Negri Sembilan PAS Chief for Bagan Pinang By-Election to take on Isa Samad

Untuk Pengundi di DUN Bagan Pinang  dari Bekas President UMNO

September 30, 2009

PAS (and Pakatan Rakyat) names Negri Sembilan Chief as its Bagan Pinang By-Election Candidate

malaysian insider

Malaysian Insider reports (By Adib Zalkapli):

PAS today (September 29, 2009) named its Negri Sembilan chief Zulkefly Omar as the candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election. That announcement was made at a public rally in the Chinese-dominated Batu 9 town near here by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang. “The candidate represents all Malaysians and the people of Bagan Pinang,” Hadi told the multi-racial crowd.

calon bpinang

Zulkefly, 45, a communication graduate, had contested and lost three times. During the last year’s general election he lost Lenggeng state seat in Kuala Pilah by some 1,000 votes.

Speaking to reporters after the announcement, Hadi said he is confident of PAS’s chances of winning the seat. “We have won seven out of eight by-elections, we are confident,” said Hadi. “He is our best candidate — young and educated,” he added.

Hadi dismissed the suggestion that the infighting within Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor will affect the coalition’s chances of winning the seat.

During the last general election PAS lost 12 out of 13 state constituencies it contested in Negri Sembilan. PAS only won the Paroi seat, situated within the Rembau parliamentary constituency. To a question on the Barisan Nasional’s (BN) decision to field Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad as the Bagan Pinang candidate, Zulkefly said he will let the people decide on the former Negri Sembilan mentri besar’s ability to represent them.

“We contested to fulfil the people’s wish, not for other reasons,” said Zulkefly. The Bagan Pinang by-election was made necessary following the death of BN’s Azman Mohammad Noor on September 4.

In March last year, Azman defeated Ramli Ismail of PAS by some 2,000 votes. BN is currently ruling the state with a simple majority after winning only 21 of the 36 state constituencies.

10 thoughts on “Negri Sembilan PAS Chief for Bagan Pinang By-Election to take on Isa Samad

  1. Baru cerita rasuah Isa Umno dan belum pun pilihanraya kecil Bagan Pinang bermula, Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) petang tadi baru menerima satu lagi Surat Perletakan Jawatan dari Adun Johol, Barisan Nasional. ADUN BN sedang bersabung nyawa; akibat penyakit kanser tulang tahapan ketiga/genting.

    Ini menandakan Negeri Sembilan bakal menempuhi satu lagi pilihanraya kecil; selepas selesainya pilihanraya kecil Bagan Pinang kelak. SPR sedaya upaya cuba menyelamatkan BN dengan menolak surat perletakan jawatan itu.

    Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, dua ADUN BN yang lain sedang berdepan dengan pertuduhan RASUAH; yang membolehkan kedua-dua mereka hilang kedudukan sebagai ADUN.

  2. Master Ji, you sound like Master Yoda of Star Trek. I hope you are right, but we must not ignore those 4,000-5.000 postal votes. It is too early to tell since official campaigning starts from October 3, 2009.

    The fact that Isa Samad is UMNO’s choice is most telling–they have no better candidate. At the end of the day, good strategy and execution will make a difference. Here we cannot discount PR election machinery.–Din Merican

  3. What do they say about short guys?? Never underestimate their will to dominate and Isa Samad over the years has dominated UMNO politics in ways that few do and is extremely popular with his constituents.

    UMNO made the right choice to serve their cause and right now it is to bolster and strengthen the weakening Malay position in politics. The monopoly the Malays have over political power must be preserved at all cost. Under Pakatan the perception from the ground is that the monopoly will be under threat if not lost. The Malays are at the historical cross roads. The issue of corruption is best solved within the family. But one wrong turn would forever change the course of history.

  4. In any case Pakatan is a time bomb and timed to implode. Whither goes the Malays then as helter skelter breaks out. Even Sicko Mason couldn’t hope to do a better job.

  5. I’m not into prophecy, but my best guess would be a a Be_end win by about the same margin – if PR doesn’t push hard enough. Any reduction of majority in this particular bye, is good enough for me since they are willing to pull out all stops. Pitching a heavy
    weight both in corruption, lack of stature and ex-V.P.(who was paradoxically sacked for ‘pollution’) shows how desperate things are getting for the blurs. The duit raya/diwali will escalate according to market forces. PR will not be ble to counter this.

    A win for PR-Pas, though is difficult is not impossible. The ‘nons’ must remain cohesive and a 35-40% bumi ‘enterprise’ (including postal voters) would be sufficent. Problem is that should this happen, however minute the chance – watch out for amok Lance Corporal Isa toting an blunderbuss…

  6. din ,

    i am confident this by elections will be a walk over for pakatan . umno and its members may remain stupid , but i dont think malays are . like u said ” good execution ” would be the required essence. it will make the difference .. and dont worry about the postal votes .

    so long as HAMID KARZAI’S brother is not employed by umno , all 4 – 5000 will vote for pakatan this time around .

  7. Malays are very likely to let their emotions get the better of them. Stir up racial/religous sentiments and part of the battle is won. It is without denying that the ordinary Indian/Chinese suffer a similar kind of self-imposed segregation . A spell cast upon them by the all empowering political masters through loads and loads of bitter potions of religous/race bigotry . A provision handed out repeatedly that it has turned into a dictum of our political culture

  8. Yes, that’s political reality, Danil. A timewarp of divisiveness – ethno-religious morass that will remain insoluble, until a bipartite system becomes a reality. Once that takes hold, none of the political entities would dare to appear too extremist.
    Of course, there will ‘batu api’s from time to time but we would have to learn to live with them.

    The problem with PR now remains one of knee-jerk reactions, by YBs trying to outdo each other in criticsm others and running their own fiefdoms, very much in the way Be_end has done. Warlords are not only on one side, and Anwar will have his hands full, doing damage control, like what happened with that Hassan Ali fellow.

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