Michelle Yoon: Save Raja Petra

RPK in Kamunting for 2 years

RPK was due to appear in court to have his habeas corpus presented today. Syed Hamid Albar signed the papers yesterday night to send RPK to Kamunting. I’m not sure of the nitty-gritty details, but if RPK was to appear in court today, but the minister signed the orders yesterday, I’m guessing the “bringing forward” of the court appearance was just ‘for show’.

And just for the record, I’m pissed with those who say things like “It’s okay, Anwar is going to form the government soon, and RPK will be released immediately”, or “Let RPK be ISA hero!”

Detention under the ISA is no small matter. I don’t care if Anwar’s going to be the Prime MInister tomorrow, I just want to know if RPK is alright NOW! …Let RPK sit in detention for a few days, and you’re alright with that? I sure as hell am NOT! Wait till Anwar becomes Prime Minister, or Pakatan Rakyat takes over, and there will be rainbows in the sky? I’m definitely not as optimistic as that!

We say we want ‘freedom’, we want ‘change’, we want we want we want. And what do we do? Nothing. We let RPK take the brunt of it. We let RPK go into detention.

Sure, we are ‘waiting’ for Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat to take over the Federal Government. And the definition of ‘wait’ is ’sit and do nothing’.

HAH! A bunch of hypocrites we are. And especially me too. Here I am sitting in the comfort of my own home, typing on my computer, 8500km away from everything, while RPK goes to Kamunting because he was fighting our fight. OUR fight. OUR battle.

Haris and co are planning a Hartal to show protest against the abuse of ISA. I don’t know what I can do, but I’ll be doing everything I can.

Published in: on September 23, 2008

18 thoughts on “Michelle Yoon: Save Raja Petra

  1. I am pissed too. Excuse my language. I may be old, but I want to do something instead of sitting here at my desk in Penang. Tell me what to do. I have signed the petition got some friends to signed too. What else can I do to help?

  2. Michelle, we will not allow RPK to take the fall alone. It is our fight for freedom, democracy and justice. True, the change will definitely take a little bit of time since Anwar and his colleagues are committed to bring about an orderly change via peaceful means. It is important that the Malaysian public reacts, not by falling into the brutal hands of the Police, but by supporting the Haris Ibrahim initiative.

    You and your friends can go to our High Commission and picket there. Go to some prominent politicians in your area and ask them to tell their PM to put pressure on Badawi and his henchmen.

    I feel a sense of outrage and will be with my blogger friends. We need to stand by Marina Petra and her daughters. Let us see what Badawi will do. He will be held personally responsible should anything happen to RPK. He should have the courage to tell both Najib and Syed Alblur to back off and release RPK.

    Najib will be in New York from September 25-30, 2008 for the UN General Assembly and let me tell you that there will be Mongolians and others waiting to greet him. Washington should give him a cold shoulder. —Din Merican

  3. Din,

    Very disturbed waiting for the court session to begin, as one supporter stood next to me remarked, “these people are never on time” as the courtroom already filled up with lawyers and others who were there to support YM RPK and of course Marina & family. We thought we were late but as after one hour, the judge finally came in. Before RPK case even started, another supporter showed me a text msg, ‘RPK was under remand order of Home Minister for 2 years of ISA sec.8″. Unbelievable but true, Marina was a bench away and I told him him he should alert her but then some other cases was on going. True to the fact, RPK case was called but “he didn’t appear” and the prosecutor was rambling away about the remand. Isn’t the case a contempt by Sial Hamid? IMS ask for new application, 8th Oct(next month). What load of bull of this Sial Hamid!

    What are we hoping for so that RPK is released?

  4. Michelle,


    I will ask my friends in NZ to do what they can over there to assist you.

    Nigel, if you are reading this, you will understand the change in me, from the indifference 20 years ago. This is the reason why I asked for your participation. My nation evolves but the pain and suffering imposed on those who seek justice is not at all difference to the start of the gestapo regime, and such brutality is not supported by Malaysians, but only those whose entrenched in power to enrich themselves.

    Somehow, it is essential that we make this issue one that deserves highest level of attention in the Commonwealth, where democratic rights are taken for granted. Please forward this blog to as many of our friends as possible.

    Take care.

  5. Badawi, Najib, AlBlur etc want RPK out of the way so that they can stay in power and continue to enrich themselves. They put together a story saying there is racial tension. But at the street level, the hatred is actually hatred against BN.

    I am sure you are all aware that Mussolini (of Italy) was hung on a piano string by the masses.

  6. Najib will be in New York from September 25-30, 2008 for the UN General Assembly and let me tell you that there will be Mongolians and others waiting to greet him. Washington should give him a cold shoulder. —Din Merican

    Yes, that’s right Din. We’ve organized a welcoming committee. However, we are still the peace loving types – the non-drinking type. We will not shower him with Molotov cocktails. Not this time.

    Some of us are also U.S. citizens and would be there to demonstrate against Sarah Palin who when McCain becomes U.S. President (we do not think now that Obama stands a chance of winning the U.S. presidential election because of the growing racism of white conservatives among the voters) would be one heart beat away from the U.S. Presidency when McCain drops dead from exhaustion. She believes U.S. soldiers are in Iraq to do the “task from God” and that the U.S. shares a common border with Russia, and she could not spell and pronounce “pundits” and “verbiage”. She has never had a passport until last year and has never met a foreign of head of state and would in fact be undergoing a crash course in international relations at the U.N. The danger from this Sarah Palin is as real as RPK now being in jail.

    This ISA thing – nobody is going to lift an eye brow because the Americans themselves have their own equivalent in the form of the U.S. Patriot Act borrowed from Malaysia.

  7. Michelle Yoon,

    There is no point stomping, ranting and tearing away whatever is left of your hair in far away KiwiLand alone and by yourself.

    Like Din Merican says, get together and organize a sit-in or whatever else that goes in, at the Malaysian High Commission.

    Say to Bad-ass Badawi “I hear you! The whole world hears you. Soon you’ll hear from us!”


    I call upon all civilized Malaysians to stand up for Raja Petra. In simple ways we can do our bit.

    For a start I would urge all Malaysians who are against the abuse of the ISA and want it abolished to send your message to this deaf and blind government. How?

    Do a Zahid – in your own way. If you are a member of any of the Barisan Nasional component parties resign as a member today. Tell your leader why you are quitting the party.

    Since your party is a component of this immoral regime why must you associate yourself with it.

    Next step. Boycott all open houses held by any leader from Barisan Nasional

  9. Dear brother Din,

    My apologies for the late comment as I was too devastated with the actions of Hamid Albar signing the papers to amend the charge under ISA which led to Pete being detained under the freaking Minister’s discretion.

    I just got back from the grotto and my heart really bleeds for Marina & the kids. Eventhough she will be seeing Pete tomorrow at Kamunting, one can only imagine the pain & suffering that Pete, Marina & the kids are going through this ordeal. What did he do to go through all this, by exposing the TRUTH for all to read ?

    If you ask me, I had enough of the shit politics from both BN & PR and if there is indeed a change in administration, then be done with it, and start governing the nation. Enough is enough and we, the RAKYAT, are suffering from this political scumbags who keep on talking with little action. Whatever it is, Pete put his hopes on Anwar & PR, and they better get their act together FAST and once the takeover materializes, they need to release Pete and all detained under ISA at once or face the WRATH of the rakyat quite soon.

    TALK IS CHEAP and I mean from the politicians ! I am definitely in for the HARTAL and will gather my comrades to ensure that it is spread around.

    Count me in & God Bless,


    P/S : Sorry for my tone today but I am really pissed off but what else can I do. Please let me know as I am already on HARTAL mode since yesterday

  10. Captain,

    All of us concerned citizens share with you that same sense of anger, frustration and helplessness.

    It is not that we could not care but more so that nothing seems to be correcting the imbalance we are all victims of.

    Every morning awaits us with more sordid, disgusting, devastating news. Yet we cannot stop these. Not even institutions.

    We are enslaved in a system of governance that appears to have imprisoned us permanently.

    The ultimately option we share secretly in our hearts is still a fearful dream.

    What do we do? How do we do? When do we do?

    Oh my God, is this the Malaysia that our grandparents spoke so much about with hope and trust?

  11. The fasting month is supposed to be a holy month, doing good deeds and kind deeds. But what is happening now is chaotic. Why choose this moment to arrest RPK under ISA. It is the fasting month and 2 more weeks to Hari Raya. Don’t you think it is unIslamic to deprive RPK from spending his Hari Raya with his wife and family. After all what RPK wrote on his blog was something written sometime ago and it did not create any chaos or tension among the rakyat, he wasn’t a threat to the Rakyat at all so why arrest him and what a timing to arrest him now!

  12. You can be sure Najib will stopover in London on way or back from New York .
    His town house is in Kensington London and the Mongolian Cultural Centre is also nearby in West Kensington.
    A recipe for cultural shock if he or Rosmah pops ou tfor his supermarket shopping.

  13. I stand by you, Din, and Petra and all the other ISA detainees.

    ISA is against all religions and all documented philosophies.

    Agree with Haris that the BN has lost its morality to govern…totally.

    Well, the BN seem to be in denial that rakyat no longer support them, so I too will be in ‘denial’ from now on that our Prime Minister is YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim. I’m just practising leadership by example portrayed by our BN leaders. After this, back to sleep..zzzzz……….

  14. There is one more way you can help free RPK. In a blog site dedicated to coordinating civil right movement, we have initiated a call for help releasing RPK. We have gone through analyzing our options to act, and now come to executing the voted action. The voted option is to flood phone calls to the Prime Minister office starting from 1 PM Monday (Sep 22) to 1 PM Wednesday . There are detail you need if you plan to participate. The site to get those detail is: http://malaysiacivilright.blogspot.com/. You might find this way of helping RPK could supplement other efforts that you might have involved.


  15. It is interesting what Tengku Rezaleigh is supposed to have said (right above this posting). If he really means what he says and if he has any influence (or clout) in UMNO he will use this to get them to release RPK immediately.

  16. “Third, I will attend as best I can every forum, vigil, peaceful protest, and at the same time prepare myself by reading all that I can lay my hands on so as to better prepare me to lend my voice and energy for a better Malaysia. I intend to do this by convincing as many people as possible to join the cause using nothing more than peaceful intellectual discussions based on the principles of a proud, fair and just society for ALL Malaysians.”

    The time fo asking why, why and why is over! They know why! The time for intellectual discussion too is over!

    How many more do you need to see detained without charge and trial before you are convinced that this government is not going to listen to anything you have to say?

  17. With then detention of RPK under ISA more and more Rakyat are aware of the injustice. Almost everyone I meet have reason to detest the present government. Even the younger generation has lost respect for our leaders.

    ISA was introduced to curb communism…..today it’s been distorted as a tool to silence those who reveal corruptions of our leaders. Our Home Minister states that RPK insulted Islam….who is he to be the judge and jury. If RPK insulted Islam than let the Mufti or religious leaders be his judge and jury. There is no need for ISA. Using ISA itself is and insult to Islam. Our Home Minister is brain dead. Sickening really !!!! No matter….. RPK detention is like wild fire spreading to many…… more and more people now have reason to hate this government. If PR do not take over I am very sure the next election BN will loose in every state.

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