Why is Anifah Attacking Anwar?

May 15, 2009

Foreign Minister Anifah Aman is busy attacking Anwar Ibrahim at the State Department in front of Hillary Clinton and a bunch of journalists? Why? Why does a country’s foreign minister feel the need to take personal attacks against an opposition leader in a press conference on US – Malaysia relations?

Watch the video here. The question from the Reuters journalist comes in around the 15:00 minute mark where the journalist asks: (sorry, it loads quite slowly in Malaysia where we still have internet access speeds from 1998)

Opposition figure Anwar Ibrahim faces charges again, and I believe a trial later this summer, on charges that the State Department itself in the annual human rights report said are politically motivated. Did you raise his case specifically in your meeting today?

Secretary Clinton’s response was pretty clear. We think the case stinks to high heaven as the State Department said last summer and Malaysia better not pull another 1998.  She said:

Well, with respect to the latter question, we raised rule of law issues and the larger questions concerning the institutional reforms that Malaysia has been pursuing. We’re on record as to our opinion as to that particular case, and I think that speaks for itself.

Anifah should have said that Malaysia’s legal system is credible and due process would be followed in the administration of justice. And left it at that. Instead he opened his mouth and inserted his foot as far as it could go by attacking Anwar Ibrahim. He said:

I’d like to address the comment on Anwar Ibrahim. You know, we have utmost faith in our judicial system. And recently, as late as a few days ago, the court has declared that the chief minister of a particular state which comes from the opposition as election of a chief minister which is a rulings against the government.

Let’s be honest here – the High Court ruling comes after three months of manipulation of court rulings and the use of the entire government and media apparatus to orchestrate an illegal takeover of the Perak State government. The application for a stay to the High Court’s ruling was granted in less than 24 hours while the similar application by Nizar has been postponed and delayed. He continues his attack:

And insofar as Anwar Ibrahim is concerned, (inaudible) he – we know him very, very well. And he has – more or less, what he has said, especially overseas, most of the things are untrue; for example, like the involvement of our honorable prime minister and the murder of a Mongolian citizen. And he has repeatedly said before the elections that he will provide evidence and yet, until today, he has not given anything.

First of all, if I was the Prime Minister I would sack Anifah immediately upon landing in Kuala Lumpur.  Where in the question by the journalist did anyone mention a Mongolian woman?  In fact most people in the press corp probably didn’t even know that there were allegations linking the PM to the mongolian woman.  But after the Foreign Minister’s defensive, bumbling rant against Anwar Ibrahim, I am sure everyone is now googling Najib and Mongolia. That’s diplomacy, Malaysia style.

As for evidence, enough questions are raised to pursue the topic. Articles have been published in the international press all over the world. The conduct of the trial of the accused murderers was comical at best. Yet there are no denials by the people allegedly involved. The caution statement was leaked showing clearly that someone instructed the two officers to kidnap and murder the Mongolian woman and they were promised a payment for services. Who was that person? Why is that person not being questioned? I could go on and on. Then he digs a deeper hole for himself:

And also just for the information of the audience here that, you know, he also said that he will form a government on 16 September and he has changed the dates many time. And he was trying to entice the members of parliament. And I was personally offered to jump into the oppositions and offered a very lucrative position, and also to be told it’s like a deputy prime minister. And these are not known to the world at large.

Oh, it’s interesting that you make such allegations and accusations now, more than 7 months after September 16th. Could it be, Mr. Foreign Minister, that now that you’ve been made Foreign Minister and get to fly all over the world that you no longer covet the position of Deputy Prime Minister, if in fact as you allege you were offered such a position (a claim that few in Malaysia would be capable of believing especially given your substandard performance in this press conference as a diplomat representing the Country abroad)? And why oh why are you crying to Hillary Clinton about your internal political fumbles.  She’s already been briefed by her staff that Malaysia is currently a political basketcase.  She knows about Altantuya, about Anwar about Perak, about human trafficking, about corrupt military procurements, an unprofessional police force and a judiciary lacking integrity.  So why air more dirty laundry to her? To represent the nation or because you’re too scared of Anwar Ibrahim you think that complaining in Washington DC will somehow bring the State Department to your aid. Then Anifah goes into the world of fantasy:

And he has started, you know, trying to buy into other, you know, legislative members. And I think what he is doing – he has not accepted the result of what – the last elections. And we have lost five states and we willingly and accept the people’s verdict. And all the time we leave it to the people to decide, and which, on the other hand has not been able to accept.

Does Najib Razak’s orchestrating the takeover of the Perak state government count as “willingly accept the people’s verdict”? Does refusing to allow for a dissolution of the Perak state assembly count as “willingly accept the people’s verdict”? Does dragging the Speaker Sivakumar out of the assembly hall by his collar count as “willingly accept the people’s verdict” [see video here]. This next comment must be a joke:

And it’s also my concern and that of our government that it is what he has been doing overseas to tarnish the image of Malaysia, which impinge trade and indirectly and directly, you know, bring hardship to the people of Malaysia, which he said he’s very, very concerned about.

I think the Malaysian government does a very good job tarnishing its own image abroad without the help of Anwar Ibrahim. Show me one positive article about Malaysia in the international media in the last 2 years that wasn’t paid for by the government of Malaysia. Does Anwar own the WSJ, Economist, BBC, CNN, Sydney Morning Herald (I think the author was the victim of a tear gassing in Malaysia), Al Jazeera, Times of London, Le Monde, Liberation, New Yorker? I think when you shoot tear gas and water cannon at innocent people, including journalists holding video cameras (see al jazeera here) then you’re not likely to get favorable press. What about the prolonged detention of people under the ISA without trial? (see al jazeera here) What about the blatant corrupt practices in the procurement of military goods? What about the fumbling conduct of Malaysian ambassadors and diplomats particularly those involved with paying Jack Abramoff millions of dollars of money funneled from Malaysian companies to schedule a 10 minute meeting between Mahathir and George Bush.

And therefore, it is our wish and hope that he will respect the democratic system in Malaysia, which is very open and which, I think, we have conformed to the wish of the people. And we have repeatedly told him that if he believes that he is the rightful prime minister, or his party has been sidetracked, then it is – wait for the next election. And he has continuously gave wrong impressions and accused all the government officials of being corrupted, which is part and parcel of the system (inaudible). And the people have rejected him in Malaysia, and is a proof that he has not been able to accept.

I think Clinton opened her comments questioning the democratic institutions in Malaysia. There are other comments Anifah made which people should hold him to task on. He said he would immediately called the ASEAN Secretary General, Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, for a meeting to discuss what ASEAN can do to help Suu Kyi as she faces another three years of detention. Can we get some confirmation on that?

Also – he failed to address the issue of Human Trafficking and the report issued by the Senate on Malaysian officials implicated in the trafficking of Burmese refugees. (See here and here).

One hopes our Ambassador to the US (Jamaluddin Jarjis?) won’t be as uncharismatic and parochial as our Foreign Minister so that we can actually improve relations with our most important trading partner, and not burn more bridges.  If it’s Jamaluddin Jarjis I daresay we’re in for more comic relief.

76 thoughts on “Why is Anifah Attacking Anwar?

  1. Strange isn’t it that every single BN politician claims that he’s been offered Deputy PM by Anwar. Just wonder how many DPMs there will be if Anwar comes to power. It speaks volume of those who make the claim.

  2. I think i have a big laugh at this Foriegn Minister statements.Is this the standard of FM? I suggest Najib get to look into this before he embarrase him further. His remarks make him feel very little anyway. Do you think he is confortable with it? FM post is too high for his standard what more a DPM. Be sensible Anifah Aman…will you.

  3. Our foreign minister is unfit for the job. He does not speak well and shows his immaturity and lack of diplomacy when he attacked Anwar in front of the US press and the Secretary of State. You don’t have to go all the way to the US to talk on Anwar. He is supposed to take steps to improve Malaysia-US relations. We are supposed to have a dynamic cabinet- but the truth is we have a recycled cabinet. What a let down!

  4. What does Anifah mean by being offered a “lucrative” position? The DPM post does not carry a very high salary (compared to Singapore) as we all know. Is he implying the huge corruption money that the post of DPM comes with?

  5. For 52 years these are the “stupid” comments that has been made by our “selected” representatives on behalf of Malaysia…!

    These are also the attitude & thinking of our so-called “smart” Foreign Ministers….!

    These are the people that makes a “monkey” out of THEMSELVES….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These ARE the people who are embrassing the Malaysian Goverment….!!!!

    The “issues” that are supposed to be discuss & worked on are not looked into.

    Instead they talk Malaysian politics to other countries…!!!

    PM Najib…..,
    Do you still want these people to embrasse you “even more”…….???????????????

    Perhaps tell your rep to either “shut-up” & stick to the agenda of the day…………….!!!!!

    The US already don’t agree on a lot of things being done here.
    So…! Why this fool “still” have to pursue Anwar’s issue……??????

  6. The fact though remains, even if we hate Najis guts in PRU 13, and Barisan Najis gets creamed in Peninsular in PRU 13, we still have not developed a proper attack strategy to take Sabah or Sarawak.

    Those idiots there still vote Barisan Najis left right and center.

  7. I’ll refrain from making harsh judgements of the man primarily due to the many friends and family members i’ve aligned to him.
    But what strikes me most is the alleged offer he received from PR and taking into account the pivotal rolled Anwar played in getting the PBS assemblymen to switch camps in the aftermath of Sabah’s 94 state elections,the allegation holds water.
    If this is the way PRs approached to secure the numbers to take control of the country than PR deserved every bit of what transpired in Perak

  8. How about Anwar denying the claim?or much better,how about Anwar suing Aman for this accusation?

    Got balls?

    or are they true?

  9. Strange that a foreign minister gets involved in such a topic at international scene. I suggest he reviews his scopes of work. Sad to see that we pay our taxes to receive this kind of quality in a minister!! not just a simple govt officer! look at the content he speaks on, goes to show the lack of maturity in thinking.
    It is time for us Malaysian to demand for better quality in things that we pay for with our hard earned money, be it the Police force, Education( just look at the sorry state of quality in schools and universities nowadays), Policy makers like this kind of politicians, govt counter services, Health sevice,… etc,…
    Time to make them understand that they are our SERVANTS,because WE PAY THEIR SALARY not some one we must SEMBAH and feel intimidated by!!
    Please spread this paradigm shift amongst all Malaysian,.. WE ARE BOSS, WE PAY THEIR SALARY!! be it BN or PR.

  10. “Among the bilateral issues that were discussed during the meeting was the issue of the two Malaysians held in Guantanamo Bay. Malaysia had expressed its hope for the return of the two Malaysians once the process of review of the two prisoners had been completed and its willingness to accept the return of the two Malaysians” Wisma Putra

    Here’s what Mahathir would have said. President Obama should fulfil his campaign promise to close down Guantanamo. We have our laws and we can deal with these suspected terrorists ourselves. Sometimes as you know we put them under detention pending charges but it is only because they represent a serious threat to the security of Malaysia. When they are no longer a threat we release them unconditionally. – like we did recently with the Hindraf leaders and some others..

    Here’s what Badawi would have said. About these two Malaysians under detention in Guantanamo. Malaysia does not mind. You can keep them as long as you want.

    But it is obvious that the recent release of prisoners was timed to coincide with this meeting between the two and the press conference which followed and the coming visit by the U.S. Secretary of State. Najib must have thought to himself since the U.S. is releasing its prisoners in Guantanamo so they could be made to face charges in United States, why not we do the same with our prisoners? Barack Obama won his election based on the message of ‘change’ and it is fitting that Malaysia’s newly elected Prime Minister make ‘change’ the hallmark of his administration.

    If there is one word in the English language that has been overused recently it is the word ‘change’. Everybody in Malaysia too is looking for change – from Anwar Ibrahim, to Nizar to Lim Kit Siang to Najib. Even the old man Mahathir Mohammad is looking for change now that he is no longer Prime Minister. My favourite kacang puteh seller is also in need of change.

    But a legitimate question to Malaysia by the foreign press would have been if Malaysia under its new Prime Minister has plans close down its many detention camps – not just Kamunting but also its rehabilitation camps for those in danger of committing apostasy and camps for refugees and illegal aliens. Malaysia has yet to sign the 1954 U.N. Convention Relating to Refugees and the 1967 Protocol. She has no policy on refugees to speak of.

    The question about Anwar Ibrahim and the fact that his upcoming trial is politically motivated raises no eye brows except those of the Foreign Minister. The fact that it was asked at all during a press conference like this one must have caught the Foreign Minister unprepared and by surprise. It is fortunate for the Foreign Minister that there was no follow up question by the foreign press because clearly he said more than he should have said. His reply was an over-kill and an invitation to the foreign press to grill him further.

    In that event the only thing that would have saved him would have been a quick intervention by Secretary Clinton. It was a welcome relief to Madam Secretary when the next question focussed on another issue.

    A wasted opportunity. Malaysiakini should have sent its reporter.

  11. Aren’t talking points prepared by Wisma Putra for him? He is new in his post and needs input from his Ministry or from the Ambassador at the post before he shoots his mouth off. Maybe he is like his predecessor who does not want to be advised by anyone unless the person is of his rank!

  12. ANIFAH seems inept to say the least. and i am sure based on his performance , as per the script above , he is definately no statesman and his english .. hmmm .. is atrocious. looks like the ministry of foreign affairs officers will have a tough time doing a cut and paste job to cover – up anifah’s boo – boos.

    but all that said and done , although anifah uttered these words in the ” wrong forum ” , i dont think anwar ibrahim has any business offering anifah anything . so if anifah’s claim is correct , then anwar cannot claim the higher moral ground . he ( anwar ) will be just as bad if not worse then najib and other umno members. and he ( anwar ) may turn out to be more crooked then mr crooked bridge himself ( dr . mahathir mohamad ).

    and accordingly , mr din merican , your blind support for anwar ibrahim here i find quite disappointing. makes me wonder what anwar has promised you.

  13. At 1st,I thought that this Anifah fellow is wise politician
    He rejected the deputy minister post last year as protest against Pak Lah 4 not being grateful enough of Sabah’s role as BN’s “fixed deposit” in keeping BN in power on a federal level
    He was pretty vocal in Parliament on raising the plight of Sabahans, up 2 the point that he was quickly becomin a nuisance 2 BN n his big bro,Musa Aman was ridiculed by fellow party leaders 4 not controlling his brother

    I guess after being offered full ministerial duty, u’ll get drunk wit power n ur stupidity is displayed without u realizin it

    Expect the US media 2 hav a field day reportin Najib’s links wit Altantuya in the coming weeks m Najis has only this ingrate who is in charge of foreign policy 2 blame

    DS Anwar,either u deny these claims on ur blog right away or sue Aman’s ass 4 defamation just like what u did 2 Chandra Muzaffar pre March 8 4 callin u an “unmitigated disaster” as PM

  14. Menteri menteri Sabah ni tak boleh di percayahi, Mana ada duit dia lompat macam katak budu!

    Because of Sabah, UMNO/ BN is still surviving kalau tarak makan kacang putihlah.

    these bloody menteri sabah should be………

  15. Embarrassing to Malaysia and to Prime Minister Najib.

    He wasn’t supposed to mention at all in one sentence the words:
    our PM, Altantuya & murder. What was he thinking?

    About Anwar Ibrahim, too much said and too sour.

    Yes, definitely not suitable to be a foreign minister, a home minister perhaps.

  16. Kassimselamat2 questioned if Anwar has balls to sue Anifah… Here you go, Mr Kassim, the ostrich balls: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/104453

    Danildaud… Do not trust people of character like Anifah’s… A cry-baby when he got “only” deputy minister’s post. Plus a brother who is the second most corrupt man in Malaysia… Anwar did have a role in “buying over” Sabah government in 1994, no doubt. He has already admitted it. He was a soldier in a corrupt army. The guy served 6 years of prison and countless torture and abuse. How about “just” 3 years for Najib, Muhyiddin, Taib Mahmud, Musa Aman, Musa Hassan, Hisham Krismuddin, etc.?

  17. In actual fact, Anwar would have been approached by Anifah before 16 September, Anifah wanted to be the Deputy Prime Minister but Anwar refused. From the statement about Anwar which he declared at the State Department in front of Hillary Clinton, Anifah wanted to display his ego and arrogance in front of a powerful State Secretary of USA. Anifah felt he wanted to be at par with Hilary Clinton. Anifah is a greenhorn into international politics and diplomatic relations.

  18. Most excellent analysis, Bean! As the senior diplomat, a question about Anwar which apparently ‘raised his eyebrows’ should be answered ‘diplomatically’ – not to rave about his ‘personal experiences’. One cannot make inuendos/remarks like these in an official foreign press conference. Diplomacy 101. As for JJ, anticipation is mounting – just hope he doesn’t ‘raba’ mme. cankles buntut. We are no match for U.S. firepower. Well, kassimselamat2 – the balls are showing, sue he has.

  19. There will be a well coordinated attack in the US on Anwar Ibrahim with the purpose of tarnishing his reptutation and hurting our cause for change. The possible appointment of JJ as our new Ambassador and Anifah Aman’s appointment as Foreign Minister are must be seen a part of that plan. Najib is scared stiff of a resurgent Anwar Ibrahim who is a master at the game of political chess. As things stand today, Anwar’s chances of taking over Putrajaya are getting better day by day as Najib falters with his policies on the economy and his 1Malaysia vision.

    The Malaysian government wants to drag the Americans into our domestic politics, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her team of specialists and diplomats are too smart for that. They are interested in our position on the Rule of Law, Human Rights, Human Trafficking and Bilateral Trade and Investment issues. I am concerned that we have no one of quality in Wisma Putra who can stand up to the politicians in the conduct of foreign policy and diplomacy. So I blame Wisma Putra officials for not making sure that Anifah does not get off tangent and make us look like a bunch of incompetents with his comments. –Din Merican

  20. our foreign minister is only making a fool of himself and a disgrace to us all.the way Clinton answers,tells him,don’t bullshit us and we know what is true and untrue and what s going on,ok!

  21. Let DSAI sue this guy…. Just because he got the minister post, he can say anything. After 7 months, why tell now???
    If Anifah are sincere enough to serve the people, then he should tell before Sept 16!


  22. Anifah speaks good english but once questioned , exposure of unintelligence .JJ is shrewd and will go all out to convince the americans Anwar is bad.But Anwar has got a strong platform there and all are expecting him to take over the government to pave way for transperancy and be a role model for all other dictatorial countries of ASEAN

  23. It seems that everyone has the mistaken notion that it was DSAI who started the frog-jumping exercise.

    DSAI did not start the mess. It was BN that was trying to topple the Selangor and the Perak state governments immediately after the 2008 election even before DSAI hitched on to the idea. Ask Abdullah Badawi and Toyol for the facts.

    In Perak the sultan took 2 weeks to recognise the Pakatan state government. In the meantime, BN was feverishly trying to buy some Pakatan’s assembly people. Ask Tajol Rosli for the facts because he announced that the BN will topple Pakatan by August 2008. Ask Sivakumar how much BN offered him. Finally when they couldn’t stop the Pakatan from forming the state government, the sultan tried a last-ditch attempt by throwing a spanner into the works: he appointed Nizar from PAS as the MB hoping that the Pakatan would naturally split. But it was not to be because the whole country had a pleasant surprise: DAP and PAS were able to co-operate admirably under Nizar’s leadership and this confound the BN to no ends.

    Najib is telling a big lie: the mess in Perak was created by him and for him alone, i.e. to salvage his chances of becoming the PM in spite of the many skeletons he was carrying.

    See how short people’s memories are?

  24. din, this is my first comment on your postings, which i have found very enlightening in the past. imo, this anifah guy went into a tirade on dsai, as part of the greater effort on the whole umno machinery to pin the blame on the frog culture on dsai. the evolving crisis in perak hilite the abhorrence of frogs by the malaysian public. the most hated personalities in malaysia today are occupied by the 4 frogs, who with the jumping actions overthrew a most popular state government there.

    i had also held the same belief that dsai should bear the blame for the incipience of the frog culture. but today i admit i have erred. i was enlightened by ong kian ming’s analysis that there is a silver lining to the silver state’s crisis.

    firstly, the frog culture is not new, and we give too much credit to dsai for pioneering it. as early as 1969, frogs were born. entire political parties such as gerakan and ppp jumped ship to shore up the alliance and give umno its 2/3 and wiped out any serious challenge to umno for 40 years. secondly, dsai is not so politically green and ignorant to the fact that his pakatan does not have the financial and institutional might to challenge umno in buying over frogs. he was the executioner of the coup on pairin’s state government in sabah.

    so what is dsai up to? imo he is, through his able advisers, are looking 1 step ahead. he has proven that he is able to attract capable people into his pakatan, most notably people like nizar, dr tan yee kew, dr tan kee kwong etc. either by design, or through a masterstroke of luck, the perak crisis has presented dsai with an excellent opportunity to kill the frog culture. by sacrificing 3 frogs, pakatan is now able to prevent any further froggies jumping now or even in the next ge. because with the fury and onslaught of such fierce criticisms of those 3 frogs, nobody on either side of bn or pakatan would dare make the jump. this kills off 1 of the most potent weapons in umno/bn’s arsenal with their vast monetary resources and intimidation using their uniform institutions.

    in chess, this move is called a queen’s gambit, and in sun tzu, this is called the empty castle strategy. conspiracy theorists will even go as far as saying karpal played the good cop, and dsai the bad cop to lure umno into this trap. and to make the gambit even more successful, dsai will continue to play the underdog role. so the more umno prosecute dsai on the sodomy case, and use all their force to presecute hindraf and those isa vigilers, the more sympathy votes are drawn to pakatan.

    what can we expect until the next ge? i dont know. strategies and counter moves are so fluid. the team that makes the right moves will win. but 1 year on after tsunami 308, umno/bn seems to be making all the dumb moves, especially in perak. something interesting comes to mind also. in chinese history, during the sung dynasty, there was a frog, a traitor by the name of choon kuei. the chinese popularized a food item called “you char kuei”, to keep reminding its people of how this traitor sold out the country to the barbarians. this delicacy has lived on today after 8 centuries to show how the chinese never forget a misdeed. maybe the local cuisine will have a new dish, especially perak with the famous nga-choy-kai bean sprout chicken, will have an additional dish called “hee-haw deep fried jelapang frog”, or in cantonese “hooi char tin kai”, to remind the perakians and all malaysian future generations to come what a misdeed this jelapang frog has done.

    interesting times are a-coming.

  25. just like a small kid trying to make some attention here..as a citizen in boleh land ..it just a waste to have such a shallow minded person to be our “Representative” here…Vote OUT Anifah

  26. Hi Din,
    I really wonder how the BN goverment appoint such a person as a Minister in the first place. He is a disgrace to Malaysia. Not worth commenting further.

  27. Malaysia Foreign Minister thinks Americans are stupid, but not realizing that he is exposing his stupidity and a very low class mentality.
    He definitely will not be respected and now he had made it very clear on the issue of the Mongolian women. What an exposure and it indicates how stupid is our minister. Instead of vilifying Anwar but instead he is confirming the story to the world. Pity Mr PM and Malaysia. Well what to do when you have a minister of this quality!!!
    Let see when Anwar sue this guy.

  28. Madam Secretary must be thinking “No need to waterboard this guy to get him to say anything that incriminates the value of his intelligence.”

    Just stand him in front of a press conference and he will spill all the beans.

    Or maybe its the beans in his system causing all this flatulence.

  29. Semuanya menteri dari BN. Semuanya naik tanpa merit. kroni money belaka laka tu.
    Maka sbb inilah negara malaysia akan punah jahanam.
    Sbb BN suka kan orang bodoh jadi pemimpin!

  30. Not many will know the Aman Brothers. Each time this Anifah spoke in parliament I have commented be careful this actor will fool everyone. I have know this Aman family way back to the late 60s. Most of them are great talkers and twisters that is how they managed to cart away the wealth of Sabah. This Anifah can even drown a fish with his sugar factory mouth. It is not a surprise that he bad mouth Annuar this is his greatness to push all his rivals down so that he can hook his luck on position. Now Najis took his sugar. One day he will go against Najis. PR should stop this gentleman otherwise he will stepover everyone again and again . By doing so it may also help Najis you dont know this man as I have know him since young.

  31. This Anifah really looked amateurish in international diplomacy. The journalists gathered at the State Department must be giggling to themselve… but they are also happy because this Anifah guy spilled out the word banned at Bukit Gantang… ALTANTUYA! Hey, the journalists must all be googling the word as soon as the press conference is over….

  32. Umno has goons, fools, idiots, imbeciles, korek-korek etc on its payroll. This Anifah fella is the party’s latest import.

  33. Haiyoooo, Mister Foreign Minister, what are you ranting about?? You said, “…And recently, as late as a few days ago, the court has declared that the chief minister of a particular state which comes from the opposition as election of a chief minister which is a rulings against the government.”

    “…And he has started, you know, trying to buy into other, you know, legislative members. And I think what he is doing – he has not accepted the result of what – the last elections. And we have lost five states and we willingly and accept the people’s verdict. And all the time we leave it to the people to decide, and which, on the other hand has not been able to accept.”


    I do not comprehend!! And nevermind you want to wash our kain coli and spender for all in the US and the world to see, your England is too bad, TOOO BAAADDD, you not shy be Foreign Minister ah?!

    Come and see me, I can give you tuition lah!

  34. I think now, not only Anwar wants to sue him… Even Najib would want to crucify him for the dumbest blunder of mentioning ALTANTUYA. hahaha Najib must be thinking, “Oh dung! What was I thinking, giving him the Foreign Minister post?! Oh bloody dung!” Moral of the story – you reap what you sow. My only wish is that the world does not think all Malaysians are as moronic as this Anifah guy. Fat hope, though. 🙂 😦

  35. Anifah wants name and fame only .He doesn’t care about Sabahans actually.All his words in Parliament during flip-flop primiership is just to show of his embarassment for not appointed as full Minister. That’s all. Thanks Najib for appointing him as FM. Easy to spread news about Tuya’s case to the world. Credit for Pakatan. Anifah thinks that Americans are stupid as he is. Come on Anifah, in the US even kids of 6 year old knows better politics than you.

    I bet when Pakatan wins and forms the Federal Government, this guy will turn around and say he did that on purpose so that Najis name will be tarnished in international arena and he can then claim that he gave helping hand to Pakatan to topple Najis.And later he will ask to be appointed as CM of Sabah. I wonder how the Kinabatangan Ah Long (Bung Mokhtar) would have talked to Clinton on Malaysia Issue if Najis would have appointed him as the FM to credit his support as Bee End kurang Ajar hero for Pakatan MP in Parliament? Boy I can’t imagine.

  36. Buy the am i right what i hear from friends That the so call Ambassador Jilat Jolok is the one accuse for Raba a Pramugari in Airport?Correct brother Din if im Wrong.

  37. dear imwatchinu, that shows how smart anwar is in trying to manipulate and buy over bn rep into joining him and forming the pr fed govt on sept 16. i believe he told the same thing to all the bn reps that he approached, offering them the same dpm’s post, in the hope they would easily succumb to his offer, and eagerly jump over to pr. but, luckily he was mistaken..

  38. Mikael

    I’ve friends in the ‘inner circles’ of big bro. (Musa) so i am quite aware.


    ‘idiot’ suits you and your kind best for voting in that maimed Jelapang slut and the two sex hungry goons. You dick heads are fond of self flattery and will scream your lungs out announcing the taxes you pay when its peanuts in comparison to Sabah/Sarawak oil revenue the fed. govt rakes in each year.
    Peninsular states like Perak has nothing except tales of Rose Chan and her cigarette smoking antics

  39. Danildaud,

    Rose Chan has done a great public service to her country and deserves to be awarded a medal unlike most of the current datos and tan sris. Rose Chan has done more to unite Malaysians of all races in two decades than soccer and badminton did in five.

    Ask Din Merican, Tok Cik and Shrek. These are eye witnesses to history being made – and is still being made though now in the form of a movie.

  40. It is Friday over here and it is like Saturday over there. Din Merican forgot to bring some music to release some of the tension. I could hear the pin dropped.

  41. Spot on, Bean. Rose Chan was and still is an icon. She’d have made a better diplomat than a hundred Anifahs put together.

  42. It’s a diversion from what is happening in Sabah’s Breaking News. His brother CM was exposed to have RM1.5b in a Hongkong account.

  43. Wasn’t he the one who turned down an assistant minister post because he considered it too junior for him because his brother is the MB of Sabah? He then hinted strongly that he wanted to jump ship and join up with PKR. I guess he won’t do that, now that he’s living it up in Washington. Najib better put a lease on this loose cannon or he’s going to regret sending him to Washington. His inaugural official speech and it’s all about Najib and his link to Mongolian girl murder. He should be officially designated as Malaysia Clown to Washington.

  44. Take care what you wish for when dealing with the Americans. See what happened to LTTE. The moment the Americans declared the LTTE as a (ITO) International Terroist Organization at the behest of the Sri Lankan government Sri Lanka took a page from them- if you are not with me you are against me and as of today got rid of the LTTE.

    Unwittingly, Sri Lanka today, although they have won the battle have not won the war, which could go on for another 50 years. Big powers have their own agenda.

  45. Dear Din,

    We are moving into serious trouble, now and in future……. If this is the standard of a FM, we are doomed. Even some countries in Africa are having far more better representatives to the world stage..

    My verdict: Better find someone else for replacement, ASAP.

  46. this shows how idiotic are msia ministers. answer only what been asked and dont pandai -2. and now you are spitting on yr own face…? i’ve been dealing with americans for years and in reality
    we are abunch of kucing kurap’s for them….., so…, leave our internal issues within ourself or otherwise we are exposing how much idiotic and non civilised are us in each and every sense of governing. in essance dont open your stupid mouth ….they’ll know wat is happening and not cowboys any more….when we are still on top of tree. We hope Hanifah deserved to be sacked to tarnish our PM DSMNTR and his wife reputation for a questions that not been asked nor bothered by the journalist. so dont be pandai pandai…..idiot.

  47. Reading tru all comments , it seemed that majority gave stupid opinions trying to make others swallow their nonsensical ideas. Nothing is good in their eyes by forgetting what Anwar Ibrahim
    had done in the past ,tarnishing our nation image and reputation overseas . Now they spin to say otherwise because it is against their interest. These people are blind . dump and gila.

  48. Even the FM admits the court has acknowledge & accepted the Perak CM under Pakatan as the lawful government but sadly His boss says differently. Please know your facts and not promote DSAI overseas. Act as a FM and not a misinformed FM.

  49. I am concerned that our FM is behaving like a cheap sleazy Malaysian politician instead as a foreign minister. What shame is he bringing to the country?

    The potential ambassador is will be another shame if accepted. I hope the United States govt would insist on someone honourable for this post.

  50. ” Foreign Minister Anifah Aman is busy attacking Anwar Ibrahim at the State Department in front of Hillary Clinton and a bunch of journalists? Why? Why does a country’s foreign minister feel the need to take personal attacks against an opposition leader in a press conference on US – Malaysia relations? ”

    Because its OK for the opposition leader to do the same to the ruling government, whenever he ( Anwar ) made press statement overseas.
    A right to defend?

    Kena muka sendiri marah. Buat kat muka orang tak mengapa.

    So next time, if Anwar wants to say / accuse anything make sure he has all the evidence. Nanti malu lagi. Dah berapa kali malu daa…

  51. You forgot Anwar is not in government. Najib is and this is his administration’s representative in Washington DC.

    The question asked is a simple one and it calls for the defense of the country’s rule of law and the workings of our judicial system and not for the defense of his boss. As a result of the long rambling he gave the credibility (which must be in the low 30s with foreign journalists and foreign observes ) of Najib’s administration and our government suffers.

  52. He could have referred to the U.S. Department of State’s recently released report on Malaysia and said it was an inaccurate assessment. After all he was in Washington DC visiting the U.S. Department of State the head of which is none other than Hilary Clinton, the U.S. Secretary of State.

    From time to time UMNO would hold demonstrations as a result of statements made therein alleging interference with Malaysia’s domestic politics. Why not this time?

  53. Oh by the way, I would also like to see some evidence of Anwar’s allegation broadcasted over international media platforms that Dr. Mahathir owns 50% of TV3…evidence please?

  54. I meant to say “for” instead of “of” Anwar’s allegation : p…so, anyway, let’s see if the Anwar lovers out there have what it takes to defend Anwar the circus clown.

  55. “I think now, not only Anwar wants to sue him… Even Najib would want to crucify him for the dumbest blunder of mentioning ALTANTUYA. hahaha Najib must be thinking, “Oh dung! What was I thinking, giving him the Foreign Minister post?! Oh bloody dung!” Moral of the story – you reap what you sow. My only wish is that the world does not think all Malaysians are as moronic as this Anifah guy. Fat hope, though.”

    Really, he’s gonna get crucified by Najib? Can I get the time and location? What a silly comment…btw why has none of the PKR politicians and Anwar included who claims to have evidence of Najib’s relationship with the murdered Altantuya not make it official by lodging police reports all over the nation? Oh yea…i know why..because, it’s all hot air and you clown worshippers have unfortunately been duped…you guys ever heard the saying, “innocent until proven guilty”…in order to prove there must be proof. So, where’s the proof? WHERE IS THE PROOF? Jokers the lot of ya…

  56. Pingback: Top Posts « WordPress.com

  57. I’d say give him a break la. Let him do his job. We all can just wait and observe. No use getting worked up over this.

  58. -[[[The fact though remains, even if we hate Najis guts in PRU 13, and Barisan Najis gets creamed in Peninsular in PRU 13, we still have not developed a proper attack strategy to take Sabah or Sarawak.

    Those idiots there still vote Barisan Najis left right and center.

    sunwayopal – May 16, 2009 at 5:56 pm]]]-

    I quote this comment as it seems to annoy me…

    “‘Those idiots there still vote Barisan Najis left right and center.'” <– so, this mean your are the chosen one? Damn, came to Sabah mate, and i will kill you. Moron

  59. Talking about denying,

    Anwar is an angel and he denied of commiting a single sin “pijak semut tak mati” and plead inocent from from azizan to saiful case and all the cases in between, not an stooge to the US, IMF, WB, not out to destroy the country, not a traitor to the Sultan, not spliting the Malay’s/Malaysian etc and yet the rest are guilty as hell.

    All this fiasco could have been avoided if Anwar could teach Nizar simple arithmetic i.e. asked Nizar to look in the mirror and asked whether Nizar has the majority or not. If yes then fight all the way but if not, then to advice Nizar that the most honourable thing for him to do is to resign like what Pairin Kitingan did. But unfortunately, Nizar although knowing very well that the numbers is aginst him is using whatever means available at all expense to cling to power or to delayed the inevitable.

    People of Perak think rationally and don’t be clouded by fanatical blind disarray loyalty to a leader. Malaysia is a free country so the wakil rakyat is legally free to joint any party he/she wishes, “morally” well the word moral and politic is synonym to the nature of oil and water.

    Before you all start criticising others look at yourself in the mirror first. one good example is when the Bota MP switch to PKR or when the PR de facto leader is trying to persuade BN MPs to jump ship nobody made a fuss out of it, to me you all are hypocrite of the highest order “cakap tak serupa bikin” and cannot accept especially when others is doing the same thing that you are doing to them.

    If you cannot stand the heat please get out of the kitchen instead of making noise.

    Anwar denied that he practice dirty politic but put the blame on those who succeded in using Anwar own blue print / strategy.

  60. I think these BN politicians are used to answering questions provided[advised by their ‘media advisors’] by them to ‘their reporters’. And ‘kesian’ Anifah was merely regurtating [memuntahkan apa yand dia hafal] whatever their media advisors thought these ‘critical’ journalists of the other world’s [not from their journalists’ world] questions. Sorryla i pun pening kepala baca my own intepretation of our BN politicians’ level on intelligence!!!!!

  61. To too many supporters, Anwar Ibrahim is free from any political sin. He is the real Mr. Clean, Lord Honest, King of Sincererity….

    But let’s be honest about the so-called September 16 fiasco and of Anwar’s unfullfilled undying dream of becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia, as mentioned by Anifah.

    Supposing it happened. Anwar and his opposition coalition formed the government, ousting BN. My question is, would the noise makers over the Perak affair create the same havoc much the same like what they are doing now.

    Isn’t what happened in Perak is just the same as what Anwar wanted to make it happen in Kuala Lumpur, at federal level. Of course the magnitude of the planned ousting of BN goverment in Putrajaya was of much greater consequences (should it happened). So why all the noises when BN successfully did the same thing to the so-called Pakatan Rakyat in Perak.

    BN is playing the same political game started by Anwar himself. Nothing immoral about it. The message is, if you don’t like something done to you, don’t do it on to others.

    Supposing Anwar successfully became the Prime Minister on September 16, 2008, would he called for a new general election if BN and their supporters demanded for it as a means of ending the political impasse. Certainly that will not happen.

    So to you all sour grapes, bring your mind back to senses. Remember what the National Chairmain of DAP, Karpal Singh had said about Anwar Ibrahim during the early stage of Perak impasse.

    He said that Anwar is unfit to be the opposition leader. He blamed the blunder on Anwar who attempted to `steal’ the BN MPs. To Karpal, BN is just responding to Anwar’s wrongdoing.

  62. If we can assumed that by the time our 13th General Election[GE], and BN loses [ this is what the BNs are thinking they are heading to…] they are going to use all their might to stop that to happen and they are very well fully supported by all the Secretary Generals, the Generals of all the Generals in the Malaysian Government departments whom are very well corrupted… If they are not, there would not be the PKFZ fiasco – Gerakan Tak Marah ke Mereka Tak Dapat Pe2! Ke da dapat bahagian lain… And there are a long list to ponder upon the corrupts and corrupted corrupters…. That is why these people are working their socks out to put out all the allegations!!! Can we imagine If The Opposition Wins the 13th GE…how are they going to buang all these Generals..

  63. Quoted: “….. even if we hate Najis guts in PRU 13, and Barisan Najis gets creamed in Peninsular in PRU 13, we still have not developed a proper attack strategy to take Sabah or Sarawak.”

    BN gets creamed in PRU 13? Either you are naturally born with low IQ, or you are mathematically super stupid. BN secured 86 parliamentary seats (i.e. Barisan Anjing @ Barisan Alernatif only managed to get 82). And that’s taking out Sabah/Sarawak from the equation. 86 vs 82 = who creams who?

    Quoted: “Those idiots there still vote Barisan Najis left right and center.”

    Once bitten, twice shy. You know what Brader Anwar Ibrahim did to Sabah in PRU 1994? And, you know what he did to Sarawak and Sarawak when he was in power? But never mind. I know, you are merely exercising your right to remain ignorant and idiot. So, I respect your choice. 🙂

  64. hmmm….
    I wish 1 day all people can satisfy with the government:)
    Maybe it’s hard since people doesn’t like BN/gov…
    But, I believe when all parties cooperate…. impossible is nothing 😛

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