12 thoughts on “Boycott mainstream media: Corruption of the Human Mind

  1. Dr. Sid,

    Here we are suggesting that you don’t buy the mainstream papers like the NST, The Star and Utusan Malaysia, and avoid TV3 and the TV One and TV 2. Read and watch others which are more balanced and fair to all sides of the political and social divide, not those that deliberately distort the news to serve the government in power and mislead the public.—Din Merican

  2. Hi Din,

    DSAI has been very quiet lately esp on the issues of Hudud in Trengganu. I know he is a very very busy person for sure, but Why is he not giving any comments like he normally does?

  3. PAS and the opposition seems quite complacent this time. The BN is going to put everything into this election because Najib’s reputation is on the line. It’s time the opposition get off their comfortable backsides and start the ball rolling. Your chance to kill off Najib politically.
    imwatchinu, we in PR ,members of Barisan Rakyat Bloggers Group led by Raja Petra who are already in Kuala Terengganu, members of civil society and concerned Malaysians who are sick and tired of UMNO-BN misrule throughout our country are converging in the state capital. Campaigning begins in earnest starting from nomination day January 6 till January 16 (midnight).

    Let me assure you that we are not complacent and we are certainly not pulling any stops (within “electoral rules”, of course). UMNO-BN with all their money, government machinery, the Police, and their mainstream media can be defeated. We proved that in Permatang Pauh on August 26 when Anwar Ibrahim gave his UMNO opponent a humiliating trashing.—Din Merican

  4. Coolmama,

    DSAI is away on vacation. I am sure at the appropriate time he will comment on the Hudud matter. Pray patience.—Din Merican

  5. Unbiased news coverage and report are hard to come by these days. Apart from the very few,everyone else is partial to their own personal and political interests, ideologies,agendas,etc – that is a fact !
    The only solution is to read as many different viewpoints as possible and the most important thing is to digest the information not just swallow it !

  6. But at the end of the day, the media is just a tool ,albeit a powerful one, to impart information. It is not the corruption of the human mind which is the issue but rather the subtle use of “truths”, “half-truths” and blatant “lies” to first, persuade and shape opinions, and then, to take over the human thought process (aka “brain wash” ), that is the issue and that should be of concern !

  7. One more hard putsch to dislodge the piece of garbage from the system ! Way to go PR, give it to them , kau kau ! Good Luck in KT !

  8. Chinese voters are watching Anwar who has not made any statement on the issue of hudud law – much like the world is watching President-elect Obama to see if he is going to make any statement on the invarion by Israeli forces into the Gaza.

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