Guan Eng: Don’t review ISA, bin it!

Athi Veeranggan | September 22, 2008

Why bother reviewing the need for the Internal Security Act (ISA) when it should be abolished and dumped out with the trash?


Offering this view, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng also said this would be the ideal way to end to the country’s ugly chapter on the use of the dreaded law.

lin guan eng koh tsu koon debateLim (left in photo), who is also DAP secretary-general, blasted the recent call by Gerakan acting president Koh Tsu Koon (right in photo) to set up a parliamentary select committee to review the ISA, which allows for detention without trial.

This would be meaningless, a waste of time and against the public interest, he said, noting that the ISA is historical baggage that has become an obstacle to nation building.

“It’s a draconian law that has caused (many problems for) the country’s growth into a liberal, progressive and dynamic nation,” he said, pointing out that use of the ISA has also been a hindrance to foreign investments and business expansion.

He told journalists in George Town that Gerakan’s proposal for a review – on whether the law should be repealed, amended or retained – only amounted to passing the buck.

“It’s a waste of time (to review it) when virtually all Malaysians want to do away with it,” said Lim, who was himself detained under the ISA for 18 months during the infamous Operasi Lallang police sweep in 1987.zaid ibrahim and isa internal security act 150908Questioning their sincerity in tackling the issue, Lim challenged leaders of Gerakan and MCA to emulate Umno stalwart Zaid Ibrahim (left) who had resigned as a cabinet minister because of recent use of the law.

The detention of DAP parliamentarian Teresa Kok, 43, journalist Tan Hoon Cheng, 33, and prominent blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, 58, as reignited calls for abolition of the law. The two women have since been released.

Stronger Legal Clout

On another matter, the chief minister said the Penang government will tighten current laws to strengthen the public accounts committee (PAC) a la the Westminster model. This is to curb financial mismanagement and malpractices.

“Under the British Westminster model, the PAC is very powerful. We plan to copy the concept to vest more power and authority in the PAC to conduct independent investigations into alleged mismanagement of state funds by public officials,” said Lim.

barisan rakyat pas pkr dapHe was asked to comment on a similar move by the Selangor government which, like Penang, is helmed by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

Lim said the state legal adviser is studying the plan and will come up with recommendations soon on the amendments required.

When these take effect, the PAC will have powers to compel witnesses to testify on allegations of abuse and misuse of power, as well as financial irregularities.

The changes are being introduced in line with state policy that emphasises competency, accountability and transparency (CAT).

7 thoughts on “Guan Eng: Don’t review ISA, bin it!

  1. On a separate note, I would strongly urge that The Toyo who have instigated maliciously the (‘AB’)USE of the Draconian Law, ISA, and that he, be hauled up to stand trial for the wrongful act and public disturbance he had caused.

    Perhaps a signed petition-on-line should be done to lend support to be voiced to the government that action be seriously taken against such culprit. These are the people who hide behind and dangerously uses race and religion to stir up the otherwise good relations of the races. They cannot simply go scot-free and denied the wrong-doing while innocent people suffers. Justice must be done and seen done with due process of the rule-of-law. Bring Toyo, Ahmad Ismail and many others into the court to be charged!

  2. This is what the Rakyat wants ….Competency, Accountability and Transparency which the present government is lacking. They now use ISA to detain and to silence those whoe reveals thier misdeed and corruption. RPK is not a threat to peace and security, but a threat to those people who have used ISA to silent him.

  3. Bro, Ampu Bodek Tsu Khoon and MCA asked by LGE to emulate Zaid and quit BN??? In our dreams. BN is the only tongkat Tsu Khoon can hope to hang on or else he will not be relevant and will disappear into thin air. That creature does not have the balls to even bark at UMNO underlings much less tell Bodohla, Najis and Co to “Can” the ISA. Anyway, unless KTK is so F*****g blind, he will know that he and te Gerakan and their friends in crawling in the shit before UMNO, especially MCA and MIC, will soon be consigned to the rubbish bin of Malaysian politics. No true Malaysian has got the time of day for these spineless gits!
    And yes, when is Al Blurr he stutterinbg lawyer going to take action against Ahmad Ismail and Khir Toyo. That dickhead of a poor excuse of a member of the “August Chambers of Justice” should realise thatNOBODY believes a single iota of the bullshit that he has been mouthing that the PDRM does not have to refer to him to haul anyone or release anyone from ISA. Only he, Najis and Bodohla are that idiotic to think that malaysians would believe that crap. If the PM and the Home Minister does not have control of the PDRM as Al Blurr claims, what the F**K do we need the arseholes for. Kick them all out !!!!

  4. There is an argument for legislation like the U.S. Patriot Act to combat terrorism. This type of legislation which suspends habeas corpus should be viewed very seriously. It lends itself easily to abuse by the executive branch.

    The ISA should be repealed but a new legislation should be passed in its place with all the necessary safeguards to prevent abuse; and it should be subject to review by Parliament every two years. We are after all living in a new post 9/11 world.

  5. Mr. Bean

    The Patriot Act as you know has been extensively abused by the Bush Administration.

    The key against terrorism is moderation and getting respect for Islam from non muslims. In Malaysia, muslims apart of those from UMNO are generally well respected.

    Any legislation similar to the Patriot Act should have clear definition of terrorism, and the evidence required to be produced prior to action. Otherwise, people like RPK, who has boldly stood up against a corrupt government will be detained, terrorized by a government that has no morals when it comes to trampling on advocates of justice and people who do not pose a threat to the nation.

    Therefore I strongly agree with you, and perhaps any legislation for counter terrorism should be developed say by Zaid Ibrahim in conjuction with say, Aliran.

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