Songs from Indonesia for April Lovers

April 25, 2009

What about some Indonesian songs for this weekend? Good idea, I think, since the month of April is a very special one, Easter and Spring and all that we associate with the blossoming of flowers and love.

After consultation with my Cik Cun, I have chosen to feature Melly Goeslow, Ost Delova, Harvey Malaiholo with Malaysia’s Lady of Jazz Sheila Majid,  Ruth Sahayana and Broery Marantika with Dewi Yull for our listening pleasure.It is also time of the week to sit back, reflect and make plans for next week.

I dedicate these lovely melodies to Manohara Odelia Pinot, P. Balasingham and his family, Dr. Othman and his loved ones of Pusparawi Hospital and Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Marina Abdullah and their family. Wherever they may be, I hope they are safe.  I do not know where they are all now, but our newly minted One-Malaysia Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, should know given that he has access to information from military intelligence and the Special Branch. One also assumes that Najib has a conscience to ensure that they are not in harm’s way. Great weekend, my friends.—DJ Din Merican.

Melly Goeslow– Apa Artinya Cinta

Ost Delova—Aku Ingin Menjadi Mimpi Yang Indah

Harvey Malaihollo and Malaysia’s Sheila Majid—Begitulah Cinta

Ruth Sahayana- Kaulah Segalanya

Broery Marantika and Dewi Yull–Kharisma Cinta

2 thoughts on “Songs from Indonesia for April Lovers

  1. Din Merican’s choice of songs this weekend, influenced in no small measure by his better half, has sent me spiraling down the bottom less pit of despair and depression. I have no other way but to turn to .

    Reader tean loves everything Japanese. He has exquisite taste.

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