Mahathir’s Advice to Civil Service

September 29, 2009

Bernama LogoMahathir says change strategy to achieve Vision 2020

Malaysia might not be able to achieve its Vision 2020 on time, if it does not change its strategy and remains dependent on foreign direct investments, says former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said Malaysia should focus on developing major local companies that have the potential to produce their ownDr. Mahathir Mohamad brands and compete in the global market

“The government must identify these companies and help them grow by lending them money with low interest rate.

“The profit they make will go back to us, the workers and the country,” he said during the 14th Civil Service Conference here today.

He also said workers at all levels must be paid higher wages but by doing so they must be more productive. “Then only the industry can produce in greater volumes, gain more profit and contribute to the country’s revenue,” he said.

Mahathir said Malaysia should become a medium or high cost country because it cannot compete with countries such as China and Taiwan who could offer lower cost manpower and resources to foreign investors.

Speaking to reporters following the event, he said Malaysia was capable of becoming a developed country but might exceed the set time of 2020 due to the global economic downturn which has affected the country.

“However, if we focus on developing local companies and not depend on foreign investments, it will not be impossible to achieve it in the given time,” he said.

He also said the fixing of minimum wages and increasing pay will not pay off if there was no restructuring as it could make the situation worse especially if productivity levels remain low.

On the 1Malaysia concept introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Mahathir said the people, especially the younger generation must be given the opportunity to mingle and study together and build up friendships with different races. “During my time we had more opportunities to make friends with other races,” he said.

46 thoughts on “Mahathir’s Advice to Civil Service

  1. The role of government has to change from being an active participant and a competitor in business to the traditional role of that of a catalyst for growth.

    It is time to cut back on the size of government. It is not the business of government anywhere to do business. The business of the government is to govern.

    Government seems to be every where and not just in our offices assuming you’re a private sector person but also in our homes telling us what to do, how to behave, how to raise our kids etc. It is time to end this social engineering and nation building shit because more often than not it is an excuse for these politicians to line their own pockets and build their own empires.

  2. Nasihat Tun yang biasa biasa sahaja tetapi ‘berguna’ di dalam situasi negara yang ‘tidak guna’.

    Paklah tentu kata ‘bina insan’.

    Najib sedang bina ‘batu nesan’ bermula di Bagan Pinang !

  3. “During my time…” The Octo.
    As far as i remember, he was the active perpetuator of this “ketuanan” policy. He divided and ruled. Bloody nonsense, the civil service has 95% of tuans and the other 5% are slaves. Meanwhile the plot thickens, as there are hardly any Chinese senior civil servants, while dear leader is offering more gomen jobs to the Indians.
    Only God knows what has happened? No – it has to do with ‘ketuanan’ in its myriad of forms: Negative Meritocracy.
    Does he realize what he has done? His denial and hubris will cause this nation’s instability for another generation even if PR takes over PutraJaya in the next GE!
    Luring the software (ie human capital) trained overseas is a joke. The well educated and moderate Malays are also leaving in droves.
    The only thing about ‘medium’ is that the powers to be are so mediocre, that no concrete policies are being implemented, all talk and no go! Perhaps, he was mentioned that in reference to GuruJi, dear leaders bomoh, par excellence, from the very depths of Kerala.


  5. Tun, why did you not do this when you were the PM. Its easy to talk now as you will not be tested. My advice to you please shut up and retire gracefully. No this is not possible, being from the Indian sub continent

  6. Tun Mahathir,
    if you want to achieve your vision ‘2020’ …. you don’t have to change the date all you have to do is change the goverment… will only be possible if PR take over.

  7. …and as he pontificates to the little napoleons, the PDRM traffic computer systems have been down since last Friday…so no road tax renewal for those with summonses and the counter clerk has no clue when it will be up again. System must have cost billions (with 25% to those in the loop) and yet the idea is to inconvenience not facilitate the public.

    Traffic deaths during the recent Raya temasya was at an all time high. The KPI sure is being achieved. And murugiah says we cannot say lembu during the B Pinang elections.

    And the PKFZ national robbery was aided and abetted by all and sundry inside and outside the hallowed halls where the good Tun showered his gems of wisdom…

    …and so on we go.

  8. New Yorker Bean,

    Yes, the business of government is to govern. But it is more than that. It is about good governance. In Malaysia, government misgoverns (pun on the word govern) and does it incompetently and corruptly. Good governance is Greek to UMNO-BN. KPI’s and the rest of the crap by Idris Jala and his boss, Koh, the non-performing former Chief Minister of Penang, are just make-up to conceal flaws and abuses of power.The time to change is overdue.

    Watch the fanfare that will be unfolding in Bagan Pinang now that Isa Samad is their candidate. There will be promises, a few schools, clean drains and resurfaced roads, etc and 10 day mini-boom. Port Dickson is now Bandar Tentera Darat–Din Merican

  9. this old fart still around stirring shit as he normally do? why cant he just drop dead once and for all (think most logical thinking malaysians will agree with me on this). vision 2020 is a vision (dream) the way the bn run its policies—–rakyat monies going into their own pocket—-spend 1 ringgit for the rakyak and the rest is shared out. this next coming by-election is a good time to say bye bye to BN.

  10. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, says philosopher George Santayana. This still rings true. But in the case of Tun Dr. Mahathir, he wants to rewrite the past, that his past. In the twilight of years, he wants to leave behind a manufactured legacy where he will sound great. He justifies his actions with the benefit of hindsight.

    He should in stead allow historians to assess his legacy. Not all of that legacy is bad. Tun Dr. Mahathir was doe,r and was not afraid to make decisions based on whatever information he had at his disposal at the time of decision making. There are, of course, errors of commission and omission. That is acceptable but his problem is that he is now unable to sit back, reflect, and offer advice when he called upon to do so. He remains a politician who wants to interfere in UMN0-BN management (bad no doubt) of our country. More often, his views do not carry weight among UMNO leaders.

    It is good for us in the Opposition since he is doing the work for us, but not good when he has selfish motives which enable him to promote himself at the expense of our nation. I think media should neither give him any coverage nor pander to his antics and cynicism.–Din Merican

  11. P. Dickson Bandar Tentera Darat? What’s next Mr PM? Don’t you wish to rename the Port Dickson Golf and Country Club (formerly PD Garrison Golf Club) Padang Golf Tentera Darat and the filthy beaches, Pantai Tentera Darat?

    Come on, Najib, don’t treat the army as your fiefdom and the soldiers as you “baraus”. You can count of them to vote for the corrupt Isa Samad but you can’t buy them all.

  12. Development is about building human capacity, especially more productive capacity. Malaysia is blessed with quite a lot of physical resources which are being exploited by the politicians for their own enrichment.

    Human infrastructure is limited, given the size of our total population, i.e, 26 million people!. That is not even the size of New York or Mumbai or Shanghai or London or Tokyo ! If we take away the younger population below 20, we can probably count on 40% of that number or about 12 million adults with 90% so called employment that is about 10 million.

    But what is our real productivity? About 20% of those employed are in public service, in government and the GLCs and banking sector. We know about the productivity of the public sector! zilt; in fact, bloated and inefficient civil service is a huge cost to the nation, not to mention the corruption and leakages.

    Is our education geared or gearing us to improve that capacity? No, the government ixs screwing things up in education. Denying the need for education in English, when the rest of the world recognises, it is madness of a special kind. No wonder academics like Farish Noor, bemoan the seemingly irrational behaviour of Malaysians, more particularly the politicians.

    It seems to me that the only real resources we have are our kids. No wonder most Malaysian parents believe more in the international education for their children rather than in the national system! No wonder the younger generation feels out of sync with the rest of Malaysia, particularly the politics. I sense that the next GE is going to be a time bomb because UMNO is not going to like the results and we do not know what these madmen will do! Amen

  13. hahahah … what a joke . after screwing up the civil service over 22 years , this asshole is invited to talk to the idiots he himself left in place by his policies . and he is asking these idiots to change strategy to achieve his vision 2020 when these idiots dont even know what strategy means.

    silly old man . till this old man came to power , the civil service did not need advice from anybody . they responded with great ideas to meet any adversity faced by the country . but now after 22 years of this silly man , there is so many idiots sitting in high places in the civil service who cant see beyond the tips of their noses. and he expects these idiots to come up with the ideas for a shift of strategy.

    for example , just review the performance in the last few years of our IGP , the head of MACC , the people sitting as JUDGES and the ATTORNEY GENERAL . then also review again why a politician is sent to washington as ambassador and not a senior member of the civil service or foreign service .

    THEN DECIDE FOR YOURSELF IF YOU HAVE ANY CONFIDENCE IN THE ABILITY OF THE CIVIL SERVICE TO SHIFT STRATEGY OR STRATEGIES to meet the demands that is necessary to evolve and become a developed country.

    if your answer is yes , that u have confidence that the civil service has the ability to rise to the occasion – then good. we all will know that you are dreaming.

    and if your answer is negative , meaning you dont have confidence in the ability of the civil service to deliver the right strategies , then you can blame this old man because he was responsible for the policies that has corrupted and put in place individuals who were not ready for high positions , individuals who did not have the basic intelligence required ( although they had masters and phd degrees ) individuals who were absolutely inept and incapable and above all INDIVIDUALS WHO DID NOT BENEFIT FROM THE ” ON THE JOB ” TRAINING OR MENTORING BY GOOD SUPERIORS . IN THE CIVIL SERVICE , IT IS NOT THE MASTERS AND THE PHD’S THAT IS IMPORTANT . IT IS THE ” ON THE JOB ” TRAINING OR MENTORING THAT IS MOST IMPORTANT – THE GROOMING , KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE IMPARTED BY SENIOR CIVIL SERVANTS WHO NOT ONLY EXCELLED WHILE MOVING THROUGH THE RANKS BUT WERE ALSO VERY VERY DEDICATED AND UNSELFISH.


  14. UMNO/BN pun tak nak dengar nasihat TDM pemimpin UMNO/BN akan kata tak payahlah beri nasihat yang TDM pun tak betul sebab itu calon untuk bagan pinang bagi kepada TS ISA SAMAD baru tahu yang pendapat TDM dah tak didengar lagi. Lebih baik TDM sekali lagi keluar dari UMNO kerana nasihat beliau cuma memenuhkan bakul sampah

  15. The more I read about what’s happening back home, the more I wanna puke. Period.

    I’m more than convinced that there is no alternative but to resort to extra-constitutional and extra-legal means to topple this corrupt regime. That of course is easily said than done.

    It would be easy if this Administration (and previous administrations) has not been acting hand in glove with the secret societies and crime syndicates. It would be easy if the IGP and the AG have plans to take out the Malaifia ( a term I shall use to refer to the Malaysian Mafia). As it is they have been working in concert with the MalaiFia to build a ‘prosperous’ Malaysia – keeping the cow healthy so they could milk it dry.

    There is nothing that one bullet could not change the course of history.

  16. “Is PD not where Jibby had his flirtatious rendezvous with a singer-actress before stories of Altantuya pop-up?” Danildaud

    In the early years, Merlin KL was his sexual watering hole. The masseuse would tell me stories.

  17. You sound very angry Bean.
    It is not good for your health so let’s cool down a little. If we cannot change things that are beyond our capacity, we can always look inside and have peace within.
    Listen to Mariah Carey’s hero lying in you will make you feel better.

  18. Why you meet those masseuse ? What a lawyer got to do with a person who practices massage as profession. You went there to massage your tired jaw after court proceeding?

    I can understand why Najib was there as back then Che Mah Chot was too busy tasting/licking/ shopping for the best ice cream in town.

  19. Unknown to most, Najib when Human Resource Manager in Petronas, was popping pills meant to reduce his high blood pressure which also boosted his sexual appetite – much like JFK who was forced to take pain killers. JFK’s sexual philandering was due to the pain he had in his back.

  20. Bean,

    Sorry am only trading currencies and not familiar with current price of other products. My wife taking care of marketing and shopping. I hate shopping and I only passing by the hotel for Nasi daun pisang.

  21. tean,

    There are a lot of similarities between trading in currencies and trading in women. In currency trading you buy low and sell high. With women you buy high so you could go lower.

  22. “Mahathir said that Malaysia should become a medium or high cost country…”

    A medium or high cost country with the kind of education system we have? Are you joking sir?

  23. Dr. Bean,
    You are partially right, we can also short the market by selling high and later buy back lower. We can also do hedging, meaning buy and sell at the same time.You can also open many positions to enter and exit slowly.
    You can do it many ways.

    Top, bottom, sideways, head and shoulder, support, long, short, pyramiding are all possibilities of ways to skin a cat.

    It is better than your kamasutra positions.

  24. Oh yes must add that Japanese ladies or “kimono traders’ love to “open” “carry” trade, “long play” and “over the counter”. Some love “fast play” every 5 minutes. Taking long position in sideways or slow market is Ms. Ozawa’s style of play. Get out fast when in wrong position is also very crucial.

    For me I love to swing both long and short in many positions. Position sizing and stay inside when right is also a must. Enjoy winning and run fast when in danger is the cardinal rules of survival.

  25. Did Soros tell you all that??

    How’s the KL stock market? Last time I wrote this thesis for my PhD. My thesis is there is this inverse relationship between the hemline of a woman’s skirt and that of stock prices. The thesis is this i.e. when stock prices go down the hemline goes up. I observed this at the Health Center, Crystal Crown, PJ.

  26. dr mahathir should also know that most civil servants today have only one ambition – and this is to become as rich and wealthy as his sons have been during his tenure as prime minister. all are awaiting the arrival of their corrupt ” father ” who will make them wealthy without any effort.

  27. Soros and all traders would understand that in order to manage risks stress management is a prerequisite. If you are under stress your performance will be affected and your decision making to enter and exit would be compromised. You enter too late and your instrument might reverse and hurt you. You exit too early, someone else will enjoy running with you favorites stock while you sit there watching.

    “Spread” is another aspect that is very important. Euro, USD, Yen are preferred because the spread is “tight”. “Exotic” and “cross” ( like Singapore and ringgit) normally spread very wide. Wide spread will hurt your play as you cannot open two legs. Ms. Ozawa’s yen is my favourite because of the tight spread but normally the spread will get wider after midnight. The best time to enter is in the early evening when the spread is very tight and the movement is fast and sometime very volatile. They move up and down fast and your target would be easily hit in a jiffy. If you enter smartly you can enjoy the play until the following day. All you need to do is to stay calm and enjoy.

    Btw, now the yen is too strong and it is a good time to get out. It is safer to long with Obama. Paris Hilton’s instrument is also too high and the spread is too wide, hence we, the shorty, better get out.

    Malaysian stock market? It is only good for Malamafia and local syndicus.

  28. After that comes the ‘push and pull factor’. In rural economics, the pull and push factors are easily identified. But in currency trading market volatility makes it hard to identify and predict.

  29. Bean,

    Talking about pull and push factor remind me of my younger days in Negeri Sembilan. Many girls from out of Seremban were “push” out from their kampung to Senawang, the industrial area. In the city there were also ‘pull” factors such as disco, party and mixing freely among boys and girls. Saturday night fever were top hit back then.

    When all of us in the crowded place “push and pull” were inevitable. You still remember being caught in busy Japanese train at Shibuya, do you?

  30. Being caught during rush hour in a Tokyo train was an experience we all looked forward to. Many times I found myself sandwiched between two Japanese girls and no one could move. We remained sandwiched for the next half hour i.e. locked in a sexual embrace. I was very sure the one ahead of me felt my presence 🙂

  31. Bean
    Did you feel the presence of the hegirl or is it sheman behind you? Sandwish between 2 opposing forces is no fun. You can get hurt Bean. Like bas mini or Intrakota I’m sure the conductor said “Belakang masuk” loudly to ensure that everyone gets onboard.

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