BN is its own worst enemy

posted by din merican–August 31, 2009

August 30, 2009

BN’s nemesis is BN itself

by Athi Shankar

Leadership crisis in component parties and other related problems were the main reasons behind Barisan Nasional’s consistent defeats in by-elections over the past year, said an academician.  Social scientist Dr Sivamurugan Pandian said his study showed that the coalition could not break the by-election jinx because its own supporters have deserted it.

This was based on the results and patterns of voting for and against BN in the last seven by-elections in the Peninsular, he said.

“There are serious problems within all BN component parties which the leadership involved should address and rectify. It seems the main enemy for BN now is BN itself,” he said.

Due to this, he said BN’s members and supporters were either boycotting balloting or voting for Pakatan Rakyat to express their anger.

He cited the current crisis in MCA and PPP, previous one in UMNO and Gerakan, and perhaps soon in MIC would surely weaken the coalition.

He said the BN leadership currently seemed weak in handling and resolving such crises. “BN leadership at all levels can’t afford to be in a state of denial any longer. Or else this series of defeats would carry on until the next general election,” he said, adding that the BN leadership should now embark on a strategy to lure back their own disgruntled members and supporters.

Despite the leadership change in UMNO and the Federal Government, Sivamurugan pointed out that the people were still voting against BN. He said the coalition’s leadership should find out the reasons behind this downslide – on why the Malays were not backing BN and why non-Malays were inclined towards voting for Pakatan.

“BN should find out whether its newly hatched policies were understood by the people, whether information has been correctly disseminated to the people etc,” added the USM lecturer.

Communication breakdown

He said there was a feel-good political climate with the appointment of Najib Abdul Razak as the country’s sixth premier but this has yet to translate into votes.

“There could be a communication breakdown between the higher and lower BN leadership levels, which is a crucial link to reach out to the grassroots,” added the academician.

Sivamurugan said the country needed two strong and vibrant political blocks for democracy and civil liberty to prosper.

“But it looks bad currently because the electoral matches have been favouring one side for the past one year,” he added.

Of the seven by-elections held in the Permatang Pauh, Kuala Terengganu and Bukit Gantang parliamentary seats, and Bukit Selambau, Penanti, Manek Urai and Permatang Pasir state constituencies, Pakatan won all.

BN had only won one in Batang Ai, Sarawak, which many critics considered as insignificant.

Conduct In-depth Study

Sivamurugan urged BN to conduct an in-depth nationwide study to accumulate information and grassroots’ feedback on the sentiments, demands and grouses of the people against the federal ruling coalition.

He said firstly BN would have to find out whether the people had voted against it because they were pro-Pakatan or anti-BN.

“If the votes were anti-BN, the coalition leaders have to acknowledge it and address the reasons for it immediately,” he said.

He said defeats in Permatang Pauh and Permatang Pasir were expected since both areas were Pakatan and PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim’s strongholds.

“But what about other areas?” he asked. “Except for Manek Urai, BN suffered massive loss of votes in other constituencies.”

Sivamurugan also slammed PKR for not being able to keep its group of elected representatives together and allowing too much of BN infiltration into the party.

He said the PKR leadership was duty-bound to ensure that these elected representatives don’t hop to another party because the electorates voted for a change in the last general election.

Three PKR state assemblypersons – two in Perak and one in Kedah, have opted out to become independent representatives. “PKR will have to check and stop this to avoid losing public confidence,” said the academician.

9 thoughts on “BN is its own worst enemy

  1. “He said the PKR leadership was duty-bound to ensure that these elected representatives don’t hop to another party because the electorates voted for a change in the last general election.”

    What is RM5 million to help a PKR ADUN make up his or her mind? Nowhere else can you find a country where it pays to exercise your freedom of speech.

  2. I got this via e-mail:

    “To BN, you are not only losing your “wow” factor but also you already lose your mind and heart and nothing can change that except your own self…. believe me, I still love BN as I was born and raised with BN environment but time has told me …you need to change bro!!!”

    He is obviously still a BN sentimentalist. What he must do is to change himself and look beyond BN. He was born in the BN era and I grew under BN rule. I have changed my perspective and I think he should too.

    BN should be left to self destruct and from its ashes hopefully something will emerge that may be good for the country. We need a two party political system to enable people to choose what is good for them and their country. In the meantime, let the new forces rise to take its place.

    Malaysia badly needs rebuilding of its institutions and new ethos based on honesty, accountability and integrity. Sentimentality is out of vogue.—Din Merican

  3. “BN should be left to self destruct and from its ashes hopefully something will emerge that may be good for the country.” Din Merican

    We don’t want BN to be like the mythological phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn from the flames, and as it dies something anew rises, making a miraculous comeback!
    New Yorker Bean,

    I am strongly in favour of a two party system. Japan has just shown the way when voters rejected the LDP which had ruled their country for more than 50 years.

    A corruption free and well managed UMNO with progressive ideas, not enamoured to Ketuanan Melayu and with good leaders will be a challenge to Pakatan Rakyat.We need to be challenged and my colleagues and I welcome the competition. May the party with the honest and well qualified leaders and the best ideas and programmes to reform the government and effectively serve the people win.–Din Merican

  4. Yes, I was born and educated during the Alliance era , worked in the aftermath of the May 13 and retired seeing the BN’s rule in Selangor being overtaken by Pakatan Rakyat government led by Khalid Ibrahim.

    When I was young, my father used to tell his friends to vote for Alliance but I am sad to say that after 52 years of BN’s rule, the race and religious issues among races had deteriorated tremendously and the BN leaders have a lot to answer as evident in past and recent events. Blaming this on certain quarters is not the way to resolve this.

    The BN leaders must be courageous and sincere enough to admit and take stock of their own failures lest they will face total annihilation in the future.

    Divide and rule cannot be the political fabric of the Malaysian future and in this respect the Pakatan Rakyat’s concept of equality and shared common ideals without sacrificing each other’s religious and cultural beliefs is the way forward for all Malaysians.

    The two party concept is the best political scenario in our multi-racial , multi-cultural and multi-religious Malaysia.

    We should all unite with a common purpose to face the world in the international arena rather than harping on minor issues affecting us. In this way the economic cake can be bigger for all.

    Happy Merdeka.

  5. The all too familiar growing economic pie analysis all over again!

    This argument is what led us to the present mess. It is said that a growing economic pie is what keeps the political system stable in the short run but in the long run it is all about equitable distribution of the economic pie.

    The problem with this argument is that it opens the door to social engineering, restructuring of society to take into account its dysfunctional aspect i.e. the all too familiar identification of race with economic function.

    And to big government.

    Big government is the problem because it leads to abuse of power and corruption.

    It is time we reduce the size of government and look more to market forces and a free economy. The change that we need will not happen under the same government. A vote for the status quo is a vote for the same policies that have brought the country to where it is today. It is time for change – even if it leads to a W-shape or L-shape growth in socio-economic terms.

  6. HEY people, HAPPY MERDEKA!!!!!

    We must keep our spirits high, yes even the MERDEKA spirit else when Pakatan rules we will inherit a negative spirit of rebellion, discontent, division, bitterness and even hatred. Much as we disagree and are very unhappy at how we feel BN is now corrupt and racists i feel it is important we sow seeds of love amongst the rakyat.

    Often, we reap MORE than we sow. 🙂

    My apologies if I offend anyone here.

    Din – HAPPY MERDEKA dear friend!!! Oh and i did visit your lovely wife’s blog. er… I takut dentist lah!!!!! hehehhe… but she obviously has such passion for what she does. 😛

  7. Either we have been living like kataks under tempurung or we are just plain naive for believing in the 1 Malaysia slogan.

    This was created by spin-doctors hired by Najib to create a false feel-good feeling to hoodwink the masses. (By the way have you noticed that most gomen slogans are just that – false pretenses that are smoke & mirrors tactics to cover up for what they do behind closed doors )

    Its a case of the head espousing Malaysia for all, but look carefully what the hands are doing- look at the actions and you can see that they are the reverse of what the head says. You will also notice that there are 2 sets of laws ; one for the UMNO/ BN goons and another for the rest. This 2 face talk just shows so glaringly that it takes a dumbo not to see through the UMNO/BN charade.

    To those dumbos’ out there , you deserve what you get.
    God bless Malaysia !

  8. Absolutely true, Bean.
    Although the economic pie has neither shrunk nor ‘engorged’ substantially, there will be many who insist on enlarging their slice. And they are usually not the ones living in poverty. Greed and the preservation of the species have transcended the law of nature.

    The size of the government is probably the second largest after Sri Lanka per capita. The reason being, it remains a sizeable vote bank, if all else fails. The built in redundancy promotes the lepak culture – where only 10% of the service dose 90% of the work and the remaining 90% are lepaking and dreaming of paradise. It is always a wonder to many – what could we do with 72 virgins – they obviously need training, so its not so paradisical you know…

    Merry Merdeka’s day to all.

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