Does this man, Musa, deserve an extension, given his track record?

The Malaysian Insider

July 13, 2009

Possible Contract Extension for the Incumbent Inspector-General of Police

The IGP, Royal Malaysian Police

The IGP, Royal Malaysian Police

The Police Force Commission, which is constitutionally responsible for the appointment and emplacement of members of the police force, has backed a second extension of the service of Tan Sri Musa Hassan as the country’s Inspector-General of Police. The Malaysian Insider understands that the commission, whose members include top current and retired civil servants and the home minister, wants Musa to remain the country’s top cop when his current contract expires in September.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has still not given his nod yet, however, and is expected to have discussions soon with Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein and other stakeholders soon. So far it is understood that there is a strong sentiment within the administration for Musa’s term to be extended.

Another extension of Musa’s service is expected to draw political controversy. Over the weekend, the DAP’s Lim Kit Siang urged the home minister not to renew Musa’s contract as the crime rate continues to soar.

According to statistics provided by the veteran parliamentarian, there were 150,000 cases of crime in 2004. This figure ballooned to over 200,000 in both 2007 and 2008 despite Parliament tripling funds allocated to the police under the Ninth Malaysia Plan to RM8 billion.

Lim said that this shows the failure of the Musa to stem the tide of rising crime cases despite an increase in resources. Musa had reached retirement age two years ago and received a two-year extension of his term.

The original extension was also controversial as it came about after Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail ordered the then Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) to close investigations on graft accusations against Musa for allegedly being involved in the release of members of illegal betting syndicates.

Musa was also accused last year by Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of being involved in a plot to fabricate evidence during the 1998 investigation of the former deputy prime minister’s black eye beating case.

Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim, the police officer who investigated the black-eye beating in 1998, has also accused Gani and Musa of fabricating evidence in the assault. Mat Zain’s accusations, contained in a sworn affidavit, have been submitted as evidence in Anwar’s current Sodomy II trial.

Anwar is likely to use the alleged evidence of a previous conspiracy by Gani and Musa against him to back his claims that the current sodomy charge against him is politically motivated. The exposure in court of such allegations would be damaging to the authorities who are keen on showing impartiality in the prosecution. It is unclear if the prime minister will take these factors into consideration when he considers whether to give his nod to Musa’s extension.

Musa was first appointed to the post on Sept 12, 2006, succeeding Tan Sri Mohd Bakri Omar. Musa, a law graduate, joined the service as an inspector on November 11, 1969. Since then, he has held several important posts including as Malacca prosecuting officer in 1973, Bukit Aman Narcotics Division director in 1981 and Kuala Kubu Baru Police College lecturer in 1986.

Musa held the post of Bukit Aman prosecution/criminal law deputy assistant director in 1995 and Johor Chief Police Officer in 2003. In 1999, he headed the team which investigated the first Anwar sodomy case. In 2004, he was appointed Criminal Investigation Department director before being made Deputy Inspector-General of Police a year later and then as the Inspector-General of Police the following year.

11 thoughts on “Does this man, Musa, deserve an extension, given his track record?

  1. The idea of extending contracts of retirees should be discouraged on the principle that we must create opportunities for the advancement of qualified serving officers. No man is indispensable. This should apply to the civil service and other agencies of government since the infusion of people with the right talent and requisite job credentials is vital for any organization. In that way, the organization can renew itself.

    If Musa’s contract is renewed, senior Police personnel who can take over from him–and I am sure there are many eligible candidates–are denied the opportunity to advance their careers in the Malaysian Police. It would therefore to me be proper and helpful if the Police Commission studies all candidates available for the job, interviews them and assess their suitability for the post of the top man of the Police Force. The successor should be chosen strictly on the basis of merit. —Din Merican.

  2. 1. IPCMC dimana?
    2. Kugan’s death in police custody – macamana?
    3. Tainted in corruption charges
    4. Charged with alleged interference in evidence in Sodomy I
    5. … banyak lagi

  3. Batu Ferringhi,

    Semua itu tidak akan di ambil kira. Kriteria: Kena pandai bodek dan jadi orang suruhan PM saja cukup. Dari segi ini, IGP sekarang boleh di anggap pakar. Yang rugi ialah pasukan Police sendiri kerana ada orang yang lebih layak yang patut diberi peluang.

    Malaysia Boleh dibawah Mahathir, Satu Malaysia dbawah Najib dan sebelum itu, Badawi dengan gemilang, cemerlang dan terbilang (dah hilang pun)nya…apa lagi. –Din Merican

  4. The continued presence of Musa Hassan and Gani Patail at their respective powerful posts is a standing joke in extremely poor taste. Only the most naive amongst us would believe that the Najib regime could possibly opt to drop these tainted officials, simply because these two have been covering up the crimes, large and small, of the entire present UMNO-BN cabinet for years. If Musa goes, they ALL go!

  5. Surely there are capable officers within the PDRM that can take over the IGP position. Don’t think this Musang is indispensable. Have not seen any major changes in the Police Force unlike Tun Salleh and Tun Haniff’ tenure.

  6. This guy Musa is the character in a spy novel you read about whose opening line is, “If I tell you I would then have to kill you”. He knows too many secrets for his political masters to be messing with. He knows that. His masters and handlers know that. He knows his masters and handlers know that he knows that.

  7. Remember the Dy IGP that was shot behind the Lee Yan Lian Bldg in KL many many years ago. I don’t recall anyone caught or convicted for the crime. Some say they were hitmen from Thailand. How easy to snuff out someone.

  8. For the track record, he was and still is the most clean IGP malaysia has ever known and he has done pretty darn well in his duties and capacities.
    I only heard bad things about him from police themselves and usually those who are blacklisted for reason unknown to the public. and since malaysian like conspiracy and morbid theories a lot, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the mysteries murders, politicians cases are of his doings.

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