September 16, 2008: We are ready, says Anwar

Anwar: We’re ready to form new goverment
Malaysiakini Team | September 15, 2008

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim told a 20,000-strong rally that he had the numbers to form a new government and wants to meet with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to discuss a handover.

“Tomorrow is the D-day. We are ready to form the government. We have the numbers and we are ready to announce tomorrow.

pakatan rakyat 916 gathering kelana jaya 150908 people.jpg“Tomorrow, we are ready. But the best time (for the takeover), I tell you, is when we meet the prime minister.

“A peaceful transition is paramount,” he added, conceding that there will not be a change of government tomorrow as he had promised earlier.

According to him, Pakatan Rakyat has submitted a letter to Abdullah today seeking a meeting for a smooth transition of power.

pakatan rakyat 916 gathering kelana jaya 150908 anwar.jpg“We have the numbers but we want to meet with Abdullah, show him the evidence and work out a handover because we want a peaceful transition,” he said to the jubilant cheers of the crowd.

The opposition leader also did not provide more information on how many MPs Pakatan has in the bag and the number of government defectors.Anwar will need at least 31 defectors from BN and perhaps over 40 for a stable Pakatan government.

“I believe that the government will fall in the next few weeks,” he told journalists after the rally.

The massive crowd had earlier gathered at the Kelana Jaya stadium in Petaling Jaya to celebrate Pakatan’s ‘Hari Malaysia’ celebration.

ISA dragnet slammed

Anwar, who began his 45-minute speech at 10.45pm, also emphasised the importance of Sabah and Sarawak to Malaysia.

pakatan rakyat 916 gathering kelana jaya 150908 stage.jpgHe criticised the ruling Barisan Nasional for pursuing a divide-and-rule agenda at the expense of the two east Malaysian states.

“This is the first time ever a celebration of this scale is being held to recognise that we are one – that Sabah and Sarawak are part of Malaysia,” Anwar told the crowd.

He added that he would declare Sept 16 a national holiday when he takes over the government.

Anwar also slammed the Abdullah-led government of practising racial politics, which he said led to last Friday’s arrests of three people under the Internal Security Act.

pakatan rakyat 916 gathering kelana jaya 150908 big screen.jpgHe urged the majority Malays not to be swayed by BN policies.

“The Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) benefitted only the rich and elite Malays, not you,” he said.

Anwar also said that he would reduce fuel prices by 70 sen the very next day after forming the government.

Most of those in the crowd are at the stadium tonight in the belief that Anwar would make an important announcement on the formation of a new government, which the PKR leader has repeatedly claimed he would do by tomorrow.

High expectation

Earlier, Anwar entered the venue at about 9.40pm to thunderous chants of ‘Reformasi!’ and ‘Merdeka’.

Many Pakatan leaders were already at the stadium, most of them also believing that Anwar would make an important announcement at the rally.

pakatan rakyat 916 gathering kelana jaya 150908 leaders.jpgPenang Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, when asked if there would be a surprise announcement, merely said: “Wait for Anwar”.

Guan Eng and DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang had earlier entered the stadium to loud cheers.

Many people on the ground whom Malaysiakini spoke to also expressed confidence of an impending change.

“He may reveal the first batch of defectors and maybe on how they will approach the king. I think they will wrap it up and form a new government by the end of this month,” said retiree G Maniam.

‘I am surprised at how fast things are changing,” said another Pakatan supporter at the stadium, Anthony Tong.

pakatan rakyat 916 gathering kelana jaya 150908 crowd.jpgThe 52-year-old accountant from Cheras said that he would not be disappointed even if Anwar managed to seize power by the end of this year.

“What Anwar has said will happen soon as all the people are backing him. The change of government will happen very soon now,” said Nursikin Bahrom, a 23-year-old student.

“Anwar has promised us a new beginning and we will support him when the battle begins on the 16th… he is our new prime minister and the BN should realise this,” said businessman Abdul Aziz Rashid, 36.

Don’t invite police, military

Meanwhile, PKR information chief Tian Chua said the three-member opposition alliance had already secured a simple majority in parliament and that more government lawmakers would defect later.

pakatan rakyat sept 16 gathering crowd waving flagBut he said there were concerns that the coalition – which has ruled since independence from Britain 51 years ago – would stoke conflict in order to justify a crackdown to keep itself in power.

“We want Abdullah to assure us there will be no repressive force used, like involving the police or inviting the military to take control,” he told AFP.

Tian said the opposition’s push had been helped by the detention of an opposition politician, a prominent blogger and a journalist under draconian ISA.

pakatan rakyat 916 gathering kelana jaya 150908f flag.jpg“Abdullah’s final crackdown made people lose hope that he is ever going to be a liberal reformer, which he promised,” he said.

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar defended the detentions but said it was a police operation and not his idea – comments ridiculed by the opposition, which said he and Abdullah must be held accountable.

Spirits were high at the stadium, which was adorned with Malaysian flags and posters demanding the release of the opposition politician and the blogger – who remain in custody while the journalist was freed.

At the rally, Anwar set out an agenda to fight corruption and protect the rights of all citizens in Malaysia.”The Pakatan Rakyat government will uphold justice, a free judiciary, a free media and a professional police force,” he said.

40 thoughts on “September 16, 2008: We are ready, says Anwar

  1. Yes! A new dawn for Malaysia.

    I was at the stadium last night and when Negaraku was played at the end of the event, I had goose bumps all over. It was a fantastic feeling to see Malaysians of all races, young and old coming together. We are indeed ready for change and a better Malaysia for all.

    Suara rakyat, suara keramat.

  2. Abang Din,

    DSAI telah mempunyai bilangan yang mencukupi.

    Posting order kepada Pak Lah supaya berpindah keluar dari Jabatan Perdana Menteri dan mengosongkan Seri Perdana telah hantar.

    Kebimbanagan DSAI dan Pakatan hanya mengenai satu proses penyerahan tugas yang lancar dan licin serta dalam keaadaan aman mengikut undang undang dan perlembagaan.

    Dalam hal ini, Pak Lah perlu belajar dari pengalaman Koh Tsu Koon menyerahkan kuasa kepada Lim Guan Eng. Menghormati pilihan rakyat secara gentleman.


    DSAI dan Sivarasa telah berjanji akan mengadakan pilihanraya dalam masa satu tahun untuk rakyat memilih sekali lagi Ahli Parliamen baru mewakili mereka. Ini untuk memberi pilihan kepada rakyat untuk menyatakan samada mereka bersetuju atau tidak dengan tindakan ahli parliamen mereka yang telah mengambil keputusan menyertai Pakatan Rakyat walaupun mereka di pilih berdasarkan parti asal mereka.

    Rakyat Malaysia perlu rasional dan jangan lupa janji janji Anwar untuk memerdekakan rakyat dari belenggu cengkaman BN. Tidak lupa juga harga minyak turun…

    Selamat menyambut hari Malaysia.


    To Brother Din, bila nak belanja teh tarik..

  3. Well, if it comes I hope Badawi and his gang will go away peacefully and not make a ruckus like what Ahmad Ismail has done. The transition will not be smooth as the thieving Umnoputras know too well what is in stock for them. The ride in the weeks ahead will be rough. Be prepared for the worse.

  4. Tean: “Pak Lah perlu belajar dari pengalaman Koh Tsu Koon menyerahkan kuasa kepada Lim Guan Eng. Menghormati pilihan rakyat secara gentleman.”

    Badawi’s demeanor seems to indicate he’s a gentleman, either because he’s naturally that way or because he isn’t powerful enough to be arrogant like some? Unfortunately, although he may be gentlemanly, the other BN guys aren’t… there’s no way they will merely “hand over” the government to Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat without a big ol dirty fight.

    Tok Cik: “The transition will not be smooth as the thieving Umnoputras know too well what is in stock for them. The ride in the weeks ahead will be rough. Be prepared for the worse.”

    Agreed. They have so much more to lose than just their jobs – that’s probably the last thing they’re worried about!

  5. Mr. Bean,

    DSAI informed all of us last night that Pakatan already sent a letter (posting order) to PM to vacate his office and pack his bag just like Tun did.

    Go back and read MT ;

    “It’s in the arithmetic, stupid ” Tuesday, 02 September

    Ai yoyo must go back to school la…

  6. Well, Mr Bean, there has been no cross overs as yet. I think the ‘kataks’ are “hopping on the spot”… i.e. not leaving their parties yet, but given DSAI their ‘written’ commitment (or S.D.’s, if you will) to support him when he meets up with dopey (and corterie} and subsequently DYMM YDP Agung.
    The scenario is quite fluid in that the goons have lost parlimentary majority despite their ‘whip’. I’m not quite sure whether ther’s any precedence anywhere else or historically even, but maybe Din could enlighten us if he so wishes. But i wouldn’t hold my breath, lest he divulges too much! Hahaha…
    Whatever it is, it is incumbent that peaceful transition occurs – with the end of racial-religious provacations and the use of bISA halted.
    Let us be patient and hope for the best.

  7. The fact that such a big rally was approved and held without interruption by “the authorities” despite the content of Anwar’s speech is a very big step in moving towards formation of a new government.

  8. An acceptable, or “honorable” to some or even many, would now be, now or after Raya, to declare a General Election.

    Clean break and we’ll be well on our way to meet the next decade with sensible crude oil prices and clean up our acts as the global financial woes come to revisit.

    This is the only way and “face” for Abdullah Badawi and he will take his place in Malaysia’s anals.

  9. Salak, i do believe that “anals” in your last sentence was put in deliberately?
    Such a ‘nice’ word to use nowadays for the goonies! Anyway, i think there is already too much politicking, and we need R&R. Phew!
    Give a break of 6-12 months after the transition and let us watch how PR handles the economy and other issues. If Lehman Bros., Freddiemac, Fanniemay, AIG and others are on the blink; it is wise to wait a little while and let things stabilize.
    Otherwise its all fury, and no action… and we don’t need kungfu/silat flicks right now… Cheers.

  10. I’m nice! Very nice! Absolutely, unwaveringly, unflinching in my attempt to be nice. Flipping all over to be nice. Ask Jong! 😉

    What won’t I do to be nice!

    It’s so hard to be nice! You just broke my fast!

  11. I really want a change of Government, but I don’t think this is going to happen now. Somehow I don’t see the BN MPs crossing the floor as this will be against their self interest. If it’s true that PR has the numbers than this should have just been done quietly without forward warning to the Government. DSAI & PR should not have talked and talked and talked about it thereby scaring Sleepy (Bohdawi), Dopey (Botak), Greedy (KJ), and all the rest. This resulted in the Government doing nasty things to nice people like Teresa Kok, RPK and the Sin Chew reporter. Giving so much notice of intentions is not a good strategy (neither in business nor war). It can affect one’s credibility if goals are not met.

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  13. wei ……. anwar is right, UMNO is thirsting for “blood” they r not gonna make it easy for a transition to happen.

    like a chessmaster anwar nids to calculate all his moves or else our Home Minister UnBarrr will not hesitate to ” protect” anwars live again.

    we have thus cum this far why not wait fer a litlle while longer 🙂 we have time on our side they dun’t

    by the way check out this American fella, Larry Martin who owns Frontera Bar and Grill, a Tex-Mex restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.,8599,1835629,00.html

    it wuz out in Times


  14. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Presenting to you,
    Mr Flip-Flop and Co.
    Abdullah :”All my bags are packed and I am ready to go… I am leaving…..”
    Najib :”I will follow you. Follow you where ever you may go,”
    Syed Hamid:”Goodbye to you my trusted friends”

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  16. “Go back and read MT – “It’s in the arithmetic, stupid ” Tuesday, 02 September – Tean

    Ordinary mortals like us cannot be expected to understand E=MC2, with RPK you cannot be sure if 2+2=4.

  17. “So! What happen next? Dollah sits tight and we pour hot ants in his pants?” Salak

    I am not sure if hot ants can move.

    But we’d like to find out if Jong is hot enouth for us to send her to find out why Dollah cannot sit tight 🙂

  18. Bean …. d arithmetic is a complex creature but if one were to digest RPK’s mind he is akin to what the late Onn Jaafar who wuz ahead of times when he proposed that the UMNO party opens up for the rest of the races …. they never understood him coz he sounded Martian in Roman times


  19. omar/mohan,

    Onn Jaafar, if I’m not mistaken was a Captain in the British Army. Some British soldiers were, even at that time were socialists. They might not have liked the imperialism the Brits were waging but were forced to become soldiers anyway!

    Captain Onn probably never knew Sargent Hassan! Kerismuddin must have been a French recruit for the African mercenaries!

  20. Dear Tean,
    Please dont call Mr Bean stupid. That is too harsh and too nice a word to describe someone who is thick and abusive. This twit tries hard to present his political views which are not only out of date, but out of synch with the political climate in Malaysia of today.. He is after all a BN supporter, so you can understand why!

  21. Man from Dubai

    Bean a BN supporter? ha ha ha man you really got it wrong this time. major mistake. Mr Bean is a learned person and is a staunch supporter of free speech. His ideas are well thought out and makes his moves systematically. His political views are not out of date.

    It’s people like you who think that change can happen at the snap of the finger. Changing the government has to go through the proper procedures and Anwar is giving Badawi and BN the opportunity to evaluate the situation and accede to the wishes of the citizen. Badawi and BN can then withdraw gracefully and pave the way for a new government to be installed.

    The political climate in Malaysia is explosive with hotheads trying to “grab” power. If Anwar let this happen he will have a mess on his hands. Be patient and just like the game of poker the stronger hand don’t always win.

  22. “Mr. Bean, DSAI informed all of us last night that Pakatan already sent a letter (posting order) to PM to vacate his office and pack his bag just like Tun did. ” Tean

    I feel Pakatan should do more than send a letter! They should send Badawi his last pay check – three months in lieu of notice, and a cab to take him to where he wants to go. He is not to take with him anything more than his tooth brush and tooth paste.

  23. shrek,

    janda would have dumped him first upon receipt of his termination notice 🙂

    but dun worry she can return to her old job which is ……. 🙂


  24. “salak is having bug-jong-fever – omar”

    No I don’t have a virus. Seriously, I got rid of a trojan last week. It got me riled for a few days.

    No, but I’m beginning to have a Bujang fever! When BN crashes soon, there’ll be plenty “janda berhias”! 😀

    Where is the damn place anyway? Do they plant dates there? 😀

  25. ” .. janda would have dumped him first upon receipt of his termination notice
    but dun worry she can return to her old job which is ..” – omar

    No wonder, today is public holiday and you guys are having free flow of thoughts! 😀

    Hey Omar, tak baik lah cakap begitu – janda dah jadi ‘keupat’!

  26. Hei guys,, I didnt call anyone stupid…I just quote RPK and his article dated 2 Sept..;

    “It’s in the arithmetic, stupid ” Tuesday, 02 September and RPK said;

    “This is not just about kicking Barisan Nasional out. This is not just about forming a new Pakatan Rakyat federal government. This is also about maintaining the peace, stability and harmony between the many races and about denying Umno the opportunity to turn this whole thing into a race issue.”

    Get it?

    Cant you see how difficult the task on DSAI’s plate.

    UMNO will go to town with race issue. Please remember that most kampung have no internet and only read Utusan Melayu.

    You know why Teresa is ISA…it is because of Utusan Melayu.

  27. Anwar Ibrahim suffers from excessive lying disorder..he is not fit to lead the country.

    Sha said:
    “This resulted in the Government doing nasty things to nice people like Teresa Kok, RPK and the Sin Chew reporter.”

    Raja Petra’s a nice guy? I don’t think someone who accuses people of adultery and blowing people up with no solid evidence and spreading other such malicious rumours can be counted as nice. PKR’s slogan is always “innocent until proven guilty”…why don’t they walk the talk ?

    Tean in echoing the sentiments of Anwar said:
    “UMNO will go to town with race issue. Please remember that most kampung have no internet and only read Utusan Melayu.”

    First of all, Anwar himself was intrinsically part and parcel of that party which you are labelling as racist. Indeed, he was the right hand man. He would have become the PM had he not done some rather foolish things like opting to join the IMF as regional chair thus forcing Mahathir’s hand to act against him. And don’t give me that crap that Mahathir was only interested in extending his term. If that was the case he wouldn’t have resigned at all, especially at the height of his game. Secondly, what world are you living in Tean? Whether you like it or not many if not most Malaysians are inherently racial-conscious. Many may not outwardly and explicitly execute those dispositions, but that is the truth of the matter which you yourself should be aware of assuming you’ve been raised in Malaysia. America is suppose to be the model of democracy and fairness(though quite debatable), which is often cited as an example by many of the top PKR leaders, even Abdul Hadi Awang himself. Yet, even in that great “land of the free and the land of the brave” inter-racial marriage is still regarded as taboo in most areas. The point is, racial inclinations is prevalent in most parts of the world. It’s human(generally) for one race to feel less comfortable with another race. This is due to many factors including the stark differences in culture and tradition. But please. I beg of you to put aside all the bias you may have and give credit whenever and wherever it is due. It is an undisputable fact that the UMNO led coalition known as BN has done so much for the stability of our country in terms of racial harmony since 1957. In fact no other multi-racial and multi-religious country can ever boast a better record than Malaysia. Imagine for the past 51 years our country has never suffered any particular serious racial dilemma save a few which you can count with one hand. Don’t try to make BN seem like some monster it really isn’t. No government in the world is perfect…if you think PKR can do a much better job than BN…haha…we shall see….and if PKR does get what its been after i.e. leadership to lead the country..i hope you guys will be happy when you see what will happen..especially you malays out there. You will truly deserve what’s coming for choosing PKR whom you imagine is your saviour lol. Anyway..check out . Peace.

    Concerned citizen,
    Al-Veritas Cleric

    (Veritas Lux Mea)

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