Anwar Ibrahim’s Speech in Parliament on Najib’s rm60 billion stimulus package

March 14, 2009

Dear Friends,

Some of visitors of this blog have complained to me that I do not write enough and in stead, I rely on “cut and paste” approach to blogging. One particular person recently– and hence the reason for this note–reminded me of it. Yes, no doubt I cut and paste.

In defense of myself, I would like to say, firstly, that I am not a journalist who is constantly covering stories, events and incidents. Even if I were, I would not have the time and energy to be at all places on any given time. Secondly, the postings I make are carefully selected to reflect the news and comments of quality that impact on my work at the Office of Anwar Ibrahim, KeADILan de facto Leader and Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh cum Opposition Leader. I constantly monitor reports and mainstream media spin on our political struggle and our activities, and try through this blog to explain our position on various issues affecting the politics of our country.

If you are looking for a truly independent stance from me, you have every reason to be disappointed. I am totally committed to Parti KeADILan Rakyat/Pakatan Rakyat’s quest for freedom, democracy, justice and good governance. And I make no apologies for that.

Writing an “original” piece requires time for research and constant checking of sources and information. I do not have the luxury for that because I operate this blog alone. To compensate for not being able to write my own pieces–I do write from time to time–I make comments on almost all the postings I make to start a discussion,or to respond to the views expressed by some interesting and smart people to take time to share their views with us on this blog. While some readers do not like what I do, I have reason to believe that most people (from the 1.6 million hits I get since I started this blog in November, 2007) understand my constraints. Please continue to visit my blog and look for my comments which are at times of sufficient length. I also welcome your comments too.—Din Merican

Here is my posting of a Youtube coverage of Opposition Leader and Member for Permatang Pauh Anwar Ibrahim’s Speech (in Bahasa Malaysia) in Parliament in response to Najib’s rm60 billion stimulus package. A transcript of that speech was on my blog earlier.

Anwar Ibrahim, Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh and Opposition Leader

18 thoughts on “Anwar Ibrahim’s Speech in Parliament on Najib’s rm60 billion stimulus package

  1. My dear friend,

    I know for a fact that you are sensitive to criticism as you rightly ought to be. In a democracy we welcome a diversity of opinions – the good, the bad and the weird.

    When Malaysians talk about freedom of speech do they really understand what that involves? It is many different things to different people but it is also a process we must undergo. Most Malaysians seem to want freedom of speech but mostly for themselves and not for others. When someone speaks his mind which is different they become not only impatient but allow their primordial instincts to take over. The same people lament about the absence of the rule of law but then they go ahead and break the law and in some cases with impunity and expect not to be punished for it.

    The plaque set up under the rain tree in Ipoh ostensibly to commemorate the beginning of people democracy (?) was vandalized as soon as it went up. The destruction of state or private property is a form of freedom of speech but when you operate outside the law there are consequences. Similarly when you insult the sultan or the institution of constitutional monarchy be prepared to face the consequences. We have laws. There is nothing free about the freedom of speech. It comes with a price.

  2. There is definitely nothing wrong with your approach Din, for all of us who are regulars as we know where you’re coming from. While ‘freedom of speech’ has it’s constraints, it is the present authorities who misuse/misapply the law. This nation has had enough of rubbish shafted down our throats by the principalities.
    Nowadays, it’s often that some do regurgitate it back without due caution, ad nauseum.
    But what actually is “treason” in today’s context? Unwrranted, coarse and foolish statements… You may imprison a free man, but you cannot take his freedom from him.
    It certainly is going to take much time to incalculate into most Malaysians the true sense of “democracy” which is in Greek!

  3. “Some of visitors of this blog have complained to me that I do not write enough and in stead, I rely on β€œcut and paste” approach to blogging.”

    I believe what he meant to say was he wished you would not stop at merely echoing the thoughts of your leader Anwar Ibrahim, that you should encourage your readers to come out with different ideas and then challenge those thoughts and let the pieces fall where they may.

    We have enough cheer leaders.

  4. Ok. Let’s take a show of hands.

    1. Those who think Din Merican’s blog is a blog to visit for the latest political gossip while having your coffee at Starbucks, please raise your hands.

    2. Those who think Din Merican gives visitors an insight into what his boss is thinking, please stand up.

    3. Those who think Din Merican should let his hair down more on Sunday mornings, play more music and be more of a DJ, please don’t stand up.

    Feel free to add.

  5. I fully empathize with your situation, Din. I share the same sentiment – it is hard to hold a full time job and to find the time to do adequate research as well, to do justice to any piece of writing unless of course, one is a full time, writer,blogger or retiree.

    I think your inability to sacrifice the time is somewhat compensated so long as the articles posted are of relevance with current issues and that the message get put across.

    I am sure most of us who have been following your blog are sympathetic enough. And we all mean well even though our opinions differ at times but the most important thing is that everyone shares the chance to partake in meaningful discourse, to present and to view a point from different perspectives.

    And let us not forget also , boys and girls, that Din is now a family man recently married ! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. “We have laws. There is nothing free about the freedom of speech. It comes with a price.”

    Freedom comes with responsibility and is tolerated only if that freedom does not impinge on another person’s or group’s rights.

    If everyone is allowed to speak, talk and even to think with total freedom and with impunity, with the absence of order and law – the result will be total anarchy !

  7. I am a Malaysian, now residing Bergen, Norway and a regular reader of the Malaysian DJ Blogger. I find his postings relevant and of good quality. Din Merican has a message to convey to all of us, that is, we need to embrace change and learn to respect diiferences of opinion. But we have a responsibility to ensure that our comments on his blog are considered, well argued and responsible. I for one would not accept the profane and emotional comments. I am sure the DJ Blogger will ensure such comments do not appear on his blog

    Din Merican, please continue to post articles and news on your blog because I read you daily to know what is happening to my former country. I am saddened that Malaysia is a deformed democracy and is on a secular decline with rampant corruption and blatant abuse of power. Please come to Norway to see for yourself how our leaders here behave and conduct their affairs. Norwegian society here sets very high standards of accountability and expect people in positions of high responsibility to be ethical, incorruptible and dedicated.

  8. I cannot read all materials on Malaysian issues, weather they are in the main stream media or alternative media. Din’s selections make it is easy to read especially the paragraphs he highlights.

    I am also aware his selections are skewed towards those that affect Anuar Ibrahim, Keadilan and Pakatan Rakyat. This is his style and task. We have a choice to weather should read them or bypass his blog.

    From the comments I read so far , people agree and respect his approac to blogging.

    No problem ma…….

  9. This is what I think the DJ Blogger could and should do more i.e. help introduce and develop ideas and not be afraid to step on the toes of those who today lead the party if he thinks they are good for the party – and for the country.

    This is a message to Anwar:

    It is always a mistake for any leader to surround himself with “yes” men. I believe that was what happened to Mahathir. He was domineering and authoritarian in his ways and impatient to do what he saw as good. It was not long before he got confused between what was good for him and what was good for his country. Personal interest became national interest. With him hearing only the echoes of his own voice, with nobody helping him to correct himself from to time, it was only a matter of time before he strayed so far from his goals of nation building to other goals.

    Tok Cik may be a good goal keeper but who would expect the captain to kick into his own goal??

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