Polling over, PKR man set to win


Polling over, PKR man set to win

Malaysiakini Team in Penanti

May 31, 2009

Polling at the Penanti state seat by-election ended at 5pm with a very low voter turnout. The turnout at the end of the polling period stood at only 46.15 percent – meaning only about 7,100 of 15,384 voters had come out to vote. This is a sharp fall from the 82.1 percent voter turnout achieved in the last general election.

One reason cited for the poor turnout – believed to be a record low – was UMNO’s decision not to contest in the by-election. As a result PKR’s Mansor Othman had to compete with three independents for the seat. PKR leaders are quietly confident that their candidate would be able to retain the seat with a higher majority. Official results are expected as early as 7pm.

7 thoughts on “Polling over, PKR man set to win

  1. When some 45% of the electorate in a predominantly Malay area does not turn up to cast their votes, it is never a good sign. Add that to the fact that the incumbent ruling party is not contesting the seat, it does not bode well for the future of multi racial politics in Malaysia. It means the Malays turned up in earlier elections and in force because they were against UMNO-BN rather than for PKR-PR.

    Ramfiications are serious and Anwar Ibrahim better take note. What is the message the Malays are sending to him – apart from the fact that they are responding well to his anti-corruption rhetoric?

    Or could it just be due to plain old voter fatigue? Or a little of both?

  2. “Dr. Mansor Othman is the new state representative of Penanti and Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) of Penang after winning today’s by-election after garnering more than half the votes at 7pm.”

    Half the votes in this case means he does not have majority support. The majority of the voters did not turn up to vote.

  3. Looking at the final results wit Mansor getting 6052/7100 and the rest of the candidates wiped out, including Aminah Ronggeng who lost her deposit, dignity or honor (whatever thats left anyway), we can surmise that voter fatigue is the main cause. Having to go for 3 elections within 18 months is no joke.
    I certainly hope PKR and PR settles down and work on strengthening their long term ‘partnership’, strategies and if possible merge their strengths instead of squabbling, after Manek Urai. Get rid of self-important mavericks and half past 5 critters…

  4. Bean,
    A win is a win. If voters don’t urn up to vote, it’ their loss. They will then get the rep they didn’t vote. So don’t complain afterwards.
    Why the voters don’t show up? Were they under pressure not to show up? Were they intimidated by any political party? Were they told they would be persecuted if they voted?
    Malaysians are a weird lot. Always complaining but when given the opportunity they chose not to exercise their rights.

  5. True, Shrek. But we’re trying to establish the significance of this victory if any. If voters who didn’t cast their votes were swing voters then PKR-PR has a lot of work ahead. If they were PKR supporters who thought their presence was not needed this time round, then there is no problem for PKR.

    But the fact remains that Mansor Othman going by the number of votes cast enjoys only minority support of the electorate. Care therefore should be taken not to over state the victory at the polls. He has no reason to be confident that voters would rally behind him the next time.

  6. Bean
    Elections are like horse racing. Strong horse but poor jockey will not result in a win. Good jockey on a pregnant horse will also not win. Sometimes a sure bet will still come out trailing.
    Winning this time gives Mansor an advantage. He will have to work at gaining the support of the electorates in preparation for the GE.
    BN has lost confidence of winning the Penanti by election and thus have chosen to stay away. Not sure about other by elections if one should be on the horizon.

  7. This one is in Anwar’s backyard. No sane political strategist will advise UMNO-BN to field a candidate unless the candidate has national stature. This is only a state by-election.

    Weak horse poor jockey will land both horse and owner in the ditch. Poor jockey strong horse may still make it to the finish line. I don’t know anything about a pregnant horse even if Najib is the father.

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