69 thoughts on “Din Merican’s Message – Thank You All For Your Support!

  1. Whilst we’re on your accomplished hits, might it not be a good idea to get a sense of where those hits hit and which issues and articles highlight their significance?


  2. Brother Din,

    69 or 70 doesn’t matter. Most Japanese Prime Ministers are in their 80’s and you are more than a decade younger.

    Tell us where can we collect Keadilan membership form. If possible I want to submit my form the same day as yours.

    Tean, come over to Merchant Square, PJ and see me. You can get from me the forms you and your friends need to become members. Just call me on hp 017-366-0897. —Din Merican.

  3. We should thank you and all your fellow Bloggers instead for steadfastly holding on to your beliefs and principles to make our beloved country a better place for all. You can be sure we(your good friend, Jimmy & company) will keep on hitting your Blog.

  4. Congrats Pak Din for the Million Hit. I was the first to point out in another entry this morning. On another note; Pak Din is as young as 45 year old man. I envy you. Someone must have taken care of you Abang Din. May God bless you and the family.

    A luta continua

  5. Dear Din Merican,
    From The time I discovered your blog,I have logged on everyday to read the latest and listen to your oldies.Hope God will give you many,may more good and blessed years,where you can work for truth as the foundation of us Malaysians.My family and I too am hoping that there will be changes in our beloved country,we do not hate the PM ,but the people need a fresh breath of a new spirit and we know that PKR under DSAI will be able to provide us.Hope you will have many many more excellent years in cyberspace.
    Thanks, Catherine. You sound so formal. I am just plain Din. Good to know that the Malaysian DJ Blogger is keeping you informed and entertained. I love music very much, from classics, blues, jazz and pop, not heavy metal of course.

    Let us pray that we can begin the journey to transform our country and make it great. After 51 years, we deserve better than the current corrupt and incompetent leadership.—Din Merican

  6. Dear Din Merican,

    You are one of the very few men that have bravely stood up to fight for a just Malaysia society. I salute you for that courage and determination to lead Malaysia into the brighter side. This change of Prime Minister to Anwar Ibrahim has to be made regardless of when it should be done but the sooner the better for the entire community in Malaysia. Once again congratulations for the 1 million hits in your blog.

    Sydney, Australia.
    Gim Chuan, there are many of us now because our patience is running out and this corrupt regime must go, but let us play by our constitutional rules. In the end, our young and brave King will decide, not Badawi.—Din Merican

  7. Congratulations, Encik Merican, on hitting a million. Nice jackpot to have. You have echoed my sentiments on recent events. Let us now hope that Abdullah will behave with the decorum expected of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. He should either agree to meet with Anwar instead of making uncalled for remarks to the press or reconvene Parliament. So far his behaviour has been, to say the least, uncouth. As you said, there is no turning back. All of us must keep faith with Anwar and push for the changes that Malaysia, our beloved country, so badly needs.
    Welcome, kathy and thanks for your comments. We just cannot continue the way we are now.—Din Merican.

  8. Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts, all very well articulated.

    Like you said, rational discourse is what you have been consistently delivering in your blogs.

    We may or may not agree entirely with all that you say, but our lives are enriched by your presence in cyberworld.

    Here’s to your next million hits! And beyond!

  9. Din

    Now we know how you look like in real life!

    Thanks for the blog and the service. Without you, RPK and the other bloggers, people like me will have no avenue to express our views, and no avenue to understand the other side of the story.

    Please when Anwar gets in, we need to ensure that the mainstream media accurately portrays the opposite views, and the to expose any wrong doings of public servants, no matter which party they are aligned to.

    Again congratulations.

    Perhaps one of the courses compulsory in our education system is to teach our young generation to be able to use the resources of the internet, and able to blog, as it is evident that without RPK, you and our Kickdafella, we will be still be on a mushroom diet – kept in the dark and fed shit by BN.


  10. Congrats Din once again and you sure look slightly exhausted.. 🙂

    Take care & I will meet up with you soon.

    Salam Reformasi & keep up the great work,


  11. I’ve read your post on the press release by the Muslim Professionals Forum. I’m glad to hear we have people who the maturity of not mixing religion with the nation’s cause. I think together we should have a more prominent voice for change. Thank you for taking such a great step forward for us.

  12. Its a nice way of getting to know the blogger….
    I’ve enjoyed your blog thus far, and look forward to more. Thank you for doing what you are doing for this wonderful country, we all hope and pray for better days to come.

  13. “The world is watching and reading us today and the present Umno-led Government of 51 years can no longer brush them aside and shout “Bugger-off, leave us alone, it’s our own internal business”!” JONG

    Yes, they can no longer scream “Bugger off” but then Din Merican never said, “Come over, have some donuts and buns” either!

    Heartiest congratulations to you, Din Merican!

    Shrek and I are one step closer to organizing a welcoming committee, to welcome you either to Washington DC as Malaysia’s next Ambassador or to New York City as Malaysia’s next Permanent Representation to the world body – the United Nations.

    From the shadows of Wat Siam, in a sleepy hollow that once used to Alor Setaq to the corridors of power in Washington DC. Gals, don’t say I didn’t warn ya! Here comes Dean Merican – ever merry, always can!

    Bring along your own donuts, guys! It’s BYOP time. No, it is not ‘bring your own plate’ but ‘bring your own partner’. I don’t know about ya, but I’m bringing Jong along – and she’s bringing her donut to share 🙂

  14. I’m charmed by your video presentation Din!

    Congratulations and may you & your comrades be blessed in this difficult journey to help create a better tomorrow for all of us who love Malaysia as much as you do too.

  15. Hi Din, God’s willing, you will live for many many years to come. Hey, you are a good man and we need you here, so we are not going to let you go too soon, okay?
    You spoke with feelings and sincerity and your views were well understood. Your speech left that of the DPM’s miles and miles ahead. You are a true blue Malaysian and we are proud of you.

  16. Dear Din Merican, Congratulations. I have always been reading your blog since post elections. I am ashamed to say that i never bothered to vote before as everything was running fine. \perception given by the current media. I voted for the first time on March 8th because i felt things were not right. I am 58 years, years of ignorance and bliss. Thank you very much for your indepth views of the politics, economics and the people of our beloved land. Thank you.

  17. Congratulations Din. Whatever it is that I want to say about the blog has already been elegantly said above by others before me. You guys have played a crucial role in the revolution that is taking place in our dear country and we are fortunate to have people like you in the forefront. All the best to you my friend.

    PS : somebody suggested “ONLY YOU” to be dedicated to PAKATAN RAKYAT on your blog. Please extend that dedication to all you bloggers as well. So bring on the Platters!!

  18. Din

    We need to refocus on Raja Petra.

    Aliran has reported concern about RPK’ health. And the Royalty sits on the fence while one of their royal blood is being held like a dog.


    If my brother is in jail for no reason, and there is a possibility he could die like a dog, I will be seeking blood from Syed Hamid.


    Just look north, to Thailand. The King is revered and not without reason.

  19. Well done Din Merican! for giving us a lively, educational and much needed avenue to both hear and exchange views on our country. You and all the other bloggers will go down in our history as the real heroes of the current movement. You have given Malaysians a new hope for our country and I feel certain that PR will deliver very soon. Inshallah.

  20. Hi there Din,
    Was so nice watching and listening to you. Congratulations from us here in Singapore. I read your news regularly and admire all the supporters of PR and Malaysians in general, despite facing so much risks and dangers, for your steadfastness, positive attitude, concern and care for all your Malaysian brothers and sisters regardless of race, language or religion to make your country a wonderful place to live in.

    Being a lover of music myself, Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World”comes to my mind here. And Malaysia will be an even more wonderful place to call home because of her people’s fighting spirit and love for each other. PEACE TO ALL!

  21. Dear Din ,

    Once again congratulations . Your speech enlightens up my confidence and hope for New Malaysia . Will pray hard to Almighty God be a fortress and protector to our Honuorable YB DSAI . Take good care of him for us .Regards .
    My colleagues who deal with his personal security and of his family are ensuring his safety. Those who are not trained in secret service type protection are helping him in other areas, where we have skills and knowledge to offer. Let me say to you that DSAI has an outstanding team of young and experienced indiividuals. I am humbled by their astute understanding of politics, economics, culture and Malaysian hisotry, and international affairs.

    Anwar has the ability to attract and bond with intellectual types, technocrats and entrepreneurs of different nationalities (not I avoid the word race). These types are very focused and determined to help him serve the Malaysian people as their next Prime Minister.—Din

  22. Din,

    while the pouring of congrats is truly something which i wish to be part of i do have this concern, though we have never met n we probably may not but wat i wish to point out is this.

    i am a so-called regular kaki in RPK’s blog, Harris n urs. In the past a comment from me may get voted between 1 to 300 plus votes 🙂

    of late to pass the 30 vote mark seems like a joke. 2 ways to deduce this.
    1. my comment probably dun interest or worst case is construed as dumb as dollah 🙂
    2. when the Man himself, i meant the blog owner is locked up the supporters flee like fleas or worst case dare not voice out in case they share d same faith as d Blogger

    at ur age u have put up everything in return for nuthin’ i hope our supporters remain true to this cause n not flee at the 11th hour when we nid them

    btw i still have faith that this country of my birth will rise n stand tall among nations

    cheers din

  23. Thank You Din for your dedication to the freedom of speech and keeping us Msians all over the world connected and informed about the developments in Msia. We appreciate your service in cybersphere. It has truly connected us closer to our homeland. We hope the reformasi movement will continue to bring changes for the good of the country. The dissemination of unbiased public information and not just government spin from mainstream censored media is a healthy way to educate the mass. We must never allow the government to take away our freedom of expression.
    We must speak up against injustice, corruption and cronism. Blogging is an excellent way of achieving this. It helps us to build friendship and community as in Anak Msia.
    Congrats and well done. Keep up your good work. Thanks a million.
    By the way, you look great Din.

  24. Din,

    Thank God for Contrast.

    Contrast is a good thing. Contrast is the dissimilarity or difference between things. Just like the difference betweeen day and night, light and darkness.

    It is when we are faced with a situation we truly don’t want any longer that we seek to want so dearly, what is truly good for all of us, the rakyat.

    Cheers, to our New Malaysia, cherished by all.

  25. Bro,
    Great that you have hit the million -you deserve a “Dold Disc” as the singers of the past used to receive when they hit their million pieces of recors sold. Can’t say that I am not proud to be in a position to call you brother and its great to know that you are doing a stellar service in keeping the Rakyat in the loop with developments in the country and also in the support yo give to DSAI.
    Plan to catch up with you for Char Koay Teow after Hari Raya Puasa and will definitely sign up as a fully fledged PKR member the next time I see you.Syabas again and keep up the great work that you do.
    Fortis Atque Fidelis.

  26. Dear Din Merican,
    Greeting, My first visit to your blog though I have heard of your popular name many times. I’am humbled after reading some of your contributions to mankind. First of all, Congratulation to ur Million’s ‘connections’! Im sure there will be more to come.
    I have noticed many of the comments especially from the Malays showing concern about the very poor Malays that needed help. Apart from the basic needs that are very important, how much aid are there to prepare them in terms of ‘Self esteem’ or personal mental development?
    How can I keep in touch with you, if I want to help the Malays in this area?
    Pls let me know?

  27. Dear Din,

    Congrats on the 1kk hits!

    Looking forward to the new dawn. You tireless efforts in Pakatan Rakyat brought hopes to all Malaysian. Hopes to see a reformed Malaysia soon. Thank you.

  28. Thanks for the light relief in the form of Barry Manilow’s “Can’t smile without you”. How apt! If not for the brotherhood of bloggers and the virtual smiles I would probably suffer from depression with all the news coming out of Malaysia. Can you post some Bob Tutupoli songs next to ease my homesickness especially at this time of crisis in Malaysia?


  29. Hi Din

    jeff from singapore….log on to yr site and read everyday…please keep it going.

    Congratulation on over a million hits…and sure you will hit 2 million soon


  30. Dear Din,
    Congrats on your million.
    Visit your blog a 2/3 times daily. Will continue to do so and hope that you will be a multi-millionaire soon.
    Also thank you for Barry Manilow’s number. Enjoyed listening to it and will probably visit your blog sometimes just to listen to that wonderful song.
    Hope to have the opportunity to meet up sometime.

  31. Bro Din,

    Your blog is one of my faves since I first read it months ago.
    To let you know know I’m proud I’m one of the readers that made you hit the million and today I can see and hear you speak…
    Congratulations…and keep on blogging bro..


  32. Wow Din, all those nice elegant words must have truly made your day! Congrats and thank you.

    I see my Bean friend too made my day! Yeah Celine Dion is one of my favourite singers. Her songs are great, luv them.
    Thanx Bean.

    I just got back from candlelight vigil for Raja Petra and Teresa Kok held in Ipoh Garden organised by Pakatan Rakyat’s Perak MPs and State Assemblymen. The crowd of about one thousand was most encouraging, even surprised the organisers! Due to short notice, the vigil was via sms mid-day today. Teresa Kok’s parents were also present. Both spoke and briefed the crowd about their daughter’s detention under ISA.

  33. Yes, Jong, it was a hectic day and I had slept late the night before. Well, get our massage specialist, Jude, to Kuala Lumpur to see me. I am sure you can arrange that!–Din Merican

  34. Abang Din,

    Just got back from work. Time in London now is 18.29 and WOW your blog HIT the magic MILLION. Thanks a million…for the wonderful blog that you have carry with such sincererity and I for one is amongst the RAKYAT who loves Malaysia very very much.

    Thanks again for the blog.

  35. Dear Abang Din,
    Congratulations on hitting your first million and I am sure the next million would be accomplished in half the time.
    I really enjoyed your essays and will definitely make an effort to give a surprise visit at your office pretty soon since rumours are floating around that you may be going to New York soon.
    Thank you for sacrificing your retirement time on something that our country badly needs.

    Best regards and please have a good rest (you seem to need it)

    Perlis Boy

  36. Specially for JONG:

    (For good listening pleasure, put on your BOSE headphones. For other pleasures, phone Din Merican) 🙂

    With this message!

    “When life is empty with no tomorrow
    And loneliness starts to call
    Baby, don’t worry, forget your sorrow
    ‘Cause love’s gonna conquer it all, all”

  37. well said Pak Din.. “Image won’t last long, it is substance that makes you go further”… thanks for the inspiring thought you gave me when we met on the 16th of Spetember 2008.. (I’m Afif, friend to Najwan and Ainis)

  38. Dear Din,

    God has given you good health because you are doing the right things for our country.
    You have honour and that’s the greatest gift you have given yourself.
    You earn the respect of every Malaysian who is passionate about this country.

  39. (It is not fair to Din Merican’s fans all over the world who are deaf but not blind. So I have taken the liberty to reduce Din’s thoughts into writing).

    Good Afternoon.

    Hello bloggers and friends in the cyber world. Today my blog the Malaysian DJ blogger reached a million hits after being in operation for the last ten months. This would not have been possible without your help and cooperation and support. So therefore the fact that this blog was able to hit a million is likely due to your active participation and I am looking forward to your continued involvement in a free and fair exchange of views, ideas and suggestions.

    I think we have reached a stage now in our country where the process of change is irreversible with the possible and in fact the imminent return of Anwar Ibrahim as the next Prime Minister of our country. There is a lot of excitement now in our country, there is also a lot of concerns about the safety and security of the Malaysian people. I think we need not over react because it is normal that in the process of transition there will be lots of uncertainty. So don’t listen too much to rumors, just stay, keep checking and verifying.

    It is unfortunate that the government in power is not prepared to see not just an ordinary Member of Parliament but the leader of Opposition. Normally, take for example, in the U.K there is a close relationship between the Prime Minister and the leader of the Opposition in Parliament. They exchange views quite frequently on matters of mutual interest, matters of national concern but the fact that Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is now coming over to tell you that he has the numbers to form the next government, the Prime Minister has chosen to deny him what is normal courtesy, as a sign of respect that not only is Anwar a member of the Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency but also the leader of the Opposition. I regret this very much. I want to let you know. But let’s see. Let’s wait.

    In this connection I would like to say that today is also the day I become a member of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, one year and what an exciting time and a challenging time because I spent endless days working weeks, and days and weeks, months on end as part of a team that has been planning this historic moment, starting March 8 and then followed up by his resounding victory in Permatang Pauh by a margin of 15,671 votes in the last by election. That’s a sign that Anwar Ibrahim, the well known ‘come back kid’ of Malaysian politics is back and is poised to take over the reins of power in this country.

    I have known Anwar Ibrahim since I was in the corporate world and when he was deputy Prime Minister but I have never had the privilege of working closely with him as I have had in the last one year, and I looked forward to serving him for the remainder of my life. I am getting on in years, and I am sixty nine, next year seventy. I don’t know, God knows when it is time for me to go but I’m not going to go lying down. I need your understanding, I need your support. I need your participation and I hope we can have a very healthy and rational discourse on the state of Malaysian economy, Malaysian society, Malaysian culture and politics of our beloved country. Thank you very much for listening to me. Thank you once again for your support and kind understanding. I .look forward to your active participation on the Malaysian DJ blogger. By the way if you have got any good music that you think you can share with the rest of our friends in the cyber world, do let me know and I will do my best to have it on the blog. Take care. God bless Malaysia. I love Malaysia very much. Thank you.


  40. Another kind of sick joke is making the round and I have received a few on my mobile since 916. It goes like this: “Berita terkini Dato Seri Anwar telah berjaya memperolehi 42 kerusi tambahan, 18 dari IKEA, 14 dari Court Mammoth dan 10 dari Fella Design tetapi dia maseh kekurangan meja”. See how imaginative Malaysians are.

  41. Bean,

    I am sure Din Merican is appreciative of your good effort. Not everyone has so much time as you to do that and you sure are one great friend and fan.

    I must say I find some of your ‘jokes’ are not that pleasant or funny esp when my name is often made the butt of your jokes. Yes we may be ‘digital personalities’ but I think this time your joke has gone a little too far. If you have too much to drink, just go take a good rest before you make your next contribution on this blog. I seek your understanding and co-operation. No hard feelings, I have none and cheers. TQ.
    Have to leave now, will be away over the weekend and hope to check in for Din’s latest updates if time permits. Cheers.

  42. Hello Din and congratulations on your fine address. You deserve every bit of your success. I can vouch for many that your blog is the first site they read in the morning.
    By the way, we can’t be thinking of the same Jude, can we? Cheers.
    The Jude I was referring to is from Ipoh, Perak. Are you from Ipoh, Perak? If so, then it is purely coincidental. I am sure there are many Judes around.—Din Merican

  43. Nice message Din. Congratulations on your miilion hits. At your age thats something!

    Everyone and everything in this world seems to at the crossroads! Our country, DSAI, the US and its financial world, the Middle East, the World and rising temperatures/melting poles, earthquakes all around and typhoons.

    Your music is a calming factor but by god what is happening?

    Hey friend, what is wrong with my age? I am just lucky to have friends in the cyber world. Thanks.—Din Merican

  44. “Good luck and best wishes always to you and hmmmm..(you know who!)”

    Din, In case you you do not know who I meant,.. she’s your lady friend from Ipoh. Can see you smiling now!! Good for you, now that you have found a friend.

  45. Mr.Din,
    Congratulations. Thanks for posting the article about Anwar by Allyn Yong. It definitely offered an alternative viewpoint that Anwar is not the bogeyman as purported by the estasblishment.
    That aside, I must admit that I have been a long time ardent reader of your blog but have only recently decided in a more active participation. Guess I am slowly but surely weaning off my passivity!
    I will like to share my humble thoughts with my fellower bloggers. It is about,” What about the view of the Citizen”

    When our original founding fathers gathered to pen the Constitution, I am sure they had ample and noble reasons to separate the powers of the Judiciary from the Executive and the Rakyat.
    The role of the Executive, being the duly elected representative of the people is first and foremost to govern with, competency,integrity,diligence and accountability to ensure a state of peace and security so that the citizens in the pursuit of their livelihoods can educate themselves to contribute to the social,economic and political growth, well being and posperity of the country.
    The role of the Judiciary is to uphold Law and Order and to make sure that everyone toes the line.
    All these could have been achievable if Maha Machiavelli and his maurading chimpanzees had not taken over. The Tunku,God bless his soul, must be turning in his grave! If he is alive,I wonder if he will throw the whole shebang, the whole wagon load of self servants into Kamunting for deviating from the dicta of the Constitution?
    The New Malay and for that matter, the New Chinese, Indian ,Mamak or Rojak, will only emerge from the tiny confines of his coconut shell if there emerges an environment conducive to bring about the change in the Malaysian mindset.
    We need to be honest and truthful with ourselves and start digging into our history books. We need not go back to a few thousand years. Going back to the chapters”from a few hundred years” will suffice to establish who are the pendatangs and who are the real bumiputras.
    This profound truth is necessary to jolt the Malaysian psyche so we can appreciate where we are from and that we all share a common destiny whether we like it or not.
    We need to C4 to smithereens the grand delusive feudalistic myth that the Malay is idle and ignorant who needs the Patron/Overlord to safeguard his interests from the evil designs of the pendatangs or the Malay race will perish from the face of the Earth.
    If there is to be change, it starts with parents teaching their children to think and look at other children as Malaysians and nothing else.
    We need to have freedom of speech, freedom to question, to dissent and to dissect any ideology that has ceased to function.
    We need to free those detained under ISA for most of the detainees are only patriots fighting for their cause. No one should be held under ISA unless they pose a real threat to the nation, a fact to be tetermined not only by the Executive, but Judiciary and Rakyat as well.
    Our poets, philosophers and intellectuals need to study and expose the follies of Humans . This is important because the more intelligent a person is the more dangerous it is for that person to do great harm as well as good. We need to understand what makes a person fall from grace, from hero to zero, what transforms a leader into a dictator -from selflessness to selfishness.
    We need to know because we are all only humans and we need to erect new civil,social,economic and political structures to ensure that we can produce a new breed of Malaysians to not only to ensure our future but also to avoid the erosion of the Human spirit.
    If all these fail, bombard everyone with a massive dose of Michael Jackson’s ” A Man In the Mirror” ! :-))

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