Idris Jala as Minister for KPIs

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August 27, 2009

Idris Jala becomes a Senator and Minister in Prime Minister’s Department

jalaDatuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has named Malaysian Airlines chief executive officer Datuk Seri Idris Jala as a minister to implement his administration’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), an indication that the prime minister is impatient and unimpressed with those tasked to do so previously.

Gerakan president Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon was made minister and, together with Khazanah Nasional Berhad’s managing director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, were tasked last April to craft and monitor the KPIs by November but they have only issued an alphabet soup of acronyms and vague targets.

With six straight losses and just one win against rival coalition Pakatan Rakyat in by-elections since Election 2008, Najib knows he cannot afford laggards as the KPIs are a cornerstone of his administration which began on April 3 with him preaching “1 Malaysia. People First. Performance Now.”

While the national economy is linked to global trade recovering from a recession, Najib’s government has not been able to cut the crime index and has badly handled the policy U-turn in the teaching of mathematics and science in English.

He had also had to shoot down a proposal to filter the Internet while grappling with the country’s dual track legal system where a Muslim woman faces caning for drinking beer.

With Idris’s appointment as minister without portfolio in the Prime Minister’s Department, Najib’s 28-member Cabinet will expand to 29, just 3 short of predecessor Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s much-criticised jumbo-sized cabinet.

In a statement today, Najib said King Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin has consented to the appointment and Idris will be sworn in as a senator to take up the post. adding Malaysia Airlines will announce the replacement CEO and managing director later.

As CEO of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu), Idris will complement, support and report to Koh, who is minister in the Prime Minister’s Department  in charge of National Unity and Performance Management.

He sad Koh will formulate and execute the overall policy and strategy with special focus on the National Key Results Areas (N-KRA) apart from being chairman of the Pemandu board which includes the chief secretary to the government and other senior officers.

“Idris, on the other hand, will focus on sharing his expertise and experience in Shell and Malaysia Airlines and driving implementation of performance management in the federal government,” Najib said, adding Idris will be Pemandu deputy chairman responsible for specific N-KRAs and national KPIs apart from advising the relevant ministers.

He added Idris will report to Koh on issues relating to KPIs and directly to the prime minister on other duties assigned to him as minister without portfolio in the Prime Minister’s Department.

The Sarawakian was made managing director and CEO of Malaysia Airlines in December 2005 after the flag carrier’s biggest financial loss in its corporate history. he has turned around the ailing airline into a profitable concern by aggressively cutting down its assets and routes, focusing on profitable destinations and cost-cutting measures.

He previously spent 23 years in Shell and between 2002 and 2005, Idris was managing director of Shell MDS (Malaysia) and vice-president Shell Malaysia Gas & Power (Malaysia).

Idris has also assumed other positions in the energy giant in its London headquarters and also its unit in Sri Lanka. Idris holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Universiti Sains Malaysia and a Masters degree from Warwick University, the United Kingdom.

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  2. Fellas,

    So what has Minister Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, the former long serving Chief Minister of Penang, been doing on KPIs? If he has not done much on this front, Najib should have removed him from his Cabinet. That would have sent a clear signal to all Ministers in his Cabinet that Najib is serious about “1 Malaysia. People First. Performance Now.” Adding another minister to do this KPI thing is an additional cost to the taxpayers.

    Let us hope Senator Minister Jala will be able to accomplish what Minister Koh has failed to do. Success in MAS as Managing Director does not guarantee that Minister Jala will be successful as a Minister of KPIs. It might be a case of the Peter Principle at work: we rise to our level of incompetence–Din Merican

  3. Hello Din!

    I agree with your statement “Success in MAS as Managing Director does not guarantee that Minister Jala will be successful as a Minister of KPIs”.

    I know Dato Seri Idris Jala. As far as I can tell, he is very earnest and is rightfully very proud of the staff of MAS for their hard earned success. However, I wonder, if he is able to manage the politics of UMNO.

    BTW, Din, my husband & I viewed some photos in your blog and wish to congratulate you on your recent marriage. Your wife is indeed a very beautiful woman. 🙂 Cheers!
    DeepSeaDiver, thanks for your congratulatory message. I am indeed a very lucky man. Dr. Kamsiah is a very able and dedicated dental surgeon/prosthodontist and very kind human being. Despite her ravishingly good looks, she remains a very unassuming person. You could read more of her in her own blog:–Din Merican

  4. If Jala does his work as he has done in MAS,he would face a brickwall. Najib will be forced to keep his good work in cold storage, for if he implements Jala’s recommendations there would be a good portion who will be Najib’s cronies who will have to go. This is something he can’t do.Mark my word Najib will make a reverse move after Matahir makes his views known. Najib is a lallang, spineless

    Bro Din if Najib removes the 1/4 man (Tsuku), he will be left without a cabinet, or at least a small cabinet

  5. Idris Jala is a highly competent executive fully deserving of his standing in the corporate world. However, politics is a totally different arena that works under very different norms. It may be one thing to craft out KPIs for the country, but whether they are realistic, achievable or even measurable is another. I certainly wish Dato’ Idris well in his new capacity as minister.

  6. An excellent choice by Najib. However, managing MAS is totally different from managing a bunch of corrupt, inept and vicious politicians. I hope Idris can survive because it’s a wild and dangerous jungle out there and the animals will eat him alive. And what is Ah Koon doing? He should be in a monastery meditating or something.

  7. Great idea by Najib. But to make it work, Idris needs to have howitzers to blow out the barricades that Umnoputras and all of Najib’s cronies will place to make sure he fails. By the way, koh does not have the capability to do the job. Koh just a bullshit artist, all talk just to please Najib, but the drive is not there. In the case of Idris, I would think the drive and challenge will see him putting his best, but against the mammoth UMNO CORRUPTION, a herculean task at best.

  8. I pity Idris Jala. He will be shocked when he report for duty as most of his staff would be talking about kuih raya, balik kampung, si anu si anu and everything else under the sun but WORK. They will have coffee at 8, break at 10 lunch 12.30 and again tea at 3. By 4 they are ready to punch out.

    This is also the first time I heard that a minister report to another minister. Can we assume that Najib already classified Idris as second class Minister while people like Rais, Ambassador JJ and Sharizat as full minister.

    Very funny indeed.

  9. James Chua,

    A herculean task for Senator Jala indeed. He is walking into a political minefield. I am surprised he accepted the ministerial job from Najib. By doing so, he is in a no-win situation. UMNO goons, MCA cats and MIC crabs are watching to see what is likely to unfold when Jala takes over. Fancy, Jala reporting to Koh Tsu Khoon, that non-performer.—Din Merican

  10. Yep, curiouser and curiouser, Din, Tean and friends.
    Idis Jala, a Christian son of pastor won’t last long under the idol worshipper (literal sense) & jawless/spineless one KTK. In order to get out of the mess he finds himself in, he must now contact Din asap! The only way he can avoid this cesspool is to signup with PKR.

    By him leaving MAS at this juncture, our national flag carrier returns to the state of chaos – he was just about to ensure that we passengers won’t end up having severe diarrhoea everytime we fly on it. What a mess!

    I personally think Jala would have made a superb second finance minister or at least the MITI. Problem is, he will outshine the whole Be-End cabinet – and that will not do.

  11. I recall some years back while on a campaign stint over here in the East. KSK told a bunch of Hakka temple officials that the Chinese were left with no choice but to work with UMNO because the Malays were in the Majority.
    Now to reciprocate for all the bodek , Jibby brings in a class act of Idris Jala’s capability only for this lame Peking duck to stand in as anchor for the final dash to victory.

    Oh! And for that cowardly remarked in the temple , he was shown the middle finger by the temple priest!

  12. Danil, that Peking duck dared to say that to the Hakka flurs? Hakkas are pretty independent and free spirited, a martial lot in fact. Lucky for spineless one, they didn’t stick their ‘pokkek’ kung fu middle finger in his ass! Do you know that this same ‘tribe’ have a cartel running almost all of the car spare parts, hardware and textile industry amongst themselves? And woe betide any flur who crosses them – their profanities are out of this world!

    However, it doesn’t cross a Malay’s mind that each Chinese Clan have their own characteristics and business acumen. That’s why they easily succumb to the AliBaba syndrome – ‘cos the tribes will never let you into their initiation rites. One thing to think about in our socioeconomic restructuring, Din.

    Bean, this Jala guy (minus the fishnet stockings) is a Kelabit from Bario Plateau in the depths of Sarawak. That’s the place where frequent Christian ‘revivals’ occur, you know, those weird Jonathan Edwards (pre-US independence ‘awakening’) kind of stuff where the “Spirit” moves as and when it wills.

    He is considered a ‘Malay’ because of his Idris name (mistaken identity), and there have been persistent rumors that he became a Muslim of the HadHari kind (the blank, ‘i dunno’ stare) – when he implemented the MAS’s Perfomance Management System (PMS) which somewhat alleviated the stewardesses PMS (prementsrual syndrome), leading to a turnaround for MAS. But i suggest you just google the name in for the whole story. One of the much better brains, from the usual crop of cretins. Our cabinet does seem very ‘Senator’ heavy nowadays, ‘cuz of the dearth of functioning neural networks.

  13. First they tried the MayBank CEO Amirsham and now the MAS CEO Idris. Guess Idris will last a short while just like Amirsham.

    Running a corporation is different than a government agency. Stakeholders are different and less political interference in the corporate sector.

  14. Sharizat if I recall first came to occupy her position in the Cabinet via the back entrance (Senate) following the footsteps of Big Momma Rafidah Aziz. Amirsham was the last and now this Jala guy. The country has seen enough of sodomites. Don’t you think??

    The Senate is not supposed to be the back door entrance for budding politicians. If they want to be the people’s representative they must go the route others take i.e. get nominated by your party and then stand for elections like everybody else.

    The Senate is costing a lot of money to the taxpayers. Senate seats are supposed to be occupied by people who have distinguished themselves in service to the country. But what do they do? They sit on the Senate and rubber stamp bills that come their way. It is the most costly rubber stamp office in the country. My office boy can do a better job.

  15. We pride ourselves by pointing out to foreigners that the country follows the Westminster model of parliamentary democracy. Parliamentary democracy my foot!

    What we have are the trimmings of parliamentary democracy minus the substance. Only form as opposed to substance.

    Every four years we put people with the caliber of nasi lemak, putu mayam, and bakuteh sellers in office. Then we ask why prices of nasi lemak, putu mayam, and bakuteh have gone up.

  16. Bean
    Be fair to Idris. He made it on his own and distinguished himself at Shell. Those that know him or have worked with him at Shell have nothing but praise for his style of management
    Have to separate Idris the turnaround manager and Idris the budding politician. His folly is falling into Najib’s sweet promise.

    Idris however did meet many obstacles while at MAS, both from the staff as well as the Chairman and other politicians whose interest include the success of Air Asia. But to Idris credit MAS has managed to trim excess fat and even dropped routes that are not profitable. But MAS is now saddled with the fuel hedging cost which bite sinto its profits.

  17. Give credit where credit is due. Idris got where he is today because of his competence and ability as a corporate figure. Proud son of Sarawak, a true bumi if ever there is one who deserves the title. I only wish all our politicians are half, that’s right half, as good as him. His bigest mistake probably is to accept this new position by Najib. I think he’s entering a lions’ den. I’m not too sure if Najib is sincere in this appointment or it is a way to move Idris out of MAS so that a crony can take over MAS and start to distribute the freebies like Diam Zainuddin did? Let’s see if I am right and wait to see who gets appointed. Somewhere in a corner lurks an Umno crony. And why report to Ah Koon the useless good for nothing eunuch?

  18. New Yorker Bean,

    Our Senate is not like the House of Lords in the UK (with men and women of distinction) nor is it like the US Senate (which is elected and a powerful one). We have a bicameral Parliament for namesake only with our Senators rubber stamping our bills before they are sent to HM The Agong for Royal assent before they become law.

    The Senate is used by the Prime Minister to appoint people of his choice–usually his cronies– to the Cabinet without their having been elected by the people. It is also used by the state governments to nominate their key supporters. That being the case, why have it at the expense of taxpayers.

    Will some senators (Tunku Aziz and Zambri) reading this blog explain to us the role of the Malaysian senate as I could be missing something by saying that our Senate is redundant and should therefore be dissolved?–Din Merican

  19. Hey, I am still around. Just watching (reading) the fun from the sidelines.

    I don’t think I qualify for the job. Let the Jala fella take on the job. Give me a battalion or regiment or brigade or division and I’ll excel. That’s my forte.

  20. Din

    We cannot just dump an instrument simply because it was misused.

    It is the same as NEP, and everything else in Malaysia, good intentions have been abused by the corrupted. There will simply be no end to it.

    Our problem is the system of counter checks are not working. MACC is going after the opposition instead of the corrupt. It is a well known fact in Malaysia, especially amongs the chinese and indian business people, if you have a tax problem, it can be solved outside. if you have a criminal problem it can be solved, if you have an immigration problem, yes everything can do. What cannot do, is if you want to follow the law. Then you are up shit’s creek. That is what we have to change. It will take a revolution.
    Forgive me ( I dont have an affinity for Singapore, I am Malaysian) but there are a quite a few things Singaporeans have got it right. First, to fight corruption, you got to ensure the penalties are enforced rigidly and those doing the enforcement are protected, well trained, well educated, well paid and well penalized when it comes to breaking the law. That is what we need. It does not take an accountant to figure out, how all these government employees can afford to drive real nice cars, own real nice houses and support a polygamous lifestyle. I wonder how many ministers would not be able to withstand scrutiny if our laws are enforced. let alone district officers and policemen in our country. It would probably be cheaper to give the entire government workforce a ten times pay rise and truly weed out the corrupt against the leakage and tax evasion in the country But to do that, we first have to remove all the top brass in the country. That is a task that Malaysia face, and unfortunately, I dont think if I see such in my lifetime.

  21. No, Din Merican.

    There is a need for a bicameral legislature in a parliamentary system of government. The same applies in a presidential system like that of the U.S. Again it is all about checks and balances.

    In the U.S. they have wise old men mostly occupying the seats in the Senate, two from each state and they face elections in every two years. One died two days ago after having served for some fifty years!

    Bills have to be passed by both Houses and have to be signed by the President before they become law.

    But in our case, bills are being steamrolled, passed without sufficient debate and rubber stamped by the Senate and they become law after 30 days with or without the Agong’s signature. In the U.S. as you know the U.S. President has the right of veto. The powers are clearly separated and all three i.e. the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate and the White House must work in tandem or else they will be a gridlock.

    We can have the best system but what is form without substance?

    In the U.K. members of the House of Lords are mostly made up of hereditary peers and life peers. The appointment of life peers to the House of Lords is up to the Prime Minister and this is done to secure easy passage of legislation. When I was living in the U.K. in the mid 80s, Neil Kinnock was leader of the opposition and of the Labor Party and a critic of the House of Lords. But recently he accepted the nomination of baron and became a life peer. This goes to show the hypocrisy of it all.

    I do not expect under a Pakatan government things will change. Why change when it serves the needs of the ruling party?

  22. “I do not expect under a Pakatan government things will change. Why change when it serves the needs of the ruling party?” Bean.

    That’s the question in everyone’s lips. Will there be a change when a system put in place by your opposite number works so splendidly? It will take plenty of soul searching for PR, if at all they come to power, to do so. Only time will tell. But we’ve to put them there first.

  23. Any legislative system, whether bicameral or not works only as well as the the politicians in power allow it to.

    James Chua is right about the need to stem instituitional corruption (in general) first, which means to say that we should get rid of all the detritus that are its consequences like nepotism and cronyism. However, meritocracy if fanatically applied, too has it’s disadvantages – leading to marginalization of the poor and the rise of an elitist apartheid system. This nation will remain a crucible in which the success (or otherwise) of multiculturism is tested to its limits. The U.S. may not be a suitable model to compare with as the educational and wealth levels far exceed ours.

    There is therefore no doubt in my mind that PR, if it manages to supplant BN, will take such drastic ‘corrective’ measures in the short term. It may only be possible to do this, after our ‘boomer’ generation is replaced by a more enlightened one.
    Yes, Tok Cik, we should have started a generation ago.

  24. Yeah, Menyalak, we should take the bull by the horns and make all the institutional changes required. But provided PR has the resolve to do so. Had the Malays in Umno not been too beholden (or smitten) to Mahathir we would have some changes by now. But that’s easier said than done.

    My main worry should the baby boomers are gone is their replacements. They may come in the shape of Hassan Ali and the Perak mufti. That’ll spell disaster for all. Talibanisation is one thing I dread. I don’t know about you.

  25. The baby boomers have long reached retirement age. Bear in mind our mandatory retirement age is so low and one day caused a U.S. immigration judge to ask me if he could come to Malaysia to live. Here the retirement age is 64 and not 55.

    Anyway it is terribly naive to think a Pakatan goverment would be the solution to all our ills. It will not. Reasons will be found to retain most of the laws enacted by the UMNO-BN government over the years. PR ADUNs and MPs have yet to taste real and sustained power and are only just beginning to do so. And we all know the corollary of power is corruption. PR ADUNs and MPs are beginning to go the way of BN MPs. Power has made many arrogant. They forget why they are there. They forget the offices they hold are elected offices and that they are there to represent their constituents. They are beginning to live beyond their means and soon will go the way corrupt politicians go in order to maintain their extravagant life styles.

    Indeed the transformation will be slow and painful. A return to the rule of law is never easy. Never quick. We cannot undo in one day the damage done over the course of some fifty years to the moral fabric of our society.

    Most of us here will not live to see the torch passing to a new generation of Malaysians.

    Indeed the words of the late Senator Ted Kennedy

    [The work goes on
    The cause endures
    The hopes still live
    The dreams shall never die]

    sound so hollow in our case.

    The questions that will be asked by successors to today’s leaders are more likely to be

    [What work?
    What cause?
    What hopes?
    Whose dreams – and who is going to die?]

  26. ” Hopefully , i will be able to take my experience in transforming corporations into the Civil Service . ” -IDRIS JALA ( quote taken from malaysian insider – august 28th, 2009)

    ” HOPEFULLY “. Lets see you do it Idris Jala .

  27. 1 Minister reporting to another Minister? How does that compute?

    Or is it Najib’s not so subtle way of asking KTK to take a long walk on a short plank? Ke, Ke, Ke!

    We are allof 1 race, the Human Race

  28. ?In a statement today, Najib said King Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin has consented to the appointment and Idris will be sworn in as a senator to take up the post. adding Malaysia Airlines will announce the replacement CEO and managing director later.”

    Why do they even bother to report this?? It is not like as if the Agong has any choice.

  29. mr bean ,

    exactly ! did he report to tuanku before giving razak baginda his ” gift ” ( commission ) of almost 500 million dollars ? of course he did’nt . so why report this then?

  30. Bean, TS Khalid did the same thing to H.R.H. Sultan Selangor about a particular adun’ess remember? It’s called follow the leader. I believe that the ‘sudden’ decision was made during Wed Cabinet meeting as a public relations coup.
    In Jala’s case it might amount to ‘entrapment’ so he couldn’t say ‘No’, even if he wanted to.
    I don’t have a clue to his (Jala’s) political affiliations nor affections, anyone?

  31. The only key performance indicator I would like to see is the asset ranking of each minister, state minister, and all departmental directors and their families and immediate relatives. It will be interesting to see how rich these people will be in the next two years while Najib harps to us about 1Malaysia and all the other bullshit.

  32. If this guy has any brains between his ears he wouldn’t take on this job. Bean.

    I beg to differ with you Dr. Bean. This golden son of Bario, the place where you can get the best rice is a nice guy, very hardworking and a humble human being. Am sure he has a better brain than Rais, your darling Shahrizat and that buah sukun from tak ber gerakan (immobile).

    But he will be demoralized just like all those brainy fellas before him. He should consult Zaid Ibrahim before walking into his office at Putrajaya. The only criteria compulsary to be at PM’s office is “Yes Sir” or “Yes Madam” whenever che mah chot in the driver seat.

  33. It is not meant to cast aspersions of any kind on this individual about whom I have no clue more than the fact that his father’s name bears resemblance to my favorite roti next to Jong’s donut.

    A lot of people back home seem to be suffering from some kind of brain freeze or seizure of some kind. We are born with brains of the same weight and size (more or less) and we go to schools to learn how to use the brain. Some are good at it i.e. in using their brains, others less so.

    Anybody who could earn multiples of what he is already earning by joining the private sector and is not doing so, either is not using his brain or is using his brain in ways only he knows best.

  34. Two Ministers to measure the KPI. This the job of the KSN, KSUs, Ketua-Ketua Pegarah, SUBs, and so on. In my days the quantitaitve and qualitative output of Departments was measured by the Heads. I get the impression that they have now very claverly abdicated thier responsibility and transferred it to the Prime Minister.

  35. I believe Idris Jala was made minister in PM Department because he is from Bario Sarawak and he is Dayak and he is one of those in Sarawak where the Dayaks are now the biggest threat to BN with Anwar Ibrahim making gains in that community. Thats my strong belief for PM to have a Dayak on board, esp one the community see as a role model.

  36. Actually there’s a lot of Malaysians that currently work with Multinationals. But government cannot see & only put someone to become as CEO due to political reasons. Anyway, Idris is a good choice.


  37. I do not see why everyone is bashing KTK and Idris Jala. From the beginning the PM had already said that he needed someone to head PEMANDU.

    KTK aside, Idris Jala’s achievements should not be looked down on. I think it would be fair to give him a chance in doing the job, the only thing is that politics might get the best of him.
    Whichever way you look at it, Idris has had a significant impact on MAS’ turnaround and hopefully he can do the same with KPI’s by employing private sector work ethics into the government. It is not a matter of Idris Jala taking over KTK’s job, in fact they complement each other.

    We haven’t seen the results yet therefore I think it is too soon to speak, who knows maybe this time next year there might be some improvement. I’m confident this administration is certainly more productive than the last!

    I am confident Idris will deliver if given the chance.
    Azmi, there is no doubt that Idris Jala has done well in MAS and should be congratulated for the turnaround and for having prepared a successor. But he is now in the wrong job. KSK is a non-performer. Just look at the mess he left in Penang. But he is a numero uno in terms of bodekism.

    A friend told that over the last 28 years we have 3 Prime Ministers–Mahathir, Badawi and Najib. Mahathir talked and took decisive action, but he did the wrong things; Badawi hardly talked and did nothing and Najib talked but will match his words with action. On that score, my friend told me that Najib will end up being the worst Prime Minister we will ever have, and perhaps the most dangerous since he has no convictions and will be led by his close advisor(s).

    Let us hope that you are right in your optimism about the present UMNO-BN administration. I wish Jala all the best. Let us see what happens after 6 months. Will Idris be like Zaid Ibrahim who resigned because he could not do his job properly. Thanks for sharing your views with us on this blog.–Din Merican

  38. The pemandu expressed their great satisfactions that all Ministries meet all their KPI IN TIME perhaps not and that is why we would like to point it to you now what you and your minitries have inadvertently overlooked even though it may not look too serious but however it will definitely exacerbate into more serious health issues since another second wave of HINI will be hitting us again.

    This was very disapointing to take note that the health ministry was rather inconsistent in their effort in arresting the issues of multipling CROWS populations all over the country major Towns especially Penang George Towns , Prai, Klang and Bukit Mertajam .The populations of crows could have easily reached millions if not billions, defecated their faeces all over the buildings, parked cars ,utilities poles, holy places like Mosques and temples and trees etc .This is indeed a disgraced to the visiting tourists as well as posed a very serious health hazards to Malaysians.

    This have been tolerated by Malaysians a long time and compliants are often not taken up seriously or fell on deaf ears.

    Tourists often named all these towns Crow Towns of Malaysia.

    The Tourism Ministry, Health Ministry should work in cordinations and all the agencies should work in tandem to achieve consistent results and efforts.It is indeed a crying shame if these pests cannot be rid off so do’nt talk about a bigger ambitious programmes etc ,etc , etc.

    A lot of posturings without results is a wasted efforts.Go to the sites and look for yourself and I hope these issues will not come to pass and uneventful.

  39. Drugs, Gambling and Corruptions is a very serious problems and the activities is very much related in a Nation of only 28 millions plus and I was really surprised by the annoncement of the Driver of this so called GTP that all ministries reached their KPI in just a short time so easily.This does not reflect very well on the actual performance on the ground. Hello fellows,
    Take corruptions for instance, Malaysia has been sliding down the Global Corruption Perception Index (CPI) RANKING since 2004 The country is now ranked 56 out of 180 countries in the world with a corruption Index Score of 4.5 0ut 0f 10. be realistic in your assessment.
    Other Nations have the National Council of Problem Gambling as a watchdog to oversee all gambling related social issues .
    It is a recognised facts that it is one of the prime factor why crimes also increases because of gamblings.
    These hard core gamblers will resort to robberies ,prostitutions etc to fuel their gamblings habits and it is a vicious cycle ,IT IS ALL RELATED.
    Research should be done on this to evaluate how serious the current situations is.Do we have raw datas to ban criminals from entering our CASINOS????
    No way they can achieve all their KPI in just such a short period of time .
    GIVE us the facts to support your claims.

  40. Mat Rempits infestations and never ending social deseases that carried with it evaded a permanent solution FOR so many years and many attempts have been made to salvage these rots that started out from the RURAL DEV PROGRAMMES during the early sixties ended in failures.We hope this issue will be included in your so called GOVERNMENT TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMME.
    To TURN these misled youths into useful citizens of one great Malaysia.

  41. The government must be consistently holistic and committed in reducing crimes to zero tolerance level ,that is what the public perceptions is.NOT just a percentage of the total sum only in reducing crimes ,this is not acceptale There must be a three prong approach in tackling crimes.The honourable Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye have contributed a lot of workable and practical ideas but was not taken up or discuss nor implemented by the authorities and he has vented his frustrations in the MSN PAPERS. Read the caption on this subject and the particulars details . This is gem for policy makers , please have some of your ears on this subject .

  42. Honourable Datuk Idris Jala,the issue of snatch thieves cum snatch the lives of the victims is most rampant in Malaysia perhaps you and your hard working trouble shooters can do something about it while others have failed.

    Being a very result orientated team I think you can work out a permanent solution to resolve this outstanding issue which remained stagnant for a number of years.I think at this point in time it is a useless charade to assess into all the individual cases which we have archived ourself for research purposes.Perhaps if you look into some of the cases it was most tragic and will move you to tears.

    It has become an irritant to society in daily life.

  43. For the Attentions of Minister of KPI :
    We appealed to you to seriously look into it as well as it’s root cause.We ,you and me may be a victim one day to all these elements affecting our environment, health and public safety.

    1)Uncontrolled free multiplications of crows populations country wide.A threat to health and image. Considered a pest and will spread diseases if the crows faeces is dried up by the hot sun and turned to dust exacerbated by strong wind will be assisting the spread of diseases.

    2)Mat Rempit infestations into Drug, robberies ,hooliganism ,assaulted policeman and petrol boom police stations.Where is the missing act to mitigate this kind of behaviours.They are worst than terrorists spreading terror every where.

    3)Gambling illegal and legal.Drugs and Corruptions also associated with crimes and lust.

    4 Road Bullies and Road Rage which leads to brutal assault and death of the victim.

    5)Immigrants issues both legal and illegal .Look over supply or demand issues flooding the country and strained the country public utilities esp public hospitals and outpatient clinics.The govt have no sense of check & balance .Oversupply over demand inadvertently making us feels like a foriegner in our own country each time when we use the public services.Even using the Public Telephone is a problem.

    The above highlighted is very serious and significant and if left unattended , unchecked and uncontrolled will affect the country development and foreign investment.

  44. For the Attentions of Minister of KPI :
    Another exploding revelations of stolen Jet Engines .War have not started yet and we have flying off jet engines.Luckily it happened in Peace Time .WOW.! How to mollify public anger on this monumental shame of international proportions.It is indeed degrading,making themselves instant millionaires first and think about the consequences later.
    They have pledged and sweared their services to the King and Country and they are looked up with respect .They supposed to be very desplined and strong morally and yet be blinded by greed and became turned coat of the NATION.This treason and cannot taken lightly!
    How are the MD going to measure up to KPI

  45. For the Attentions of Minister of KPI :
    Another exploding revelations of stolen Jet Engines .War have not started yet and we have flying off jet engines.Luckily it happened in Peace Time .WOW.! How to mollify public anger on this monumental shame of international proportions.It is indeed degrading,making themselves instant millionaires first and think about the consequences later.
    They have pledged and sweared their services to the King and Country and they are looked up with respect .They supposed to be very desplined and strong morally and yet be blinded by greed and became turned coat of the NATION.This is treason and cannot be taken lightly!
    How are the MD going to measure up to KPI

  46. The Ministry have many uneffective and unfruitful ideas to deter and prevent hardcore smokers from continues to smoke.The one silly idea and as well as a economic wastage of funds is using the scare methods by printing pictures of lung cancer patients and still born baby etc, etc .to frightened hard core smokers .Perhaps it is a noble attempts to come with ideas to deter people from smoking but it is a failures all the time .Smoking is an individual choice as long as they don’t smoke at the wrong place and time.Be sensitives to non smokers and it’s environment .It is self regulatory and of course a very bad habit and is injurious to one’s health.Purchase of cigarettes below age 18 is good regulation but lacked enforcement.
    Raising the price per packet of cigs to Rm6.40 will not reduce the numbers of nicotine addicts .Petty crimes are known to have been committed to fuel their habits and will definitely does not goes down well.Smoking is highly addictive and make no different compared with drugs .The only solution to curb this scourge is strict enforcement on public places, conformances to existing regulations and of course Educations.Make it a serious offence for people who peddle cigarettes to school childrens and making an income out of it.

  47. Our Minister of KPI and NKRA in the next one year will definitely be hell for him characterised as much by a lot of frustrations as by accomplishment for this NEW YEAR 2010 because he is entirely in different battle field.

  48. Police must be very strict on errant motorists who parked their cars illegally obstructing traffics and those who followed the traffic rules are thus inconvenienced and sometimes led to arguement and assaults by the rogue motorist.This happened to Mr Lim a consultant and a senior citizen whose car was being obstructed by a illegal parked vehicle that led to an arguement and being assaulted by this ROGUE motorist with a steering lock that killed him on 2 Jan 2010 .This was most unfair to the victim who followed the rule but instead was killed by this unreasonable
    brute.What happened to LAW & ORDER of this country ????
    The culture of most Malaysians is that they like to do things at their own convenient without a thought for others.
    This incident was widely reported in the MSM, SO don’t just forget about this incident easily.It can happen to any of us.
    Please , the authorities who is responsible for law and order go all out to nab the culprit who use violence that led to death especially if he in the WRONG.

  49. A Malaysian youth age 25 years from Butterworth was charged
    with 6 counts of armed robberies and a rape case pending the court mentioning on Jan 5, 2010 was out on bail for a measly sum of RM 25 ,000 dollars since last year and to report himself every month to the police station.With such serious crime being committed repeatedly this moron is a serial and should not be out freely to put the public in jeopardy.This is really not in line with justice.The public does not know what is the conclusion with such a faulty headstart.This is one benchmark why public security in Malaysia has plummeted.What about other thousand of cases???
    It might be quite uncomfortable to receive negative feedback but whatever it was, it should be viewed as an impetus to improve
    and take a deep interest in all the histories and complaints to address an issue if a problem with substance is raised .

  50. Get on with more policing work in public places.
    Preventions is better than cure and detering crime is better than investigating it after it has happened.When offences are committed with impunity, so will minor crimes and then major crimes.Currently we did not see changes and performances of the various agencies was being monitored by the public every day.Where is the GTP ??Is it in progress??

  51. The recent annoncement of the 49 yrs old graft buster promotion
    from commission’s director of investigations to the newly minted New CAT & COWS deputy chief commissioner was an incomprehensive norm .He was the man who lied to the press that TBH as a withness was releaed at 3.45am yet his personal belongings was with them and it was like a Detension .This was obviously lying through the teeth.How do you explains that to the public.This is indeed such a web and a mess .The pemandu of KPI & NKRA should start investigating the promotions was based on what level of criterias and competency that he deserved such rapid promotions when so many cases under him is still pending and inconclusive.He is a public servant so it is very necessary to explains to the public to defray negative perceptions of this Institution.
    To make matter worst now on TBH CASE they made two police reports to intimidate the expert wittness and the press of the oppostion and drag a third party in the process instead of filing the compliants to the court of inquiry..causing undue delay to TRUTH & JUSTICE.This really is mischivious by putting a spanner in the works.
    They viewed this inquest as a fight rather than to find out the truth and justice.

  52. Din Brother, TM net is beyond redemption pandering over and taking instructions from the Ruling Coalitions.Does not act according to established norms and agreement and does not abide to the the written and agreed rules.Suppressed desent and do act indepently .Bitting ears and playing dirty.

  53. Please make Johore a safe place for it’s citizen as a priority instead of planning to have more tourists coming in .Drive the criminals out of business first.

  54. Mr Pemandu any KPI for immigration officers ,any person responsible to look over their shoulders how they perform their duties ???
    It is very alarming that our country is attracting alot of tourists from Africa. Genuine visitors or not is very doubtful. Kuala Lumpur is flooded with Africans and reported cases of cheating, conning, confidence trickstering, drug trafficking,rapes etc and the list goes on.You name it they are on it.What we are getting are not quality but quanities of shaddy characters. We just don’t understand how these Africans are being seive by Duty Officers. OMG !!!!!!!
    By their lackadaisical attitudes we are victims of collateral damage.

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