A Father’s Agony over the loss of his daughter

From Susan Loone’s blog


October 5, 2009

I am sorry I could not be in Paris, France to meet Mr. Najib Razak, while he is on his official tour as Prime Minister of Malaysia. I am sick and have been hospitalised due to poor health. I had so wished to speak to Mr Najib and send him this message and to shake his hand. I tried to meet him at the Malaysian Parliament in 2007, but he left the House early and my trip there was not complete.

“She died during the month of Ramadhan in 2006″

It’s been three painful years since my daughter Altantuya Shaariibuu died mercilessly in the hands of the Malaysian Royal Police. She died on October 19, 2006, during the month of Ramadhan, which is one of the holiest months for the Muslims.

“How do I explain her murder to her two sons?”

She was blown up by military explosives and the reason for her grotesque murder is still unknown until today. Although the two policemen (Azilah Shaari and Sirul Omar) involved in her murder have been convicted and are facing a death sentence, my family and I are still unable to explain to my two grandsons, Altantuya’s sons- Altanshagai and Multanshagai – that their mother had died so violently and cruelly in a far away land called Malaysia.

“She died while working for Malaysia”

I hope PM. Mr. Najib Razak enjoys his trip to France, where a deal with a French company which his close friend Abdul Razak Baginda help brokered led to the circumstances surrounding my daughter’s murder. It cannot be denied that she died being a translator for a Malaysian company to purchase French submarines worth a billion Euros and knows of many things that the neither the Malaysian nor the French public know about.

“Two more orphaned children in the world”

I have filed a civil suit against the two policemen and the Malaysian government to compensate for the death of my daughter. She was the soul bread winner of her two sons. Now her two children are left orphans and I am very uncertain of their future and my wife and I are growing in years and we are not wealthy people. It is only fair and just that the Malaysian government take responsibility for what had happenned to my daughter.

“Why did the court choose to ignore Musa Safri?”

The two policemen committed this most hideous murder of my then 28 year old daughter while being under the service of Najib Razak, who was then Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister. Najib’s aide de camp, DSP Musa Safri was reported to have told the policeman (chief inspector Azilah) to help Abdul Razak Baginda, deal with Altantuya, when she was said to be visiting him to ask for her commissions. However, Musa Safri was never asked to appear in court to be questioned about his involvement in this case.

“Najib acts as if nothing has happenned”

With so many closely linked to Najib in this murder, it is impossible and irresponsible for Najib to now wash his hands off this mater and act as if none of this tragedy has befallen my daughter and my family.

“Would she have died if the French deal was fair and transparent?”

The French company involved in the Malaysian deal also cannot escape with impunity. My daughter would not have met her cruel death if the deal had been transparent and fair.

“Let her not die in vain”

I appeal on behalf of my deceased daughter, my wife, my two grandsons and all Mongolian citizens, not to let my daughter Altantuya die in vain. Her body may have been blasted into a million unrecognisable pieces, but our hearts remain one: to seek justice for my beloved daughter, to put her spirit to rest, and to ensure her orphaned son have a reasonable future.

Thank you.

Sincerely, from a Mongolia citizen whose daughter was murdered by police in Malaysia:Dr Shaariibuu Setev.

18 thoughts on “A Father’s Agony over the loss of his daughter

  1. This is Malaysia Dr Seribu.

    Your daughter (God rests her soul) has long gone in seribu pieces but the only form of justice left is that justice that comes out of the barrel of a Magnum .375.

    Good luck.

  2. Words of Wisdom from the Buddha might help to reduce the suffering in our hearts.

    The lives of all living beings – ours or anyone else’s – are of equal worth. Each animal’s life is of equal worth with the life of a human being, for if life is taken away from an animal, it can no longer be an animal.

    If life is taken away from a person, he or she can no longer be
    a person. In other words, the continuity of the animal’s being
    or of the person’s being is broken right then in just the same way.
    This is why we’re taught not to destroy one another’s lives,
    because to do so is to destroy absolutely the value of one another’s

    Death is a fear striking deeper than any other fear into the heart of each animal and every person. This is why the
    Buddha teaches us to keep our hands off the lives of our fellow
    living beings.

  3. This is one sad episode. One way of easing the old man’s agony is for leaders,members and supporters of Pakatan to chip in and contribute to the childrens welfare. Perhaps Susan or Din Merican could kickstart a donation drive.

    I’ve seen worst disasters in the recent typhoons that hit the Philipines where a whole family were buried alive. The devastation will break hearts alright but no matter how we grieve there’s nothing much anyone could possibly do for the poor souls except render aid to the living in order for them to pick up the pieces

    This kind of tragedy stand’s to remind us that life is fragile and the distance between life and death is just a breath away.

  4. The crime and the ‘virtual’ perpetuators must not be forgotten, but the grieving has to stop. What many people do, are in ignorance – when you thred deliberately into a crocodilian pit, be prepared to be eaten. You may call it fate or luck, but to me there’s lack of discernment and too much emotionalism. Demanding ‘justice’ at this level is futile.

    I see it as a prolonged grief by Dr. Setev, who as a psychologist, should know better – it must a calm measured sustained campaign to assess the world stage. Only in this way can any hope of justice be done. Instead of ‘donations’ to the children of Altantunya, the ‘concerned’ of Malaysia should contribute to finding out the ‘truth’ or whatever available evidence that will shed light on the nefarious underpinnings of this case. The only way that the facts will be revealed is for a new federal govenment to be seated in PutraJaya and the whole case retried, with all the evidence loaded up.

    What is a ‘reasonable’ future?
    Btw Tean, nice Buddhists sayings – so are vegetables ‘living’?

  5. So are vegetables ‘living’?.Menyalak-er

    Yes in sciences but No in Buddhism. Plants and vegetables have no “soul’.

  6. I agree with Menyalak-er. The only way is for a new federal government to take over.

    What is a ‘reasonable’ future?

    It has to be in the next GE.

    How many more years can the father carry on with such sorrows ?

    If the justice is not done early, will the Altantuya’s children ,when they grow up, carry on the fight for their mother not only with sorrow but also with anger ? ! What will happen when their children become the leaders of their country ?

  7. Before anything is admissible as evidence, it has first to be relevant. I cannot view that page as it no longer exists. So she lied? The judge will have to rule on the relevancy of any piece of evidence. You will have to help him.

  8. “The only way that the facts will be revealed is for a new federal govenment to be seated in PutraJaya and the whole case retried, with all the evidence loaded up.” Menyalak-er

    No motion has been moved by the defense for a mis-trial. It is too late for that. It would appear that the rule against double jeopardy has set in in the case of Razak Baginda. It would appear he is out of the loop as far as criminal proceedings are concerned.

  9. Haha, didn’t expect a judicial review, Bean.
    No need for persecution in any court, public odium would suffice. In fact, its probably more ‘fun’ – akin to the masses screaming in a Roman Coliseum watching gladitorial delights! We plebs are quite curious to know the whole truth, nothing but the truth, ‘cuz we are voyeurs at heart.

  10. Thanks Tean, for your edification about the Buddhist view on vegetarianism.
    The reason, i thought of that – was that between the 12-13th centuries, there was this bunch of ‘heretical’ Christians called Cathars who lived in SE France who believed that they could eat fishes as they were ‘harvested’ at sea and as such were considered as ‘vegetables’. You see the Cathars were strictly vegan ‘vegetarian’.
    The location seems quite relevant to our dear leader’s tour de France. Just popped into my mind…

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