Barisan Rakyat SMS Campaign starts now

Breaking News (Melalui sms) : Ceramah Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim di Bukit Selambau, 31hb. Mac, 2009, jam 10 malam, JDM Bukit Rusa; hubungi Saiful 0123211162. Bersatu mempertahankan kemenangan rakyat! Sebarkan.

From Haris Ibrahim (of Barisan Rakyat Bloggers)
Taiping, Perak and Din Merican in Kuala Lumpur

Barisan Rakyat SMS Campaign starts today: Let us Win in Bukit Gantang (Perak), Bukit Selambau (Kedah) and Batang Ai (Sarawak). It’s People Power for Freedom, Democracy and Justice. So, Vote for Parti KeADILan Rakyat (PKR) in Bukit Selambau (Kedah) and Batang Ai (Sarawak) and PAS in Bukit Gantang (Perak ). We can make a big difference.

Reject UMNO-Barisan Nasional and Bring Positive Change to our Beloved country and free our people from corruption and abuse of power of the present regime which will soon see Najib Tun Razak as Prime Minister and Muhyiddin Yassin as Deputy Prime Minister. God save us from these plutocrats and Mahathirism.–Din Merican

March 31, 2009

Haris Ibrahim reports:

Don’t imagine even for one moment that SPR’s decision to fix all three by-elections simultaneously was an independent decision, without any consideration of the best interests of their political masters. It’s to stretch the resources of the Pakatan Rakyat to breaking point. But there’s one resource that Pakatan has that BN cannot break. You and I. We are beyond the reach of BN. And Pakatan need us now, more than ever.

I’ll be in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau for the better part of the campaign period as well as on polling day. You can help, too, from wherever you are. We start our Barisan Rakyat sms campaign today.

First we want to alert the people of Batang Ai, Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau that we, the rakyat have rejected the race-based politics of UMNO- Barisan Nasional. We want them to know that we, a nation of a single people, anak Bangsa Malaysia, have rejected UMNO-Barisan Nasional and its race-based divide and rule politics and have embraced the ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ slogan of Pakatan Rakyat (PKR, PAS and DAP).

Here is the first sms.

Rakyat menolak politik perkauman UMNO– BN. Politik perkauman UMNO– BN hancurkan perpaduan rakyat. Jangan diperdayakan dengan politik kaum UMNO– BN. Politik Pakatan Rakyat menyatukan rakyat. Rakyat sehati sejiwa menyelamatkan negara yang dicintai. Undilah PAS- PKR pada 7/4/2009. Hidup rakyat. Sebar kpd kwn2 di Btg Ai / Bkt Gantang / Bkt Selambau.

Next, we are going to wage war with the lying mainstream media (MSM)which will be telling all sorts of lies in the next week. Whilst those of us who will be out on the campaign trail will try to do what we can to neutralise this spin-doctoring by the MSM, again our outreach will not be able to match a full-blown sms campaign to alert the people to the lies that will be spread through the MSM.

Here is the ‘boycott the MSM’ sms.

Media massa arus perdana akan m’perdayakan rkyt & m’cari helah utk gagalkan PAS di Bkt Gantang dan PKR di Btg Ai / Bkt Selambau dgn berita palsu – utk menanam rasa syak wasangka terhadap PAS & PKR. Jom boikot! Jgn beli s/kabar. Jgn p’caya berita radio/TV. Sebarkan kpd kwn2 di Bkt Gantang / Btg Ai / Bkt Selambau .

Could anyone please translate these 2 sms’s into Chinese and Tamil and send it in to me as a comment so that I can then put it up my blog [], please?

Send these sms’s out to everyone you know in Sarawak , Perak, Kedah. Even if you do not know anyone in these three states or the constituencies in question, send them out to those whom you know with a request that they forward it to those whom they know. That way, there’s every likelihood that it will ultimately get to the good folk of in these three constituencies in due course. And keep sending the sms’s out again and again in the run-up to polling day on April 7, 2009.

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2 thoughts on “Barisan Rakyat SMS Campaign starts now

  1. I say very handsome still after all these years!! No wonder Cik Cun fell head over heels …!!
    Aku memang handsome pun, tak kan hang tak tau.(inspired by Donald Trump of New York) —Din Merican

  2. If I were PM, here’re some of the things that I’ll do (or if I am advising him) (Leaders mustlisten to their people):
    1. New Economic Model (NEM): Enhance
    2. Gagasan 1Malaysia (Ideas 1Malaysia): Enhance
    3. Economy:
    a. Back Ringgit with gold as against using US$ to back it up so that it holds its value better, become stronger and more reliable;
    b. Be more competitive;
    c. Control the flow of money out of the country;
    d. Introduce GST;
    e. Increase FDIs;
    f. Have more SMEs;
    i. Introduce more assistance and incentives;
    ii. Invite foreigners to JV with local entrepreneurs;
    iii. Have more hi-tech and technology products companies;
    iv. Introduce special incentives for companies using ‘green’ technology;
    v. Have better co-ordination between government agencies, venture capital companies and commercial banks.
    vi. Allow better access for SMEs to get financial aids, loans and grants;
    vii. Lend expertise to SMEs;
    viii. Encourage SMEs to go global and manufacture products that can be sold in markets like China, India, USA, Europe and Japan;
    4. Personal Income Tax Structure: Retain.
    5. Defence:
    a. Beef up the Armed Forces (Army, Navy and the air Force);
    b. Better training of personnel;
    c. Better pay and perks for personnel at all levels;
    d. Introduce better insurance scheme;
    e. Re-education to increase the standard of personnel at all levels;
    f. Better equipment and armament;
    g. Re-locate heavy artillery and missile stations.
    h. Have a Defence Research Centre.
    6. Education:
    a. Re-introduce national English medium primary and secondary schools;
    b. Retain all vernacular schools;
    c. Have more technical and vocational schools;
    d. Have lectures of selected subjects in the English language at all national and state universities;
    e. Have more national and state universities;
    f. Have more research laboratories and centres;
    g. Have better science, medical, engineering, technical training and all tertiary institutions;
    h. Better pay for all professors, lecturers, administrators and teachers for schools, colleges and universities;
    i. Distribute good, top scholars fairly in all fields of studies, both the arts and the sciences;
    j. Reduce fees for all local students;
    k. Increase government subsidy and grants;
    l. Practise meritocracy strictly;
    m. Professors/lecturers need to be re-trained to increase standard of teaching and instruction;
    n. Enrol more overseas students;
    o. Make Malaysia the regional centre for higher education;
    p. Abolish taxes on imported books;
    q. Abolish taxes on materials used to produce books, journals and magazines,
    r. Exempt taxes on private universities;
    s. Introduce more incentives for operators of private English and international schools to make their fees more affordable to locals;
    t. Have only one Conservatorium of Music and not like now where universities have their own music faculty or schools and charge reasonable fees;
    u. No taxes on all musical instruments;
    v. No taxes on materials imported to make musical instruments locally;
    w. Introduce the subject ‘Ethics’ in schools to teach young students in primary and secondary schools conduct, manners, culture and nationhood;
    x. Get companies and corporations to sponsor faculties, schools, chairs, scholars, students, etc. of state and national universities and in lieu of tax;
    7. Schools:
    a. Introduce new high-tech friendly designs o new schools;
    b. Retain all vernacular schools and ‘agama’ schools;
    c. Build more schools;
    d. All students to have lap top computers and access to the internet;
    e. Cater for the disabled;
    ef. Have more special schools for the disabled;
    g. All schools to have properly designed and constructed sports and recreational facilities;
    h. Five schools to share one Olympic size swimming pools in all districts in the country;
    i. Encourage more students to take up sports;
    j. Practise and exercise healthy living;
    8. Extracurricular Activities:
    a. Scouts movements;
    b. Red Crescent;
    c. Navy, Army and Police Cadet Corp;
    d. Brass Band; etc.
    9. Clubs:
    a. Computer club;
    b. Music club;
    c. Dance and Acting club;
    d. Literary and debating club;
    e. Science and Mathematics club;
    f. Chess club;
    g. Paint ball Club;
    10. Sports:
    a. Encourage youths to participate in sports;
    b. No tax on imported of all sports equipment;
    c. No tax on materials used to manufacture sports equipment locally;
    d. No tax on materials used to build sports facilities;
    e. Introduce new Olympic sports such as skulling, rowing, etc.;
    11. Football;
    12. Hockey;
    13. Badminton;
    14. Golf;
    15. Bowling;
    16. Cycling;
    17. Athletics;
    18. Health Services: (In order to retain our medical officers, dentists and specialists in all fields of medicine)
    a. Free health services for all citizens;
    b. Improve health services, build more hospitals and specialist hospitals, buy more ambulances;
    c. Increase working conditions of health workers;
    d. Increase pay, perks and insurance of health workers at all levels from the top specialists right down to hospital attendants and maids;
    19. Drug addiction/Mat Rempits/Road Bullies/Petty Crimes:
    a. Severely deal and punish pushers and drug dealers;
    b. Addicts to be rehabilitated in a more systematic way so that they can be allowed back into the mainstream;
    c. Deal with ‘Mat Rempits’ severely;
    d. Deal with ‘Road Bullies’ severely;
    e. Reduce petty crimes by empowering more people to do it;
    20. Agriculture:
    a. We must be self sufficient in food, especially staples;
    b. Less reliance on imported food;
    c. More responsibility be given to the Agriculture Ministry and all agencies under them;
    d. Plant more rice and make the country self sufficient in this commodity;
    e. Plant better rice clone and go for the export market or sell better quality rice locally;
    f. Rear more cows, goats and chickens and make the country self sufficient in beef, mutton and chevon (goat) meat;
    g. Increase palm oil plantations acreage;
    h. Plant more fruits that can be commercialised;
    i. Produce own sugar, upstream and downstream;
    21. Youths:
    a. They are the future of our nation;
    b. Introduce better programmes for our youths to keep them off the streets at odd hours;
    c. Create and build better facilities including trainig centres for youths in the country;
    d. Introduce full-time national service programme upon reaching 19 years old, immediately after they complete their SPM examinations discard the half cock PLKN scheme under the purview of the Ministry of Defence;
    e. Introduce voluntary police force to beef up our regular police force to fight and prevent crimes, a scheme to be introduced under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Education;
    22. Communications and Information:
    a. Introduce cheap high speed broadband services.
    b. The whole country must be ‘wired’;
    c. Allow dissemination of useful information and less censorship;
    d. Cut down on smuts and pornography;
    e. Encourage participation of legal and proper ‘online’ businesses;
    f. Use the internet to enhance learning;
    23. Infrastructure:
    a. Improve LRT and monorail services;
    b. Improve bus and taxi services;
    c. Introduce MRT service (JV with SMRT, Singapore);
    d. All fares for public transportation to be paid b EZ Link pre-paid cards, no cash at all to avoid haggling and abuse by operators;
    e. Build more roads, highways and bridges at state and national level;
    f. Reduce tolls;
    g. Large companies and GLCs to merge with foreign established companies to improve quality of service, companies suggested are MAS, KTMB, Ports, etc.;
    h. All taxis and buses to be owned by quasi bodies, no private owners;
    i. Nationalise all public transportation companies;
    j. All terminals must be built within an area that has a shopping complex, market or supermarket, bus station and taxi station.
    24. Power Supply:
    a. Introduce nuclear power;
    b. Introduce wind generated power supply;
    c. Introduce power supply from biomass;
    25. Water:
    a. Supply better treated cheap water to all homes;
    26. Gas:
    a. Have cheap piped gas in homes;
    27. Police:
    a. Better handling of crimes (fighting and prevention);
    b. Empower more people to fight and prevent crime;
    c. Have better and the latest state-of-the-art equipment;
    d. More professional training;
    e. Better pay and perks for personnel at all levels;
    f. Introduce better insurance scheme;
    28. Environment:
    a. Retain and maintain and all primary jungles and rainforests (catchment areas);
    b. Embrace the green movement;
    c. Better and stricter enforcement of existing laws;
    d. Deal with culprits who cause landslides severely and make them pay for their folly many times over;
    29. Fire Brigade:
    a. Better equipment;
    b. Better facilities;
    c. Better pay and perks including insurance;
    d. Better training;
    30. Customs:
    a. Increase pay, perks and insurance of customs personnel;
    b. Eradicate corruption amongst customs personnel;
    c. Have a better system of collection, streamline and computerised them fully;
    d. One-stop centre;
    31. Immigration:
    a. Increase pay, perks and insurance of immigration personnel;
    b. Eradicate corruption amongst immigration personnel;
    c. Have a better system of collection, streamline and computerised them fully;
    d. One-stop centre;
    32. Foreign workers and maids:
    a. Continuing recruiting maids from Indonesia and the Philippines;
    b. Continue importing workers from Bangladesh and India;
    33. Local government:
    a. Introduce better systems and administration;
    b. Abolish hierarchy system;
    c. Increase efficiency to encourage foreign investments;
    d. Introduce more systematic and efficient control of developments of industrial and commercial properties, make it simple;
    34. Religion/Culture/Custom:
    a. Have more places of worship;
    b. All places of worship to have facilities to attract more worshippers;
    c. Encourage mosques, temples, etc. to be self sufficient;
    35. Traffic:
    a. Enforce traffic laws strictly;
    b. Introduce more deterrent measures to reduce traffic offences and accidents;
    36. Automobiles:
    a. Reduce tax on imported luxury cars;
    b. Control and reduce the numbers of imported cars below 2000 cc;
    37. Tourism:
    a. Improve this industry;
    b. Build better facilities for tourists throughout the country;
    38. Housing:
    a. Introduce one family one house policy;
    39. EPF:
    a. Introduce house purchase using EPF savings and government guarantee besides using it for part payment for depositors’ children’s higher studies;
    40. Casinos and gambling:
    a. No more issuance of new licences;
    b. Expired licences shall not be renewed;
    41. Industrialisation/Commercialisation:
    a. Have more high-tech and technology products manufactured locally for exports;
    b. Invite more foreign JV partners;
    42. Maintenance:
    a. Improve maintenance culture of our people;
    b. Introduce new law to have all buildings and facilities toundergo proper and periodical maintenance;
    c. Fines to be imposed on all non-maintained and poorly maintained buildings and facilities;
    43. Welfare:
    a. Introduce dole payment, eradicate poverty;
    b. One family one house;
    44. Prisons:
    a. Turn some prisons into factories;
    45. Judiiciary:
    a. Must be fully independent;
    b. Not appointed b the PM but b an independent panel formed with members from the judiciary, ex-judges, representative of the Bar Council, PSD, and qualified independent members;
    c. Everything good that we do we must be better than our ASEAN neighbours at least.
    46. Ah Longs:
    a. No more Ah Longs;
    b. They are to be severely dealt with;
    46. Banks/Finance Companies/Credit companies:
    a. Simplify lending and borrowing procedures;
    b. Bring in more competition so that banks such as Maybank, CIMB, etc. will not be sitting on their ‘laurels’ and make people like Nazir richer and richer every day.
    c. Give out more licences to local and foreign banks;
    d. Have banks who are SME friendly to assist SMEs, small businesses and petty traders and offer them easier access and terms for small business loans (SME Bank – Bank Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana Bhd – is a total failure);
    e. Likewise, have more finance and credit companies to give more competition and to eradicate all Ah Longs.
    47. Post Malaysia:
    a. Convert selected post offices throughout the country to convenience stores and to be run by franchisees and/or businessmen not PMB staff. Offer the full range of postal services and sell stuff to people 24/7, this will help quickly recover the RM500 million over losses reported by Pos Malaysia Bhd;
    48. Mahkamah Syari’ah (Courts):
    a. To have qualified women judges appointed as Syari’ah courts judges;
    b. To allow non-Muslim lawyers to fight cases in Syari’ah courts;
    49. Halal Products and Systems:
    a. Let Halal Development Council (HDC) be the agency to administer, manage, control and issue Halal Certificates to qualified food and beverage products and product manufacturers and systems and qualified JAKIM’s officials be seconded to HDC.
    50. Retirement Age:
    a. Increase general retirement age to 65;
    b. Increase retirement age for key and professional jobs and occupations such as medical specialists, doctors, dentists, judges, lawyers, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, land surveyors, teachers, scientists, etc. to 75. After 65, put them on a year-to-year contract with conditions;
    51. NKRA/KPI : Enhance (just make sure that good KPIs do not become PUKI (Potential Unused Key Indicators))
    52. All consorts and spouses of King, Sultans and Head of States shall perform only ceremonial duties and shall not get involved at all with their partners work or duties.
    53. Increase substantially all ministers, deputy ministers, political secretaries, parliamentary secretaries pay, perks and etc. to avoid corrupt practices.
    54. No politicians shall serve in GLCs or any government commercial profit making agencies. The Chairman and the members of the board on GLCs must be equally responsible for all failures or debacles, and not just the CEOs. Sime Darby?
    55. Meritocracy shall be the main criteria in hiring professionals and administrative staff for all government departments, quasi bodies and agencies.
    56. Instil better values and nationhood in people, respect seniors and the elders at all levels regardless of sex, age, race, language or religion;
    57. We want less women to be involved in prostitution, less number of men seeking their services, less broken marriages, less divorces, no babies discarded upon illegal birth, no illegal births, better upbringing of children, no abuse or mistreatment of children, better family values; abolish poverty (see above);
    58. No more apathy and ‘Anything can do – good or bad doesn’t matter’ attitude in our people for the sake of the country.

    Towards building a harmonious, prosperous and developed nation, we shall introduce and implement the following in all schools, ncuding, if possible, all colleges, universities and all institutions of higher learning in the country (in Bahasa Melayu):

    The Pledge

    “Kami rakyat Malaysia,
    bersumpah untuk bersatu,
    tidak kira bangsa, bahasa atau agama,
    untuk membina satu masyarakat yang demokratik
    berasaskan keadilan dan persamaan
    didalam mencapai kebahagian, kemakmuran dan
    kemajuan untuk Negara kami”.

    Translation: “We, the citizens of Malaysia,
    pledge ourselves as one united people,
    regardless of race, language or religion,
    to build a democratic society
    based on justice and equality
    so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
    progress for our nation”.

    I strongly recommend that The Pledge be said everyday by all students in primary, secondary schools, colleges, universities and all institutions of higher learning in the country to instill loyalty, discipline and unity in all the young people of Singapore, both boys and girls regardless of race, language or religion to ensure that the state’s desire to build a democratic society based on justice and equality to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for the nation.

    i. (Morning and afternoon session before class starts daily) All students line up in twos outside their respective classes and march to the school’s assembly area;
    ii. A Parade Commander either the Head Boy or Head Girl or the highest ranking cadet in the school calls for the assembly to attention, including principal, teachers and staff;
    iii. Bugle to do a fanfare ‘bugle’ or ‘trumpet’ call.
    iv. Sing the National Anthem and raise the national flag simultaneously;
    v. Say ‘The Pledge’;
    vi. Principal, teachers make announcements if any;
    vii. Parade Commander calls for ‘School Assembly Dismiss’ and classes march back to their respective class one after another to begin their daily lessons.

    By totally stopping and eradicating all corrupt practices, cronyism, nepotism, collusion, favouritism, conspiracies, etc. there will be more than enough money to pay for all the increases in pay, perks, insurance and cover for taxes that are abolished and more. There will be a fairer distribution to all people of the countries’ wealth. More jobs would be created and unemployment will be tremendously reduced. All the ‘thieves’ who have stolen from the state’s coffers in whatever or however way o methods they did them would have been in jails throughout the country everywhere already and severely punished. Furthermore, the economy will be heated up by the increase in new development and construction activities, industrialisation, commercialisation and increase in exports. All business sectors will benefit. Many people from al over the world will want to come to this country to do business.

    I believe, if there is a political party in the country offering all the above, I do not think there will be anyone in the country who would not vote for this party.

    I did not quite complete the whole thing and more, because I am not sure about some and I didn’t want to simply guess them. So if there’s anyone who has better ideas, please help me. I cannot possibly cover everything doing this over the weekend. Of course comments from all, ‘naysayers’ and ‘yea-sayers’, are welcome but let me see your suggestions or proposals.

    Malaysia the becomes ‘CORPORATE MALAYSIA’ like Japan.

    Now, all yee capable, educated, intellectual, committed, concerned, dedicated, loyal, caring Malaysians and people in this country who are able to think and have good vision, regardless whether one is young or old, man or woman, regardless of his/her race, language or religion and/or inclination: let’s get to work! What are you all waiting for?

    Salams. HAK

    Hussaini Abdul Karim (
    Thanks, HAK, for your suggestions and ideas. —Din Merican

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