Sue Me Now, says Kit Siang to Mahathir

December 24, 2009

Sue Me Now: Kit Siang to Mahathir

DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang has challenged former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad to sue him with immediate effect. The opposition politician, who is currently in Tokyo, stated this in a posting on his Twitter page and promied to disclose more on his blog soon.

lim kit siang parliament pc 201008 02“Why Mahathir don’t sue me now if I had libelled him calling for a RCI (royal commission of inquiry) into Barry Wain’s RM100 billion allegation in his book?

“Why is his suit conditional on the outcome of the RCI into Wain’s allegation when M (Mahathir) will do his utmost to block the RCI though claiming to support it publicly,” he added.

On Tuesday, Mahathir threatened to sue Lim, Wain and Malaysiakini over the matter. He also welcomed the suggestion by Lim who called on the government to set up a RCI to probe if the former strongman had ‘burned’ RM100 billion on corruption and grandiose projects during his 22-year reign as suggested by Wain in his book, titled ‘Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times‘.

“Depending upon the result of the commission, I reserve the right to sue Barry Wain, Lim Kit Siang and for libel for a sum to be disclosed later,” he had said.

Mahathir also called for the book, which is being reviewed by the Home Ministry, to be released for sale.”I am not in need of government protection,” he had stressed.

Is Najib or Hisham the culprit? Commenting on this, Lim said: “Mahathir wants Wain’s book to be released. Who really believes Mahathir?”

“Or is (Prime Minister) Najib (Abdul Razak) or Hisham (Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein) the culprit blocking Maverick M’s release?” he added.

In his book, Wain, the former managing editor of Asian Wall Street Journal, wrote that most of the scams, which included a government attempt to manipulate the international tin price and gambling by Bank Negara on global currency markets, occurred in the go-go years of the 1980s.

According to him, direct financial losses amounted to about RM50 billion. This doubled once the invisible costs, such as unrecorded write-offs, were taken into account.

However, some analysts have put the figure even higher.Time magazine quoted Daniel Lian, a Southeast Asian economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore, as saying that Malaysia might have lost “as much as US$100 billion” (RM340 billion) during the Mahathir years.

In a recent email communique to Malaysiakini, Wain said he was not perturbed by Mahathir’s threat to sue him and welcomed the former premier’s support for the immediate release of the book.

“If the 800 copies of the  “Maverick” book being held by the government are cleared for sale, Malaysians can judge for themselves my 363-page assessment of Mahathir’s political career,” he added.

27 thoughts on “Sue Me Now, says Kit Siang to Mahathir

  1. If as alleged by Mahathir that Abdullah Badawi had stolen RM270 billion from Petronas, then he is the greater crook. The RM100 billion alleged stolen by him is a very conservative sum but now that he said that his pupil had stolen RM270 billion, then logic would tell us that the actual sum stolen by him (Mahathir) would have easily exceeded RM270 billion by a factor of five. What is worse is that it was also reported by other sources that Mahathir had stolen US100 billion.

  2. The Penans of Borneo have a more legitimate standing to sue the state/federal govt for depriving them their rights to mooch around on their own ancestral background and Not this filthy rich mamak fella to sue anybody for defamation! Correct! Correct!
    Is the word!!

  3. Let me add to that ‘ mooching around their own ancestral background scavenging for food to appease their hunger but not for this rich mamak fella to sue anyone just for the sake of appeasing his swollen ego’
    Correct! Korek! Here again!!

  4. With Anwar Ibrahim once at the mamak’s trusted side. And good ol’ Din Merican screaming haleluja , hail to the mamak king. Today , both anwar and din are left picking-up the pieces.

    Tean , what is this call , good or bad karma?
    Danildaud, we in Pakatan Rakyat with the help of all our compatriots are trying to put Humpthy Dumpthy (Malaysia) together again, when even the King’s men and the King’s horses could not put Humpthy Dumpthy together again. But we think Malaysia will not be allowed to be a basket case. It’s people power that will rebuild Malaysia so that it will be the land where freedom, democracy and justice will triumph over a totalitarian and corrupt government. There will be no more 2 missing jet fighter engines, PFKZ, etc.

    Season’s Greeting, friend and thank you for your contributions. It is always a pleasure having you, Frank, Bean, Tean, Tok Cik, Shrek et. al, Ilham( he is too much of a paid UMNO cybertrooper for our discourse) excepted.—Din Merican

  5. Danildaud

    Allow me to reply on behalf of Tean while he might be contemplating the pros and cons of Christianity during this Christmas in a Budhhist temple.

    (a) Anwar Ibrahim and Din are ‘BORN AGAINS” in Christian terms. They had their 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness and came out and saw the light.

    (b) In Buddhism, it’s that Din and Anwar are paying back whatever sins they committed while doing the dirty job of the Mamak, wittingly or unwittingly, prior to this present life. Cleansing themselves now to gain merits before hitting nirvana, as the monks would say.

    I don’t know what Muslims will say.

    Seasons Greetings to one and all
    Frank, this Karma thing is interesting. In Islam, we say taubat to the AlMighty God (meaning we will not repeat the same folly or stupid act of indiscretion). But conceptually taubat is different from Karma. But the message is the same and that is we must atone for our sins first. I hate to be a snake/ular in my reincarnated being!!

    Thanks for your contributions throughout 2009, although your views can be brutally frank (pun intended) and jarring at times. It is always a pleasure to read what you write. I also condemn Utusan Malaysia for its racist remarks and provocations. But we have to learn to deal with their editors. We must hurt their pockets by buying Suara KeADILan, Harakah and The Rocket and reading blogs.–Din Merican

  6. He even sweetened his welcome by insisting that such a commission should not be made up of government nominees, but should instead have as members “impeccable people including foreigners and members of Transparency International.” – LKS


    Yes, of the “impeccable” people that come to the mind of Mahathir are his great pals, Robert Mugabee of Zimbabwe, General Khin Nyunt of Burma, Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand, Mahmou Ahmadinejad of Iran, Muhammad Gaddafi of Libya and Sitiveni Rabuk of Fiji.

    All these people are made of the same mould and character and they will agree that Mahathir has the stamp of impeccable quality (100% pure gold quality) in this privilege class of tyrants.

  7. See is this short paragraph could help to calm our minds.

    Dhamma is something very profound. If the world didn’t
    have Dhamma as water to put out its fires, it would be
    a very difficult place – an impossible place – to live.

    Dhamma is something for the heart to hold to, something that
    nourishes and enables people to be good and to find peace. The
    religion, the aspect of Dhamma we can describe to one another,
    is simply the good and right teaching of the Buddha, which can
    guide the society and nation as well as individuals, our families
    and ourselves.

    It’s thus like a factory unequalled in producing
    good and noble qualities in the hearts of people at large.

    Any home, any family, any individual without religion, without
    moral virtue to protect and train the heart, is sure to be constantly
    troubled and restless with never any sense of well-being
    and equilibrium at all. Quarrels tend to flare up in families like
    this, between husband and wife, and then on out into society –
    the neighbourhood and the workplace. Our inability to get along
    with one another comes, for the most part, from our going
    against the principles of morality – what is correct, noble and

  8. Dogs have no sense of limits when lust takes over. They can
    go anywhere at all with no fear of death, no concern for hunger
    or thirst at all. They run wild, without a thought for their owners.
    At most, they may stop by their homes for a moment. If
    anyone feeds them in time, they eat. If not, they’re off and running.
    And look at them. What do they look like at times like this?
    Ears torn, mouths torn, legs torn, stomachs ripped open in some
    cases, all from the fights they get into. Some of them die, some
    of them go crazy, some of them never return home.

    When animals get going like this under the power of lust, this
    is the sort of harm it leads to. And even with them, it’s nothing
    pretty to look at because it’s so different from their normal
    nature. When the season comes, males and females go running
    wild after one another. The fires of lust and anger get burning
    together and can consume everything. This is what happens
    when animals know no bounds, that is, when their lust knows
    no limits. They suffer so much pain, so much distress when the
    disease of lust flares up – so much so that some of them die or
    are crippled for life.

    If we human beings didn’t have the Dhamma of fewness of
    wants as brakes on our wheels for our own safety’s sake, we’d
    know no limits in following our instincts either. We’d cause much
    more harm and destruction to one another than animals do,
    because of our intelligence.

    If we’re intelligent in the right way,
    it’s an honour and a benefit to ourselves, our family and nation,
    but this human intelligence of ours is something that lends itself
    to all sorts of uses, and for the most part, if our minds are low,
    it becomes a tool for doing a great deal of evil. It’s because of
    our intelligence that we human beings can do one another so
    much harm.

    This is why we need moral virtue as a guide, as protection,
    so that we can live together happily and in peace.

    Merry X-mas from Buddhist temple folks.

  9. Speaking of the missing skyhawk engines , 50 million/per-engine is an over inflated assesment when one jet body has merely a usd 2million price tag unless of course other components are consolidated to be written-off.
    Who are these guys trying to kid? Probably some pisang goreng seller in Petaling street or an over fed umno delegate and perhaps an over zealous pakatan supporter!

  10. Fear me, Oh no this old TDM is not thinking of riding on a wild horse this Christman to clear his name by just diverting the blame on others.

  11. Tean

    The Dharmma and all the other religious teachings and moral teaching, and the laws of human society are what Darwinists would call mandatory SOCIAL CONTROLS because the homo sapiens are social-animals whose survival depends on INTERDEPENDENCY. We hunt in packs and we live in packs.

    Monogamy is a forced institution on the homo sapiens because by instinct, homo sapiens, male and female or natural polygamists. Monogamy was an evolved (and we have not perfected it yet, some evolution time still needed) as a social control.

    Even some birds, which have evolved pretty well as monogamous species, do have extra marital affairs to ensure their genes are being passed down.

    Dogs are not social animals. Primates like us are, except for the orangutan for some reason they evolved to be loners.

    Basically, we are still predatorial in nature… we kill other species and fellow human beings. As a subgroup of race, the evolved instinct is to dominate others as individual we want to be the ALPHA MALE.

    Funny, homo sapiens first evolved as a matriarchal society, but somehow, it was religion that made human society into a patriarchal society (except for some some society eg the Minangkabaus and other tribal groups, who still retained the natural evolved form of human society ie the female is the head of the family and community.

    Less wars and suffering and less damage to the climate if religion had not corrupted homo sapiens to be a MALE-ORIENTED society.

    The earliest known religion(s) to human being was towards a female goddess ie SOPHIA and variations of it.

    It was Adam who was stupid while Eve was the smart one in the Garden of Eden.

    This violence against women is a fight to maintan dominance over women because genetically speaking, women are the stronger sex than men.

    Females can survive and breed without males as a natural evolutionary trend. It already started with the plant kingdom.

    God bless all the women in the world. And a happy new yea to all of them.

  12. To add…

    Not forgetting, that when it comes to pro-creation, it is always the female who chooses and accepts , while the male can only propose and offer. The nasty males use brute force to enforce female acceptance, even then, the female can always destroy his genes (read: abortion) and prevented them from passing down.

    See, I don’t understand why women didn’t use their evolved strength to take control of human society. Weird that the only great success which women are so proud of in recent years to deny male dominance is the discovery of the pill and fighting for equal pay. They could use the bedroom as the boardroom for negotiation of more rights.

  13. Well, men can also use the bedroom to enforce dominance. You deny me I’ll get another one. Period. There are plenty of bimbos around to take over. Even bungling Bung Mokthar has got himself one bimbo actress to be his No 2. Or is it No 3? Who cares what number.

  14. Tok Cik

    Religion is the reason that made many women into bimbos (quote and unquote). All the Abrahamaic religions including Hinduism projected women as slaves of men… ie that women exist to service the interest of men.

    If you don’t believe me, read through the whole of the Quran, the Hadith, the Torah, the Old Testament and even the New Testament.

    For example, poor Delilah was seen as a she-devil that destroyed the goodness of Samson. And in the Old Testament, Lot gave his daughters to sleep with strangers who were his guests. And in the Quran and Hadith, women are treated was war booties.

    Abrahamaic religions even taught that the first woman came from rib of that stupid man who got conned by a legless serpent. And the stupid first Man came about from the raw earth (dust)… implying that he is the master of the earth and the planet. That shows how much respect these desert religions give to women. Such preaching is utter rubbish and speaking on the side of a woman with any self-worth, I find such religious teaching given to 5-10 years in religious classes as abusive, obscene and morally unacceptable. No wonder, boys are brainwashed to treat their sisters and other girls with disrespect and girls being made to feel inferior to the boys. And parents, encouraged by their religion, reinforces that thinking. In oriental culture, eg Chinese, only the Males carry the family name. Girls marry out and take on the husband’s surname, She loses her identity almost totally, and her children don’t carry even her own family name.

    Even in Buddhism (though I am sure whether Gautama taught the same thing or not, Team might confirm), women cannot touch the monks and female menstruation as something unclean.

    So much so, because of the degradation of women by the male-controlled religions, today’s society, even how civilised we think we are, women are treated like bimbos and a commodity. In Africa, girls are sold by families for a price of cattle!!!! And all these people are believers in some form of God(s).

    Even the United Nations has to have a charter for the prevention of violence against women.

    I am surprised why the Sisterhood of the World doesn’t rise up.If they did, then someone like Tok Cik if denied in the bedroom will still be denied on the street or in other husbands’ bedroom.

    I just wish that Darwin’s evolution will turn this around and reverse the damage done by Religion.

    Time for Religion to recognise that Science has proven beyond any doubt that the female contributes EXACTLY 50% of her genes to the next generation, not less. And the female deserves equal if not more place in human society, and the gender that nurtures the next generation.

    And paleobiology has determined that human inheritance through the ages come from the RNA/mitochondria of the female line.

    Women should have become atheists and believe more in themselves than in some religions in which their God(s) do not give them a fair deal in life.

    It is not wrong to call men as Male Chauvinist Pigs. Couldn’t find a Bahasa version of this statement, Wish I could.

  15. “…where do Rosmah ‘fit-in’(the word ‘fit’is used deliberately with pun intended) to all those nice females??” – Danildaud


    Tough question to answer. I learnt that mutation does take place even among homo sapiens.

    The problem is that people like Rosmah, in her mind, she is trying to wear pants and underwear instead of wearing skirts and panties. Perhaps too much androgens running through her body while her husband seem to be suffering from androgen-deficiency syndrome.

    Women are nurturers of life, not destroyers of life. When women have too much androgens in their bodies, they become “males”.

  16. Tok cik, hang berani tulis saja. Depan isteri, pijak semut pun tak mati. Selamat Tahun baru.

    Thanks for your comments and views. I wonder why Perak is still in mess. I think it is because people like you are bystanders in the name of cari makan.–Din Merican

  17. Tok Cik

    Bung Mokhtar is such a low life that I am surprised you even equate him with being a member of the male human race.

    His views of women are so offensive that this actress who decided to marry him must have living in a men-less world to choose this lowlife. Mungkin perempuan ini makan ubat tok bomoh!! This new actress wife of his is what gives a bad impression of females in general: easily manipulated and easily succumb to a false sense of security from male promises of the good life. She must be a religious person herself with little self esteem.

  18. Well, Pak Din I don’t cari makan and I don’t cringe under the weight of women, per se. May be you’ve been having too much of the good things in Bangsar to really care what’s going on in Perak.

    The problem started when two BN loving PKR Aduns thought they could be better served by being “coolies” of Najib. Nizar and the PR leaders were warned of these two Umno turncoats, including the lone DAP rep from Jelapang, but they chose to ignore. Had they taken some evasive actions we’d not be where we are today.

    Anyway, there’s a limit to what we Perakeans can and can’t do. Our fate will be decided at GE 13.

    As for Frank, I am just stating the obvious – nothing more and nothing less. I too subscribe to gender equality. Religion, as I have said earlier, is largerly to be blamed for all the woes we are facing today.

    Cheers matey.

  19. ” Nizar and the PR leaders were warned of these two Umno turncoats, including the lone DAP rep from Jelapang, but they chose to ignore. Had they taken some evasive actions we’d not be where we are today…….” – Tok Cik

    I am in full agreement with you on this. I remembered they were warned BEFORE the crisis blew up.They were warned subtly where the Perak monarchy would stand on this crisis. No…. PR leaders did not bother to listen and they were either too scared of these frogs or too sure of themselves..

    These PR leaders thought when they won, they won on their own cleverness and became hubristic, and failed to listen to others especially those bloggers who knew what was coming who had their ears to the ground. RPK was the loudest voice but they brushed him aside.

    When Perak fell, the damage was almost irreversible. And the PR leaders found they were only clever BY HALF

    And they still DON’T listen well RIGHT NOW. PKR Leaders are still dragging their foot on Zulkifli Noordin and PAS on Hasan Ali.

    As everybody knew, this Zulkifli Noordin who became a self-appointed Allah’s Representative in Parliament was a total reject of the Islamic Party, PAS…even the religious PAS leaders were too embarrassed by this PKR idiot’s public antics and jihadist, and his suicide-bombing of PR mentality. When Zulkifli Noordin stood unde PKR banner , he never changed one bit , he became worse.

    I cannot imagine how could voters in PR or those voters in the Kulim Bandar Baru (my extended family lives in that constituency and for sure he will lose all the 14 votes for PR if he stood again) can tolerate Zulkifli Nordin ANYMORE, when he said he is a MUSLIM FIRST and an MP SECOND, after being voted in as a Pakatan Rakyat/PKR member of Parliament.

    Now what have Anwar and Syed Husin done to handle this Allah Representative in Parliament? They said they had talked to him ( and WE don’t know what the hell they told him or whether Zulkifli Noordin actually could have told Anwar and Syed Husin to “go and fly kite”) . Despite the so-called warning given by Anwar to Zulkifli Noordin, he still went to Parliament and tried to amend the constitution so that our Parliament will become some sort of an “Allah’s Parliament” not “Peoples’ Parliament”. It is already bad that our parliament was converted into an “UMNO’s Parliament” over the last 40 years.

    And for PAS, the PAS leqdership (except for Tok Guru Nik Aziz) is still scared of punishing the PAS Selangor Commissioner, Hasan Ali, the protege of PAS President Hadi Awang.

    Mark my words, PAS WILL PAY a heavy price in Selangor if Hasan Ali is not removed or sacked, not only in Selangor but Nizar’s Perak PAS will also have to pay that price because HASAN ALI is the FACE OF PAS.Likewise in Negri Sembilan as what happened in the byelection when the confirmed UMNO corrupt Isa Samad won by a landslide. Hasan Ali’s antic in Selangor was one of the factors.

    Non Muslims and PAS supporters will NOT forgive HADI AWANG for his continuing support of Hasan Ali.

    When the next GE comes, PR can forget about Selangor and Perak. All those high brow policy statements and the brouhaha in the latest PR convention will come to NOTHING is Zulkifli Nordin is still in PKR and if he is still nominated to stand AGAIN in the next GE for PR and Hasan Ali still is the leader of PAS or still is nominated to represent PR in Selangor.

    At this point in time, UMNO is preparing a farewell party for PR in Perak and Selangor. I might even want to attend the celebration farewell party because the PR leaders and Anwar have no balls to take on their own wayward members. It showed lack of integrity and courage to face problems in their own party.

    The question is: How reliable can PR leaders be to tackle the more difficult problems of the nation when they cannot handle problems in their own party. They should have learnt this lesson from the 30 years of UMNO leaders being subservient to the UMNO warlords and why the country has gone to the dogs ( note comparison with Zimbabwe is pretty close).

    Anwar and the PR leader today are hubristic in their thinking when coming to solve problems in their own party. It is not good enough to have highly intellectual people to lead PR when they cannot come down from their intellectual ivory tower and see reality on the ground for a change.

    The general view today is that PR will NOT win Putrajaya as it stand TODAY. It will lose Selangor and Perak simply because PR leaders are seen as WEAK in fixing internal problems like Zulkifli Nordin and Hasan Ali, just like UMNO unable to fix the problems caused by the UMNO warlords.

  20. “Females can survive and breed without males as a natural evolutionary trend. It already started with the plant kingdom.”
    – Frank – December 25, 2009 at 9:38 pm
    The Japanese have done some remarkable research into same sex breeding with female sperms and male eggs but the results are still inconclusive as in GMO crops , (Dolly) cloning and artificial wombs.
    But is that what we want ? Can one imagine Life without good old fashioned sex and passion !! 🙂

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