Ucapan Dasar Presiden PKR Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Binti Wan Ismail


Azizah slams power transition plan

Rahmah Ghazali | November 29, 2008

PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail today slammed the March transition plan of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy, Najib Tun Razak, saying it would not bring any positive changes to the country.


pkr national congress 291108 wan azizahDuring a policy speech at the PKR annual congress in Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam this morning, she told the 4000-strong crowd that the transition plan would only impact the nation in a negative way.

“We are here to stress that the transition plan between the prime minister and his deputy, Najib Abdul Razak will not make any positive changes to the damage that has been done to the judicial system, the police, the Anti-Corruption Agency and Parliament,” she said.

Wan Azizah, who is also former Permatang Pauh MP and the wife of PKR de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, said the transition plan would be “no different than the old regime”, referring to the tenure of Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“It will have so much similarities with the old regime, where the Internal Security Act and corruption were widely practised. The same regime also contributed to the terrible erosion of government institutions,” she added.

The transition plan, which was originally planned for June 2010, had to be pushed forward to next March after Abdullah was forced to review his departure date after losing support from Umno grassroots in the wake of the huge loses suffered by Barisan Nasional in the last general election.

Najib, who is Umno deputy chief, last month won the leadership of the ruling party unopposed, paving the way for him to be appointed prime minister next March.

Touching on the good relationship between the political parties in Pakatan Rakyat, Wan Azizah also reiterated PKR’s commitment to DAP and PAS, saying the opposition coalition would do all in its power to preserve the special position of the Malay rulers, Malays, Islam and Bahasa Melayu.

“In fact, we are willing to return royal immunity in the spirit of a constitutional monarchy. This is the real meaning of the change we are committed to bringing to the country,” she said.

However, she clarified in a press conference later that she was not talking about the restoration of royal immunity per se but restoring the power of the Agong in the law-making process.

According to Wan Azizah, she was referring to restoring the Agong’s power to reject a Bill in enacting a new law. At present, any bill that is not assented by the Agong will be passed in 30 days.

Growing support from Sabah and Sarawak

Wan Azizah today also vowed to pull off an “incredible performance” during Sarawak’s state election next year. She said PKR had thousands of new members, mostly from Sabah and Sarawak, a strong indication of winds of change sweeping the two states.

pkr national congress 291108 raja petra“If we were able to gain power in Sabah and Sarawak during the previous general election, we could have formed a new federal government by now. Insya’Allah this hope will materialise when the time comes,” said the 56-year-old politician.

She added that PKR was currently in the midst of strengthening the party’s relationship with the two states to “ensure a more successful future” with them.

“We are also committed to our promise – where 20 percent of petroleum and oil revenues in Sabah and Sarawak will be given back to the people.

“We also promise to give more pro-active roles to these states at the federal level if we are chosen to lead the country one day,” stressed Wan Azizah.

25 thoughts on “Ucapan Dasar Presiden PKR Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Binti Wan Ismail

  1. It tickles me to read comments about a “transition plan” between an incoming PM and an outgoing one. Here in the U.S. the importance of a transition plan is needed because among others both administrations are working for the people. It is important that there be continuity.

    In Malaysia these gooks are working for themselves! Also in the case of the U.S. this is a country at war and the finger on that red button that will be the start of Armageddon must be replaced by another swiftly and at the precise moment planned.

    In Malaysia, the transition plan when Mahathir left office was for him to cart away bundles of secret files in the middle of the night, files on members of his own cabinet and potential political adversaries to be used at an opportune moment to reveal their forays into the country’s treasury and the number of times they put their hands into the cookie jar.

    In Abdullah Badawi’s case, I guess he would have to find a way to smuggle out his ledger (since he never could understand the difference between an arithmetic mean and a geometric mean) recording what was given to whom and for what reason and when. After all what is UMNO about if not the re-distribution of wealth – the people’s wealth into their pockets??

  2. …“We are also committed to our promise – where 20 percent of petroleum and oil revenues in Sabah and Sarawak will be given back to the people”….

    That’s a lot of dough for Tarzans like us! What’ll we do with the money? The question is more relevant than the answer.

    By the time the Bakun and the Aluminium plants are up, hopefully were are in time before the peril, little Tarzans may not ditch their cawat for bizness suits in railtrams. Playing catchup will be more exhausting than inhaling exhaust fumes from huge Proton Limos.

    But we would be able to determine our lives ourselves. That’s a dream to cherish.

    As for Pak Lah we would wish him bon voyage in this, fairly or unfairly attributed to him –

    What would or wouldn’t you in a boat like that?

  3. What ‘transition’ plan. Mr Bean could not have said it much better. ‘Transition’ plan in BN means to ‘plan’ and ‘cover’ each others ‘shit’. Period.

    For Datin Sri Wan Azizah, pergi jahanam dengan mereka. BN is beyond redemption !!!
    Focus and implement on the ‘promised’ agenda during the last election for the voters.

    As DSAI said, ‘We will win the hearts and minds of the people’. It is no easy task. PR has no time to meddle with the normal BN stupidity. ‘Biar mereka tenggelam dengan labu2 nya’.

    The big ‘factor’ here is that ‘adakah PR betul2 tahu akan cara2 untuk untuk melaksanakan kewajiban tersebut.


  4. I wonder why PKR waste time discussing UMNO. PKR members are not UMNO members and can’t change UMNO. So PKR should concentrate on its own internal affairs, ensuring that it delivers what ir promises. PKR should worry more about what its MP and ADUNs are doing and how they are performing. PKR should worry how to garner more votes in the coming election, how to strengthen the party and how top project its image as a multiracial party.

    Don’t criticize Badawi/Najib’s transition plan. Plan on a BN/PR transition plan instead. Let the members know and buy in to the plan. Don’t worry on things you have no control over, worry about the things you have control over and an obligation to perform and you’d do well.
    Shrek, PKR is in the process of a major reorganisation. As Datuk Seri Wan Azizah said in her policy speech, “kita harus mengekalkan fikrah murni dan menggilap semangat juang dan budaya kerja yang profesional. Setiap ahli harus mempunyai semangat juang yang kental, langkah gerak cergas, hemah betindak dan santun berbicara”.

    We have 5 states to run; that is our priority, but we have to ensure that Malaysia will not continue to be led by a bunch of corrupt and incompetent UMNO-led Barisan Nasional leaders— and that is our mission— and we must usher in Harapan Baru Untuk Malaysia. It is naive to think that we can ignore what is happening to Malaysians and our country. The things not in our control are screwing up what we can control. The Federal Government controls our national coffers, etc. in our present system.—Din Merican

  5. “Don’t criticize Badawi/Najib’s transition plan. Plan on a BN/PR transition plan instead. Let the members know and buy in to the plan” Shrek

    The only ‘transition plan’ waiting PR is the empty cabinets, missing files, papers strewn all over, shredded and discarded, overturned chairs and tables, missing paintings, missing pens and pencils and sharpeners, missing toilet seats and paper – even the tea girls would go missing.

  6. Mr Bean

    That is expected, so plan for the “expected”. Lay the groundwork, gather the evidence, prepare the PR troops, infiltrate the administrative branch and bring them over to either be neutral or think about the future of Malaysia.

    I remember when Anwar was dismissed as Finance Minister and Dy PM, the staff and officers at the Treasury showed their loyalty to Anwar and they had to me removed or transferred. There are many Anwar sympathisers and die hard fans still out there

    Civil servants needs to be informed and warned about the procedures and repercussions in destroying government files and records.

    However as Anwar always says he does not intend to go after these crooks but to move forward. When PR takes over the government they can always amend the Banking Act to deal with the the outflow of funds. Even the Swiss banks is not so secret after all. Check records of large transaction of funds from Malaysia. Just like the Patriot Act Banks and financial institutions needs to report to Homeland Security any transaction over $ 10,000.

    If BN Minister of Home Affairs can revoke passports of Malaysians and make immigration records disappear so can PR. Individuals can be classified as flight risk and person of interest. They can be barred from leaving the country. Guess Mr Bean if PR put their heads together they can always come up with ways and means to good governance. But they have to do it from now, now at the next GE.

    Of utmost importance is the preservation of the present loose coalition between PKR PAS and DAP. They need a common platform instead of the individual party agenda which can be disruptive to progress.
    Smart Shrek, come home and fight the battle for change on the ground, get your hands soiled, and then you will fully appreciate what we in Pakatan Rakyat and civil society are up against. It is nice to sit somewhere safe and comfortable in far away Los Angeles in front of a computer to write what you wrote. Come into the arena and make a real difference. We have expended blood, sweat and tears in our struggle for freedom, democracy and justice. This is a journey with no finish line.—Din Merican

  7. Yes, Shrek preserving the loose coalition should top the agenda. It’s not easy working with partners with diverse ideologies who have come together for reason of convenience – a marriage of convenience of sorts. Cracks have appeared on more than one occasion. The Kedah Government’s insistence on a 50 per cent bumi allocation for new housing projects is one fine example.

    To the apologists this is but just a minor setback that could be overcome with time. But it’s fissure like this that will impact the partnership. However, if a compromise is reached, it must not be seen as a PKR triumph but the success of the coalition.
    Tok cik, I thought only our man Shrek in LA does not get it, only to note that there is someone in Ipoh with the same mindset. You have been reading a lot of mainstream media. Travel more outside Ipoh and start talking to people like me and others so that you can get the real picture. But if you read Zubaidah Abu Bakar, Joceyln Tan, Wong Chun Hai and their lot you will think that Pakatan Rakyat is collapsing. The reality is Pakatan Rakyat is working well.

    There are bad sheep in any coalition (and plenty in UMNO,of course), but the top leadership is working well and we are extending the level of cooperation to the grassroots and this will require mindset change and serious action by grassroots leaders.—Din Merican

  8. Din,

    My comment is not meant to ruffle feathers but merely a well-meaning observation made without malice. I have interacted with both DAP and PKR leaders and have observed things first hand. I feel obliged to comment for the good of the coalition. I said the same to the Perak PR leadership, again without malice.

    Btw I don’t read the mainstream media, so Zubaidah, Joceyln and their likes don’t matter.

    Cheers, matey.

  9. Bro Din, after 8 months , PR is still ‘reorganizing’ !!!. Don’t tell me with the so-called bunch ‘experts’ surrounding DSAI are not ‘clever’ enough to organize things. My guts feeling is that ‘something’ are not right.

    ‘It is naive to think we can ignore…..The things not in our control are screwing up what we control ‘. So what !!! This is to be expected and foresee even before PR comes to power.

    There should be no excuses or justifications on the matter. The rakyat is only interested on the result and promises given.

    Yes, our party is on a continuous improvement mode. We are always learning from our experiences and will get better in the coming years. Nothing stays the same. UMNO’s problems are due to the party’s failure to adapt changing times. We are delivering results which you do not see if you read the mainstream media and watch tv. The MBs and CM of Penang are working together to deal with problems of poverty. So, my friend, we will make haste slowly. —Din Merican

  10. Bro Din

    You are privy to the top echelon of PKR and have inside info. Shrek is observing from a distance. What Shrek observe may also be the same observations of many Malaysians. Shrek have not read mainstream media for a long time.

    If your response reflects PKR response than PKR have just become another UMNO, beyond teguran even sincere teguran. All the comments made here are for the betterment of PKR. Not only from Malaysians abroad but also from Malaysians residing in Malaysia. These are positive teguran not negative. Take it with a pinch of salt.

    What surpirses me is the same old line “come back and fight on the ground” We’ve been through this many many times before and if you think that only PKR members have their hands soiled in the struggle, and only PKR members have sacrificed blood, sweat and tears, then I beg to differ with you. I always thought that Din Merican is open minded, boy was I wrong.

  11. Hey! Common People!

    The Congress is a terrific success! Tahniah!

    Well, so we differ! So what?

    I enjoyed the Gobala… speech! Terrific! He spoke from experience!

    Agi idup, Agi ngelaban!

    So was Tien Chua! PKR’s got it lah!

    But TM screwed the air-waves!!!

  12. Dear Din Merican,

    “According to Wan Azizah, she was referring to restoring the Agong’s power to reject a Bill in enacting a new law. At present, any bill that is not assented by the Agong will be passed in 30 days.”


    Malaysia’s realpolitik has clearly signaled that a two-party system is here to stay, at least up to the next PRU. With this “New Dawn” in mind, can you give us your take with regards to the above statement attributed to the PKR President’s; be much obliged Din.

    For instance, if said YDPA’s power is restored, will this benefit “Ketuanan Rakyat” and/or rejuvenate/strengthen our democratic process and it’s relevant institutions?

    Finally, do you think that such a move will get bi-partisan support in Parliament?



    1. In Thailand we have les majeste. And I am not sure whether the Queen of England has the power to reject a bill passed by parliament.

    2. Can you point readers of your blog to any sites maintained or supported by PKR/PR (directly or indirectly) where this issue is currently being discussed. Being a policy speech, I am sure Dr Wan Azizah must have done a thorough homework. No ?
    D. Zin, the PR ( PKR, PAS and DAP) position is clear and that is we support a constitutional monarchy and will protect the status of the Malay Rulers, Islam, special status of the Malays and Bumiputras,and the Malay language and the fundamental rights of all Malaysians. We also recognise that our Royal Highnesses have a special role to play in ensuring that the rights of all Malaysians are protected.

    We do not sponsor any bloggers. These bloggers are fiercely independent unlike those who sponsored by UMNO-BN. Please go the BLOGROLL on this blog and click on them and you will be able to read a lot of stuff. I recommend you read Anwar’s own blog and others on his blogroll. —Din Merican.

  13. Err … now the movement must nurture it’s transformational genre … trim dead leaves, water it, nourish it! And the bees will hover and buzz … and robins will sing !

    Laparlah! Mau pegi makan!

  14. Shrek, I have an open mind, but the question is: open to what?. There should no sweeping statements. Unfair criticisms (usually based on official propaganda of the present government)must be challenged and alternative views given.That is democracy. But when our right to dissent is ignored, there is no democracy.

    Today, after 51 years, Malaysia is governed by leaders who do not respect the Rule of Law and who also deny dissent. Read the speeches by Datuk Seri Wan Azizah and Dr. Syed Husin Ali and you will know that the government in power will use all means possible to suppress dissent and hide information under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) from the Malaysian public.—Din Merican

  15. Shrek, Din Merican – peace! Y

    PKR leaders should work to muster the support of Malaysians of whatever race wherever situated. Many are scattered throughout the world not by choice or the result of their own free will but through circumstances not of their own making but that of UMNO-BN led government. They may be sitting behind their broken computers in the dead of winter frantically typing their thoughts hoping to add moral support to a common cause, in the re-structuring of society and re-prioritizing of its objectives in the collective effort to set a new course for the 21st century, but let us not denigrate their efforts. These are the very people who would not hesitate to put their shoulders to the wheel of change at the first opportunity. These are the people who would put their pens down, perhaps risk losing their jobs to return, if they could, travelling from the other side of the globe, back to the country they love to discharge their constitutional responsibility – and be a part of that change that has to come.

    Why do think some 84,000 people packed a football stadium in Denver on August 28 to see and listen to a man speak – if not to be a part of history?

    Anwar should slip a one-liner now and then and call for Malaysians of whatever race, religión, creed making their living on foreign shores to return to cast their votes for ‘change’ so they should not feel diminished or forgotten simply because they are unfortunate to be working or studying overseas. Better still he could make a broad appeal to them in key speeches because among them are leaders of a new tomorrow and the country needs to invest in them.

  16. Bro Din

    Democracy died in 1969 upon the formation of MAGERAN. BN siezed power then and never looked back. OSA, ISA and UUCA are not new. I know the BN government will use all power at its mean to suppress dissent including the police, the ACA and for the Malays the Fatwa merchants. See what they do to Kelantan and Sabah but by the will of the people their efforts have been thwarted.

    Tony Blair, “The true test of a country is how many wants in and how many wants out” Why so many bright Malaysians have left the country, not just for better opportunities but to get away from the BN government. These are not just young Malaysians but include old Malaysians who should be comfortable retiring in Malaysia.

    When I say open minded, I mean be tolerant and keep an open mind. Be ready to accept suggestions, comments and advise. Often times you may have overlooked these very same ideas because you are blinded by your closeness to the problems. I remember not too long ago you were defending Apa Nama Che Det and singing praises of him.This was inspite of heavy criticism of Che Det by various bloggers. You even declared you are non political and will entertain any arguments.

  17. “Well, so we differ! So what?” Salak

    We differ only in the positions we take in the back seat of our car – Old Geezer in his Cooper S and me in my Morris Minor and Din Merican in his Lambourgini (no back seat). The objective is the same.

    The role of government is to build infrastructures, keep the cost of fuel low, keep JAWI officers, stalkers and vigilantes and rogue policemen away so we could do our ‘kereta rosak’ in peace.

  18. Bean,

    Gomen’s role is also to ensure adequate number of big trees are there for Tarzan and Jane to swing it! Err … from tree to tree! Or tree to three! 😀

  19. Bean and Din, yes Peaca Y

    There are two groups of Malaysians.
    1. Those that are vocal and would like to see a better Malaysia.
    2. Those that don’t say anything and don’t care a damn.
    Which group would you like to be associated with?

  20. Bean

    BN government consider Malaysians living abroad as traitors. That is why they have not encouraged postal voting. Did the Consulate General in NY conduct a voter registration and send out ballot papers?

    Sad to say this attitude doesn’t stop at the BN government it is shared by many Malaysians. I get negative looks and reactions each time I meet a Malaysian in Malaysia and in the course of our conversation they come to know I reside overseas. Talk to any Malay and they said that I am no longer a Malay and often times in hushed tones and looking sideways suspiciously begin to doubt my loyalty. Some even go so far as to suggest that I have joined the other races in abadoning Malaysia. To them you can only be a Malay if you reside in Malaysia. This is not only from the rural folks but coming from foreign educated Malays.

  21. Shrek, you said:

    “To them you can only be a Malay if you reside in Malaysia. This is not only from the rural folks but coming from foreign educated Malays.”

    – You are so right! My Malay friend’s ‘foreign educated’ husband spent 12 years in US/Canada on education – government scholarship and courses, to return home because he could not fit in and he looks at those who reside overseas as disloyalists! I know, have spoken and argued with him over this. It’s scarry he’s one of those supposedly responsible top civil servants in the employ of this UMNO-led government!

  22. For some reason the attitude appears confined mostly to Malays.

    I know many who work for the Consulate here, who have been away for some seven years or more. They miss home and are as loyal to the country of their birth more than their counterparts who have never left the country. They are here because of their jobs, or are here because they choose to live and work here or perhaps retirees following their kid or kids who have married U.S. citizens. Some may still be Malaysian citizens, refusing to renounce their citizenship and instead prefer to be permanent residents of foreign countries – having the best of both worlds? You could say that.

    Having another country which is not the country of one’s birth is often the subject of envy – if not for any other reason, because they have a choice many do not have. Perhaps that is why they are the focus of envy or even scorn depending on who you are talking to. It could come in many forms but whatever form or forms they take, sooner or later they surface to affect relationships. It is sad but true – but my thesis is it is true mostly of Malays.

    But that should not cast doubts on their loyalty.

    Already many cannot tear themselves away from what is happening back home and want very much to be a part of the ‘change, when corrupt UMNO leaders are forced out of office for the first time in their country’s history. Some may come back to live and work in Malaysia again. Why not?? They have lived most of their lives in Malaysia. They have roots there. They cannot do that if they are citizens of foreign countries. I have classmates who are permanent residents of U.K. having lived more years in U.K. than in Malaysia but are now working in Malaysia. Who am I to tell them why they could or could not be happy doing one and not the other? Would they abandon their status as permanent residents of U.K.? Never in a million years. The question is not “Why not” but “Why”.

    Some of us have been forced to live abroad because of persecution and are thankful to the host countries which have allowed them to live and work within their borders – and to become citizens if they choose to.

    In the final analysis, it is probably an affliction, if you will, affecting the relationship between Malays and Malays because the latter could not understand why the former are rejecting their own country for another when their government has done so much for them – an UMNO viewpoint? You bet! One can only hope that it is not a PKR viewpoint.

    In their haste to bring ‘change’ to the country, PKR leaders may just be replacing UMNO as far as such attitudes are concerned. After all aren’t all PKR leaders once UMNO members, benificiaries of policies they now say they want to change?

    There are things beyond the material in life. There is liberty, equality and justice.

  23. “It’s scarry he’s one of those supposedly responsible top civil servants” Jong

    Isn’t it? Who knows? Orang Melayu have a lot of “interesting” adat or beliefs. It’s either superstition or that screwed up eyebrows attitude – “…don’t. I do that!”

    You are supposed to say,”Ampun Ma’af. Sahaya tahu…terima kasih.”

    One of the delegates to the PKR Congress rattled about education. I couldn’t quite get the whole of what he was saying as reception on live broadcast wasn’t good. It was about the fallacy of complete and blind reliance on a science bias education. From that I guess he had a good point. Wish I can quote the whole thing. (Din?)

    I heard over the cyber hum that last week, we were supposed to discover the “God” particle. As expected we didn’t as the Hadron Collider, apparently isn’t fully ready or something. Most people only need to know Late Night Show quantum physics, to get by. So how did we get an idiot astronot?

  24. Wow “Tajam” Bean, very tajam, hit very close to home. Good observation and hope the Malays in PKR don’t carry their UMNO baggage with them.

    The astronot is a smart surgeon, the idiot is the Minister of Science and Technology, the one that made racist remarks about the skin color of Indians and the one that can’t control his testoterone after a glass of VSOP and a Havana. The Minister was the one that determine what the angkasawan should be doing in space.

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