August 1, 2009: Anti-ISA Protest on a massive scale in Kuala Lumpur

mk50July 31, 2009

SHOWDOWN in KL streets on August 1, 2009

by Tarani Palani

PAS has made it compulsory for all of its members to participate in an anti-Internal Security Act (ISA) rally in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, said its vice-president Salahuddin Ayub.

He added that the party’s spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and president Abdul Hadi Awang have given the nod for the rally.

He also said the duo, who are Islamic scholars, had also decreed that the rally would not be haram or forbidden by Islam.

“Whether the gathering is deemed haram (by others) is immaterial because our top leadership has already given their blessing,” Salahuddin told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today.

The vice-president was responding to an article published in Berita Harian today which featured several religious authorities condemning the proposed gathering as being un-Islamic. Unfazed, Salahuddin said: “I urge PAS members not to be influenced by fatwas (edicts) issued by other parties.”

Some 50,000 PAS members are expected to take part in the gathering tomorrow.

Anwar, Hadi and Kit Siang to be there

The Abolish ISA Movement (GMI by its Malay abbreviation) and Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah (Pewaris) will stage two separate gatherings to voice their protest and support for the security law respectively.

The rallies are being called to mark the 49th anniversary of the passage of the ISA. Top opposition leaders who will be leading the anti-ISA rally include PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang and DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang.

Despite stern police warning to call off the gatherings, both groups remain adamant. Salahuddin, who also sits in the central committee of GMI, said the police were notified of the gathering although no permit was obtained.

He stressed that previous gatherings planned by groups such as Bersih and PPSMI, tomorrow’s rallies are expected to be peaceful.

With the two interlocking ideological groups protesting simultaneously, there has been some anticipated tension as the two groups are set to face-off while taking the same route to the palace where both memorandums will be presented to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Pro-ISA group to avoid Masjid Negara

But Pewaris this morning issued a statement saying that they have decided to avoid one of its meeting points – Masjid Negara – which would have brought it face-to-face with the rival group.

The pro-ISA group will now meet at only two points- Pasar Seni and Padang Merbok – before marching to Dataran Merdeka at 2pm.

Meanwhile, GMI plans to start its rally at 2pm from three locations – Sogo shopping complex, Masjid Jamek and Masjid Negara.

In a related development, students from a MCA-owned private university have been told not to attend the rally. The University of Tunku Abdul Rahman (Utar) has issued a circular today stating that “Utar wishes to advise all staff and students not to participate in any illegal gatherings”.

How P. Ramlee would have dealt with ISA agents

37 thoughts on “August 1, 2009: Anti-ISA Protest on a massive scale in Kuala Lumpur

  1. There is not much doubt of a growing consensus in the country against the ISA but to take such views to the streets is indefensible and it is a crying shame that organisers of both rallies have not seen this.

  2. Isa Manteqi – if not to the streets where should the rakyat take their views, since all other avenues apart from cyberspace have been roadblocked by defective robots? The streets belong to the rakyat… NOT to Umno!

  3. Nothing like watching two black clad ninjas doing the silat at Kelab Tunku Kassim near Wat Siam. For hours I’d watch but they would go round and round without making any body contact. I felt short changed. But the music was fascinating.

    The only person who profitted from such shows was Din Merican. He would make enough pocket money one night parking your bicycles to spend the entire week playing billiards at the Amusement Park next to Jalan Pintu Sepuloh.

    Those were happy days.

  4. Note how UMNO/BN bloggers are calling this a SHOWDOWN when in fact it is the anti anti-ISA group which decided to respond to the anti-ISA protests and also changed the time and venue to clash with them.

    So, who wants a showdown. That’s obvious. They can’t tsomach it that they have been guilty of gross abuse of power for at least the last 30 years.


  5. …playing billiards at the Amusement Park next to Jalan Pintu Sepuloh.e

    Are you sure he was playing billiards at Jalan Pintu Sepuluh? Was told Din was the sole agent for Ramvong dancers while Boon Siew was sole agent for Honda Cup.

  6. Din Merican was in the thick of the action whenever ramvong dancers came to town. The girls would be housed next door to Tuan Bulat who operated what today we would know as a corner shop – except it was not situated in the corner but facing Wat Siam.

    You could see Din Merican on stage with the ramvong dancers in tight pants and rolled up sleeves, raised collars, a comb in his back pocket and hair swept back James Dean and Marlon Brando style. The only thing missing in the picture would be Hells Angels leather jacket and Harley.

    It was here that Din Merican had his first lesson on democracy. He would have to buy tickets and wait his turn to dance with his favorite dancer.

  7. Tean,

    If I could live my life all over again, I’d marry a Thai girl. What do you think? The only problem I have with them is that they are very possessive. You gotta make sure you don’t get on the wrong side of them or you end up like John Bobbitt.

  8. Are you guys serious?The ISA protest is serious business. Pray for the safety and well being of our sisters and brothers who will be on the streets of KL on August 1(today). This is no time for nostalgia. Good luck to Anwar, Hadi and Kit Siang.

  9. Bean, easy for you to talk from distant Big Apple New York. Get into the arena and you will pontificate less and act more. Same message to Shrek and Dr. Bakri Musa. And Tok Cik?

  10. Steady, guys, steady. Life goes on and so in that sense the protest against ISA is important. That draconian law is preventing us from being free to get on with our lives as we deem fit, making sure, of course, that we do not encroach on the rights of our fellow citizens. Free men like New Yorker Bean and Shrek understand what I mean. They are in American, the land of the free (Patriot Act excepted).–Din Merican

  11. This one I dare not go and risk detention.
    linasoo, then stay at home and tolerate all the human rights violations that have been heaped upon us all these years. Don’t complain when one of your family is taken in under ISA. If you have plenty of Malaysians like you who are driven by fear, imagined or otherwise, then no change can be initiated. Anyway, I appreciate your honesty in your expression of fear of detention. —Din Merican

  12. The point of the ISA is that on this issue the government has already been sent a loud message. So what good will street demos do except to create a confrontion scenario – something we can do without. We have even bigger issues ahead and we must not start a culture of street demos everytime we wish to make a point. One only has to look at other countries to see how disastrous this can be.

    If today’s ISA demo had to take place it ought to have been held in a stadium but not on the streets.

  13. Look guys! Don’t let that go to your head.

    We need the ISA to combat terrorism and not to lock up political dissidents. It is the use and abuse of this type of legislation that is the problem. Mahathir in his quest and thirst for complete power had judicial review removed soon after he took over the reins. With the power of judicial review removed nothing stood in the way of the executive (read: Mahathir).

    This is a post 9/11 world you are living in. If the United States, the beacon of democracy, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, saw the need to take a leaf out of our experience in fighting terrorism, suddenly in the wake of 9/11 stopped demanding that Malaysia abolish the ISA, is it not strange that we are going the other way? This is poor timing on our part.

    Tok CIk might not have survived the Communist insurgency had there been no ISA. It is the use and abuse of such legislation that is the issue and not the legislation itself.

    Why stop at ISA if that’s the case? There is a plethora of offensive, repulsive and restrictive legislation that makes a mockery of our democracy. What about other preventive detention laws like the Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance, the Dangerous Drugs (Special Preventive Measures) Act, and the Restricted Residence Act??

    What about the Official Secrets Act, Sedition Act and Printing Presses and Publications Act?

    Let’s not just stop at the ISA then.

  14. Bean,

    Life is a matter of choices. If Anwar think that marching on the streets is the best choice than let him go on the streets. I will make my choice.
    My choice today is to stay away from trouble, going down to swimming pool and later bring my children to fly kites. I must also grateful to Bean for posting Khmer ramvong instead of Thai ramvong. At night I will go to Flora at Putrajaya.

    Re ISA, I have seen the pros and cons of it like many think in life.
    ISA and the abuse of it is what really matters. Hamid Albar might even use it as condom to stop someone getting pregnant. Protections!!!! poorah.

  15. Tawakal
    Don’t you even suggest. Shrek can show you scars from the 60’s defending ‘tanah ayer ku” and also the welts Shrek got in 1998. All for what? 1Malaysia? a country that will not recognize the rights of its citizen in a multiracial society?
    Shrek was on the streets of Kuala Lumpur in front of SOGO (Batu Road for those in Shrek’s generation) and also in front of Mesjid Jamek and Mesjid Negara doing a running battle against the men in blue, men that readily beat up their own friends, families and citizenry to prop up INJUSTICE.
    Shrek got an A in geography yet Shrek cn only find 1 Malaysia, not 2 or 3 Malaysia. Residing overseas does not mean abandoning tanah tumpahnya darah ku.

  16. “My choice today is to stay away from trouble, going down to swimming pool and later bring my children to fly kites. I must also grateful to Bean for posting Khmer ramvong instead of Thai ramvong.” tean

    My choice is to dream of times gone by when I got beer poured over me by a jealous Thai girl in Bangkok.

  17. Mangkuk ada guna berbanding dengan pinggan ayan saperti anda. Jangan bandingkan Indonesia dengan Malaysia. Apa yang nak dimegahkan? Sepuluh tahun lagi Malaysia akan jadi saperti Indonesia sekiranya tak ubah kerajaan. Kerajaan yang menindas rakyat dan mensuri hak hak rakyat Sepuloh tahun lagi orang Melayu akan jadi pembantu rumah dan pekebun orang Indonesia.

    Mangkuk ni bukan penyokong DSAI akan tetaipe “he’s not perfect but the best of what Malaysia has to offer” Bandingkanlah DSAI dengan Najib, Che Det, Badawi dan kesemuanya pemimpin UMNO sekarang.

  18. Well PDRM certainly ain’t doing anything about real crime – under musang (whose main peoccupation seems to be curi ayam) – thus causing a distinct lack of ‘security’ for common noninspired people like me.
    I think i’ll be safer strolling down Batu Rd. with tears rolling down my cheeks or the sting of a chemical laced water cannon; than when walking to the road side makan shop. At least i’ll not suffer the indignity of being stabbed by a junkie robber or extorted by an ‘illegal’ immigrant.
    Btw, i forgot to tell my friends to bring their suntan lotion (at least spf30). The city is gridlocked at the moment, and have to take the ‘kap-chai’, with my driver Sami and bodygaurd CSLek.


    we need it to lock Syed Hamid Albar up for his on safety when PR takes over the government!

    Besides , where are we gonna put the rest of those subversive elements presently sitting in high places. The slammer is not good enough a place for these kinda goons . Behold ‘treachery to a citizens liberty is a worst kind of offence’

  20. My choice is to dream of times gone by when I got beer poured over me by a jealous Thai girl in Bangkok. Bean

    You should return home instead of dreaming of times gone by. In Malaysia we have china dolls offering ” flesh” menu and they want you to pour beer on them. The special “dinner” and “dessert” is available at Telok Gong, Klang and you just need ISA( condom) for protection.

  21. Iilham,

    Apa lu ngarot pasak orang indon jadi pelacur,bapa ayam,amah segala.Lu buta ke ta nampak ada yang da jadi MB dan menteri da . Ini saat juga waktu depa smua buat protes kat sana pro-isa,anti-isa la . Kat sini 1 sindiket tengah sibuk dgn ic-projek utk pendatang haram jada ni , lu sedar tak?
    Jgn na kata ,saya dan hang-hang smua jadi pelarian kat Indon tapi lambut laun kita semua merempat kat nogeri sendiri!
    A group of govt men are currently issuing ICs to foreigners at the east coast of Sabah.

  22. A group of govt men are currently issuing ICs to foreigners at the east coast of Sabah…why so far?

    Go to Pendaftaran Putrajaya and see who are being interviewed to be Warganegara…

  23. Why so far? – Tean

    Ini mass registration- automatic warganegara and bumiputera status dan juga UMNO membership. Very cost-effective!!

    Tak payah nak susah-susah naik tangga-turun tangga hadir interview, lu ada paham beb.

  24. Ilham, mengapa terlampau taksub kepada propaganda UMNO tentang DSAI!! Jelas bagi saya dan rakan lain bahawa UMNO-BN tak ada bukti yang terang dan nyata tentang Sodomy ke2.

    Mereka suka main politik kotor kerana Najib takut dicabar oleh Anwar Ibrahim yang lebih bijak and perihatin terhadap nasib dan masa depan rakyat. Najib adalah se-orang aristokrat, dan Anwar adalah dari rakyat. –Din Merican


    You seem to be so sure about DSAI being a sodomizer. Only someone who had been sodomized by DSAI can be that sure, otherwise it’s just hearsay. The two “fine” gentlemen may not be criminal sodomizers but they are criminals against humanity, human dignity and against the nation of Malaysia. Under their watch they have deprived Malaysians our liberty and freedom. These 2 gentlemen have also used state powers to suppress opposition and jailed everyone who challenge them. They have also wasted state resources and enrich their families and friends.

    On the same tone, if you want DSAI to answer to the sodomy charges perhaps you should also ask Najib to answer the allegations about the Mongolian lady and the submarine deal. Why so quiet and why the embargo on these issues? What happens in the family bedroom is strictly private. Stop being curious or let your imagination run wild.

  26. Pingback: Top Posts «

  27. With this happening and great photos inthe press and TV, how would you teach me to explain to my children, has the country gone wrong?

  28. Syabas Mohd Khairul Azam Abd Aziz kerana anda amat bijaksana dan bijaksini

    Petikan dari

    Lone pro-ISA man makes it to palace

    ISA supporter Mohd Khairul Azam Abd Aziz said he succeeded because he walked alone.
    He claimed that the police, however, could not take action against him because he was alone and therefore, could not be charged for participating in an illegal rally.
    He said the thousands of anti-ISA protesters failed to fulfil their mission because they were bent on showing strength in numbers.
    “I walked alone to represent the 100,000 Magaran members, and I succeeded in delivering the pro-ISA memorandum.
    “I can sleep soundly tonight because I succeeded in fulfilling the expectation of the pro-ISA NGOs, without getting into trouble,’’ he said.

    Dr Abdul Rani Bin Kamarudin
    Ulasan: 100,000 ahli-ahli Magaran berjaya ke Istana Negara. Ini sebagai peringatan apa “wakil” itu bermaksud. Begitulah sepatutnya apa wakil rakyat perlu buat, dan apa rakyat-rakyat melalui wakil rakyatnya perlu buat – bukannya bertindak dengan berdemo haram dan membelakangi undang2. Rakyat nak guna kereta dijalanraya pun perlu ada lessen memandu dan cukai jalan. Sejak bila jalan-jalan raya menjadi milik pertubuhan parti-parti politik? Lagipun kenapa tidak guna saluran professional iaitu menggunakan Dewan Rakyat buat usul hapus ISA? – syaratnya majoriti juga.

  29. huhuhu….memang berbagai bagai perkara yang boleh di pertikaikan di dalam semua aspek tetapi jika sudah menjadi adat, maka amat payah untuk menerima sesuatu perubahan atau kritikan apatahlagi satu teguran. Yang berkuasa, biasalah tak kira sesiapapun….salah membawa akan menjadi kuburukan pada diri mahu pun pasukan dan yg sebaliknya akan mengikut jika tiada yang kekurangan tetapi akan mula memberontak atau membantah jika ada pula kekurangannya……bangsa kau bangsa aku bangsa dia bangsa apapun, akan musnah jika tiada pegangan agama kerana agama mengajar yang terbaik namun ada pula yang menjadikan agama sebagai alatan tetapi buta mata buta hati juga kepada yang menganggapkan perkara ini kerana hanyutnya di dalam arus duniawi.

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