Anwar Ibrahim’s Final Push in Bagan Pinang: UMNO playing the racial card

October 11, 2009

Anwar’s Final Push in the Battle for Bagan Pinang

calon rasuah

mk_50x50Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has described the Bagan Pinang by-election as a battle to gauge whether the Malay heartlands in Malaysia have changed their mindset.

Anwar, who is also Permatang Pauh parliamentarian, said UMNO has been playing the racial card by alleging that Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives would betray the Malays in helping the Chinese and Indian minorities.

anwar sodomy 2 duta court hearing pkr leaders 080709 13“They condemned us by saying we give land to the Chinese farmers. I would like to ask, what is wrong with giving land to poor farmers…,” he said late yesterday before campaigning came to a close at midnight.

“In the past, who gave a whole mountain in Pahang to be developed into a gambling resort? Who gave APs (approved permits) to selected rich individuals and cronies?”

He argued that Pakatan politicians would assist all poor people, be they Malay, Chinese or Indians.

According to the Pakatan leader, Malaysia is primed for change and his opposition coalition has injected a new idea into the nation’s political landscape where all communities, and not one particular community, will benefit.

In the Bagan Pinang by-election, UMNO is pinning its hopes on former menteri besar Mohd Isa Samad while PAS is fielding its state commissioner, Zulkefly Mohamad Omar, as its candidate.

MCA party workers advised to go home

Meanwhile, PAS vice-president Dato’ Mahfuz Omar asked MCA party workers to stop campaigning and go home.

mahfuz omar“The MCA EGM (extraordinary general meeting) has shown clear signs that the delegates reject a president who is accused of corruption.

“Hence, MCA members campaigning here should do the same – close its party machinery and stop campaigning for Isa who had been convicted for money politics.”

Similarly, Mahfuz said UMNO workers should also reject a tainted candidate such as Isa.

“Leave him on his own, and ensure that a clean candidate from PAS and Pakatan represent the constituency.”

Just reminder for all of us from Dr. Setev

12 thoughts on “Anwar Ibrahim’s Final Push in Bagan Pinang: UMNO playing the racial card

  1. Unofficial result from Bagan Pinang ISA has won.

    According to Raja Petra Pas deserved a good whack for being so big headed and behaving like amatuer.

  2. Tean,

    If that is the case, then PAS leadership must do a post mortem and learn from this setback. We must respect the decision of the voters of Bagan Pinang and move on. If PAS is arrogant and does not listen to the advice of its partners, then it must change its tack and learn to eat the humble pie.

    Stop their romance with UMNO and work hard to make the Pakatan Rakyat coalition a viable alternative to UMNO-BN. Some in PAS must learn to accept Anwar Ibrahim as the leader and stop blackmailing its partners by playing the Malay unity with UMNO card.

    Pakatan Rakyat cannot continue in the same mode; it must get its act together and not allow publicly hungry and self serving leaders like Dr. Hassan Ali a free hand to make statements which can weaken the Pakatan Rakyat spirit, and antagonize its supporters. Let us get our act together and honour our March 2008 commitments to the people that we are going to govern in a competent, accountable and transparent way. People and civil society organisations are increasingly impatient and want to see results. After 18 months since the March 8, 2008 political tsunami, they are not prepared to hear excuses.–Din Merican

  3. PR!! it is 7 vs 2 now. You guys better go back to the drawing board and learn how to really act as ONE!!

    PAS should stop playing kampong politics and start thinking about working hard to be part of the next government led by Anwar Ibrahim. If you want to go with UMNO, by all means you go. Stop threatening your partners. By the way, in order to show us that you are serious, Ustaz Hadi, you must start to purge your party of disruptive elements like your Deputy, the Malay supremacist Nasharuddin and PAS Selangor Hassan Ali who are not interested in Pakatan Rakyat.

  4. With victory in Bagan Pinang, UMNO has the momentum at least for now and their leaders go into their AGM with the wind behind their backs. They may just win the next ‘olympics’ and break some world records.

  5. Once again voters have shown that they are more sensible than some politicians. PAS needed this hammering to show them what ordinary citizens think about their philosophy and their mavericks. And PR? Time and time again they have been warned that not reigning in hotheads is like allowing sabotage.

    Post mortems will be interesting.

  6. “Menang sorak kampung tergadai”.

    Last election Pas managed to secure 4097 votes compared to 2758 now. What happen to 1200 over votes?

    Now go ahead, shouting PAS.
    Go ahead telling the non-Malays that they cannot drink beer.
    Go tell the non Muslims and young people that they cannot watch any performance just because the singers are not wearing purdah.
    Go ahead labeling everything as “unislamic” and should be banned.
    Go ahead telling the people that only PAS can ferry everyone to heaven.

    What happen now?
    PAS should know that we are still walking on earth.
    There are also people who are not Muslims and they also need space to live. There are also young people and they want to have more space.

    Who will take responsibility for the big shift. Just blaming UMNO for corruptions? Good luck Pakatan Rakyat.

  7. When tean is angry, it is never a good sign for Pakatan. When tean dances around Ms Maria Ozawa, his English teacher, we can breathe a sigh of relief. Not this time.

  8. It is time we join tean in a beer summit.

    Obama recently has a beer summit and the leaders of PAS and PKR and DAP now need to have one. PAS can have Chinese tea which looks close enough.

    **I hope our blog host in his wisdom let this beer commercial stand because the title ‘banned beer commercial’ is misleading as it has none of the ingredients of a banned commercial. Let us not adopt the attitude of people we are trying to replace.

    Let us work for a truly free Malaysia.

    Let us not have Muslim enclaves where only teh tarek is sold and non-Muslim enclaves where beer is sold freely.

  9. Bean,

    Seremban and PD is not Kota Bahru or Sik.

    People in Negeri Sembilan are very practical . They work hard to make money and they know to enjoy their life. When I was there in the early 80’s we organised parties almost every Saturday. Back then we were young and we did what young people ought to do.

    And now we have a new group of ” heaven express” trying to stop all “worldly activities”. Come on guys, if you cannot do it anymore, don’t assume that everyone else should stop as well.

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