The Malaysian DJ Blogger Marries His Cik Cun–January 23,2009

Friends and associates, from near and far,

With this ring I wed thee, Kamsiah


At a simple Akad Nikah ceremony presided by Ustaz Haji Suhaimi Wakid on the 6th Floor of Menara Utara, JAIS Complex, Shah Alam, Selangor, I married my Cik Cun (Dr. Kamsiah G. Haider) today. Also present were my architect son, Jeffri and my friends, img_1473Shogun Shah, Badardin Ahmad and Annuar Mohamed. Rose (Annuar’s wife) and Elia Zulhisham (Dr. Kamsiah’s lovely daughter ) were with her throughout the ceremony. It is especially significant for me to have Elia present as she added so much joy to her mom, Kamsiah who is now my wife. I too was pleased to have met her. She was elegant and smart.

With lovely Elia (center) at Menara Utara, Shah Alam


I fumbled a couple of times during the cerem0ny. Even a cool guy like me can get a little nervous as I pronounced my marital vows. I suppose, I can be forgiven as I have been a singleton for 12 years. You can see the relief in my face after the ceremony was over.

I am grateful to YB. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Menteri Besar of Selangor and his staff in JAIS especially Ustaz Haji Suhaimi who seemed to enjoy putting me in a corner, for their support and encouragement. I value Ustaz Haji Suhaimi’s brief sermon (khutbah nikah) on marriage, reminding me of the responsibilities of a Muslim husband to his wife.

To Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Dr. Syed Husin and my PKR colleagues (Dato Sallehuddin Hashim, Dato Zaharain Hashim, Khalid Jaafar, Ibrahim Yaccob, Tian Chua, William Leong, Gopalakrishnan, Yusmadi Yusof, Nik Nazmi, Najwan Halimi, Eekmal Ahmad, Farhash Salvador Wafa and others), Chin Wee Loon (Penang), and members of Barisan Rakyat Bloggers team led by Raja Petra, thanks for their word of encouragement and understanding.

I am happy to mention my PFS contemporaries (Dato Lim Say Chong, Goh Thong Beng, Tan Sri Ismail Merican and Tan Sri Dr. Lim Ewe Jin among others), Dato David Yeoh, Dato Michael Bong, P.H. Wong, and Dr. Lim Teck Ghee who have been kind and supportive.

I am indebted to Cik Tun, Kamsiah’s mom, her brothers, Salim G. Haider, Mohd Noor Khan G. Haider and her other family members for accepting me into their close knit and mutually supportive family. I pledge to do my best.

Thank you all for your support of this blog. Gong Xi Fa Cai in the Year of the Ox—Kamsiah G. Haider and Din Merican


82 thoughts on “The Malaysian DJ Blogger Marries His Cik Cun–January 23,2009

  1. congratulation! god bless you with a lovely wife indeed.

    BTW, i know your son personally many years ago when we were in the same architect firm just outskirt of city and he was doing his practical. wonder if you can drop me a mail with his contact? sorry have to connect in this manner.

  2. Warmest congrats to both of you, truly wonderful – you have made my day a happier one!
    To be honest i’d rather witness your matrimony than the No-nama inaugration! Hahaha…
    Be of good cheer and best wishes.

  3. Congratulations Brother Din. Lama lama bujang pun tak baik.
    Hey Cik Cun bertudung looks different. Semoga berkekalan sehingga anak cucu.
    Had trouble reading the Takliq? Ha ha

  4. I say Din Merican!!!

    Bagi lah sedikit background. Bagaimana jumpa. Di mana jumpa.

    Juga bagaimana dengan kenangan kenangan yang laluโ€ฆ.?? Wat Siam tak dak chan ka??

  5. Bro. Din,

    Am really happy but a little surprise that it happen so fast. The last time we met you were looking for fish fries for your Cik Cun and you warn me that evening that you might get married again soon. But I didn’t expect it to be so soon.

    Whatever, I am really happy to see both of you as husband and wife. Remember, we were joking about it in this blog a few month ago? We were joking about you and your dentist.

    Mr. Bean would turn green reading the news but he should be happy that Petaling jaya is now much safer place for unmarried women .

  6. “Mr. Bean would turn green reading the news but he should be happy that Petaling jaya is now much safer place for unmarried women .” Tean

    With Din off the streets??

    Which street? Malay street? Arab Street? Vietnamese Street? India Street? Cambodia Street? Fleet Street? Or just plain old Jalan Selak Kain in Alor Setaq??

    The world will never be safe. Not even Bulatan Wanjah! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Absolutely delighted to hear the news Din. Many congratulations and every good wish for the future.
    Thanks, Naseer. It is destiny, pal.—Din Merican

  8. The bride is delightfully cheerful but the groom is far too serious. So cheer up, our favourite Blogger and may God bless you all with a long and happy life.

  9. Warmest regards from the emerald isle and heartfelt congratulations to the lucky groom and his lucky bride ! Choice pair! May your bed be always warm like your hearts ! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Your wife and daughter are really cun!
    You lead the way for people of more than three scores young!
    Who said life begins at two scores?
    You and wife are indeed lucky
    Mutually padan, paras dan lawa
    My felicitations and best wishes!
    May God Bless All!

  11. Congratulations Din,

    Didn’t know that you were from PFS. Anyway like our school motto “Fortis Atque Fidelis” – strong and faithful is apt here!

    All the best to you and your family.

  12. How come I cannot make this one sing โ€œSabai Sabaiโ€ for Din Merican?? She looks like someone I left behind thirty years ago. She must be a grandma by now!

  13. Dear Ambassador Malott, Naseer, Mr Bean from Wat Siam (now in Harlem, NY), Tean, romerz, Isa Manteqi, ocho onda,… and regular and wonderful blogging friends,

    Kamsiah and I are most grateful for your good wishes. Life is a journey, but it is never complete without a wife. I tried to rationalise my singleton status by saying that “I am alone but never lonely” because I am surrounded by great books, music and friends, and keep myself challenged by Anwar Ibrahim’s agenda for a free, just and democratic Malaysia.

    That change that Anwar started way back in 1998 is now catching on throughout our country. A corrupt and repressive regime is seeing its last days as UMNO-Barisan Nasional cannot continue to exist, given its money politics and rampant corruption. I will soldier on and my marriage won’t affect my commitment to Anwar’s worthy cause. Kamsiah understands that very well. We will support each other as I certainly won’t be a hindrance to her dentistry practice,and her professional commitments. She has her circle of friends as I have and that would merge into a larger circle.

    People like you and I have enough of incompetence, arrogance of power and political repression. We will want a free society where everyone can live the Malaysian dream like President Barack Obama is doing right now when he achieved his American dream. In an open society like America, you can reach your summit if you are able and work hard. Malaysia must be a land of opportunity and hope for all Malaysians. We do not need corrupt plutocrats to lead us. After all, their record is filthy and dismal.

    I have been single for the last 12 years. Yesterday, my own son, Jeffri, told me after the Akad Nikah ceremony that “Dad, all your friends and I knew that your thesis of being alone but not lonely was not empirically tested (what he meant was ‘bull…’), but we kept quiet and let you live with your unusual logic.

    The books including the biographies of Napoleon, Woodrow Wilson, Dwight David Eisenhower, Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Charles De Gaulle, Yitzhak Rabin, Douglas MacArthur, Mao Tze Tung, George Orwell, George Patton, Erwin Rommel, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Bertrand Russell, Richard Feynman that you have read, and the songs by Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Mel Tome, Tony Bennett, Peggy Lee, Billy Holiday, Joni James, Patsy Cline, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald that keep you entertained gave you away.” I replied,”son, the power of rationalisation is key to survival in a tough world”.

    Yes, when you meet the right one, as I did when Kamsiah and I met again after 23 years pursuing different paths, I have no problem in ending my bachelorhood and starting all over again. Yes, romerz, I am an Old Free and did my best to live by our school motto, “Fortis Atque Fidelis” (Strong and Faithful). My God Bless you all and once again, thanks for your support.—Din Merican

    p.s. BTW, Mr. Bean, Elia is in the center of the picture. She is studying to be a professional accountant.

  14. Din Merican,

    Thank you for promptly putting me out of my misery. Now I know. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But how old was the mother 23 years ago?? Was she one year old??
    She was a 23 year old medical student (dentistry at MU) when I first met her. —Din Merican

  15. uncle,

    it’s always enjoyable to start a new life. Insya-Allah you will find happiness because you deserved to. Seeing your photos reminding me it’s never late to do something in your life. Cheers.

  16. by the way, will there be any reception and am i invited? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Of course, edisham, you will be among my special friends. We fought the Subang elections together with Juno and the rest, remember. —Din Merican

  17. Congrats man. Your wife is beautiful and I hope she’ll bring you lots of happiness. You are one lucky dude. Looks like you’re going to spend less time blogging? Wink wink.
    My blogging and my political nd civil society work will not be affected. She too has a career and her patients to take care of. Thanks for your good wishes.—Din Merican

  18. Woh Woh.. Saw that ring around your finger while we were at KT. Didn’t expect it to be this soon.

    Congratulation, Bro Din!

    All the very best to you and your bride.


    She is gorgeous!

    Thanks, Whisperer.

    Good to see you at the Ming Star Hotel, KT recently. I can never understand why UMNO-BN needs 8,000 police personnel for the by-election. It was orderly and peaceful, without any problems. It was just a waste of money and at the expense of having public security in places like Bangsar in KL or Johor Baru where crimes of all sorts exist. Someone in parliament should ask the government to tell the public how much they spent in KT and Permatang Pauh. Yet they lost. Doesn’t that tell us that something is not right. We urgently need a responsible and accountable government run by honest and competent leaders.—Din Merican

  19. Greetings and Salutations, On this, your wedding day, as you two begin your life together, youโ€™re wished all the happiness that comes from having someone to trust, care for, and share withโ€ฆ someone to love. Youโ€™re wished a love that will sustain you in trying times that will make happy times even more wonderful that will last a lifetime. A lifetime that you two begin together on this, your wedding day. Congratulations and a Happy Chinese New Year.

  20. Din,

    Heartiest congratulations on your marriage to a most lovely woman. May you continue to keep up with your postings and deejaying.


  21. “I will soldier on and my marriage wonโ€™t affect my commitment to Anwarโ€™s worthy cause. Kamsiah understands that very well.” – Din

    I believe this statement. In fact, if would re-charge the dormant energy suppressed by 12 years of bachelorhood.

    Behind the success of everyman lies a woman, so the maxim goes.

    Behind the success of everyman lies a wife, so say Tun Siti

    Behind the success of everyman lies an understanding woman!
    You are RIGHT!

  22. Joy! Joy! Joy! & Congratulations, dear Kamsiah & Brother Din! Woot woot! World’s Most Beautiful Dentist (actually my dentist niece in the US is also extremely sweet & her name is Candy!) weds the World’s Most Elegant Blogger! One polishes people’s smiles, while the other frowns on BN’s misgovernance.


  23. Tahniah! Well done! May you have a happy and fulfilled life with such a beautiful lady. What a catch!

    Fatherhood at this age, why not? Go for it, old boy!

  24. Dang Din, I am so happy for you. Love was in the air when you introduced me to Kamsiah at Groove Junction. I liked what I saw. Now I know that you work with PKR will go into overdrive. No you dont have to do it for me…..I will give her a congratulatory hug when you allow us to meet her again. Once again, to many more years together for both of you.

  25. Congratulations

    Now, I understand your obsession with this lady. I would be obsessed too with such beauty. Enjoy !!!! and God Bless Both of You!

  26. alhamdullilah.. akhirnya pak Din tidak lagi keseorangan di Holiday Villa!! cuma agak sedih lewat dimaklumkan..

    apapun saya,jono,Din Bunga serta semua warga sukarelawan Subang mengucapkan selamat pengantin baru semoga dikurniakan kebahagian dan dimurahkan rezeki.

  27. Terima kasih rakan rakan sekalian, ini jodoh sepertimana ajal dan pertemuan yang ditentukan oleh Allah swt yang Maha Esa.

  28. Din Merican,

    So 23+23=23 (in her case). I believe that. I can see that!

    But if that’s the case, could you ask her how she feels like to have me as son-in-law? I’ll have myself booked on the first flight home tomorrow.

    I’ll be more than happy to call you “Dad” ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Did the tiger growled and the pussy cat purred last night ? Forgive my being cheeky but I am quite sure our Mr.Bean will agree that you two most certainly look radiant and glowing this morning(after) ! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Go TIGER ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. So glad for you Din!
    May you and your lovely wife be blessed with lots of love, joy and happiness hingga ke akhir hayat!

  31. Wow! I forgot that on this day 32 years ago I became a husband too…

    Normally I appreciate women in three ways… the voice, the poise and the style to match…

    Your wife fulfils the last two beautifully and I would describe her as a very attractive young woman, albeit not allowed to witness the first one.

    I believe you have heard her whispers now just like what Tun Lady described about hers in a congregation of poem recital by the husband.

    Trust the score is A1+++ … seeing the broad smile with the dentist’s patent across the face on the day after… hahahaha

    Please take this as a compliment on this auspicious occasion and for literature sake don’t turn green!

  32. Congratulations!!

    Selamat Pengantin Baru to Mrs. Din as well.

    We crossed path in the 80’s when you were at SD & I was at Lloyds Bank. Now in Sydney. Hope to see you someday.

  33. Salam Abg Din
    Tahniah dan Syukur Alhamdulillah
    Selamat Pengantin Baru..
    Kalau ka Sg jangan naik Sg Flyer dulu,
    takut takut sangkut..ha ha
    hang kebun, terima kasih. Pesanan anda saya terima dengan baik.—Din Merican

  34. Din,
    I discovered this site accidentally, but the timing is perfect, allowing me to congratulate you on your marriage to such a beautiful & talented lady.Mike &I wish you both every happiness.

    It’s many years since we left KL, but the bright young man at SD has never been forgotten & some of our friends still visit, bringing us up to date with whatever is going on. Things have changed a lot since 1982 but we have always hoped to return. One day, perhaps.

    Gong Ci Fa Cai and I hope you are able to share the festival with your Chinese friends.

    Thelma Dowdy,

    now living in Dorset.

    Dear Thelma and Mike,
    It is great to hear from you. Kamsiah and I are happy to receive your congratulatory message. Yes, Mike Dowdy had a big influence on my colleagues and I. He was thoroughly professional and a wonderful boss, kind and considerate. He was quite political because to survive in Sime Darby one has to be politically astute. He had a great team with Robin Ray, Peter Bickerton, and Fred Whiting (the only American then). When Mike left, the finance function was never the same again as the team began to unravel.

    Malaysia has changed from the glory days of the 80s.Today, we have incompetent and corrupt leadership, requiring people like me to join Anwar Ibrahim in his national movement for change. I could no longer be a bystander. I am now a member of Parti KeADILan Rakyat (People’s Justice Party).

    Please stay in touch and once again thank you for your kind thoughts.–Kamsiah and Din

  35. Din

    Its never too late to say congratulations. I know you spoke with me a few days before your wedding on the formalities to be completed! And you know what my advice was! And I did remind you to call me so that I could be one of the witnesses. Obviously man proposes and God disposes!

    Any way it was very nice to talk to your and your wife today while you were attending another wedding in Kedah. Especially your wife. I can sense from my brief words with her that she is a sensible person and your lives together will be blessed. Understanding, patience and tolerance, that all a marriage needs.You know that din! I dont have to say more. Blessings and dont forget me for the reception!
    Thanks. My wife, Kamsiah, is a very mature lady and will have a big influence on my temperament. I am a lucky person.—Din Merican

  36. wow, what a surprise! congrats to you. i’m speechless, the only phrase that i can say is ‘Goodday mate…’

    cik din & cik cun, cute names like cumi & ciki.

  37. pak din! wow! i am so so happy for you! congratulations to both you and mrs. din merican ๐Ÿ™‚

    semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat.. may your life together be filled with joy and happiness; everyday! i am glad and happy now ada orang to take care of you everyday ๐Ÿ™‚

    congratulations again.. i shall pay you a visit one day soon insyaAllah!

  38. Salam dan Tahniah,

    Looking at her face, I must say that she’d be your turning point in looking at life in another perspective.

    Once again, tahniah!


  39. What can I say. Shukur Alhamdullillah. You have found true love. And it will be forever. Salleh Joned sends his regards to you. He is writing a poem about people getting married. He will read it to you when the time comes. All the very best.

    Thanks to you, Taib and Salleh Ben Joned. It should be about love because it transcends age, color, religion, culture and race.—Din Merican

  40. Hello Uncle Din,

    Hope you are doing very well. Best Wishes,
    Vibol, I am pleased that you are reading my blog. The article on Cambodia is very positive indeed. You got your politics right, and given the stability you now enjoy under the leadership of your dynamic and visionart Samdech Hun Sen, Cambodia is ready to develop its economy. Your country has come a long way forward. I am very impressed as I saw what it was like in 1989.

    From the reports I get through my friends at the University of Cambodia, the skyline of Phnom Penh is changing fast. The property sector is booming The Canadia Tower is a symbol of what is to come for Cambodians. Another Malaysian bank, CIMB Bank will be setting up its operations soon. Take care.–Uncle Din

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