Marina Petra-Abdullah—Straight from the Heart

source: (September 30, 2008)

Hari Raya Message From Kamunting, Perak

Salam Aidilfitri

I just read my husband’s article on www. No Holds Barred and was extremely upset and it made my heart so heavy reading what Pet wrote:

It costs RM8 to feed a dog according to the Malay Mail survey and only RM4.50 to feed ISA detainees…..I feed my cats and fish premium food such as science diet and would never dream of feeding my pets the food that we are fed here. I actually stopped eating the food here after the first couple of days because it gave me diarrhea. A couple of nights ago I vomitted after eating the food and now I cannot even stand the sight or smell of the trays that they sent to our cell twice a day. I now survive on dates and plain bread…..”

UMNO is preparing food for 200,000 people for their Open House at Putra World Trade Center for the First day of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and what would the cost be per head?

How can Muslims of high authority use this unIslamic law, the ISA, on people during the month of Ramadan (the holy month for Muslims),put them under such barbaric conditions, and rehabilitate them according to their perverted standards. Where is the compassion, where is the humanity and, most important of all, where is the love of mankind that Islam enjoins its followers to observe? Can someone please explain all this to me? I am really very confused. All I can see is hypocrisy and man’s inhumanity to man, not compassion, consideration and common decency.

Jakim is coming up with an Islamic rehabilitation program for my husband, it is a joke. Did they even understand what Pet wrote in the first place since it is in English? What he wrote was not anti-Islam. The use of the ISA on Pet is all politically motivated. He has taken on powerful people and since the Prime Minister is weak, he is unable to use the powers that are available to bring justice. This is the tragedy of our country. Let us work towards a change in government, one that is committed to abolishing the despicable ISA. We want Rule of Law, not Rule by ISA.

I am in Kamunting today, staying the night so that I can be first in line to get into the prison. It pains the grandchildren, children and I to be without Pet on Hari Raya. We miss him and the joy that he brings to us each day.

Thanks for your support and prayers my family and I have received. We must continue this fight to free Pet and his friends under detention in Kamunting.

“Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf, Zahir dan Batin.

Love from Pet and Family.

17 thoughts on “Marina Petra-Abdullah—Straight from the Heart

  1. RPK has the noblest heart for all. He is suffering within. I’m sure even when he is out of prison or in prison his mind is still inprisoned….. the reason he feels as he does. He feels that only if and when justice and fairplay is served is he really free. RPK, I feel is willing to go to prison over and over as long as he does not feel free!!!! Only when the ISA is abolished and all detainees are freed and the country gets true democracy will RPK be free. We should all work towards a better free society as demanded by RPK!! Anyway where he is I still wish him and his noble family ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri’.

  2. We the rakyat are just right behind you, keep up your fight, we support you…….we will be here till all ISA detainees released and ISA repealed………..Makkal Sakthi…

  3. JAKIM should make public where RPK has strayed. JAKIM must also state the brand of Islam as practised in Malaysia. As I recall Malaysian subscribe to Sunnah Wal Jamaah. Has that changed? I know some states and their Sultans are Wahhabis. Will JAKIM take action on these states and their Sultans?

    What and how do JAKIM intend to rehabilitate RPK? Malaysian Muslims need to know so they will not be “led astray” Why rehabilitate just one person RPK, why not all Malaysian Muslims who they feel have gone astray.

    Let’s have a debate amongst learned Muslims and the Council of Muftis. Lets have a ruling from the Council of Muftis whether RPK has insulted Islam or just a segment of socalled Muslims from UMNO. Other wise free RPK.

  4. Yes Din, what is there to celebrate when Pete is unjustly incarcerated during a period when we are supposed to promote love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness.
    All the open houses by the perpetrators of injustice and cruelty does not make sense.

  5. More than 50% of the population in this country did not support the ISA. Many of them are Muslims. The ISA as rightly pointed out by many Muslims is un-Islamic. The conditions of the Kamunting Detention Center, as written in this article, are un-Islamic. The use of Islam by the Home Minister as an argument for the detention of RPK is un-Islamic, probably the worst of its kind.

    The many Muslims in this country that opposed ISA also pointed to the fact that ISA and many deeds of the present government are un-Islamic. They were done out of greed, desperate attempts to stay in power and self-preservation. Nothing about the present use of ISA or the arguments for it can be justified by any thinking and fair-minded Muslim.

    The liberal use of Islam as justification for criminal action by our government as well as those from many other third world countries is not a reflection of the religion. It is a reflection of greed and lust for power of these leaders and their propensity of using Islam as their tool in ensuring their survival. It is the reflection of their “third-world government” thinking and a common trait of many other third world leaders from non-Muslim based countries.

    The use of Islam, in this country, as the main tool in preservation of the powers of the current government is very deeply rooted in many government institutions in the country. From the various Jabatan Agama Islam at all states and federal up to the mainstream media the focus is always on ensuring Islam can be used to maintain the status quo and fulfill the selfish interest of the Muslim establishment in the country

  6. “Let’s have a debate amongst learned Muslims and the Council of Muftis. Lets have a ruling from the Council of Muftis whether RPK has insulted Islam or just a segment of socalled Muslims from UMNO. Other wise free RPK.”

    THIS, is the heart of the matter!!!

    This is the subject the Syariah Court should adjudicate on.


    JAKIM shouldn’t be involved. These people have just given permission to UMNO to build a plantation over a Muslim Cemetary in Kpg Temin, Pahang and caused a controversy. You hate to think about it, but the whole LAWS, common, constitutional or Syariah have all been desecrated. It appears there’s nothing they won’t do for raw greed.

    Check out Bulletin Utama, TV3 on the incident here –

    If you ask me, I’d say The Syariah should be correct forum, but I have my doubts!!!

  7. salak

    Thanks for the link.

    Syariah Court will be the place to try RPK. However before going to trial we still need to know from JAKIM how they determine RPK insulted Islam. I am sure there are thousands of Muslims like RPK who also need “rehab”

    The Council of Muftis can pass a Fatwa on what constitutes “insulting Islam” as they advise the Sultans “Protector of the Islamic Faith and Malay Customs”

  8. The Council of Muftis is no better, Sherk. I had the opportunity to attend a seminar in KL sometime ago where more than half of the country’s muftis were in attendance. At lunchtime the mundane things they talked really shocked the rest in the table. This mufti from Perlis (not the present fella) asking the other mufti whether he was considered for a datukship. And whether the other guy’s staff car was better than the his.

    I don’t think they know what they talk about other than sucking up to the sultans and the MBs.

  9. Shrek, you have brought out very good viewpoints on Islamic practices. I think those are food for thought for Jakim to ponder and debate. You are absolutely right that if RPK is imprisoned on his views on Islamic practices, then there are still others who differ in their views. Let’s attack Islam Hadhari first!!!

  10. Shrek, most of Malay customs and traditions have their roots to pre- Islamic Malaya and South East Asia, probably Hinduism. Then looking at that all Malays practicing customary and traditional aspects in their life and living should be charged under ISA for practising unIslamic practices.


  12. “Then looking at that all Malays practicing customary and traditional aspects in their life and living should be charged under ISA for practising unIslamic practices.” – Shobhan

    Good one Shobhan!

    We can start with Najib and his Hindu rituals!

  13. Din Ahmad, I concur with you in whatever expressed. It is third world mentality and nothing to do with any religion. The third world dictators rule with an iron fist out of fear of a rebellion against their rule. Malaysia cannot be categorised as third world as our level of education is not low. Most of us have a certain level of education that allows the practice of democracy to go smoothly. This UMNO led BN is way out in their thoughts. They are also trying to suppress the common masses from becoming better educated but send their own children to be educated overseas and return to maintain the ruling class and their power over the masses.

  14. Thanks Salak. We have to look deeper into that beautiful and enchanting pair. Perhaps learn how they manage to keep such a low profile when all fingers are pointing to them on various aspects of corruption and crime. How come this enigmatic pair can get away so easily when poor RPK who upholds and has genuine interest on human rights and values is behind bars?

  15. The hold ISA game the BN goverment is trying to play is to make sure the detainees surrender .
    Don’t worry RPK be strong we will fight for you. SELAMAT HARI RAYA.

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