Gentle remainder from a friend


On 4th February, 2008, in “The People’s Voice & The People’s Declaration” post, this is what I wrote :

“Malaysia belongs to her people.

You and I and every person for whom this country is home.

Every indicator is that we will be going to the polls very soon.

Soon we will be hearing all kinds of promises from politicians out to get our vote.

Tell them that this time round things are going to be different.

Tell them that we the People, have found our Voice.

Tell them that they must heed our Voice.

Tell them that we, the People, have charted the direction we wish to take our country.

Tell them that if they wish to have our mandate, they must abide by the People’s Declaration”.

On 23rd February, 2008, the three Pakatan Rakyat parties, together with three other non-BN parties formally indorsed our People’s Declaration. You can read about that HERE.

Then 8th March, 2008 happened and BN politicians were at the receiving end of a lesson many, politicians and rakyat alike, thought was not possible.

Loss of a long-held 2/3 majority in Parliament. And the loss of another four state governments. It didn’t stop there. Permatang Pauh, Kuala Terengganu, Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Penanti.

Again and again, BN felt the wrath of the voters.Has BN learnt anything? Doesn’t look like it.

Has Pakatan Rakyat learnt anything from this? Doesn’t look like it too.

In his ‘Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia’ post, this is what RPK said :

“There appears to be another thing that PAS has forgotten. In fact, all the seven parties appear to have forgotten this as well. And this is The People’s Declaration (Deklarasi Rakyat) which the seven parties endorsed in the run-up to the 8 March 2008 general election. Just before the general election they all enthusiastically endorsed The People’s Declaration. Immediately after the general election they conveniently forgot the Declaration that they signed”.

Now, aren’t Pakatan behaving like Pak Lah before and after the 2004 GE? A lot of promises before the election, and all forgotten after?

That’s a fraud on the voters! It’s beginning to seem as if BN is not the only one who ‘cakap tak serupa bikin’!

Did Hassan Ali tell the voters when he was campaigning for votes in the run up to the 12th GE that if he was voted into office, he would turn all Muslim-majority ( whatever this is and howsoever this is worked out ) into booze-free areas?

And if he did not, is not his latest move to destabilise the PR state government nothing less than a fraud on every non-Muslim voter in his constituency?

Is not his latest ‘Islam-as I say-tion’ stance at odds with the terms of the People’s Declaration, and therefore leaving PAS in breach of its undertaking with the rakyat by its endorsement of the People’s Declaration?

Should not the national leadership of PAS discipline Hassan for placing the party in a most untenable position with the rakyat?

Speaking of discipline, what’s become of the show cause notice issued last year by PKR to its taliban, Zul Nordin for his most disgraceful complicity in the disruption of the dialogue at the Bar Council auditorium last year?

Wasn’t Zul’s behaviour then in blatant disregard of the right of expression that his party, by indorsing the People’s Declaration, vouched to protect and to nurture?

Does PKR think we have forgotten?

On 6th August, Malaysian Insider reported YB Lim Kit Siang as warning that unless public confidence in Pakatan is strengthened, this fledgling coalition could end up a ‘one-term wonder’.

Too right, YB!

The next day, Leslie Lau of Malaysian Insider summed it up succinctly when he said that “Pakatan Rakyat cannot expect a free pass from the public”.

RPK, in his ‘Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia’ post did not mince his words :

We need to teach politicians a lesson...It is time we took back the country from the politicians. Politicians, both sides of the political divide, are just not delivering. They are screwing us good and proper. Politicians just can’t be trusted. If Barisan Nasional kicks Pakatan Rakyat out come next general election it is not because Barisan is strong, it is because Pakatan is weak. We took 30 years since 1978 to get where we got in March 2008. The last ten years since 1998 was on a Reformasi platform. In just over a year the politicians are undoing 30 years of hard work. Victory did not come easy on 8 March 2008. I wasted more than half my life to see what we saw in March 2008. And now they expect us to just sit back and watch them undo everything through their arrogance, ego, short sightedness, lust for power, selfishness, and self-centred and narrow-minded political agenda…I don’t expect overnight results. I am prepared to see the opposition build back, brick by brick, what Barisan Nasional destroyed over 50 years. But Pakatan Rakyat is not rebuilding. It is destroying even more. It is creating as much damage as what Barisan Nasional did in 50 years…Pakatan Rakyat must remember that it was not they who won the 8 March 2008 general election. It was the rakyat who did. And now the rakyat is no longer part of the equation in whatever they do. Pakatan Rakyat must be given a tight slap on the face”.

We need to teach the politicians a lesson, Pete says. The Pakatan Rakyat politicians, is what I think Pete meant.

I think it’s time.

63 thoughts on “Gentle remainder from a friend

  1. DR HASSAN ALI , if you are worth your salt you would read this . The lesson for you and some of your friends is coming. And this lesson will be taught by the ra’ayat and if you pass then it will be worth more then your narrow minded phd that you have now.

  2. Haris Ibrahim is a good friend who was persuaded by me that Pakatan Rakyat is the alternative to UMNO-BN. PR and PKR endorsed the Peoples’ Declaration before the March 8, 2008 GE. I can understand his frustration at this time.

    Most people are frustrated by a perceived lack of commitment to the Peoples’ Declaration and our agenda for “Harapan Baru Untuk Malaysia”. I for one know that our PKR Manfesto for the last GE incorporated some of the ideas contained in that declaration. My party colleagues remain committed to civil society’s agenda and we will implement our promises in that manifesto and are working hard against severe odds to change our politics. UMNO-BN, in turn, are doing their utmost to maintain the status quo. —Din Merican

  3. The latest “beer” incident should be seen for what it is – an attempt to sabotage PR. When we think about it, so was the talk to ban SIS… How many more voices must be heard before PR start getting their act together? Just two years away from creating more history and the coalition is busy papering over gaping cracks.

    If PR were a corporate body there would be an extraordinary general meeting and fireworks.

  4. We have mavericks in PR and the respective parties will usually deal with them accordingly. The principles of natural justice we uphold must always apply.

    MP Zulkifli Nordin acts on his own convictions and beliefs. I may not agree with him but I will defend his right to act according to his beliefs. He has, however, been advised by PKR leadership to exercise restraint.–Din Merican

  5. It is very difficult to trust politicians, be it from BN or Pakatan. They are sleeping on the same bed provided by the rakyat. Instead of working for the rakyat they start dreaming of how cozy it would be if they could ride on the people’s back and if possible screwing them behind the curtain.

    Hassan Ali for example, wanted to screw the non-Muslim voters and yet hoping that they will vote for him again in the next election. To me he is an idiot with Phd. Zul Nordin also think he is qualified to carry God’s flag.

    Trustworthy politicians like Mahatma Gandhi only born once in every 100 years.

    I would like to align myself with Haris’s statement.

  6. What Declaration? What People’s Declaration?

    Even in the case of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the only bit of it that Americans get to remember (and most don’t and many don’t even know it exists) is this part:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

    Our so-called People’s Declaration is just too long and nothing stands out that could be remembered like this line.

  7. Din : To act on one’s own convictions and beliefs is a noble trait but we are talking here of trying to maintain a semblance of unity in a fledgling body whose very creation was against the odds. Isn’t a little self-discipline in order?

    It is sixteen months since March 2008, and PR should by now be totally focussed on the next stage of its plan, not unconvincingly trying to justify its mavericks and hotheads.

  8. There are too many cannibals in Pakatan. They love to eat up their own kind instead of keeping the most dangerous animals, UMNO out for their own safety and protection. In fact these cannibals are found in all Pakatan component parties: PKR, DAP and PAS. For PKR, many of these cannibals originated from UMNO itself, who thought they can find easy prey in Pakatan. For the cannibals in PAS like Hassan Ali they were the Biro Tatanegara Pharisees type who only believed that they were the anointed ones (for your information, Hassan Ali was PAS Biro Tatanegara camp commandant at one time, now I am not sure). In DAP there were the warlords also who don’t use their brains to think and they found it difficult to tame the most mischievous member of their body – the tongue.

    If Pakatan is to have any hope of coming out in one piece those cannibals with the foot-in-the-mouth disease or the shoot-in-the foot cowboys can be salvaged but have to be inoculated. The no-hope cases like Hassan Ali, Zulkifli Nordin and Wee Choo Keong have to be shot or C4ed immediately.

  9. “WE the people…”? Why, it is the same WE as in “WE hold these truths to be self-evident…” Isa Manteqi

    I don’t think so because “we” as in

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

    mean what they say and say what they mean.

  10. Yes, Isa, a fledgling PR needs discipline and unity of purpose if it is not to be a political aberration. It has the potential of becoming the alternative in a two party democratic system. I hope, Zaid Ibrahim who has been tasked to establish in short order a formal rather a loose coalition can start the ball rolling.

    PR led by Anwar Ibrahim is our best chance of going to Putrajaya and that is why UMNO-BN is doing all it can to stop our march to that seat of government.

    Anwar is being branded a traitor to the Malay cause, so claims the DPM and others, while Najib preaches One-Malaysia. I wonder if Najib is fully in control of UMNO or is his DPM the real power?–Din Merican

  11. “I hope, Zaid Ibrahim who has been tasked to establish in short order a formal rather a loose coalition can start the ball rolling. ”

    Right now his balls are all over the place.

  12. I wonder if Najib is fully in control of UMNO or is his DPM the real power?

    Che Mah Chot is in control..her website is PMO( Prime Minister Office)

  13. “Anwar is being branded a traitor to the Malay cause, so claims the DPM and others, while Najib preaches One-Malaysia. I wonder if Najib is fully in control of UMNO or is his DPM the real power?–Din Merican

    The presidency or the premiership is a very lonely office for anybody to hold because the buck stops with you.

    If history is any indication, challengers may come from the left or the right of center but the winner always moves to the center upon winning the mandate. We saw this in Mahathir and we are now seeing the same in Najib (As for Abdullah, Abdullah who??). This Muhyiddin guy appears more of an aberration. But then UMNO today is in a crisis mode and Najib has yet to win the general elections as an incumbent.

  14. The presidency or the premiership is a very lonely office for anybody to hold because the buck stops with you.

    Clinton invited Ms. Lewinsky to have cigar because he was so lonely?

  15. * We should throw the baby out with the bath water.
    * When the going gets tough, the toughs gets going.
    * Rome was not built in a day.
    * Acne is due to testosterone sensitivity. Blah, blah, blah….
    Now the question: How do we ‘teach’ these PR recalcitrants, whores, neurotics, psychos, idiots and antisocials?
    The only way seems sliding backwards to the land before time (i.e.pre 0308).
    Since these geniuses brought this up, please give us their views on what the ‘mortification’ should look like here and now.
    Isa Manteqi, you have a valid point that PR ought to focus.
    But the reality is stark, because everytime a PR kid makes an invalid guffaw – it’s magnified a zillion times over by the goons.

  16. I think it is time we stop bothering about this “Anwar is a traitor..” thing. Haven’t the voters already given a resounding view of their feelings on this issue?

  17. “Clinton invited Ms. Lewinsky to have cigar because he was so lonely?” tean

    She agreed to smoke only because Bill Clinton was at the other end and Hillary was nowhere to be seen.

  18. …Immediately after the general election they conveniently forgot the Declaration that they signed”. Haris

    Sound similar to the promises by boys to his partner after erection. No?

  19. Menyalak-er : You have provided the answer yourself. “…everytime a PR kid makes an invalid guffaw…” The solution is for party leaders to bang these kids’ heads together and say “Oi, behave yourself or else you are OUT” There is simply no other way.

  20. Malaysia is not about Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar Ibrahim is the catalyst for ‘change’ Malaysia needs. So does it matter where he is coming from and where he has gone.

  21. “Saya panggil dia saman sama saya,tapi sampai sekarang dia tarak berani saman sama saya. Apa pasal ? Dia berani saman Muhyiddin,saman Khairy,saman Utusan Malaysia,saman sana,saman sini,tapi sama saya dia tarak berani saman.”

    Over here we call that freedom of speech.

  22. From Wikipedia;

    Catalysts that speed the reaction are called positive catalysts. Catalysts that slow down the reaction are called negative catalysts or inhibitors.

    Anwar is a positive catalyst, inhibitors or both.

  23. “Sesekali lidah mereka menjelir dan menyentuh satu sama lain. Amboi… bahagianya.”

    What do you do with two scoops of ice cream in a cone if not lick it. Some bite and then lick it.

  24. PR needs to do some major housekeeping. There are a high number of wishy washy so-called wakil rakyats.
    Kit Siang, Anwar & Tok Guru must sit down and get the PR house in order and start preparing a list of credible candidates for the next GE. Enough of the likes of Ronnie Liu, Jeff Ooi, Zul Nordin etc etc.

    The people are getting fed up and for the coming by-election, I put my money on either BN winning it or the majority greatly reduced. The people are going to send a clear message to PR that they are screwing up due to some inept leaders.

  25. Nah, won’t happen Free Malaysia. The only ones that will be out will be unmentionable parties and there will be only one Be-End ‘component’ party in the whole Peninsula. The establishment losers on the other hand will be trying their luck at running franchises and laundering their ill gotten gain.

    Ronny, Jeff will be given stiff mass com (for their incomprehensible miscoms) lectures; while Zulkifli Nordin will be staying with TG Nik Aziz as an accolyte. Wee CK and Azmin will be shifted to less prominent roles in Batu Caves to tear down dear leader’s humongous image. Inept commentators like me will be too senile to comment further about “free Malaysia!”

  26. Inept commentators like me will be too senile to comment further about “free Malaysia!” Menyalak-er

    Kesian. here just to wake you up

  27. Lets look at the bright side of things. Like an old Chinese saying that a person need enemies in order to remain healthy. Well , considering that science have us believe that the human body experienced adrenaline rush not only when sexually arouse but also when ever agitated . These words of wisdom could very well be true.

    So guys, who knows these dimwits,assholes or whatever other term you prefer could be doing us all a favour. Anyway God knows best. The reason why he commands ‘love thy enemy.’
    In politics, the Lord’s command,” love thy enemy’, leads to disaster. Only priests and their flock do that.

    Danill, you know that as much as I do. We are getting screwed everyday when politicians in UMNO use religion and Malayness to rally support their cause. Expect me to love my political adversaries who seek the demise of my leaders, my party and my cause!–Din Merican

  28. Wah, good stuff tean! I might be presenile, but this does do something to my testorone. Thanks, buddy. Careful with the pain in the arse/ass thingy, Danil – he’s got a ‘posterior’ thinking that goes beyond lateral! Now, we shall watch this space.

  29. Tean, you’re on over drive!

    Unless you slow down your partner’s gearboq might break down! Menyalak-er may have to take it apart – which could be expensive. Tok Cik may have to search for a new shock absorber.

  30. I hear French speaking Mongolian models are in great demand. This montage seen and heard with classical music of Chopin, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky is guaranteed to make our Tean yearn for more – not the classical music but for these Mongolian damsels in distress.

    Where can I go to apply for permanent residency in Mongolia?

  31. This Mongolian beauty rides a horse!!

    A close relative of Genghis Khan. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
    New Yorker Bean, you didn’t embed the video properly. Please try again.—Din Merican

  32. This blog is “The Malaysian DJ Blogger”. Anyone with old gearbox, rusty shock absorber, dried lubrication oil or any other mechanical failure please indemnify the blog host and other commentators.

    With A H1N1, forcing my children to stay away from school, the choking haze and the MSM playing race card to the hilt, it is good to stay safe listening to these lovely songs.

  33. Abg Din , you mis-read my comment completely. What I’m saying is that the infuriating behaviour of one’s adversary causes our brain to produce various types of chemical hormones that are secreted into our immune system which keeps us on our toes ,a sign of good health

    Why do you think Mahathir is still ticking when most people half his age require crutches to move about! If only his adversaries knew the ruse and instead had said nice things about him.The old man would’ve died of boredom a long time ago.

    I have not misunderstood you. That’s probably your hypothesis, using science. A man of God would say that the Al Mighty gave him long life so that he can see what has happened to our country after his 22 year rule. We now have a government that is dysfunctional and corrupt politicians and their cabals rule the ruse and are on a rampage as if there is no tomorrow. Our education system is in a terrible state, to put it mildly. There is no long term thinking, only politics.

    Worse still, most Malaysians are like our buddy, Ilham, who thinks UMNO-Government can do no wrong. The indifference is deadening. I hope Ilham is being paid handsomely to send stuff to my blog so that we can all be provoked to say seditious things so that my blog can be shut off using the Green Dam technology. We are not fools. But still, please be civilised when we deal with him.–Din Merican

  34. Speaking of overdrive, tean and Bean – all this hype about the selesema babi, is really just that – the drs. and paramedicals are getting swamped, and most will expire within the next 48hrs.
    Just to put it in perspective, H2N2 and H3N2 the seasonal Hong Kong ‘flu kills something like half million people a year worldwide, while the H1N1 has a morbidity rate of 80% and its motality rate is 0.4%.
    Its the scaremongering that is causing so much panic. Sg Buloh Hosp. staff are in bad shape, although they’re trying their best.
    I think tean, you should go out more la – otherwise kena dengue – worse! But only if you don’t have other predisposing ‘conditions’.
    Why? I’d rather catch this ‘mild’ stuff than the mutated 2nd & 3rd versions, which will really knock us off! Forget about immunizations and masks – condoms more effective.
    Btw, Mongolia is under surveillance for plague – so AirAsia ain’t flying there.

  35. PR politicians are angels. they can do no wrong.

    Any allegations of wrong doings on them are BN’s plot and conspiracy,

    You will need first class politicians to topple BN government. So where are they?
    Where are they for the past 50 years. ( this is not to say that they are second class, No? or maybe they don’t exist )

    Running a country or a state is not the same as being the opposition.

    That is the problem when the oppositions have become a permanent feature in the Dewan. The mindset is still being the opposition instead of running the state.

    They forget that they are now in the spotlight__________

    Thanks for reminding us______ Din Merican

  36. As we aged , our bodies defence mechanism starts breaking down .

    At 40 and above , a person begin to descend down hill , in order to remain youthful at middle age , one requires a supercharge immune system.
    One way of boosting the immune system is by indulging in dare devil sports. ie. base jumping ,skydiving etc..etc , to get ones adrenaline all pump-up

    Anyhow at 30 , i doubt it ever crossed Teoh’s mind of getting an adrenaline boost jumping off that building , minus a base jumping gear.

  37. “At 40 and above , a person begin to descend down hill …”

    Excuse me?? You’re insulting our blog host and many of us here. His better half has yet to hit her mid 40s and looks not one day above 28. You call that descending ??! And our blog host does not look a day above 50.

    They have found their elixir of life. Whereas you, me, tean, tok cik, menyalak-er and shrek have found only watering holes.

  38. His better half has yet to hit her mid 40s and looks not one day above 28.

    A free dinner on Dr. Kam’s account awaiting you. Repeat the same to Che Mah Chot and your flight tickets around the globe is free forever.

  39. These days Tok Cik’s water hole is at some warong in down town Ipoh.And he only takes kopi O or teh tarek kurang gula.
    By the way , where is the (r) Brig. General

  40. Careful Danil, no clues for the masses please – water holes notwithstanding. No problems for New Yorker Bean knowing where his H2O-holes are.

  41. Menyalak-er,

    Water holes and watering holes are not the same. One is where you go when you are thirsty. The other one you don’t want to go unless you have to.

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