Dangerous to mention Altantuya and also Perak

May 30, 2009

Banned: First Altantuya, now Perak

by Athi Veeranggan@www.malaysiakini.com

It is clear that any mention of a possible link between Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu can land a person into trouble.

PKR supreme council member and fiery orator Badrul Hisham Shaharin had to spend nearly five hours at the Central Seberang Perai police headquarters yesterday to answer questions over his by-election campaign speech in Penanti on Monday where he mentioned ‘Altantuya’.

Now, however, one cannot also link Najib to the four-month political impasse in Perak or you can be investigated for sedition and criminal defamation.

Senior DAP leader Lim Kit Siang found out about this after a report was made by the police and a statement was taken on the matter .At a 3,000-strong by-election campaign rally in Guar Perahu, Penanti last Sunday, Lim accused Najib of engineering the Perak power grab.

The Ipoh Timur parliamentarian was quizzed by investigating officer ASP Norazizi Saad for nearly an hour from 11.30am today at his house in Island Park, Georgetown. Lim said he was being investigated for sedition and criminal defamation in blaming Najib for the Perak political stalemate. He added that he was being probed following a report lodged by an on-duty police officer at the Sunday rally.

“If I am charged and found guilty, I will be imprisoned … simple as that,” the DAP supremo told a press conference, flanked by his son and Penang Chief Minister Guan Eng, DAP national chairperson Karpal Singh and several DAP local leaders and assemblypersons.

Even Najib’s father did not do this

The senior Lim cautioned that the two-month-old Najib’s premiership was fast descending into a “police state” and into an “era of darkness”. He cited police crackdowns on candlelight vigils, hunger strikes, wearing black, the raid on DAP headquarters, and the harassment of Pakatan Rakyat leaders and social activists to back his claim. Over 160 people have been arrested in the past three weeks.

“This is a serious violation of human rights and civil liberties,” said the veteran opposition leader, the only opposition parliamentarian who has faced off the country’s six prime ministers.

“I don’t blame the police. They are acting on the directives from a higher-up power,” he said, suggesting that the Barisan Nasional government was increasingly spooked by the rapid loss of public confidence. Kit Siang recalled that even Najib’s late father, former premier Abdul Razak bin Hussein, had never investigated him for sedition or criminal defamation despite engaging in many political duels with him back in the 70s.

“We are facing a major political crisis at the same time when the country is facing its biggest economic crisis,” lamented the senior politician. Guan Eng, meanwhile, criticised the police for wasting their resources on petty political issues, and ticked them off for increasingly acting like “bodyguards to BN rather than to the people.”

Like Chegu Bard, as Badrul Hisham is fondly known, Kit Siang was slapped with a police order yesterday under Section 111 of Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) requesting him to be present at the Central Seberang Perai police headquarters this morning. However, the DAP leader had asked Norazizi to record his statement at his Penang home.

Karpal, who was also at the press conference after Kit Siang’s session with the police, slammed the police for applying Section 111 on his DAP colleague. The MP-cum-lawyer said that such an order could only be issued after a witness had failed to turn up at the designated police station to give a statement.

Karpal: Charge Khir Toyo instead

Karpal instead called on the attorney-general to press charges against former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo for taking part in an illegal UMNO Youth rally in Waterfall, Penang on February 13. The demonstration was to include a march from Waterfall to Karpal’s house nearby in Jalan Utama. However, it was called off after police warned UMNO Youth members that severe action would be taken against them.

Mohd Khir and Permatang Pauh UMNO Youth chief Mohd Zaidi were escorted to the Georgeown police headquarters for their statements to be recorded. They were later released. “It was an illegal assembly. Why none of them were charged?” asked Karpal, the Bukit Gelugor MP.

According to Kit Siang, he was approached by police officers at a Pakatan Rakyat rally in Berapit last night where he was informed about the investigation. At the same time, a police order was delivered to his house in Persiaran Besi, Island Park.

Police also served a separate notice to Chegu Bard at his homes in Seremban and Bangi on Thursday when he was in Perak.

During the Guar Perahu ceramah, Kit Siang had condemned the police raid on DAP headquarters in Petaling Jaya as “a shameful incident”, and called on Penanti voters to teach Najib a political lesson.

Pakatan candidate Mansor Othman from PKR is up against three independent candidates – Aminah Abdullah, Kamarul Ramizu Idris and Nai Khan Ari, in Penanti by-election.

Campaigning will end at midnight and polling is tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Dangerous to mention Altantuya and also Perak

  1. “It is clear that any mention of a possible link between Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu can land a person into trouble.”

    I’m surprised it went on this long because it used to be seen as contempt of court in the old days.

  2. “Karpal …… slammed the police for applying Section 111 on his DAP colleague. The MP-cum-lawyer said that such an order could only be issued after a witness had failed to turn up at the designated police station to give a statement.”

    “Such an order could only be issued after a witness fails to turn up”? If you’re suspected of having committed a crime, you could be arrested in any case! There’s no need for notices.

    I don’t think this Lion of Jelutong roared that loud! But if he did, the lion must be losing his teeth due to old age. Had he looked after his teeth like he should have when he was young, and with expert advice from Dr. Kamsiah, he could have saved some of his teeth or at least have implants done and there’s no need to expose his gum.

    Reporters need to be trained as a paralegal (someone with a law diploma) and qualify as legal correspondent before being allowed to report on legal matters.

    Sec. 111 CPC deals with police officer’s power to require the attendance of a witness. If you’re served with a notice under Sec. 111 and you fail to appear for whatever reason, a magistrate can issue a warrant of arrest without more.

    If they think you have committed a crime, they would issue a Sec. 111 notice right away which allows for your arrest in the event of non-compliance without more. If they think you’re a person acquainted with the facts or circumstances of the case being investigated and could be a useful witness in court, notice under Sec. 112 spells out the procedure. Be it under Sec. 111 or Sec. 112 you could still be arrested and charged if there’s sufficient evidence of the commission of a crime.

    So what’s the big deal??

  3. This is where the misuse of police powers comes in.

    They are just harassing opposition politicians and political activists in sympathy with the opposition, frightening them into early submission in the hope that they become less outspoken publicly. The campaign has to go underground.

    They cannot stop the coffee shop talk and they know that.

  4. We are struggling to achieve the goal of an open and more inclusive society. That is a noble and serious cause enough not to be deterred by Police action.

    We have a problem with the present Inspector-General of Police whose contract could be up for renewal. The IGP wants to impress the new boss, but if we probe into his background a little further we might be able to confirm the rumour that he has links to the underworld of Ah Longs and other bad hats.

    I have always respected the rank and file and middle rank officers of the Force for their hard work and dedication, but I realise that one rotten apple at the top is enough to damage the reputation of the entire organisation.

    Reform? Well, it suits the present Najib One Malaysia administration not to implement the recommendations of the Royal Commission which was set up by former sleepy head Prime Minister Badawi to look into the affairs of the Police Force. It is a case of “You scrub my back and I scrub yours.” [I need to be careful when I use the word “back” (belakang)! Otherwise, New Yorker Bean will get ideas.]

    Could we be heading towards National Operations Council Rule of the Tun Razak years, especially if UMNO-BN is resoundingly defeated in the next elections, come 18-24 months from now? Najib needs to show that he is tough and repressive in order to hang on to power. He cannot count on his popularity as he knows that he is not popular within and outside UMNO, so he must use the wheels of power of his office. The severity of repression moves in tandem with his rising unpopularity.

  5. No matter how well you know the law and your rights, and how you look at it, top to bottom, beginning to end, forward and backwards, we have been having a ‘belakang kira’ administration for many years. The belakang kira way of doing business reached epidemic proportions during the Mahathir years. It spilled over into the Badawi years and is not about to end with Najib.

    Come next general elections the country would be in unchartered territory. With the projected electoral defeat in more states, Najib’s political strategist has no playbook to look at unlike Karl Rove who used his playbook to win the second term for George W. Bush.

    The latest rounds of ‘catch and release’ shows that Najib is desperate for ideas.

    Din Merican may have gone into scrubbing of backs but Najib is into scratching of backs rather than scrubbing them. The satisfaction that comes with a good scrub can never equal to that which comes with a good scratch.

  6. New Yorker Bean, don’t you know that I am homophobic? Both Elton John and George Michael have a different orientation. But this has nothing to do with the topic of this thread, pal. Good weekend to you any way. -Din Merican

  7. I think the ‘harassment’ stage is over, this is fast morphing into ‘repression’. The personality cult of naif is indeed meager compared to the likes of Octokutty or even Dopey, mainly led by mdm. Lumpiolus Cellulite, whose paws are everywhere even in Musangs underwear.

    I believe that the CCP politburo, where naif is going abegging to are closet supporters of Anwar and the policies of PR, though they seemingly appear neutral. They are experts at ‘repression’ and ‘personality cults’ and they will know how to ‘winnow the wheat from the chaff’. Meanwhile, those relatives, hangers-on and bodekers of Naif are still blissfully intent on signing MOUs – which will be worthless (as most often is) in 2-3 years.
    Din, this is the oppurtunity we must not miss.

  8. Look at Shrek. He too is homophobic but does not wear his sexual orientation on his sleeve. He is quietly anti same sex marriage just like I am – and he lives in the gay capital of the world.

  9. “I think the ‘harassment’ stage is over, this is fast morphing into ‘repression’” Menyalak-er

    Repression is mostly strategy. Harassment is tactic.

  10. So they use a tactic that morphs into a strategy eh, Bean? Kinda reflex reaction and that’s how things are with these fellas.
    The sloganeering has ended becos the strategy can’t keep up with the tactics.

    To be fair, i think it applies to the opposition too, as their contigency plans lack depth. I just wish everyone will stop with this idiotic ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ thingy, bandied around by small minded unmentionables – before everyone dies of the red tide.

  11. The ‘catch and release’ strategy is apparently to create fear. The average Malaysia has always been meek and easily threatened. So it may just work.

  12. Bean
    The Californian voters have spoken and the Supreme Court have upheld the voter decision. Now the pro same sex marriage groups are planning a recall of the Justices. Shhheeesh

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