? Well, never mind. We will tell you what we think is relevant. And at the most opportune moment as deemed by us.

Would it be a severe case of paranoia if we, the people, start to wonder what else has been stolen from our military? Like our defence strategy? Or tactical blueprint? After all, these are sensitive and highly protected secrets (or supposed to be). Remember what they said in Parliament when questions were raised as to why there was not open tender for the submarines that we bought? It was said that open tenders should not be called because that will expose our national security matters unnecessarily.

Oh well, why must we worry. We still have our submarines.

Hello Chief: Where are the skyhawks!

21/12/2009 by drrafick to art harun

1. My conversation with a retired Air Force General about the missing F5E jet engine led to me to an interesting story. I was intrigued when he cajoled and told me that there is nothing to be shocked about a missing engine when an entire fleet of aircraft went missing from the TUDM inventory. Entire fleet of aircraft! What was he talking about? I thought he was kidding and making his usual jokes about aircraft missing from the radar screen but when he said that it was missing from the TUDM inventory that led me to place few more calls.

2. It appears that via a special Government to Government arrangement, the Malaysian government bought 80 A4 Skyhawks from the USAF in the 1980’s. It was delivered to us at the beginning of 1984. These are working aircraft with plenty of mileage to go. Thirty five aircraft were brought back to Malaysia and used by our Air Force. A few dropped from the sky, one went missing over South China Sea (Lt. Wahi) and the rest was used until they could not be used again. Some became spare parts. The balance (45 jets) was left in the California desert parked under the scorching sun. They were never brought back.

A4 Skyhawk

3. The 45 aircraft that were left in the Californian desert were never brought back. It was placed under the management of a company in the US. This company ended paying the parking chargers for years. Sometime between the years 2000 to 2003, RMAF decided to take back the aircraft and sell them off. Our TUDM officers from Kuala  Lumpur were sent to look for these aircraft in the desert. They found them but the shocking part is that  the RMAF no longer legally own them.

4. As it turned out, the paperwork involving the purchase went missing and our Air Force were not able to show proof of ownership. Therefore they could not take possession of the Skyhawks from the open air parking area. The haggling and tussle over the ownership continued for several years until it became clear that the aircraft ownership could not be ascertained. The Malaysian Government paid for them but did not kept the receipt!!!

5. I remember the matter was raised in Parliament several years back and unverified reports indicated that the aircraft was sold to an American company for pittance. Maybe our MP’s should revisit this matter again. My friend was right when he said entire fleet of 45 aircraft disappeared from TUDM Inventory. In actual fact, they were not even recorded in the TUDM inventory. Since it did not go into our books ,despite  having paid for them (and having no receipt to show proof of payment), then no aircraft actually went missing. The only thing missing was  the money for the 55 aircraft!

6. Coming back to the missing RM50 mill engine which is fixed on a USD 2 mill ionaircraft, I am perplexed to read in the papers today (December 21, 2009) that a Brigadier General (BG) and his 40 man were asked to leave service early. (Sounds like Ali Baba and the 40 thieves!). They were not charged. There was no court martial. It would appear that the BG and several others lost their pensions but upon appeal they got them back. What the heck is wrong with the system? No one even realized that the BG was asked to leave until the story came to limelight in today’s news. I am sure we all can predict on why the story was released to the MSM today. It wanted to show that the government did something.

7. I am not sure whether taking administrative action is sufficient in this case. We are talking about Crime Breach of Trust and more. We are talking about 2 missing  jet engines worth rm 50 million a piece that were supposed to be fitted on  USD 2 million aircraft. Knowing the Malaysian way of wanting to settle problems, it was managed quietly the wrong way. In the meantime, everyone had forgotten about the 55 aircraft that Malaysian Government paid but not included into TUDM inventory. Maybe, they went into the army or navy inventory. Who knows mixed up can happen.

16 thoughts on “Malaysians, don’t we care!!

  1. Dear Art Harun,

    Transparency International must be at its wits end. For more than a decade they have goaded our government to be more transparent in what it does. So why are we complaining. Today our government has taken onboard the call by TI and everything they do is transparent. And I am inclined to believe that they are doing this because they do not care. They know that the whole government mechinery has been geared to work for them. No government employee in position of leadership is willing to stand up. And even if the BN loses the 13th GE they will still be in power through the their proxies in government.

    The heads of department have abdicated their responsiblity because when they take action the relative of the employee will intervene and evert thing is swept under the concrete floor never to be seen again. I was told that it was done in the name of Asian Values and Family Values. So what we are witnessing today is not something that began lately it has been ther for the past two decades. We urgently need a leader to take the bull by the horns so to speak and move this nation before foreign countries with interest in our country begin manipulating our leaders and citizens to their advantage.

  2. Dr.Raffik , Major (Rtd) sums up the ridiculity when stressing on the alleged rm50 million/per-set engines
    meant for a usd 2million aircraft.

    Apparently the loss in itself , no matter how alarming it may be , is a diversion from the real issue which is the over inflated
    cost of the engines.

    Sad really , observing the country laden with ridiculity in every sector. The only ultimatum is to retake posession of the nation.

  3. Malaysians do care but helpless against the BN machinery which includes the Police, MACC, Military and including the judiciary. If I’d have my druthers Kamunting, Sg. Buloh and Pudu will be chock full of all these BN bastards.

  4. DEAR ART ,

    I like to add two points here :

    1. you left out the 500 million dollars paid to razak baginda and the 1.5 million paid to balasubramaniam and his friend ASP suresh .

    2. i am sure you have heard of dr mahathir’s famous call
    ” KEPIMPINAN MELALUI TELADAN ” ! Need i say more ?

    What Thumblogic says about the ” infection ” or disease in the system is correct . And what you say about a shift in values is right too. Many of my friends have ” shifted values ” because of the nickles and dimes that Mahathir and his children have spread around – and hence their values and mine, as friends, are different and hence it is also difficult to co exist with them.

    How do you go about checking this erosion in values ? Can you write something about this please ? It will be more productive and useful if you did , instead of ” apeing ” all the other bloggers and writing about something everybody already knows

  5. The ‘moral compass’ of the powers that be has been exchanged for filthy lucre. Unless they (the PM, the Sultans, the Umnoputras) realize the future the country is heading.. all bets are off..the country is doomed in every aspect!!

  6. Jasper, we have not lost sight to the bigger issues, be they VK Lingam, the murder of the Mongolian model, Kugan and Teoh Beng Hock, the fate of those still under ISA, Police use of water cannons against Hindraf marchers, PKFZ, Perak and so on. The case of the missing jet engines is just one example.

    On the issue of erosion of values, we can note that Malaysia today is a money centered society which adheres to the precept of the end ( to become rich and famous) justifies the means. It does not matter how we make money; we just make money and then flaunt our wealth. Most of the new rich engage in conspicious consumption. They are part of Thorstein Veblen’s leisure class. I frankly don’t know how we can deal with this national malaise.

    Changing culture is tough. Maybe, we should start with early education where we can inculcate a sense of civic responsibility in our young by showing them the way, and maybe, we should examine what we are doing to our kids as they grow up. Are we good examples of people who seek to do the right and moral thing? We cannot allow the all powerful state to take care of our kids. Our leaders in power are not examplary when it comes to morality and ethics. I welcome your views and others on this subject. –Din Merican

  7. Frankly, this UMNO-BN Govt doesn’t give a damn to all the criticisms and condemnation of the loss of the jet engines, the mockery of the Royal Commission of the Lingam case, the murder of the Mongolian model, the suspicious death of Kugan in police custody and death of Teoh Beng Hock in MACC custody, the scandalous PKFZ etc etc.


    Because those Pariah UMNO Malay leaders know the Malay masses in the rural areas and those ultra Malays in the urban areas who still haven’t had a chance to jump on UMNO’s corrupt gravy train, will still vote for UMNO to win the next Govt.

    Malay politics in the country is so narrowly focused by the Malay elites and Malay intelligentsia to be solely race based that if Malay destiny is not tied to the nation’s future, then to hell with the nation’s future. Its OK to let the nation rot… and that is why UMNO will continue to win and run this country for the next 50 years.

  8. The Malays bought UMNO’s interpretation of the Federal Constitution ie Malay PRIVILEGES became Malay RIGHTS. Malay SPECIAL POSITION became Malay SPECIAL RIGHTS.

    So much so that the word MALAYSIAN Malaysia became a haram phrase, instead it is MALAY Malaysia.

    Even, PAS the party that espouse a non-racial Islam, is fighting for Malay rights, as exampled by the Selangor PAS leader, Hasan Ali.

    Chinese, Indians, and East Malaysian Non-Malays are constitutionally second class citizens by virtue of the Malays’ acceptance of UMNO’s corruption of the Federal Constitution, entrenching in the psyche of the Malays about Malay Rights instead of Malay Privileges in the Constitution.

  9. Sherk,

    You’ve included the military in your list of corrupt federal agencies. It was not that bad when I left 12 years ago. Things have definitely changed now.

    At a reunion dinner last week two senior army officers (they were my platoon commanders once) inimated how the outgoing army chief conducted himself of late. He’s fond of upgrading and refurbishing absolete weapon systems purely for pecuniary benefits rather than for reasons of necessity.

    Upgrading and refurbishing need not undergo lengthy and tedious procurement procedures. As they involve current suppliers, such dealings will be less cumbersome and time consuming. Upgrading costs will be artifically increased to three or four times the original price to cover all the “hidden” charges. He makes a tidy sum from these deals.

    Promotion too comes with a price. The higher you aspire the more you pay. Payments are done on the golf courses. You must be prepared to lose alot. Thousands change hands after each high-profile game.

    And since he’s leaving soon the scramble for the No 1 and No 2 posts is like an open season. The ones with the mostest (money not brain) will win.

    Whither the army going? God knows. The other two services – navy and air force – are no better.

    Malaysia Boleh.

  10. ilham, the Umno spin miester is back with vengence. Even LKS is not spared. It amazes me how he keeps spamming Din’s blog with his tall yarns. Umno must be paying him peanuts, judging from the stories he spin.

  11. The ones with the mostest (money not brain) will win. Tok Cik.

    Are you sure Tok Cik?. I think you must also consider the one with the biggest gun preferred by certain fat lady.

  12. Tok Cik,
    Yes the military is now as corrupted than ever. I remember the then Chief of Logistics (Col) Sani wouldn’t want to be seen in the company of vendors. But today the Generals rub shoulders and partake of the hospitality of vendors especially at the LIMA show. I remember when Inchcape Group was trying to sell Land Rovers to the Armed Forces. The evaluation process itself saw many Land Rovers being destroyed in the trials. But the deal was clinched whan a Col. Mokhtar joined Champion Motors. huh

    Upgrading is the cliche now. I remember meeting one Malay gentleman om a flight to LA. He was going to meet a company in San Diego about retrofitting the F5-E. He doesn’t even know anything about airplanes or avionics and yet he was given the contract to upgrade the avionics. The budget given per plane is a joke. You can’t upgrade the avionics let alone buy refurbished avionics at the price. Guess the planes were not upgarded but his pocketbook grew tremendously.
    Talking about buying armaments. Why the choice of MiG or Sukhois? It’s easier to deal with the Russians. The Americans are forbidden to pay any commission under the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act 1986. Secondly Malaysia has never demonstrated the need for leading edge technology and also not willing to be a risk sharing partner unlike the small island nation to the south.

    Malaysia will always be purchasing second hand equipment for its military, remember the single engine pioneer, twin engine pioneer, Dart Herald, Bulldog trainer and now the Scorpene subs. The waters around Malaysia is too shallow for subs. It’s better to buy Fast Patrol Crafts with Exocets missiles. Blow the enemy boats out of the waters.

  13. Shrek

    Thank you for the insights on our military turning into a pariah outfit. It was very enlightening for me.

    What surprises me most is that that the Pariah UMNO Malay leaders were willing or could even allow our national defence institutions to be screwed around to enrich their UMNO cronies and families. Making other civil govt agencies and Ministries such as the education, health and public works and the judiciary as pariah institutions is already bad enough. It is seditious, chargeable under the ISA.

    Putting our national security at suh great risk must be the ultimate insult to Malaysians and the taxpayers.Ye these Pariah UMNO Malay leaders get away free and living with their ill-gotten riches.

    Those in the know about the hanky-pankies in the military MUST come out into the open.

    Global politics today is getting very dangerous and are reaching pretty close to our shores and in our skies.

    Thank you for your posting

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