Najib’s Unity Message For Hari Raya Puasa sounds hollow

posted by din merican in Bangkok, Thailand

The Malaysian Insider

September 20, 2009

Najib appeals for National Unity

Datuk Seri Najib Razak appealed to Muslims and Malaysians to strengthen unity and discard suspicions among each other  in his first Hari Raya Aidil Fitri message as prime minister while attacking “hate-mongers” for sowing ungratefulness among the people.

“Let’s take advantage of festive days such as this to restore and repair cold and cracked relations between Muslims and also between Malaysians,” Najib said in the message delivered over television last night and released by state news agency Bernama.

The country’s sixth Prime Minister has seen his 1 Malaysia concept reduced to just a slogan since taking over on April 3 as racial tensions between various communities rose when a group of Malays dragged a cow head to the Selangor state secretariat to protest the relocation of a Hindu temple.

The UMNO President has also seen his party members accuse the Chinese of not supporting it in a string of by-election defeats since Election 2008. In his message, the Prime Minister asked Malaysians to repair the current bridges of communications and to build new bridges of understanding.  “Break the current fortresses  of suspicions, hate and apathy for a better future for our children,” Najib said.

He also said the Muslims in Malaysia must carry the flame of unity and progress as the majority population in the country, adding they not only have rights but more importantly responsibilities that must be carried out.

The son of the country’s second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein also encouraged the tradition of open houses, saying not only should the keep their house doors open but also the “doors of the heart” to all, including non-Muslims.“The concept of open houses practised until now is the manifestation to the 1 Malaysia concept. Continue this wonderful tradition as we are all one big family, the 1 Malaysia Family,” he stressed.

Najib said the Muslims in Malaysia have a lot to be grateful to stay in an independent country that is peaceful during a time when a majority of Muslims lead a miserable life due to politics, economics and war. He said Malaysia’s situation did not happen overnight but due to the “sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears of our fathers”, freedom fighters and the security forces.

He also said despite being a multiracial nation, Malaysia has managed the situation to be a catalyst for unity and progress.

“Unfortunately, there are hate mongers who try to deny this reality. They try to inculcate teachings of ungratefulness in the people to achieve their narrow aims.They claim that all governments in the world are the same, that peace, security and progress can be achieved without planning, strong effort and strict monitoring,” the Prime Minister said. He questioned their allegations, saying there was still differences between developed and undeveloped countries apart from starvation and ethnic killings.

12 thoughts on “Najib’s Unity Message For Hari Raya Puasa sounds hollow

  1. Until and unless the entire BN machinery make and implement changes that the country needs, messages imploring unity will sound hollow. Since 2008 there has so far not been any sign of such changes in any of the component BN parties. If anything, they are daily becoming irrelevant to the needs of Malaysia.

    Slogans, speeches or messages are not what the voters want. Good common sense policies are.

    Selamat Hari Raya to all fellow Malaysians. May God continue to bless our country.

  2. hey najib talk to your kris weilding cousin first
    call the other rases pendatang??????? heck the orang asli are the true people of the country—–not indo, phil and others who are given citizenship free
    talking about building a bridge are you gonna build a crooked bridge (to nowhere) like the one tun mamak wanted ??????????????? lol
    wishing all malaysians a selamat hari raya especially to you and family yb din

  3. Din,
    Wishing you and your wife Selamat Hari Raya, wow, celebrating Raya in Bangkok. Have a nice and beautiful day.

    Sorry to have to say such bad things during Raya but najis himself wanted to talk nonsense so we have to counter his idiot statement.

    Najib and umno is living in a different world outside of this universe. When you hailed utusan, you just show us that you are really a nincompoop and your 1Malaysia is nothing but just thrash. If you cannot understand what is happening in this country that you rule, its best you step down rather than trying to talk more nonsense to let the people go against each other and that is precisely what umno is trying to do to ensure that power is forever with umno. No more talk of building bridges when on your other hand you are burning them down. No more talk of unity when your beloved utusan is spreading disunity and racist reports. So for GOD sake please stop all your stupid talks.

  4. After seeing his ‘1 Malaysia’ slogan is not getting anywhere, now he is very busy misappropriating from various sources such as Datuk Ong Jaffar’s willingness to open UMNO to others as similar to his concept; that the Medina Charter reflects ‘1Malaysia’; and that Tengku Abdul Rahman’s multiracial stance also proved his concept’s viability.

    What is this bankrupt, tainted leader up to next, I wonder?

  5. Selamat berhari raya to you & wife. Sambut di mana?
    Go…go up PKR & DSAI
    Hi Julia, I am in Bangkok, Thailand with my wife, Dr. Kamsiah. This city is bustling in activity with tourist flocking to shopping centers and centers of entertainment centers. Despite reports of mass demonstrations by the Reds and Yellows, my wife and I witnessed no such thing as we walked the streets of Bangkok, took the taxi rides, and LRT. We are impressed with the cleanliness of the city and the friendliness of the Thai people. Stay in touch.–Din Merican

  6. Jibby blew his LAST CHANCE at redemption when he recommended that Musa Hassan be given a year’s extension as IGP. As far as I’m concerned, NOTHING can save Jibby now…. or his wannabe fascist regime. The collapse will be triggered by a huge surprise from the East… 🙂

  7. read the first paragraph and got sick, please tell me the difference between muslims and malaysians?????????
    lucky for me now fasting month is over i can tell frankly what i read online. avoided my muslim friends who dont have internet access during fasting month as i felt that i will bear the sin when i speak about what is really going about the country of yours.
    once again i wish you , family and all muslim friends a SELAMAT HARI RAYA

  8. “The country’s sixth Prime Minister has seen his 1 Malaysia concept reduced to just a slogan since taking over on April 3 as racial tensions between various communities rose when a group of Malays dragged a cow head to the Selangor state secretariat to protest the relocation of a Hindu temple.”

    Quite to the contrary. Imagine how meaningless the slogan ‘1Malaysia’would be if not for the rising racial tension.

    It is like a self fulfilling prophesy. Remain united or else. Since Malaysians cannot be left to remain united, it is the role of Big Brother to make sure they do.

  9. ” I am in Bangkok, Thailand with my wife, Dr. Kamsiah” – Din Merican

    Patpong is not exactly a shopping district. So don’t make a wrong turn. If you do, you may want to keep Din Merican on a short leash! 🙂

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