Anwar Ibrahim wins decisively with a 15,671 majority

Official: Anwar gets BIGGER majority
August 26, 2008
Malaysiakini goes live today with the by-election coverage, giving updates on the voting and other happenings in this constituency. Please click ‘Refresh’ or ‘Reload’ in your browser for the latest reports from Permatang Pauh.


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9.50pm: Official EC tally – Anwar got 31,195 votes, Arif Shah, 15,524, Hanafi, 92. Anwar won with a majority of 15,671.

Anwar’s wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, won the seat with a 13,388 majority at the March 8 general elections.

The official voter turnout was 81.1 percent, or 47,410 out of 58,459 registered voters – which was much higher than what the EC had stated earlier. There were 599 spoilt votes.

Meanwhile, outside Tuanku Bainun Teaching Institute, thousands of jubilant PKR supporters have gathered to embrace their leader’s return to Parliament.

PKR vice-president Azmin Ali is already there to address the crowd numbering some 6,000. Other party leaders like R Sivarasa and Tian Chua are also there.

Anwar is expected to address this ecstatic group of supporters later as well. Tian said that the overwhelming victory showed that “the prime minister’s racial politics is bankrupt”.

The EC made the official announcement at 10.05pm. Only Anwar and Hanafi were present at the announcement.

9.25pm: Official EC results – With final five ballot boxes to go, Anwar has bagged 29,526 votes, Arif Shah (14,444) and Hanafi (89). Majority so far: 15,082.

9.12pm: Official EC results – With 11 more boxes to go, Anwar has won the by-election with a 14,551 majority. He garnered 27,977 votes while BN’s Arif Shah obtained 13,426 while Akim’s Hanafi Hamat got 85.

8pm: Unofficial results – Anwar Ibrahim wins with a majority of 16,210 votes. He garnered 26,646 votes while Arif Shah Omar Shah got 10,436.

However, PKR unofficial results – Anwar wins with a majority of 17,652, obtaining 31,949 votes. BN’s Arif Shah garnered 14,297 while Akim’s Hanafi Hamat got 74. Hanafi to lose his RM15,000 deposit. This figure would mean 46,320 voters cast their ballots instead of the EC’s 38,144.

7.59pm: Unofficial latest count, Anwar has obtained 16,101 votes as opposed to Arif Shah’s 6,071.

7.43pm: The EC starts to announce official results as per the ballot boxes it has counted. As it stands, Anwar is leading by 3,507 votes.

The breakdown is as follows: Akim’s Hanafi Hamat (9 votes), Anwar (5,398 votes) and Arif Shah (1,891).

So far 20 ballot boxes of a total of 111 have been opened and counted. Anwar had won in ALL these 20 boxes. In one particular box, he had obtained 441 votes compared to Arif’s 14.

The EC said that 38,144 ballots were cast today, out of 58,459 eligible voters.

7.25pm: There are signs of significant swing to PKR despite the lower turnout. In the state constituency of Penanti, which PKR won at the March 8 general elections, the party has bagged the sole polling station, Telok Wang, it failed to win five months ago.

March 8 result: BN – 261 votes, PKR – 227
Aug 26 result: BN – 232 votes, PKR – 260

Anwar is also making gains in the state constitutency of Seberang Jaya, where PKR had lost to BN candidate Arif on March 8.

7.25pm: Anwar’s press conference at 9pm is believed to declare his victory. The press conference was rescheduled to 9pm from its original time of 7.45pm.

7.20pm: Unofficial results so far: Anwar 5,855; Arif Shah 1,910

7.13pm: PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim is to hold a press conference at his by-election headquarters at Yayasan Aman at 7.45pm. Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak will also be holding a press conference at about 9pm.

6.55pm: Counting in all 25 polling stations is now underway. From inside sources, Anwar is leading in all voting streams. Votes are being counted simultaneously in all the polling stations with the results to be sent to the main counting centre for the final tally.

According to EC secretary Kamaruzaman, 38,144 voters went to the ballot box today with turnout being 65.25 percent. This is much lower than the 82 percent turnout at the March 8 general elections

6.30pm: Thousands of supporters, almost all from PKR, have gathered at the main counting centre. A police helicopter was hovering above the centre. Numerous police roadblocks were also mounted along the roads leading to the centre – this despite the police blocking the main access to this place.

About 30 police and FRU trucks were also seen in the vicinity, along with hundreds of police personnel

6.05pm: According to EC secretary Kamaruzaman, voter turnout was at 63.7 percent at 4pm. Final voter turnout yet to be released but expected to be lower than the 82 percent at the March 8 general elections.

5.53pm: The police have blocked the main road to the Tuanku Bainun counting centre where the announcement will be made later tonight. Even journalists with EC tags are not allowed to pass through. The move is seen as an attempt to deter people from gathering at the centre.

5.26pm: BN candidate Arif Shah is still confident of taking the seat.

5.11pm: PKR top leaders are confident that Anwar would win the seat as their exit polls show that he is leading by 18,000 votes.

5.10pm: EC officials will start counting votes polled at the respective polling centres by 6.30pm. The final count from all 25 polling centres will then be brought to the Institut Perguruan Tuanku Bainun for the official result to be announced.

5pm: Polling ends for the Permatang Pauh by-election.

4.35pm: Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is understood to have left Penang to Kuala Lumpur, an early indication that the premier has accepted defeat and has no reason to stay back.

4.25pm: Voter turnout stands at 53.5 percent, according to EC secretary Kamaruzaman at 3pm. He also denied rumours that the EC had extended the voting hours to 6pm. Polls will close at 5pm.

2.35pm: PKR vice-president Azmin Ali wants all party supporters to use motorcycles to go to the polling centres due to the massive traffic jams in all roads leading to these centres.

“From the indications we are getting, we are very confident of Anwar’s lead,” he said.

But he said that traffic gridlock on the narrow roads of the largely rural electorate had disrupted exit polling aimed at determining how voters cast their ballots.

“It is so bad that it’s very hard for us to determine accurate exit polls due to the large number of people filling the polling centres and the long jams outside,” he told AFP.

2.30pm: A worried-sounding BN candidate Arif Shah urged voters to come out to vote.

2.20pm: Malaysians for Free and Fair Election (Mafrel) spokesperson Ong BK said the election watchdog has recorded three cases of voters’ names missing from the electoral roll this morning.

He said these complainants have all voted in the previous elections but could not find their names on the roll today. In one case, the complainant found his name missing despite his wife being allowed to vote.

“We don’t know whether this is going to be a pattern as we have to continue to monitor the process until polling is closed” he told Malaysiakini.

1.27pm: The rain has stopped in certain areas, the traffic situation has improved in some parts and voters seem to be taking their time off for lunch first.

1.15pm: All roads leading to voting centres are going nowhere! Traffic has come to a standstill in most parts of Permatang Pauh.

Najib attributed the massive traffic jams at the centres to narrow roads and on voters coming out early to vote.

1pm: Election Commission secretary Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor said voter turnout as at noon was 44.8 percent.

However EC deputy chief Wan Ahmad Wan Omar told Malaysiakini that he estimated the turnout to be at about 53 percent as at 1pm.

scuffle tense situation in permatang pauh by election polling day 260808 0412.55pm: Eyewitnesses claim of a tense situation at the SMK Penanti polling centre between supporters of BN and PKR over the former’s pondok panas which is located very close to the polling centre. [See map]

The situation is still under control but the respective supporters are continuing to trade barbs. The police are keeping a close watch.

12.30pm: Najib says he is happy with the polling so far.

“No untoward incidents so far and everything is under control,” he told reporters in Seberang Jaya.

He also visited a BN pondok panas at the polling centre in Seberang Jaya, talking to party workers and volunteers.

12.10pm: As predicted it’s raining in Permatang Pauh now!

11.20am: An Election Commission official says that they are not allowed to reveal details of voter turnout.

“Only EC secretary Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor can give those details,” she said when contacted.

Kamaruzaman is presently on his rounds visiting the polling centres.

11.05am: PKR polling agent at SK Seberang Jaya 2 Rodziah Ismail confirmed that there were no discrepancies in the electoral roll used in the polling station. She said that only the pages were different in the roll used today as compared to the previous one.

scuffle tense situation in permatang pauh by election polling day 260808 0511am: The crowd at SK Sri Penanti has dispersed. However, a small group of around 300 still remain a small distance away. Police are keeping a watchful eye on them. No untoward incident has been reported.

10.52am: Third candidate Hanafi Hamat told Malaysiakini that he was on the way to visit a polling station in Kubang Semang.

“I think I have chance to win,” he said.

“But even if I lose, it’s okay as our message has gone down to the voters. They are aware of our message,” he added.

scuffle tense situation in permatang pauh by election polling day 260808 0310.42am: Penang police chief Ayub Yaakob is at the scene at SK Sri Penanti. The crowd is given five minutes to disperse. The FRU are slowly moving the crowd out of the place. PKR information chief Tian Chua is also at the scene, asking the police to give more time for their supporters to be there.

10.30am: A PKR supporter is arrested for allegedly throwing an object to the BN side at SK Sri Penanti polling centre. There are about 1,000 supporters from both BN and Pakatan still gathered at this centre. They are kept afar on either side of a road opposite the centre.

scuffle tense situation in permatang pauh by election polling day 260808 02Eyewitnesses say that there are about 600 Pakatan supporters as opposed to 400 from BN. They are very boisterous. At least nine truck-loads of Federal Reserve Unit personnel are on standby at the place.

10.10am: “I hope to take oath in Parliament tomorrow,” said a highly-confident Anwar.

“We are entering Parliament with a clear agenda and they (BN) should wake up with the stark realities of the day.”

He said that he was receiving a strong support from the people of Permatang Pauh. He said this in a short five-minute speech after casting his vote.

10.05am: PKR’s election bureau deputy director Fuziah Salleh told Malaysiakini that they were checking with the Election Commission on the discrepancy in the voters’ list at SK Seberang Jaya 2 polling district.

anwar ibrahim permatang pauh by election polling day 260808 0110am: Anwar and Wan Azizah left after casting their votes. Anwar said that he was confident of winning today.

“It’s not Anwar versus the (other) candidates. It’s Anwar versus the entire government machinery,” he said.

He added that the most important thing was winning.

“As you can see, the groundswell is great. God willing, I’m confident of winning,” he added.

He however expressed his fears of vote-counting manipulations.

9.43am: Anwar, accompanied by his wife Dr Wan Azizah, enters the polling centre. He is wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt and a songkok. Wan Azizah will also be casting her vote at SK Sri Penanti.

9.38am: Anwar arrives at SK Seri Penanti. [See map]

9.35am: At SK Sri Penanti, almost all voters are using the PKR line to check their status before voting. Exit poll shows nine out of 10 favoured Anwar.

najib guan eng permatang pauh 260808 029.31am: Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and Gerakan acting president Koh Tsu Koon are at SK Seberang Jaya 2 polling centre where they bumped into Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and DAP leader Lim Kit Siang. The political leaders shook hands and exchanged greetings.

However their respective supporters were less cordial, with the Pakatan group shouting ‘Altantuya! Liar! Cheater!’ at Najib. BN supporters responded by shouting ‘Hidup Barisan!’

9.10am: A PKR alert states that the voters’ list used in the SK Seberang Jaya 2 polling district is different from that given earlier. It is however learnt that only the page numbers are different, but with the same list of voters.

9.05am: The crowd at SK Sri Penanti has now swelled to about 1,000, with almost two-thirds of them being from Pakatan. They are waiting for Anwar to arrive to vote.

8.45am: BN and Pakatan Rakyat supporters have started gathering at SK Sri Penanti where Anwar will be casting his ballot. About 300 Pakatan supporters have been teasing and mocking their rivals from the BN camp. The 50-odd BN men are also not slow to retort, singing away ‘liwat’ songs. Pakatan supporters respond by chanting ‘Altantuya’.

About 30 voters are also in line to vote here.

8.30am: There are about 70 supporters from both sides at SK Seberang Jaya 2. Anwar supporters are seen wearing Anwar masks, goading the BN supporters. Bantering between the two sets of supporters are jovial and in good mood.

permatang pauh by election 260808 arif shah vote 038.08am: BN’s Arif Shah is among the earliest to vote. His polling centre at SK Seberang Jaya 2 is close by to his house. He told reporters that he was confident of winning today. [See map]

“I voted at 8.08am as eight is a good number for me,” he told reporters with a beaming smile. His wife, Latifah Asmawi, and son, Izwan Shah, also cast their votes with him.

8am: Polling starts. Almost all polling centres have voters milling around to vote early.

7.30am: It’s polling day in Permatang Pauh, with a total of 58,459 voters who can vote to determine their chosen elected parliamentarian.

The contest to be the elected MP is among PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim, Barisan Nasional’s Arif Shah Omar Shah and little known Hanafi Hamat from Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (Akim).

This has been Anwar’s fort since 1982 and in his absence in the past 10 years, the seat has been held for him by his wife and PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

The by-election is necessitated by Wan Azizah’s decision to vacate the seat in July 31, to allow her husband a way back into the Parliament.

Permatang Pauh has three state seats under it – the BN-held Seberang Jaya, PKR’s Penanti and PAS’ Permatang Pasir. Arif is also the state representative in Seberang Jaya.

There are 25 polling centres, with 110 polling stream – all opened for voting since 8am. They will remain open until 5pm.

The weather in Permatang Pauh is clear and sunny. However, rain is expected later in the day. Voters are being reminded to be ready with their umbrellas and raincoats.

It has been constantly raining in the evenings in this constituency for the past week.

Heavy traffic is also anticipated throughout the day, especially with the narrow, kampung roads that dot most part of the constituency.

The police have also closed some roads in the constituency for better traffic management.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi reminded voters at his ceramah last night to come out early to vote.

PKR’s Anwar Ibrahim is expected to cast his vote at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Sri Penanti at about 9am while his rival Arif Shah Omar Shah from BN will be voting at SK Seberang Jaya 2.

The third candidate, Hanafi, is not a voter from here.

Some 400 voters had been waiting at SK Seri Menanti, one of the  key polling stations, since early morning to cast their ballots.

Both PKR and BN have also identified several measures to lure voters to come out to vote today. Both sides have placed volunteers to ferry voters to the polling centres. Umbrellas are also on stand-by for the voters in case of a sudden downpour.

Arif Shah’s Umno has deployed some 5,000 volunteers to help out in the by-election. Both Umno and PKR are also preparing food for the voters.

The rival parties have also set up their own websites for their supporters to monitor the situation today.

BN’s website can be accessed here while PKR’s site is located here.

38 thoughts on “Anwar Ibrahim wins decisively with a 15,671 majority

  1. Din, you did a fantastic job reporting and covering this election. Looking forward to see Anwar as Prime Minister soon.

  2. to the Permatang Pauh folks thank you for your support

    to the bloggers who have contributed you are now awarded the official title of “Undertakers” to “kuburkan” BN

    i will now celebrate this Merdeka for this sweet victory over BN


  3. It is a landslide victory for the people! The mandate is clear for Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat. The route to Putry Jaya starts from here!

  4. TV telah umumkan MP-PP baru
    Semua mengikut doa rakyat bersatu
    Esok Anwar menuju ke KL
    Tanam semua makhluk SIL

    Tahniah YB Anwar
    Harap janji jaga semua
    Negara makmur dan maju
    Bangsa Malaysia bermuafakat selalu

    Jam 10:08 26/08/08

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  6. Din,

    Fantastic effort!

    Sekarang boleh pergi balik TIDUR!

    Tak dak mimpi ! Sumpah! Mesti tidur nyenyak!

    Wake up tomorrow for MORE work!!! 😀
    I will leave the sleeping to Badawi alHadhari alKepalabotolsi.

    Our work for the country is about to begin in earnest. We need help from all Malaysians as we can longer be indifferent to abuse of power and wastage of scarce resources. I saw that in Permatang Pauh campaign the UMNO government used state assets—the Police, Special Branch, Military Intelligence, the FRU, the Elections Commission, the Religious Department, and the Badan Pencegah Rasuah against us and the local people—and the tv and newspapers to wage a campaign to character assassinate Anwar Ibrahim.

    First priority for Anwar once he forms the People’s Government (Kerajaan Rakyat)—and he knows it—is to revive the economy and then for the long haul undertake reforms to restore public trust and confidence in government. It is Kerajaan Rakyat. —Din Merican

    P.S. Thanks to you and my other friends on this blog for your moral support and thanks also for your donations to the Anwar Ibrahim campaign. We must now perform.

  7. I can’t say anything else but thanks for the excellent job done, Din. It must have tiring man. It’s rest time now. Let’s look forward to the next chapter in life.

    At last, Merdeka day has some meaning. Good nite.

  8. As I have said before, the winner of this epic by-election, undoubtedly Anwar, has earned his right to legitimately claim that the ENTIRE nation has accepted him to lead this country.

  9. Congratulations Saudara Anwar. May Allah bless you and family and guide you in becoming the fair and just PM that you promised all Malaysians.

    To KJ eat the shit that came out of your mouth and your rear end. Even not knowing you I still don’t like you unlike your Dad Dato Jamaluddin.

    Cause for celebration Mr Bean, Jong, Din Ahmad, Salak and not forgetting DJ Din. Lets hear “Celebrate Good Times come on” 10-4

  10. Dear Mr Merican,

    Congratulations on a fantastic job. My only regret was I never got to meet you through circumstances of my own making. Maybe some other day in the not too distant future.

    If I may be allowed, I would like to reproduce what I posted in my blog on tonight’s huge victory.
    Before the excitement of today abates and we all go to bed dreaming of a better tomorrow, there are a few things I have to get off my chest which I would like to share with my readers.

    First and foremost, hearty congratulations to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for showing resilience when faced with such overwhelming adversities. Enjoy your win tonight with your family and supporters but please remember the real work begins now and when you are sworn into Parliament. Do whatever you have to do to bring justice and freedom to ALL within this country but never forget that you are where you because of the trust we all placed in you. Forget this and you will experience the same ‘down to earth’ reminder meted out to the BN.

    Next, my most heartfelt gratefulness to the voters of Permatang Pauh. You did not let your brothers and sisters down. In fact, you have made us proud and have to be congratulated for braving all the adversities thrown against you together with the inclement weather and still managed to discharge your responsibilities, all 81% of you. For this, words of thanks cannot even express our indebtedness to you all.

    Finally to all the rest, whether you actively participated or only through the blogs or even through silent prayers, a very humble thank you to you all.

    It is early stages yet but at least it reinstates our faith of the fair-mindedness of the ordinary Malaysian, who only aspire for the ‘middle ground’.

    Our beloved country may have hope yet!

  11. Good job Anwar.

    Mahatir ,Najib & Rosmah ,Patail & Musa I wish all of u to hv a nightmare from tonight onwards.I see yours day r getting very close to the graveyard.

    Musnah Ketuanan Melayu
    Bangsa Padu Malaysia Maju
    Hidup Anwar Ibrahim
    Muncul Malaysia Baru
    Hancur Barisan Nasional
    Wujud Ketuanan Rakyat

  12. Congratulations is due to the entire PR team and their efforts to bring about this success. Kudos to you, bro and the entire army of bloggers who have fought a great cyber battle against the might of the BN machinery and their enslaved tems comprising all the TV and Radio stations, press and government apparatus.
    A very emphatic syabas to DSAI on his success in Permatang Pauh. We look forward to your gracing the hallowed halls of Parliament House and very soon your leadership on the march to Putra Jaya.
    Bro, I will be out of town for a few days but we certainly must celebrate this great day when I return with a meal of Char Koay Teow at your favourite kopitiam.
    Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

  13. Dear Abang Din,
    Thank you for the excelent efforts and our congratulations to PKR. Looking forward to the next phase with hope.
    You deserve a good rest.


  14. Congratulations DS Anwar Ibrahim and all those at PKR/Pakatan Rakyat for a job well done!

    Thank you Din Merican for your fantastic work on this blog receiving close to 800,000 hits already!

    Celebration it is, Shrek!
    Let Kool and the Gang play on!

  15. What surprises me is that there are still 15,000 Permatang Pauh voters that still believe in BN. Don’t these people understand the damage done by BN and what the future holds if BN continue in power? Can’t these people see the atrocities, the injustices, the corruption, abuse of power and all that crap? When will these people open their eyes to the truth? Kesian kat depa. 10-4

  16. My crystal ball tells me that Din Merican is Malaysia’s next Permanent Representative to the United Nations, and will have a Manhattan address to call home. He’ll spend two years here and move to France as Malaysia’s ambassador where he can once again walk along Paris’s Champs Elysées.

    Don’t forget to give me and Shrek a call as soon as you arrive in New York. We will have that long overdue scotch and soda or that martini – shaken but not stirred. Don’t forget to apply a diplomatic passport for Jong who will be your private secretary. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for king and country. Shrek experienced in the martial art of silat goyang will be your bodyguard and chauffeur. He’ll act as your pointman when in San Francisco, the gay capital of the world. As for Salak being a Sarawakian with proven headhunting skills, he can act as backup for Shrek.

    Me? I’m happy just carrying your bag:)

  17. Congrats on the win. But our road is only now beginning.

    Thanks so much for the groundwork Din.
    Su, I had only a small role to play. Credit must go to our chief strategist Anwar Ibrahim himself who personally dealt with his campaign with such unprecedented skill, aided by Azmin Ali, Johari Abdul, Saifuddin Nasution, Penang PKR Laison Dato Zahrain Mohamed Hashim and his close associates Malik Kassim and Dr. Mansor Othman dan Pak Mus, Dato Sallehuddin Hashim and others.

    Both PAS and DAP leaders and their advisors had a big hand in this victory. Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng made a strategic decision to declare a public holiday on August 26 and that threw the UMNO-BN campaign team in a state of utter confusion.

    Thousands of people in Permatang Pauh and from various parts of our country helped the cause. The bloggers led by its Doyen Raja Petra and assisted by Sam Haris Ibrahim were very effective in our psywar. Petra and Haris moved so fast that I had great difficulty to satisfy them with my handphone reports from various locations.

    But Anwar Ibrahim was just spectacular as a campaigner whose killer power was his ability to communicate and bond with people. Ceramahs drew thousands who braved the night and occasional bad weather to hear him.—Din Merican

  18. pak din..tahniah untuk dsai dan pkr..alhamdulillah Allah telah beri kemenangan. semoga Allah terus beri kekuatan untuk kemenangan yang lebih besar.

  19. Din, Thanks for your website. Congratulations to DSAI & his family. Congratulations to U, Din, & all the bloggers for their great faith in Pakatan. Let’s now take a good rest. The battle is won; we have yet to win the war.

    DSAI pls tread carefully, the BN clan is still all out to ponce. Let’s not give them the chance. LET’S HAVE THE NEW GOVT. IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. allah BLESS US ALL.

    Hope to read some “LAT’S SPECIAL SOON SOMEDAY”!!!!!!

  20. What’s BN’s next move? Maybe the budget session might be postponed. PakLah might now decide to call it quits. Pass the baton to the LIAR, Murderer & HINDU & to take the blame for the demise of “Ketuanan Melayu”, race & religious politics.

    Really waiting & looking forward to what they are going to do.


  21. Mr Bean

    Silat Goyang? Must be taught by Mahaguru Inul. Shrek only too happy to be driver and guide to Badawi, Najis, Al-blah, Musang anak Hassang, Petal et all to visit Alcatraz (satu lagi projek kerajaan BN) and thereafter given real one on one experience on sodomy. Plenty of KJ oops KY Jelly. Anyway in spanish Y and J sounds the same. 10-4

  22. Congratulations to Anwar, PKR and Bangsa Malaysia supporters including you Din, RPK and company. Thank you so much for making this happen. You have overcome the odds of bribery, busloads of phantom voters, so called dead man trying to vote with names deleted.

    All of you worked very hard to make this change come true and we look forward to a better corruption free, democratic country where there is equality, justice and rule of law for all. Reformasi, Reformasi, Reformasi. Time to start cleaning house. Get rid of those vermins.

  23. Permatang voters spoke for all Malaysians, they represented our hopes and aspirations.
    They voted on our behalf.

    On March 8, 51% of the voters in the Peninsular rejected BN.

    Now the figure is a whopping 66%.
    Which translate onto 2 out of 3 Malaysians rejecting BN – UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan , Abdullah, Najib and the Cabinet.
    If they still cannot get this message, then they deserve to be condemned.

  24. To the people of PERMATANG PAUH must go a big TERIMA KASIH. You have done the country proud. UMNO came to bury Anwar. Instead you good people have given them a well deserved kick in the teeth – and a blow that is perhaps even bigger than that BN was given in March.

  25. Congrats DSAI & the team. Pls don’t let people down… there are high hopes for better Msia out there, including me – not so much for me but my children… jgn main-main OK..?

  26. A smear campaign the likes of which we have not seen before was mounted for this election – in which even the sanctity of our Holy Quran was violated. But the citizens of Permatang Pauh saw through this and have given the country a wonderful present. In hindsight this may well turn out to be an even bigger victory than the March election thunderbolt.

    A special thank you to the Bloggers.

  27. “The ugly dark clouds hanging in the sky,
    for so long, for so long, has began to move
    Driven by the mighty East Wind, the mighty East Wind………………………….

    Listen…listen, listen…..listen, listen to the sweet… melody…,

    My favourite tune, my favourite tune, my..
    favourite tune……

    Listen, listen, listen……………………

    A song based on a poem by SAID ZAHARI

  28. “If they still cannot get this message, then they deserve to be condemned.” Mr Smith

    They were not looking for messages. They have seen the writings on the wall a decade or more ago.

    They are making hay while the sun shines.

  29. SANTAI – August 27, 2008

    Bagi saya kes siaful or Anwar, Najib atau Haji Hadi adalah lebih kepada individual tak penting yang telah mengheret dan mengaleh tumpuan daripada agenda pembangunan insan negara, terutama kaum bumiputra Melayu.

    Saya tidak melihat kepada sudut perkauman yang sempit, tetapi kerisauan saya kepada kedudukan orang Melayu daripada jangka panjang. Ini berdasarkan kepada fakta sejarah, ekonomi dan pendidikan (e.g pencepaian CGPA > 3.00).

    Tahukah tuan-tuan bahawa (FAKTA yang kita semua tahu)

    Pemilikan ekuiti orang Melayu hanya sekadar 18.90 %, itupun menerusi syarikat kerajaan (Tabung Haji, ASB). Kalau nak kira individu sekadar 3% (Exam dapat F+++). Yang ekonomi 3% ini depa dok berdengki.

    Pemilikan Kaum CINA adalah melebihi 90% tanpa perlu kerajaan (BN atau Pakatan bantu). Ada pembangunan Pekan dan taman – wujudlah perbandaran yang dikuasai oleh Kaum Cina.

    Orang Melayu rata-rata hanya mampu tinggal di Rumah kos rendah. Yang berada sikit (kakitangan kerajaan) bolehlah beli itupun harga setakat 150 ribu ke bawah.

    Di Kelantan mana ada projek perumahan. tak ada pembeli (lagipun tanah banyak). Harap dekat Kubang Kerian, USM- adalah Melayu Makan gaji.

    Shah Alam dan Bangi adalah contoh Bandar yang dibangun bagi mengimbangi bandar dominasi Cina seperti Kepong dan Jinjang.

    Contoh Ketara ialah NILAI, Ia adalah bandar yang dibina dengan kekuatan ekonomi masyarakat Cina yang kerja.

    Perkara pokoknya Kekuatan ekonomi kaum CINA semakin menguasi POLITIK MELAYU.

    Orang Melayu terlalu banyak berpolitik (tak kira UMNO, Melayu PKR atau PAS). Hasil tak ada dan bersengketa sesama sendiri tak tahu ujung pangkal. Orang lain mengintai peluang.

    Di Universiti saya sebagai Pensyarah ( cuba lihat statistik terutama 3 uni terbesar USM, UKM, UM dan UPM yang menjadi pilihan pelajar non -bumi) majoriti enrolmen BUKAN BUMIPUTRA > 60%.

    Tahun ini sahaja pemgambilan pelajar KEJURUTERAAN MEKANIK, di USM 90% adalah terdiri daripada BUKAN Bumiputra. W/pun Pensyarahnya adalah 80% BUMI . Yang bumiputera kebanyakan wanita. Yang lelaki banyak enjoy (style Melayu).

    Setiap tahun ada Anugerah Sijil Dekan (CGPA > 3.5) . Sebuah Pusat Pengajian/Fakulti di USM >90% penerima adalah Bukan BUMI especially CINA. Saya waktu anugerah dibuat lari jauh-jauh, malu nak letak muka kat mana setiap tahun, asyik-asyik pangil cong, lin ang, …. adalah kot sorang dua itu pun pompuan.

    Orang Cina tahu kekuatan mereka daripada segi ekonomi, pendidikan dan mereka mahu sekarang adalah percaturan kuasa Politik yang buat masa menyebelahi BUMIPUTERA.(MELAYU). Kekuatan ekonomi mereka setaip tahun meningkat – kuasa ekonomi digunakan untuk meraih Kuasa Politik, terutama melalui DAP.

    Samada dalam PAS, UMNO dan PKR jangan mudah selesa dengan kedudukan politik anda. PAS dengan islamnya tanpa disedari diguna oleh Kaum Cina untuk mencapai cita-citanya menguasai peluang perniagaan dan harta tanah.

    Urusan agama Baudha bukan masalah antara UMNO dan PAS, PAS UMNO bercakaran orang Cina (Otak CGPA > 3.0) sedikit demi sedikit demi sikit dapat meraih kelebihan dan keuntungan.
    Sembahyang dua iman bukan maslah orang CINA. Adakah wahabi dan Syiah kurang islam. Bagi mereka kedua-dua mengaku islam.

    Kebanyakan pelajar-pelar non-bumi memandang Sinis kepada orang Melayu (Pensyarah Melayu).

    Orang Melayu tidak tahu apa yang diperkata bukan Melayu. kerana halangan Bahasa (Cuba belajar bahasa Cina dan duduk dikedai kopi mereka – dengar-dengar apa mereka kata – Melayu.. biarlah dio orang gaduh… kita gelak sudahlah, mahu Agong (RM) ok sudah.

    Orang Melayu setakat jaguh sesama Melayu.

    Orang Melayu mudah dibeli terutama dengan wang dan pujian. Orang Cina dengan diplomasinya.

    Rata-rata orang Melayu kehendaknya banyak bergantung kpd ekonomi kaum Cina (terutama di pantai Barat). Nak beli tayar, repair aircond pun orang Cina . Mana Melayu PAS dan UMNO (nasib baiklah Melayu komboja buka kedai kain).

    Jangan lupa orang Melayu masih hidup bergantung dengan percaturan kuasa kerajaan yang sekarang semakin luntur jika kerajaan yang baru (PKR contoh sahaja) membentuk kerajaan — terlampau baik dengan bukan bumi habis lah .. tak percaya tengok

    Lihatlah fakta-fakta – kebanyakan syarikat-syarikat korperat Cina (CEOnya adalah lebih 70%), Melayu hanya diambil jadi kerani, jaga, dispatch Boy.). Pakai tudung lagi tak pandang. Orang Melayu sahaja terhegeh-hegeh ….. nak cari makan.

    Orang Cina ada yang susah (umumnya lebih senang daripada Melayu)

    Melayu pertengahan (Malay middle class) saya lihat sekarang udah selesa dengan apa mereka ada.

    Saya sebagai Pensyarah pernah ke INTEL Penang rasa kerdil sahaja. Berapa kerat orang Melayu kerja (CGPA 3.0 keatas).

    Adapun tak tahan cara kerja- cabut lari. Melayukan suka kerja yang kurang presure dan masa.

    Mereka (umumnya) dapat membeli bukan saja rumah serta harta di Malaysia. Tengok Cina singapore …… TEMASEK Holding berupaya membeli Johor kalau mahu.

    Jawatan penting kerajaan depa tak bagi orang Melayu pegang.

    Perhatian yang diberikan kepada Bumiputera bukan perkauman .. memberi lebih fokus kepada mereka yang memerlukan… Orang Melayu rata-rata otaknya CGPA < 2.2.

    Orang Cina lebih puji mat Bengala dan myanmar bekerja (bagi gaji RM 1000.00 — . Melayu kerja nak sikit, duit nak banyak.(kilang bagipun RM600-700.

    Cina buka kedai internet melayu beduyun pi lepak-lepak dengan kedai komputer (kononya bermain dengan teknologi !!!). Kedai Melayu buka depa kata tak kelas. Eloklah Melayu tak sokong Melayu. Maka jadilah Melayu tak percaya melayu dalam apa bidangpun.

    Saya harap orang Melayu bijak berpolitik jangan nak ambil hati orang lain (orang tu belum pasti baik dengan kita – yahudi (singapore -penasihat adalah yahudi). Belum dapat OKlah terlambat.

    Jangan terlampau syiok atau terpesong disebabkan dunia cyber, blog, liberal …(ciptaan orang putih melayu pakai saja teknologi).

    ORANG PAS JANGANLAH DEPA KATA LEBIH ISLAM .. betui semua … ingat islam dah pecah kepada 99 golongan.

    Pi indonesia lagi sakan.Kawan saya KRISTIAN tetapi isterinya ISLAM …. LIBRAL sungguh

    Kita sesama Melayu Islam janganlah sampai berpecah belah kerana kata aku lebih islam hang kurang islam … Tuhan dah tentu dosa pahala.. las-las sekali abukpun tarak. i surau yang dok memakmurkan orang tua-tua .. Mana Melayu islam UMNO dan PAS.

    Kita Melayu ni kian terpinggir……. secara evolusi dan tak sedar. Tak dapat dinafikan.


    INDIA – kaum India

    Orang Melayu nak pi mana ….

    Mana ada orang Cina kerja dengan MPSP atau MBK, DBKL, Kota setar angkat sampah yang ramai Melayu dan India (semakin kurang). kalau jadi polis depa mahu jadi sekurang-kurangnya Inspektor.

    SEDARLAH MELAYU — Jgn syiok sendiri

    Kerau sana, sumpah sana, fitnah itu ini apa dapat … Kaum cina mentertawa sahaja.

    Orang Melayu jarang nak support orang Melayu .. asyik pandang rendah sesama kaum … sifat iri hati payah nak buang.. Orang elayu buka kedai 3-4 bulan lepas tu tutup.. Meniaga hanya standard dekat pasar malam atau skim cepat kaya/MLM. (tengok berita harian banyak iklan peniagaan cepat kaya) .. ada orang cina nak masuk downline hampa … jamin tak adalah. sekok 2 tu mungkin ada.

    Kaum Cina maaf jika terasa.. itu adalah realiti.
    Saya hanya mencerita nasib orang Melayu dewasa ini untuk direnung.

    SANTAI – siri muhasabah diri

  30. Where is umno now. must b rotten very badly.that’s why short form for umno is ” ulat makan najib’s otak”.

  31. SANTAI

    Dengan sendiri anda menjawap semua soalan tentang kelemahan orang Melayu. Maaf tak semua Melayu CGPA 3.0. Ada Melayu CGPA 4.0 dan dapat Summa Cum Laude dari University ternama didunia, malangnya tak diterima oleh kaum Melayu sendiri. Ornag puteh dipanggil Tuan tapi orang Melayu yang leneg berkelayakan dipanggil Encik

    Dah 50 tahun diberi segala kemudahan tapi tak puas puas lagi. Tige generasi tapi maseh bergantung atas bantuan kerajaan. Sampai bila agaknya? Orang Melayu tak berjaya dinegeri sendiri akan tetapi mencatat kejayaan dinegara asing. Mungkin sebab dia minoriti dan terpaksa menentukan kejayaan.

    Tentang pembelian perumahan, saya perhatikan didepan rumah kereta menjalar, kadang kadang harga kereta lebeh mahal dari rumah. Sama juga dengan perabut, lebeh mahal dari rumah. Mengapa? Melayu suka joli dan menunjuk nunjuk Prioriti Melayu terpesong dan anak anak Melayu tak gemar bertanding dalam mata pelajaran. Lebeh syiok merempit dan lepak. Salah siapa kalau Melayu jadi pengemis dinegeri sendiri. 10-4

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