Breaking News: No show re Kugan case

September 29, 2009

No-show in prosecution of Kugan’s death

mk50by Rahmah Ghazali

The fuss over the expectation that a police officer would be charged this morning for the death of detainee Kugan Ananthan has fizzled.

Thus far, there is no sign that the case will come up at the Petaling Jaya Magistrate’s Court today, as anticipated.

Tun Majid Tun Hamzah, the head of prosecution in the attorney-general’s chambers, said “nothing has been confirmed” at this point.

Kugan’s uncle V Raviroy, who arrived at the court at 8am, said he is uncertain if the police personnel involved will be charged.

“I found out about this from (Kota Alam Shah assemblyperson and lawyer) M Manoharan, but up to 11am today, there has been no sign (of the police officer),” he said.

He and another of Kugan’s uncles, N Ravi, were accompanied by Manoharan and Kapar parliamentarian M Manikavasagam.

Reporters too had been waiting as early as 8am, only to find out that the case may be postponed. However, they are on standby for any developments.

Contacted this morning, Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar indicated that he is in the dark.

“I haven’t any news about this and I am not sure what is happening at the moment,” he said.

Kugan, 23, died on Jan 20 at the USJ Taipan police station, five days after he was picked up in connection with a car theft case. His family has accused the police of foul play.

Two post-mortem examinations were conducted. The second of these revealed that Kugan had been beaten, burnt and starved prior to his death. Concerned groups have long complained about the lack of action in the case, which exploded into a national issue after a video recording revealed severe lacerations on Kugan’s body.

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: No show re Kugan case

  1. The police officer responsible must have been asked to take the rap. In return, he’s told, the worst that could happen to him is a guilty verdict for assault He will not be made to serve time. Just a fine – or so they tell him.

    In cases like this it is never easy to prove intent to murder. But recklessness as to whether it may cause death would over here warrant a heavy sentence of up to 12 years for manslaughter (out in 8 years after a third remission for good behavior).

    It is a good thing Malaysia does not practice plea bargaining. Otherwise the prosecutor would have recommended a light sentence for assault to the judge in return for a guilty plea. A six month or a year prison sentence without a trial is a lot better than twelve years after a trial.

    But let’s hope that police officers after the Altantuya murder trial and trials like this one would do well to question their superiors and not be persuaded to do anything unlawful. A beating of this man and death which resulted must have been the result of beating received at the hands of more than one man over a period of time. How would you know who in fact inflicted the mortal blow?

  2. How would you know who in fact inflicted the mortal blow? – Bean

    This is as good a defense in any assault case!
    Makes you wonder why the pin pointing of a sole assailant in cases like this neccessary in the first place or is it just an advantage which lies within the law itself utilise to twist facts to ones favour or a legally applied ruse to aid the defense in getting the defendent off the hook?

  3. So now a cop has been charged not for the capital crime of murder but assault.

    Why not charge him for murder and in the alternative the lesser offence of assault etc?? By charging him with assault, the prosecution is precluded from going after the accused for the more serious crime of murder.

    Clear cut case of injustice.

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