Rocky Bru, you are moving away from your blogger friends, why the change of heart

November 17, 2008

I have been associated with Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Haris Ibrahim and Bernard “Zorro” Khoo and others for more than a year now. They know that I am in Anwar Ibrahim’s Office. Our interactions are very frequent and our exchanges, being on a “no holds barred” basis, are often contentious and heated, but there is also great humour. There is also a strong sense of camaraderie. We share a common purpose: we want a better Malaysia for all Malaysians, especially for the younger generation, and we believe we can. That is our common passion.

Although new to blogging, I learned a lot from Pet, Haris and Zorro. Change is hazardous, they quote the great Florentine political philosopher, Niccolo Machiavelli. In Malaysia, in promoting change we get ourselves “in trouble with the law” as interpreted by those in power whose vested interests we bloggers seem to threaten. But unjust laws (these are what I am inclined to label as “ass” laws) must be challenged in our courts and by civil disobediance (ala Gandhiji and Martin Luther King).

They told me once that I was playing with fire when I dealt with bloggers of their civic consciousness and commitment to doing the right things in the right way. These guys are what I would call “social entrepreneurs” who are for freedom, democracy and justice. In fact, Haris, the most blunt of the three, told me in no uncertain terms that “if PKR and PR screwed up”, he would come heavy on us. There would be no mercy if we in PKR and PR failed to fail to deliver on our commitments. So the rules of engagement with them are pretty clear to me before I got messed up in their company. It, however, is pleasurable and invigorating kind of messing up, given the fact I was once part of the establishment and a strong supporter and admirer of Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad aka Che Det.

Given the above, I am surprised that Rockybru should accuse Pet, Haris and Zorro of being in Anwar Ibrahim’s payroll. True, they have access to PKR’s Ketua Umum, but then Anwar talks with and engages journalists, cable network personalities, intellectuals, and bloggers in our region and around the world, and ordinary Malaysians with rather unusual flair. Is Rocky Bru suggesting that they are all on Anwar’s payroll? Please read Zorro’s response (below)—Din Merican


I have restrained and refrained for long not to accede to recrimnations and worse still a cyber tussle with my friend Rocky. When my readers asked me what has happened to my good blog buddy, I always tell them that it was traumatic when Rocky had to be away from mainstream as he had enjoyed its perks. I even told them to leave him alone to whatever he is up to. Even when he said in last Sunday’s Star (Focus) that I was sponsored by Anwar Ibrahim, that accusation did not raise any heckles. If you are not guilty you have nothing to defend. But I cannot let what has ensued continue without a comment. That is just not me, because I worship CAUSES and not any man.

Under a posting headed ‘No Such Thing as Mahathirism’, Rocky offers the view that Mukhriz Mahathir (truth be told I like Mukhriz, his demeanour, his unassuming stance) is a late bloomer in politics, ostensibly because his father, the former Prime minister, banned all his children from taking part in politics while he held the top job in the land. Rocky saw the ban as a feather in Dr. Mahathir’s cap and compares it favorably with the example of DAP’s Lim Kit Siang whose son, Guan Eng, suffered no such bar and is now Chief Minister of Penang.

Ever since Rocky exposed himself as an apologist for PM to be Najib Tun Razak, he has become skilled at the art of shading the truth, just like Dr. Mahathir of course, which makes the headline of his post rather ironic. Well, if you have your boys in business and benefiting from sweetheart deals and rescues, it would be nice Machiavellian strategy to bar them from politics. Otherwise what would the hoi polloi think? That the Mahathir boys is imitative of Imelda: this is mine, that is mine, and that other, is also mine.

Yes, the Mahathir sons did not vie for posts in UMNO while dDad was manning the national pantry. But seeing that restraint as laudable is akin to saying that it was to the late dictator Suharto’s credit his kids, Tommy Mandela Putra and Siti Rukmana, did not jostle for position in Golkar while bapak was President. Or for that matter, it was admirable sacrifice on the part of Kostrad commander Probianto that he could not become ABRI chief because his father-in-law was President of the state. If he did, what would Wiranto, Yudhoyono and other members of that capable ilk, think of the supreme leader who rescued that country from a PKI-led coup in 1965?

I don’t think Indonesians are going to touch their forelocks in gratitude to Suharto because his relatives showed restraint in targeting career fields. The point that’s important is not the ban on a leader’s children from entering the political fray, or for that matter, business field; it is whether they have leveraged on the father’s assets – the power of influence and patronage that comes with lofty position – to KY and ease their entry to posts and deals that would otherwise have given them the miss.

Rocky’s editorial gymnastics take on a more sly hue in another posting headlined ‘In Malaysia, we now want to demonstrate in the nude.’ Man, you are obviously upset with the series of demonstrations that have taken place, from the Bersih and Hindraf rallies a year ago to the anti-ISA current candlelight vigils. So he rounds in on the supposed threat by the Gerakan Reformis Rakyat Malaysia (Reformis) to demonstrate – if need be, in the nude – to express their dissatisfaction with the measures taken by Selangor’s Pakatan Rakyat government, including one that reportedly will see a rise in rentals of low cost housing for the poor from RM124 to RM250 a month. He quotes the Selangor CPO as warning sternly that action will be taken against illegal demonstrations, irrespective of whether the actors are in mufti or in the altogether. Dang, brother, that is not the Rocky I used to know and used to respect.

Rocky expresses relief that none of the demonstrators thus far has disported in the nude (Phew, what good taste! What admirable restraint!), as Mexican farmers and assorted others have done in sundry places on the globe. But now presumably, under the pressure of countless – and mindless — demonstrations that are having a disorienting effect on the psyche, hitherto prudish Malaysians are about to abandon their inhibitions and parade al fresco. See what mischief, see what unintended consequence, this rash of demonstrations is about to have! Dang brother what’s got over you? A nudist parade at the Selangor State Secretariat Building in Shah Alam? What has the country come to! No, what has happened to the journo that I respected and sheepishly tried to emulate in thought, word and deed?

Folks, let’s brace ourselves for the upcoming editorial reign of Rocky Bru under a Najib administration. Shading the half-truth, deploying the sly dig – the stock-in-trade of the Mahathir era – will make a grand return. Dang, this is more than over-drive….you got a sixth gear? Go ahead Rocky, post this on to Ashraf Abdullah. Let’s see how he does a journalist blow-job.

Who says we have seen the last of Mahathirism! So saudara Rocky, as a former blogger-buddy, as and when we do meet, I can still enjoy a beer or malt with you, I hope.—Zorro Unmasked

28 thoughts on “Rocky Bru, you are moving away from your blogger friends, why the change of heart

  1. Well, people change. Rocky Bru is no exception. When the tidings are good even the most pious from among us will crumble. That’s life for you. Touche.

  2. the righteous ones are all on God’s payroll. some ppl juz can’t believe dat evil can never triumph over good. & more often than not, the righteous ones need to make great sacrifices & they know their bonuses are not denominated in $$$! & when temptations are overwhelming, some will choose to foresake good & seek evil with promises of $$$.

  3. Din, it was tough writing this piece and the time (4something AM) it took to put down what I soul-searched. It was tough because he was a friend that I walked with. I hope I don’t have to go thru another exercise like this…it really drains you and saps you. Do I feel better now that this is off my chest? I really dont know Din. But I am sad.
    Zorro, take it philosophically. You win some friends, you lose others; nothing stays the same. Enjoy the company of friends you now have, and do not be surprised that some may swing to the other side. But old geezers like you and I should stick to each other. Let us stand together united in common cause and get HOT together! You wrote a good piece.—Din Merican

  4. din,

    I am very surprised at the aboutturn in rocky; and it’s really amazing that he can accuse pet, zorro and haris of being on the payroll of Anwar. I have met Haris a few times and I have nothing but good words to say about this man’s commitment to the noble CAUSE for a better Malaysia. That’s loyalty unsurpassed as a citizen of this country.

    And rightly it’s your turn to ask rocky. Is he in Mahathir’s or his cronies’s payroll? If it is, so be it because it has choice of life. But, at least be transparent and let his readers know on his leanings.

    Whatever, I will still visit his blog not only for his postings but also some of the linked blogs which are utterly racist. It’s good to have a sneak of their thoughts and try to understand their view of the world and justifications.

    Din, keep up the noble CAUSE. It ain’t easy and its heavy brother but the end result will be worth it.

    God bless you.
    Thanks, yh, for your comments. We make choices, hopefully Rocky Bru made the right one. —Din Merican.

  5. Din,
    I am sure Rocky is reading this blog. All of you have indicated, established your true honest feedback, any human posibilty could. Friendship is dear, conscience, principles, and integrity must be clear. You make your point!

    We all can see and read. This is what I’ll say to Rocky, Its ok to agree to disagree but to hit below the belt as your uncalled remarks, its something else. We do wish you the best in your ‘whatever’ endeavours you choose to pursue, at the end of the day, every one do wish we still can have a nice cup of coffee or beers with Zorro because looking back we like to cherish what we are doing now
    and what we will do in our future.

    Rocky, do not burn bridges! You were once like us. Do not backstab!! least you have to learn to live with your own shadows!!!

    All the best Rocky.

  6. What’s strange about him is his immoral culture in preaching to other bloggers as if he owns them. I didn’t see anyone telling him to stop blogging about what he wants, but he has the temerity to do that and tell other bloggers what to do. A friend of mine told me that he contacts certain “toilet papers” as Kickdefella calls them and then adds his concoctions to their rants ‘links’ whenever he wants to prop up that scandalous man called Najib.

    Let him write what he wants but he shouldn’t imagine that he is smart, honest or intelligent. He is simply a desperate jobless charlatan looking for an exit, who takes the moral ground to preach evil, Ironic indeed! Let him mind his business and let others mind their businesses!

  7. Rocky, if Pet, Haris and Zorro are on Anwar’s paylist, then you and all the other UMNO cybertroopers are on Najib’s payroll. It is as simple as that.

    Moral of the story, please provide the evidence. Otherwise, blog the truth.

  8. Rocky Bru’s about-turn IS just a common symptom of the dilemma of these ‘educated’ Malay Malaysian.

    Before anyone turns the arrow of racism on me, allow me the followings;

    1) A generation of Malay has passed under the influences of NEP. Some got enlightened along the way & look inward for answer. While others are hardened by the ill-prepared challenges & turn aggressive with the help of BTN.

    2) For those ‘enlightened’ ones, the tasks ahead can be VERY uphill, both against the race & religion. & yet deep down the spark of righteousness just struggle to get out. The taboos of race & religion are formidable & overcome they must in order to survive this modern world.

    3) For those with ‘bruised’ ego after the hardknocks of the real world, whatever stipulated in the BTN lectures hold true. The ‘pendatangs’ are the cause of their failures & miseries!

    4) However, there is one thing in common. They are all products of NEP, even though they branched at some points along the pathway of living. They do owe their current standings to NEP.

    5) So how do one repay the debt of NEP? By strenghtening it? Or look for better means to replace it so that the guilt of ‘unevenness’ can be removed?

    For those with bruised ego, many of them get to where they are, rightly or wrongly, career or social standing, NEP has been their holy grail. Deep down they know that without NEP (masquerading ketuanan) they will NEVER stay the course of real life challenges. Others with better qualifications & stamina would have overtaken them long ago.

    So to stay with what they are enjoying & knowing the rules of the game they play along. At the current wind & there will be open vacancies in the UMNO controlled media groups. If they play the game right the jobs will be theirs.

    This is where people like Rocky Bru, Mansor Putih & the likes come in. & you can bet there will not be any shortages for replacement. At the end the poor rural Malays be damned & once again they are used as tools for someone’s ticket to ‘enjoyment’.

    Thanks, friend.—Din Merican

  9. what happened to Rocky Bru is common.nothing extraordinary about it.people chance might be for better or worse.everyone have their path of life and so does you and both pick to be where you at now.the past is something to hold dear.the past is the thing that we carry to the present and future.

    but you either be rival or enemy to the friend that’s not singing the same tune anymore as decide.

    to Rocky,give proof to what u said.otherwise,be prepared to get bombarded by many questions on why you did such accusation.

  10. Rocky has changed, he no longer sounds like the Rocky I know from his blog a year ago. I too wonder sometimes what got into him but this current Rocky….looks like him, sounds like him but it is not him.

    I do not go to his blog anymore as I no longer trust his writing…….as far as I am concern, he is a has been…..

  11. Din, Zorro, Haris and RPK,

    Many of us are confused to see the change in him. He must take full responsibility of what he is doing. Don’t lose sleep over him, it’s not worth it. Every minute we are angry with someone, we lose 60 secs happiness, is he worth it?

    Don’t get annoyed, get curious!

  12. i did notice d change in Rockys shift but did not bother much nor give it much a tot …. simply coz i have so little time n so many greater agendas to delve into 🙂

    wish him luck n have a beer with him, no harm to tat Zorro…. we move on buddy


  13. Jong, there is no crime to have a change of heart. How many times have you done that in your time until you are settled on one! So shall it be with Rocky Bru. He is free to choose.The difference between you and our blogger friend is that you did not go to town over it, rationalise your action and then launch an attack without foundation on your friends. We are not angry. We are not even curious because we know. Rocky Bru made a decision and must now live with it.—Din Merican

  14. Dear Sir,

    Rocky? I do not think he has the passions to start a blog like Jeff Ooi in the the beginning. He has unsettled grudges with his ex employers? Kalimullah? He has no avenue to air his grievances. So he rode on the Blog wave then. He must have achieved his objectives and discovered the power of Blogs.

    I believe he now has a bigger agenda. He is dangerous. There are hidden messages in his postings. Subtle influences which at times are not too subtle. He is not a good vehicle for change. He is now more or less a MSM editor in the net.

    Whatever he may want to achieve is his business. I can only guess. I can always stop my visits to Rockybru.

    Thank you.

  15. accountability,there is no reason for you to stop going to his blog. He is a good journalist. But knowing where he is coming from, you should, however, not accept whatever he writes or presents at face value. You should also subject what I write on this blog to that same test of credibility and intellectual honesty. Never be shy to disagree with me. I will defend your right to express your opinion.—Din Merican

  16. Yup Din … i agree on tat one … we dun nid to control minds we dun nid to control “visitation” let them judge by d measurement of their intellectualism 🙂

    after 50 years n people still wan to trust BN led UMNO …. wat can u n me say 🙂


  17. Din,

    I have been a visitor to rocky’s blog and notice the change in his postings. He is definitely swinging towards the establishment, but that is his prerogative. My hunch is that he is eyeing Kalimulah’s position in NST and Najib may just give it to him when come Mar 2009 when Najib becomes PM and needs someone to be his propagandist in NST. If we remember he was from NST but quit because he could not get along with some people there, now with these people out of the way, what is there to stop rocky from returning to NST, where if he gets Kalimullah’s job, he will be on course to become a millionaire like Kalimullah! I think being the shrewd person he is rocky has done his sums. His blog has served him well in getting international exposure and attention, and he feels it is time to move on for greener pastures which NST to be under Najib beckons. I think he is also prepared to break with his friends like you, Zorro, Haris and the rest, and though he may be friends with you all at the personal level, when it comes to politics, he would be prepared to take the side of Najib, Mahathir, UMNO and the establishment against Anwar and all of you in the opposition. Take care, and have a nice week ahead



  18. Each time I scroll down this thread, I can’t help noticing Rocky’s pathetic pair of eyes. He looks to me a man whose heart has no inner principle, no centre to dwell like a person without a ‘home’.

  19. Pingback: Code of ethics from an unethical character? Forget it! « *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*

  20. Din,
    The first time to your blog, diverted from Susan’s.

    When Jeff started his blog, I visited it daily and later came Rocky. It was exciting when we can look into those things under the carpet from all these blogs.
    Then recently I see something different in Rocky’s blog and the reasoning are getting really funny. I was just curious what went wrong and not to get myself thinking high and low, I seldom get into that blog now. Yes, to all of you friends…The man has changed.

    But this is no surprise for us in Sabah when politicians change party like changing cloths. It is only those who stay on in the same party that puzzle you.

  21. If rockybru do get the job in NST, then, it shows and proves only one thing. You need to prove your worth by making umno happy and that is to churn out news irrespective whether they are true or false and to spin further to make umno looks good.

    My take on this subject matter here, here and the first post about him in early Oct on my older blog here.

  22. I haven’t felt inclined to bash Rocky mainly because I don’t know the man from Adam, have never met him and very rarely read his blog. But right from the start I could sniff out that Rocky was a closet Mahathirite – now a Najibite. And, of course, there has been talk that Rocky (like Rehman)
    has long had his eye on the position of Group Editor=in-Chief of the NST. Recently, I overheard something to the effect that Rocky is addicted to living beyond his means and was in serious debt.
    Perhaps that explains the whole situation? I don’t enjoy maligning people who aren’t in public office, but I must admit the few times I actually read something Rocky wrote made me feel totally uncomfortable about the guy.

  23. Sorry Pak Din, but knowing Rocky, I dont think he has changed. I have always believed that he has always been on the “other” side. The fact that many of you got fooled by his seeming “impartiality” tickles me … heheh

  24. Din,

    It has been over a month after this posting of yours against your former friend Rocky Bru. I have taken the trouble to monitor the postings of all the names you’ve mentioned, including him.

    The following my observations and conclusions:

    1) All have changed.

    2) Rocky has stopped propping up Anwar and Gang after the March elections (yes, he has changed) but he has not changed in the sense that he HAS NOT stopped his sharp criticisms of the Badawi’s government. (latest eg the IJN issue)

    3) RPK, Haris and Bernard have started to promote Anwar Ibrahim as heir to Badawi.

    4) They have stopped criticizing Badawi himself although they were strong critics before March

    5) RPK has turned over after his brief ISA detention (where he could have the food of his choice!). He wrote an open letter to beg Badawi to stay on as Prime Minister and in one of his interviews said he would/could live with the idea of Khairy Jamaluddin as his future leader

    6) RPK is Anwar Ibrahim’s propaganda boss he admitted it publicly, Din!. And this is where Rocky Bru may be wrong when he said RPK, Haris and Bernard may be inspired or paid by Anwar. Truth, I believe is RPK is on the payroll of Anwar but Haris and Bernard are totally inspired by RPK!

    I agree with the wisdom of The Ancient Mariner, you guys are fooled by Rocky Bru’s impartiality.

    No, you guys fear his impartiality.

    I hope he is given the NST job because that would be poetic justice — NST sued him because Badawi wanted someone to stop him from continuing to criticize his government. How easily we forget. And if he can take this impartiality to the NST, we are all going to be benefit.

    Love6, always.

    Lovesick, I can confirm that RPK is not on Anwar’s payroll. Rockybru has his own agenda and I do not have anything against him and will have coffee with him anytime. He is on my blogroll. That says something: I disagree but I will defend his right to speak his mind. Thanks for your kind comments.—Din Merican

  25. love6 is funny. bottomline, no one is hardly impartial…but what disgusted people is some people acting all self-righteous, and going around bashing others of their misgivings, only to let the world know later his/her secret agenda.

    i hope NST and all umno/mca media burnt to ground soon. otherwise, we ll see a very happy rocky-helm.

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