Even Buffaloes fight for Freedom: Battle at Kruger


This is a touching clip about unity against oppression. It can happen even in the animal world. But it was their sense of wanting to protect their helpless that unified the herd, and together they took on the preying lions and an opportunistic crocodile. Is there is a message for us, Malaysians?  For me, it is a simple case of “United we stand, Divided we fall”. Think about it. Your comments are most welcome.—Din Merican

24 thoughts on “Even Buffaloes fight for Freedom: Battle at Kruger

  1. This reminds me of a story I heard before about 4 cows and a wolf.

    “There were four Cows. One of them was white and the other three were black. They used to live in a dangerous area surrounded by wolves. The way they protected themselves was that they were always together, they would stick together, watch out for each other, everyone was keeping an attentative eye, and they survived, even though the area was surrounded by wild beasts.

    But the three black cows had a meeting one day. And they said, “This white cow is giving us away. When we try to hide at night, because we are black no one can see us, but the enemy is able to see the white cow, so why don’t we just let him go. The three of us will be together and let’s just let the white cow go away because he is just too much trouble.” So now from that day on, the three black cows would be on one side and the poor white cow is alone. They boycotted the white cow.

    Now the wolf is very intelligent. He was able to detect the disunity that was amongst these cows. So he made his move and he attacked the white cow, and while he was devouring his flesh, the three black cows were doing nothing. They were watching it, while their brother was being torn into pieces!

    But the following night, the wolf attacked the three black cows, one by one was eaten. The last cow said, “I was eaten, the day the white cow was eaten. I had signed on my execution form, the day I allowed the white cow to be eaten, that’s when I died. I didn’t die now, I didn’t die today…I died when I allowed the wolf to eat the white cow”.

    This is what the bulls in the movie is showing. They’re showing solidarity though that calf was their weakest link. If they were to allow the tigers to take away their calf, it’s a sign that the bulls accept oppression.

    I strongly feel this applies to Malaysia’s situation. If we allow injustice to occur just by claiming that it’s happening to someone else and “why should I bother” attitude, we’re actually signing the “death” sentence to ourselves. We essentially “killed” our basic rights. We basically demonstrated that we’re a people that can be taken for granted. No more I say. Only if we stand united, oppression can and will be defeated.
    Abu Ameen, thanks for your comments. I would like to add an observation. To-day, we Malaysians are more united than ever. UMNO-BN politicians and their agent provocateurs can split us asunder. We are united in trying to free Raja Petra and other ISA detainees. One Raja Petra, there are thousands of his clones around and there will not be enough prisons in the country to lock us in. United we stand. We will be united because we know that singly we will be eaten up.—Din Merican

  2. Abang Din,

    This is an inspiring clip. I bet you my life that any Rakyat who sees this will give us the confidence boost for us to unify and fight against this evil government.

    I will share this with my famil and friends.

    Thank you.

  3. wowww~ a very inspiring clip! and touching my heart!thanks~
    yeahh.. even buffalo can be united. how bout us?
    all malaysian should unite and teach the BN-UMNO a lesson.

  4. Din,

    I know you cannot edit it but it is too graphic, too violent to watch the first few minutes and what with this group of tourists giving their commentary. It is disgusting just to listen.

  5. “This is a touching clip about unity against oppression.” Din Merican

    I’m sorry but it has nothing to do with oppression. I see lions doing what lions do when they are hungry. Don’t we do the same with our buffaloes?

  6. Can’t agree more Abang Din. We have to keep this up. United and with proper strategy&timing, I have faith we can make Malaysia a better place Insya-Allah. It’s interesting that the bulls took time to come back and save their calf. The calf mother didn’t charge randomly by herself to save her calf. Wonder what did the herd leader shouted in their language? Must be something inspiring like from the movie Braveheart I guess. 🙂

  7. Dear Abang Din,
    The movie showed us the true colours of oppressors. They live by their reputation and threats but once challenged, the run like a mouse, they are mere cowards.

    Thanks for the movie, it shows that when we fight back, we will win.


  8. Fellow Malaysians,

    It is our collective fate that is at stake. We could turn around the collective fate when we uphold our civil right and stand as one united front. Among many actions that we can take, here is one of them: http://malaysiacivilright.blogspot.com/ — we have make it easy for you to act. It is as easy as 1-2-3 Steps: We analyze our situation and capability, we collect our consensus, and we act. It is time for action, and give it a try from the above blog site which has only one article and one poll.

    Dear Din,

    I hope you are not bother by my attempt re-post the link mentioned above. Please let me know if you have concern of the re-post. Regards.

  9. We are fighting, but within the law/constitution, although we know that “the other side” does not understand the concept of the Rule of Law. This is always the problem when you have been in power for more than a half a century. You become arrogant and are cut off from reality.

    More comments, welcome. —Din Merican.

  10. No two ways about it. The only way to get rid of these corrupted goons in UMNO-BN is for all Malaysians to stand united, side by side.

  11. The message is clear enough. United we stand, divided we fall.

    It depends on what we do. If we stand united doing nothing, then nothing is going to change.

    Malaysians are united as never before in its short history. What we need is leadership.

  12. Take a look at the clip again.

    Is there not one buffalo leading the herd? Without that buffalo, the others would have stood by watching helplessly as one of their own is mauled by the lions. That’s leadership!

  13. A message for our Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi.

    So if you are having a problem with people you are not alone. President Clinton once said running a country is a lot like running a cemetery; you’ve got a lot of people under you and nobody’s listening.

  14. I don’t mean to put water on our genuine purpose Din.

    There are times when unity needs dissent. As total unity can mean total destruction and history repeats the realism where it sees fit.

    Right now we need a lot of unity in purpose though there may be dissent in means which reinforce the purpose.

    When we achieve that purpose we’ll need everything to do a lot of mending the broken system.

    Our minds are focus and our senses are quivering. Our purpose is doable and we’ll do it!

  15. Dear Din,

    Buffalo Clip: Are the buffaloes oppressed? I don’t think they are. They have few predators and walk proud in the savanah. What was recorded was strictly an illustration of a predator – prey relationship, and the defence mechnism of the buffalo herd. It’s herd unity for survival and there may be lessons to be learnt there. The instinct of the herd is to come together aginst the predator. Fortunately for this herd, the lions appear to be a young pride, and hence do not have the experience needed to be succesful in their endeavour. If the pride consisted of older lions, they could (or would) have adopted a different strategy. Don’t forget that because there are many old lions around!

    On the other hand, the encounter looks like a chance encounter. Hunting lions do not just sit around on a mound and watch a potential prey herd approach them. It was obvious the lead buffalo was surprised when it first saw the lion pride (I bet the young lion was opportunistic too), and bolted away from them. In doing so it exposed its young to danger from the inexperienced lion, as was the case. Perhaps it should have stood its ground becasue the appropriate lion-technique for downing a large buffalo, is by an attack from the rear (careful….careful!). If the predator stays to confront the aldult prey, it will be rewarded with a toss into the air and because it doen’t have wings, they do not stay airborne for too long. But you are right Din, it is the solidarity of the herd that in the end saved the calf.

    Now about that crocodile….. it’s hungry too!!! If only it had negotiated with the lions, the story may have had a different ending. But being of a different species, and afraid to come on to dry ground, it may not have been possible for them to communicate. But basically he took his lessons from the “kura-kura”, when the tree “dah condong, kura-kura pun panjat”! Numerous analogies aren’t there?

    Of course the predator-prey relationship in a savanah may not be as it would be in a tropical rainforest! I think the tropical rainforest in far more complex than the savanah. Things may not even be what they appear to be!

    Get out you binoculars guys!

    Another Din

    p.s Once, while on safari, all I saw were sleeping lions!! It was the leopard that had a carcass up the tree! See?

  16. Brother Din,

    In this battle we must not let DSAI fighting alone.

    To quote a political resolution adopted by Mao in 1935 in which a key passage read;

    “Our task is to unite all possible anti-Japanese forces……..to make all Chinese people who have strength, deliver their strength; all who have guns deliver their guns; all those who have knowledge deliver their knowledge. -Not to miss one single patriotic Chinese…..This is the party’s general line; a line of the most broad national united front.

  17. You have reach deep into the depths of your heart to really understand this clip which is not acted out,but real.To me it goes like this:

    (1) Buffaloes – docile,quite trusting,letting their guards down in when
    least expecting attacks from the enemy,but regroup under an able leader to
    to lead the onslaught,ultimately triumph good over evil.

    (2) Crocodiles – the opportunists who await situations like this to capitalize to
    be part of the wickedness of the lions,not realizing they too can become
    the hunted,who will be used and thrown to the lions.

    (3) Lions – all the time waiting to devour and kill,and see who they went
    for,they thought he was the weakest link to his family,and the lions
    thought he was insignificant,but lo behold,when the attack came they
    were in dissaray,completely demolished,the buffaloes had the last laugh.

    Hehehe,the buffaloes looked manificent in the end,the lions still very hungry,and the crocodiles,poor things,missing in action.

    Keep more of these coming,Din,it really motivates us.Luv Ya.

  18. Dear Din, Excellent clip.
    A lot of similarities what’s happening in our country too.
    Question: Why do the herds of buffalo came back?
    They could have away and save their own lives, right?
    (That’s how most of rakyat lived, after May 1969)
    Well, the answer is obvious.
    Surely they wanted to save the calf.
    (Now, Exactly what the rakyat is about today. Its not just about us, its about our Childrens and beyond the next Generation)
    Many will gather, still it needs only a few to lead the charge!!
    ( well, well, Sure, its DSAI, Leaders of DAP and PAS )
    This clip ends with Vindication!! The calf Survived!!!
    Amazing – despite its adversary.

    On a lighter note, you can hear the background voice of a chap who keep on repeating..
    “I have never seen anything like this!”
    Instantly, I thought of inviting this chap to come visit Malaysia..
    We see this things Everyday!!!
    Hee heee
    Have a great day Din, keep us inspired.

    You can hear someon repreatly said “I have never seen anything like it before!” I was think

  19. Din what an irony! The tyranny of the UMNO has brought us all together. Please say a big thank you to the UMNOputras . Cos in their attempts to split us they had actually brought us together. Wonder whose formula it was. Must be JAVANESE or YEMENIS !!!

  20. Din,
    Can i post this into my blog? it is indeed very thought provoking and im sure it will help viewers to see the reality and urgeny of what we should do at this moment in our country.
    You are welcome to use it, man. Just spread the word. We cannot be indifferent anymore. When it comes to our country, it is our business, not just those politicians in power.—Din Merican

  21. united we stand together, divide we fall.

    but im disgusted about the number of signatures to free RPK, who give his entire free life to save us, come on people have a heart for RPK pls. sign the petition to free him now from ISA.

  22. The video clip Din has provided is a symbol of what we always say “Unity is Strength”. And in our ensuing struggle to set democracy free we not only need our physical and mental strength to go wade through but more importantly also put our trsut in God. He will put things right. It is a matter of time and the time is very close. So be resilient and Insyallah we will be there.

  23. We will continue the struggle to free RPK. Meanwhile, lets flood Kamunting with Hari Raya greeting cards addressed to RPK. Lets tell him to keep the hope and that we have not given up. Here is the address

    Y.B. Raja Petra Kamarudin
    Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
    34009 Kamunting,

    I am mailing my card today.

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