Jeffery Kitingan speaks

November 1, 2009

Jeffrey Kitingan: ‘My struggle is for the people’

by Roy Goh

jeffery-kHe has the finger on the pulse of Sabah politics and he knows the issues close to the heart of Sabahans. But Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan has also been called many things: a maverick, the man who party hops, an eccentric. ROY GOH talks to the man about his plans, now that he has resigned as Parti KeADILan Rakyat vice-president.

In Sabah politics, Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan is very well known, though most of the time for the wrong reasons. He pulled yet another surprise recently by resigning as vice-president of Parti KeADILan Rakyat. He has left everyone guessing.

Jeffrey, who had joined four political parties in the past and was once held under the Internal Security Act, remains an ordinary member of PKR.  He has, however, burned his bridges with the party. None of the options he has hinted at involved staying on in it.

Kitingan may have a penchant for switching camps but he is embraced by political parties because he knows the pulse of the people and the issues close to the heart of the people of Sabah.Jeffrey who had joined four political parties in the past and was once held under the Internal Security Act, remains an ordinary member of PKR.

Close calls for the Barisan Nasional in the last two elections, in Sook and Bingkor respectively, where he lost by small margins, attest to this. Attempts to get him to reveal his next move at an interview at his home in Sokid Villa in Luyang, Kota Kinabalu were met with a nonchalant “Bah, see lah.”

The word bah is a unique yet simple response from Sabahans to almost everything. It can mean yes, no, hello or goodbye and combined with different words can be an expression of anger, happiness, surprise or sadness. In short, it is as complicated as politics in Sabah.

Sabah folk may be able to understand what he is saying but peninsula-based PKR leaders will probably find his words hard to decipher. That is why it is felt that issues in Sabah should be resolved by a local.

A Sabah leader Ahmad Thamrin Jaini, formerly the state liaison committee secretary, replaces Azmin Ali as Sabah PKR chief. But the appointment, says Kitingan, was made by leaders from PKR headquarters. That only made things “more complicated”.

“It is not about the appointment but how it was made.” Considering he has gone from one party to another, will Kitingan be able to find a party that represents his true feelings, one that will enable him “to serve the people?”

Will he form a new party? “My brother (Pairin) did it bah when he formed PBS so why can’t I.” Or will he re-enter BN through PBS? It can happen but will it go down well with other PBS members?

Or maybe SAPP? Led by Datuk Yong Teck Lee, the former BN coalition party claims to have stealthily reached out to people of Sabah who wants equality in terms of progress and development. But like he said, he will need feedback from the grassroots first and until he makes his decision. “I am still an ordinary member bah.”

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: What made you join PKR?

A: I joined in October 2006 because I was attracted by their agenda. (De facto leader) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim agreed to my list of conditions, except for one on a revenue-sharing formula, if I were to join.

I thought it was a fair deal because I was also attracted to the party’s concept of “Justice For All”. That, at the time, made me believe I could nationalise the Sabah struggle for equality through democratic meritocracy, … reforms essentially.

Prior to that, I was already thinking about retiring from politics as I was fed up. I considered myself a political observer then. But I saw that none of our leaders were doing the honourable thing. That situation called for my participation in politics as a concerned leader.

Q: Were you comfortable in PKR initially?

A: Initially, I worked well as an ordinary member-cum-informal leader with the then state liaison committee chairman, Awang Tengah Awang Amin. We had high hopes for the party, especially when we started touring the state to increase membership.

Along the way, I was appointed vice-president. But gradually, I found it difficult to make decisions at state level. Kuala Lumpur (headquarters) would not allow the state liaison committee to make decisions on its own and preferred to refer to their proxies. It was frustrating as I represented a huge number of supporters. It is tough if you do not trust your own people in the states.

When they replaced Awang Tengah with Ansari Abdullah without even consulting the majority of the members, trouble began. They replaced Ansari with Anwar, then Azmin Ali and recently, Thamrin. At least two thirds of the members objected to the changes but Kuala Lumpur refused to listen.

You need a Sabahan leader to resolve issues in the state and in the case of Thamrin — though he is my friend and I have nothing against him personally — I don’t think he is recognised even by our own members. How would he be able perform his task as a leader?

If Kuala Lumpur keeps on changing leaders at its whims and fancies, how will the party carry on its struggle? The party risks becoming weaker and confusing its members.

Q: If you were made state leader, would things be different ?

A: It would not have made any difference if the leaders in Kuala Lumpur refuse to listen to what we have to say. I have said this many times before and I will say it again — my struggle is for the people, not for myself. My outspokenness has got me into trouble as I am not like others who would cower the moment they feel their position is threatened.

There were calls from members and leaders at divisional level for me to lead PKR in Sabah but to me, that is secondary. Headquarters decided without our consensus and to me, that is wrong. It’s not about the appointment but how it was made.

Q: Are you suggesting PKR needs a liaison committee that is not bound by the national leadership?

A: Not necessarily. There are national issues that need attention but when it comes to matters in the states, they should trust those they have on the ground. If they need to decide on everything, then what is the use of having a democratic process?

This was what I called for when I joined the party. I even introduced the “Tambunan Declaration” as a guideline. It is an approach based on equal partnership between Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia.

These are among the main contents of the declaration: to respect the special rights and autonomy of Sabah and Sarawak, including the 20 Points (agreement made during the formation of Malaysia), the creation of a second deputy prime minister for the Borneo states, setting up a royal commission of inquiry to resolve the issuance of identity cards to foreigners and the large presence of illegal immigrants, raising oil royalty from the present level of five per cent to 20 per cent, getting a fair portion of federal cabinet posts as well as in the foreign service and to allow Sabah to plan its own socio-economic development. But Kuala Lumpur prefers to dominate us.

Q: If this declaration is adopted by PKR, would that make you change your mind?

A: If anyone adopts the declaration, I would be happy. Whether it is the BN or Pakatan, I am sure it will benefit the country in the long term. The recognition given by the present government to Malaysia Day spells some hope for all of us.

Q: Who do you represent in your struggles?

A: The silent majority in Sabah, including certain leaders within the BN. The problem is they are being dominated by Kuala Lumpur and they don’t dare say anything because of the political system of selfishness and dominance that we have now.

If they don’t like you, out you go. So to protect their interests, they keep quiet. The last election may have jolted the BN to bring about reforms but we in Sabah and Sarawak deserve more.

Q: Will you leave PKR?

A: I will tell you next week.

Q: Did Anwar call to persuade you to stay on (as vice-president) ?

A: Not directly. I heard from other leaders. Why can’t he call me? This is where I feel we are not respected as leaders and it disappoints me.

Q: What are your plans now? You have spoken about forming a new party, or joining Sabah Progressive Party, or even BN. Which is it?

A: I need a little time to reflect on things and get feedback from the grassroots. But as it is now, most of the people I have spoken to want me to form a new Sabah-based party. I will need to consider all these options.

Q: Have you been approached by any party?

A: Would you be surprised if I have been? I have been approached informally so I will not commit too much on this. I would say this though — it’s nice to know doors are open to me.

Q: You have switched from Parti Bersatu Sabah (led by elder brother Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan), to Akar (now defunct), back to PBS, then Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS), an independent, and now PKR. Does it not bother you what people think?

A: It was not my desire to leave PBS. It was my brother who told me to join Akar. At the time, politics in Sabah was in a disarray (with the BN taking over the state from PBS when several of its leaders switched camps to the coalition). My brother wanted me to stop PBRS and Parti Demokratik Sabah (now United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun and Murut Organisation or Upko) from entering the BN coalition. I became deputy president of the party and objected to the entry of PBRS and PDS, but we failed.

Eventually, I returned to PBS. After that with problems brewing in PBS — because people did not like my enthusiasm as a leader — I joined PBRS. The same thing happened and I left again. For a while, I served the people on my own and subsequently joined PKR.

I am an organisation man who runs administrative matters passionately and effectively. The only problem is when you are a good leader, the people like you but not certain leaders who will make it a point to boot you out. I switched parties not because I wanted to but because circumstances forced me to.

Q: What are your hopes for the future?

A: My struggle for the state and its people are listed in the Tambunan Declaration. We cannot afford to become a subservient society controlled by proxies and their masters. We need to speak up and be heard.

27 thoughts on “Jeffery Kitingan speaks

    1. The Yang DiPertuan Negeri should be Yang DiPertuan Negera.
    2. English should be our offical language therefore there must be school which teach fully in English.
    3. The Immagration and National Regestration Dept should be under State affairs.
    4. Special right for KDM peoples.
    5. All Federal Posts in Sabah should be hold by Sabahan.
    6. Our land cannot be simply taken by public listed compenies without approval from the State Assembly.
    7. The surat akuan should be audited and replaced.
    8. Dabious MyCard should be taken away from the holder.
    9. The Petronas should give State Govt not less than 30 % oil royalty and the money should be keep in seperate account and cannot be taken out for 20 years for the benefits of our younger generations.
    10. To stop monopoly on rice imports. Sabah state should be importing rice directly from other countries.

  2. if jeffery kitingan want to gain the trust of the sabah people, he should have a very firm stand over the thing he want to fight. hopping from one party to another party is not the the best way as people will sees him as a person who flip flopping stand when ever its suits him. no way a person like that will taken seriously and lead the states or country.

    it is sound silly to read him justifying his changes party as a fight and struggle for the people. i bet he don’t want people to do change support from one party to another party if it don’t suits them. many leader do things that they don’t want other to do on to himself. anwar is the best example as he approved MP to jump in to his party but not his to others party.

    even thou jeffery is not the example leader, he shown to the sabahan that the don’t like the way that the malays do politics. the real power end up to the malays even it about the local sabah issue. the local leaders has to ‘kow tow’ to each directives that given by the top committee that is to believe influences by UMNO policies.

    jeffery trying hard to be fight for the people but his actions are filled with lots of suspicion. just like anwar, jeffery was brought down by his own act. he was kicked out from the leading party to be exile. this sure will scratched his ego and arrogance and to fight back mean more that fight for the people because it is a personal vendetta.

    jeffery should corporate with local based party if he want his tambunan declaration to be realized. only a strong sabahan can push this idea to reality. we can’t hope and except for the malaya based party to give support for ideas that won’t give them any benefits. we have to be on top the decision making without compromised the agreement and the sabahan people.

  3. Ah, the seeds of discord – might as well be the “Republic of Sabah”, now it has swelled to 20+10 Tambunan Declarations huh, according to Albert? I’m fine with the original 20 though.

    Fully agree to all, on condition that we transfer Mt. Kinabalu to the peninsular so that we nons in this and that, can isolate ourselves too. Then you’ll have more land to plant your padi without influence of that crotch crony BERNAS. I think that pts. 1,2,3,4,5,10 not doable.

  4. menyalaker ,

    i think bean is right . instead of asking for 30% of the oil revenue they should ask for 100%. if the federal government keeps collecting 95% of the oil revenue , then we will have more giveaways like the 500 million dollars given to razak baginda and the rm 12.5 billion that is bandied about vis a vis the pkfz issue .

    after giving it all away rather frivilously , they will impose a 50 ringgit tax on the credit cards and say as an excuse for imposing this tax that ” we must raise funds from somewhere to pay for our development efforts ” or the development budget. then they will also raise the electricity tariffs , the H20 ( water ) rates , toll rates etc.

    does the make sense to you ? i mean , these people literally get away with daylight murder and robbery. and whom do they rob? – the little people who are struggling to make ends meet.

    just imagine 50 ringgit tax on credit cards after giving away 500 million to razak baginda and another 12.5 billion wasted on pkfz – and the excuse is they need the 50 ringgit from all of us to finance development !!!

  5. Bean, ‘doable’ are attempts that do and do, and rule on rule – unlike the macaque and the goat, which was not doable. I left the petronas’s extra 10% as gratuity for the goat.
    Priya (what a beautiful name), ahem…, honestly those idiots who manage the economy have no idea what they are doing. So why the fuss… kick them out next election and vote for the tireless monkey.

  6. It’s hightime politics in Sabah/Sarawak venture beyond the Kitingan’s and Ongkili’s , the Aman and Taib clan.

    The aspirations craved for by ordinary folks of the two Borneon entities spelled out by Jeffrey are not something new under the East Malaysian sun and had been the determining factors prior to the establishment of malaysia.

    Nonetheless , except for the Aman’s and Taib’s ,whom are still grasping on to whatever little power KL let them have over matters concerning these two states. The remaning remnants of past leaders still loitering back and forth blew their chances of straightening what was bent primarily due to their own greed.
    Over the entire period of it’s inception , Malaysia has been governed by a bunch of lowdown Malayans with a penchant to behave like ‘kera kena belacan’ central leadership that have not only totally brushed aside the legitimate rights of Sabah/Sarawakians but in the processed belittled the customs of the natives and meddled with their filthy hands in it’s sosial structure.

    As though these actions were not bad enough , they then went on coordinating a systematic plot , a blueprint of sought to commit atrocities against the Borneon states under a mind insulting guise of either , one of national assimilation or another of national economic policy.
    And what better way to make this henious plan worked if not by encouraging hand picked thieves and have them masquarade as politicians while the Malayan umno buffoons schemed far worst crimes.
    After having these unscrupulous agenda set in place , the likes of Tun Razak and Mahathir unashamedly and without hesitation reverted to arm twisting tactics time and again simply because they had the military on their side.

    Anwar , who fell from grace and with all the jet setting around the globe preaching of social justice , on the other hand , should play a pivotal role in redeeming the injustices done rather than continue behaving like an arrogant jerk akin to his umno days.

  7. As I said in the other thread, Jeffrey Kitingan has a “judgement” problem. I would not go as far to say he is inflicted with ADS.

    It is not good enough to spell out ideals and goals and rehash declarations, question what has he substantively contributed to make effective change when he was frogging to no less than 4 political parties? Many would see Jeffrey as an opportunist seeking to reposition his political stakes in each political party.

    The issue for Sabah is not the message, it is the attribute of the messenger.

    I am curious why Sabahans still cannot see Jeffrey Kitingan has show poor political judgement. He is wily and cunning, that much I can give him for, in raising the ante when he finds himself unstuck. And that is to cut himself loose to join another party or form a new one.

  8. “if jeffery kitingan want to gain the trust of the sabah people, he should have a very firm stand over the thing he want to fight. hopping from one party to another party is not the the best way as people will sees him as a person who flip flopping stand when ever its suits him. no way a person like that will taken seriously and lead the states or country”- jefferi78

    I say AMEN to that. I could not clarify better than that, coming from a Sabahan, I presume.

  9. It is time Anwar buries the proverbial hatchet, more so because as Dr. Mahathir’s former hatchet man, he was responsible for the “Islamisation” Of Sabah that saw Sabah inundated by Fillipino and Indonesian Muslims.
    The Sabahans are not asking for separation, they are merely asking for a more equitable say and share of the wealth taken out of their land.
    As far as PKR is concerned,if Jeffery is not the right man, is there another more credible or able to take over his role ?
    As far as Jeffery Kitigan is concerned, will he come to the conclusion that he may as well do away with all Peninsula based Parties all together and form new alliances with Sabahan based Parties to achieve their political objectives?

  10. The Sabahans are not asking for separation, they are merely asking for a more equitable say and share of the wealth taken out of their land.-Ocho-onda

    The opportunity was lost for Sabah at the march 2008 election. The way things go at the moment, Sabahan will face the same fate as they had been since 1963.

    The days of ” asking” should have been over decades ago.

    Sabahans, especially the whining elitist, have not step up to the plate to DEMAND their share by mobilising the Sabah masses to demand their rights through the ballot box. Instead they voted in leaders who are adept at party-frogging to suit their personal interest.

    You cannot do the “asking” on the internet or in the blogs. It has to be in the ballot box. Go mobilise the masses to make that ‘DEMAND’ through the ballot box to boot out those Sabahan politicians who frogged around to ass-lick Kuala Lumpur’s UMNO-led BN. And there is no other way.

  11. What remains on the blind side of these ‘green-twiggs’ assuming the role of self-assigned advocates of change most recently sprouting in between cracks all along the highway which leads to putrajaya is that way back in the 90’s the elected state govt of PBS were compelled by Sabahans to rise up and dumped the mighty BN marshalled by the kedahan imported ‘keralan knight’
    for the newly formed S46 which was led by sweet prince Ku-Li.
    Need I elaborate what transpired soon after? Naah! waste of bandwith!

  12. “This is the continuing fate of East Malaysians still in years to come if they don’t remove the wool stuck in their eyes by the UMNO-led Government of Kuala Lumpur.” – Frank

    I beg to differ from your views though I do take your comments on both threads above on board.
    I find irony in your comment, Frank.

    What has transpired recently between Jeffery and PKR is in actual fact consequential to the Sabahans decision to “remove the wool stuck in their eyes….” This stance is quite understandable if even you has relented that the Sabahans have been hoodwinked all these years.
    can look at the present situa
    Perhaps, we

  13. “What has transpired recently between Jeffery and PKR is in actual fact consequential to the Sabahans decision” – ocho-onda

    Two separate issues here: Jeffrey’s squabble with PKR is not the issue, it is is poor judgment of leap-frogging once too often.. and if history is to be the basis, he will keep on frogging till who knows when (when he becomes PM ??)

    Taking on PKR by Jeffrey is not the solution for Sabahans to remove the wool stucked by UMNO-led BN. It is only a bad excuse by the the Jeffrey apologists.

    They are two separate kettles of fish.

  14. “This is the continuing fate of East Malaysians still in years to come if they don’t remove the wool stuck in their eyes by the UMNO-led Government of Kuala Lumpur.” – Frank

    I beg to differ from your point of view though I do take onboard your comments on both the above threads, Frank.

    There is irony in your comment. What has transpired recently in the Jeffery Kitigan “saga” is actually a consequential effect of the Sabahans attempt to ” remove the woool stuck in their eyes…” This stance is understandable as even you have relented that the Sabahans have been hoodwinked all these years and continue to be so.

    Perhaps, we should refrain from being drawn to the personalities involved, to have a more objective and realistic overview of the political landscape.

    The PR needs the both Sabahan and Sarawakian votes to secure Putrajaya but they won’t, in this case. the Sabahans , come onboard until they managed to dislodge the bones of discontent that have been stuck in their throats for these decades. And the only way to achieve that as far as they (Sabahans) are concerned, is sort out their “20 point Agreement”.

    An analogy will be that of a candidate going for a job interview who has learnt from experience that the only time to discuss about prospects, terms, rewards, monetary or otherwise , is before the decision is made to accept the job offer, not after.
    And if either party cannot come to agreement then either one can move on to greener pastures.

  15. This is not about Jeffery Kitingan. Mark my words, if push come to shove, Jeffery Kitingan or who ever leader the Sabahans choose, will seek out local alliance to achieve their political objectives.

  16. “the Sabahans , will seek out local alliance to achieve their political objectives.” – ocho-onda

    That will be the day and I look forward to that day. But I doubt it, seriously and honestly, if history is of any guide about Sabahans and the kind of personalities Sabahans elect as their leaders.

    They could not do it since 1963 ( and that’s over 40 years), you think can do it in the next 10 years to even achieve 50% of the 20 point agreement?

    I put my money and pawn my family heirloom that Sabahans can’t even do in half that period (the next 20 years).

    I am an optimist, but when it comes to East Malaysians, when I look at its history since 1963, I become a pessimist.

    What’s the evidence or as Mr. Bean likes it better, circumstantial evidence, that Sabahans or their leaders will take the corner and for once, do something for their own good instead of the good of Kuala Lumpur? Show, not tell, what evidence or some thread of REAL action, not statements of declarations and sweet-nothings to win cheap votes from the folks in the deep remotes of Sabah.

  17. Don’t be sure sure, Frank. I hate to see you lose your family fortunes ! 🙂

    At the moment, both parties are testing to see how much ground each can achieve. Sans 3rd party influences, it can only go three ways ,depending on how the horse trading is being carried out : –

    a) Both Anwar and Jeffery will come to their senses and see the bigger picture to reach a compromise (to tie up the loose ends) to achieve their respective political objectives.

    b)Najib will try to sneak in and up the ante to lure the frogs over.

    c) The Sabahans will unite and let PR and BN cancel each other out at the next GE. The Sabahan Party will take over state control and deal with whoever ,PR or BN , forms the next Federal Government. And it will be interesting to see how the situation in Sarawak inter play with what is happening in Sabah.

    Good luck on your bet ! 🙂

  18. “The Sabahans will unite….” – ocho-onda

    Tough call, very very tough call. Cannot see that in the horizon at all right now and not even in the next 3 years. Its optimism bordering on fantasy, from where I am seeing it. Sorry to say that, but in my heart of hearts, that’s my very honest opinion about Sabah and Sabahans right now.

  19. Ocho-onda

    I forgot to add, out of the three scenarios you painted, the most likely outcome is (b) and Najib, with incumbency on his side and plane-loads of cash from UMNO’s rape of Sabah’s natural resources over the last 40 years, will WIN over all the Sabah frogs easily.

  20. Dr Jeffrey and other KDM leaders in the Govt and Opposition parties are just like the Hollywood movies like Rambo, Rambo 2, 3, 4…Die Hard 1, 2, 3 …Dirty Harry 1, 2….and these leaders have their own script “wayang kulit”…so are we waiting for another script from Dr J and his bro and PBS this time?

  21. Hmm! The last I recalled there was one female slut of a frog hopping around the whole of peninsular armed with pepper spray.

    Aaah! and not forgetting those two sex hungry foreskinless froggies that could not restrained themselves from hopping all over china dolls , which almost cause the Perak palace walls to collapse , not to mention the DUN.
    At the rate PR is manoeuvre-ing , I am afraid Ilham could very well be right when he says the day of reckoning is closing down fast on all LKS Worshippers.
    Ooops! Pakatan supporters.
    So its best to bring all of these philosophical hocus-pocus to a halt , return to your temples , gurdwaras , churches , mosque.. etc, and ‘doa’ that the gods forbid more legion of frogs from creating havoc on the west side, in the land of the boleh.

  22. PKR tidak akan tunduk kepada syarat Jeffery : Ahmad Thamrin,Ketua Perhubungan PKR Sabah.

    Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) tidak akan tunduk kepada syarat-syarat yang diletakan Datuk Dr.Jeffery Kitingan untuk terus kekal di dalam parti,kata Ketua Perhubungan PKR Sabah Ahmad Thamrin Zaini.

    Thamrin yang kesal dengan tindakan mantan Naib Presiden PKR itu menyifatkan ia adalah tidak wajar sedangkan parti itu mempunyai salurannya sendiri yang memberikan ruang kepada ahlinya menggemukan sebarang cadangan.

    “Semua perlu faham PKR adalah sebuah parti nasional yang beroperasi secara demokrasi,tidak ada orang yang lebih penting daripada parti itu sendiri….tindakan Jeffery membuat syrat seumpama itu hanya merumitkan keadaan sedangkan PKR membuka ruang yang luas untuk ahli bersuara dan membuat cadangan ,ada saluran dan peruntukan dalam parti,kita ada forum,majlis pimpinan pusat dan negeri kenapa baru disuarakan sekarang”, kata Thamrin yang dalam lawatan sulungnya ke Sandakan selepas menyandang jawatan Ketua Perhubungan PKR Sabah.

    Tambahnya,kapasiti Jeffery yang menduduki saf utama dalam barisan PKR sepatutnya memberikan kelebihan untuknya bersuara dan membuat sebarang cadangan.

    “Empat perkara itu boleh di lakukan dan disuarakan kerana sebelum ini beliau sendiri merupakan Naib Presiden PKR dan Biro Politik PKR Pusat yang merupakan jawatankuasa tertinggi dalam parti yang mempunyai hak menentukan keputusan,” tambahnya.

    Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita ketika diminta mengulas kenyataan Dr.Jeffery yang meletakkan empat syarat kepada parti itu untuk dia kekal bersama parti berkenaan.

    Empat syarat tersebut ialah,ibu pejabat parti perlu membuat pembaharuan dan memastikan perlantikan dibuat berdasarkan pemilihan;Ia perlu menghormati aspirasi rakyat; autonomi politik bagi operasi PKR di Sabah; dan parti itu perlu menubuhkan jawatankuasa bagi meneliti terma jawatankuasa antara-kerajaan berhubung penubuhan Malaysia dan kelemahannya.

    Dalam pada itu,ketika diminta mengulas dakwaan sesetengah pihak yang mengatakan PKR sedang berhadapan dengan krisis dalaman,Thamrin berkata ianya merupakan satu proses biasa di dalam mana-mana parti.

    “Keadaan seumpama ini ada baiknya ianya merupakan satu anjakan dalam memperbaiki dan memperkukuhkan parti itu sendiri,ini memperjelaskan kepada semua siapa yang sebenarnya akan berjuang atau dasar perjuangan parti”, katanya.

    Lawan Tetap Lawan.

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