Dr. Mahathir: Go Ahead and Sue All Malaysians

December 24, 2009

Dr Mahathir: Go Ahead And Sue all Malaysians

Never be threatened by this old war horse. George Soros had put it correctly during the crisis of 1998 – Mahathir, ‘you are a menace to your country’.

Dr M threatens to sue Mkini, Kit Siang, Wain

RubyStar: Never be threatened by this old war horse. His method is to be on the crude offensive to frighten his nemeses or his perceived enemies. He has plundered the country for 22 years and the sorry state of affairs in the judiciary, society and economy of Malaysia will take at least two generations to unwind.

Go and sue the whole world. George Soros had put it correctly during the crisis of 1998 – Dr Mahathir Mohamad, ‘you are a menace to your country’.

SusahKes: As Dirty Harry once said, ‘Go ahead. Make my day’. So Mahathir, I believe many Malaysians would also say, ‘Go ahead; make our day’. Sue all you like.

The VK Lingam mess alone is enough to nail you but as it is, the attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail doesn’t even have the guts to issue the fiat. Sue – but let it be in an independent court.

File your suit in a Hong Kong or London because most of the Malaysian judges owe you a favour anyway. Everyone of my veins are crying out for you to be accountable for the RM100 billion you milked. And don’t try to ‘tai chi’ by dragging in former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi – you answer for your own sins; he’ll answer for his.

Dr Suresh Kumar: Look how shrewd and cunning this man is. How cleverly he manipulates and plays around with words as though the people are some kind of imbeciles.

Only now does this man wants to open the Pandora’s box when he knew about the misuse of PETRONAS’ funds to the tune of RM270 billion during Pak Lah’s administration. We are talking about not thousands or millions but billions of our money, the people’s money.

The fact that only now is he exposing the RM270 billion theft by the UMNOputras speaks volume of his integrity as a former PM. He is sending out a strong message to BN and UMNOputras and that is – ‘If you take any action against me, I will make sure all of you go down with me’.

I say to you, Mahathir, the RM100 billion is only the tip of the iceberg. You and UMNO not only bled the nation but also destroyed the societal harmony by continuously playing the race card with impunity to cover up all these scandals for the past 52 years.

SRR: I am disappointed with Mahathir but I understand his emotional state though I don’t support his reaction. He was one of the people I looked up to but now I see him acting just like his enemies. Anyway, if I were him and if I have nothing to hide, I would tell the press that I will do everything I can in order to prove my innocence.

I would not even demand for an apology. I would not sue anyone either. Threatening freedom of speech and expression by suing and whatnot is not the right way to go. I have more respect for people who are humble and fair. I don’t believe in “teaching people a lesson” in this manner.

KayKay: Mahathir has the right to sue. These days people sue left and right at the drop of a hat. What he should do is admit that he made, not some mistakes, but many mistakes. He’s carrying on as if he didn’t squander any of the nation’s wealth on harebrained schemes. The problem with our society these days is that people don’t have a sense of shame.

It was Mahathir himself who ticked off the Malays for not having a sense of shame, scrounging off the nation (taking loans and not repaying them). Mahathir, of course, didn’t practise what he preached.

X’roy: How about adding S. Samy Vellu, Ling Liong Sik, and Daim Zainuddin to the list. It should be an open inquiry to look into all the allegations that his sons were given unfair advantages in business. ‘Che Det’ seems to be saying that he is not the only guilty one. And, of course, the judges will also have to include foreign ones not from Sri Lanka, Singapore or Zimbabwe but from the UK, Canada, India and New Zealand.

Nil: The former PM should provide documents to counter the allegations instead of defending himself with threats to sue, an often-used UMNO tactic.

Sentinel: What’s the point of a royal commission of inquiry if people testify there with selective memories and keep saying ‘I cannot remember’? Anyway, the results and recommendations of such commissions are not respected. Just look at the royal commission on the VK Lingam case. Malaysia is now a lawless country, worse than Zimbabwe.

A Disgusted Malaysian: ‘I reserve the right to sue’. Why just reserve the right? Sue straightaway! As any man who is innocent would do so immediately. And as for ‘I will cooperate fully with the commission’, no doubt there will be with your usual selective memory loss.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Mahathir: Go Ahead and Sue All Malaysians

  1. Dr.Mahathir has done so much for the country. we are in his debt even for this internet that we are using. the lost of RM100 billion is just another false baseless assumption without sufficient proof and justification. therefore I support for the establishment of the royal commission in order to clean Dr. Mahathir’s name.


  2. People continue to believe lies and the amazing stories spun by bloggers or news sites heavily linked to the Opposition.

    We had the amazing story of Najib being linked to Altantuya. One politician even said he has a photo of Najib, Abdul Razak Baginda and Altantuya together in Paris.

    Together with this “master piece”, there was also a fugitive blogger (Raja Petra) who claimed Rosmah was at the scene and monitored the murder (or should I say blasting ?) of Altantuya…More http://manifestogwl.blogspot.com/2009/12/lies-against-najib.html

  3. Siddiq, you are so taken up by Dr. M and I feel sorry for you for not realising he stole your chicken coop right before your very eyes. Selamat Tahun Baru.

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