Najib, Najib : Sudah curi ayam, sumpah pula!

posted by Din Merican, August 23, 2008


BREAKING NEWS: Raja Petra (Pet) and his team of bloggers are descending on Permatang Pauh today. I received sms from Pet this morning that he and the gang of some of the most influential bloggers in our country will be arriving at 14.00 hours in Bukit Mertajam (base camp: The Summit Hotel where the Penang PKR Liaison Chief Dato Zahrain Mohamed Hashim is in residence) for a briefing. They will be blogging from Permatang Pauh Yayasan Aman center in Penanti and will stay here until August 26, 2008.

I spoke to Pet and he seems to be in high spirits despite the Police raid on his residence yesterday during which they confiscated his brand new high powered computer. Such is the will of the now famous blogger and web-master.

A strong contingent of supporters led by my friend Bala from Bangsar Baru in Nurul Izzah Anwar’s Lembah Pantai Parlimentary constituency is also expected to join the merriment, and help out in the final push of the Anwar campaign.

By the way, I have received word from our friend Rusman from Washington DC that it is likely that Barack Obama will name Senator Joe Bidden, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as his running mate. Rusman feels that Obama would have a tougher time than he would if he had chosen Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton who has a strong record on domestic issues. —Din Merican

By Raja Petra Kamaruddin in Kuala Lumpur

Thagarajoo, Nallakaruppan’s one-time driver, swears he brought Mr. Ji to Najib’s house every month to perform Hindu prayers and rituals. And it appears it is still going on until today. Does that, therefore, render Najib’s oath, performed the so-called ‘proper’ Islamic way, null and void?


Malaysia Today

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Friday night swore in Masjid Jamek Guar Perahu near here (Permatamg Pauh) that he did not know or had any connection with Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaarribuu who was murdered in 2006 in Puncak Alam, Selangor.

Najib said he was making the swearing although it was not an official swearing made on the Quran.”Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi (With Allah as my witness) I swear I do not know or have any connection with the Mongolian woman.

I do not know if others want to swear or not but I know I did no wrong. This is between me and God,” he said. (Bernama, 23 August 2008). That same day, Thagarajoo a/l Thangavellu also swore, through a Statutory Declaration, that Najib and his wife, who may be born Muslims, are practicing Hindus. Would, therefore, Najib’s oath, performed the so-called ‘proper’ Islamic way, be valid after all?


Rajoo's SD 22 Aug 2008

Rajoo's SD 22 Aug 2008

29 thoughts on “Najib, Najib : Sudah curi ayam, sumpah pula!

  1. Najib’s claimed he does not know “saya-fool” and then retracted his statement.

    not he does the same-line of lie, who in his right frame of mind would believe this liar who sits as a DPM in boleh-land world.

    hey najib, u can fool some people sometime but u cant fool all the people all the time


  2. Based on the Latest Statutory Declaration by K Eswaran’s driver that Najib believes in the Hindu Faith he should now release all the Hindraf Detainees.

    Otherwise he is not only exploiting the Muslim Religion but also exploiting the Hindu Religion!

  3. This is the right time to challenge BN Government to request all the prisoners including the ISA prisoners to perform “swearing to clear their names and release them if they do it ” if BN is honest for what they have asked Anwar to swear to clear his name..

  4. If PKR supporters don’t even trust SD done with God, I do hope you will understand me for not trusting this SD. 🙂

  5. Wonderful Malaysia truly wonderful. TDM with an Indian background trying to be a good Muslim Najib
    a Malay background trying to be a super Hindu.
    This UMNO leaders can go to full length to fool the Malay . This are a real super rojak leaders

  6. Instead of Dabbling in the Occult he should learn two words which is the essence of Hinduism. They are Dharma and Karma

    DHARMA : The essential order of integrity and harmony in the universe and the affairs of life that cannot be disturbed without courting chaos..This means RIGHTNESS, JUSTICE, GOODNESS, and PURPOSE RATHER THAN CHANCE.

    KARMA: Every Act and thought have consequence
    Every event is both a cause and effect. Every act has consequence of a similar kind, which in turn have further consequences and so on.
    This law of Karma is the most important and least understood ideas in Ancient Indian thought.

    Hence Najib’s divorce of his first wife over Rosmah and all the events that leads to now is Karma. Events causing suffering to him and leading to other events mentioned by DSAI is Karma

    Swearing over a holy book alone is not enough in the eyes of the Hindu Religion. Let us all pray that the rakyat do not have to bear the Karmic consequences of his actions.

  7. Hi Hindu!! Easy to swear cos’ U ain’t a muslim actually eh? How can anyone believe U from now on. In public U act a muslim. In private, in your own home, U are a Hindu. Ya A HINDU!!!

    Wonder what your muslim followers are thinking now. Can they trust U. U are just a big fat mass of a LIAR!!!

  8. can you believe this from najib. he said no more petrol rebates if we dont appreciate it.
    well, mr najib. 625 rebate translate to RM52 per month. my bloody petrol bill has more than double to RM600 per month now. you want me to be appreciative. ya, i will if there is bloody less commission paid for the submarine and fighter plane deals.

  9. The rich, the powerful, all like to count on the “X” factor when it comes to important matters. Never mind if they are fed with rubbish, their insecurities compel them to believe whatever the soothsayers dish out.

    It’s hard to entrust someone with the fate of the nation, when we know this person would rather forsake his wits and fall back to superstitions as a means of solving problems.

    Perhaps Din also knows that in the dying days of the Lon Nol regime in Cambodia, he regularly consulted Brahmanic “sages” for “auspicious dates”, right down to dates of military campaigns. Whatever happened later was a tragedy of monumental proportions.

    Such dangerous times we live in now …

  10. To me, the best counter should be to release immediately the military intel. report regarding his connections with the late- Altantuya (may her soul rest in peace) or better still, some snapshots of him with her or with Rosmah.

    Salam Reformasi

  11. Perhaps Din also knows that in the dying days of the Lon Nol regime in Cambodia, he regularly consulted Brahmanic “sages” for “auspicious dates”

    Who consulted ET? Din or Lon Nol?
    Salak, ET is my buddy, not Najib the Hind. The word Hindu is too good a word for him.—Din Merican.

  12. First things first, this Thanga must be given full 24 hr protection as a “vanishing” act like Bala the PI is possible.

    Now what depths is the DPM stooping to, lower than the gutter. In this day and age using the occult to run a government, I cant think of what next is in his box

  13. I just read in malaysian kini that the village idiot has said that the reduction of the fuel prices has nothing to do with the by election. Please dope, Malaysians are not idiots like you and your yes men cabinet. In today’s context not even the young Malay kampong people are what they were in the matahir years. Please learn for your own sake and the fate of the B.N. Haven’t you learned from the last election? It is due to this attitude that you and the BN has lost our support. Please show some semblance of intelligence, but this is asking too much from you and your cowboys. I cant wait to see your face on the 27 Aug when the results of the by elections are announced.

  14. latest that tajul fella has started UMNO culture of swearing he dat he ain’t involved in d 2 PR reps being “caught” by our very own version of ACA Incorp

    looks like the mosque in malaysia will be filled by UMNO leaders swearing everyday and the MSM happily publishing/telecasting it live


  15. We have the Dalai Lama himself visiting this blog and the long deceased Omar Qayyam too! I’m waiting for the late Altantuya to make her appearance.

    Given all these, how could Anwar possibly lose 🙂

  16. Those UMNO goons will swear to anything. To them there’s no hereafter. The don’t believe in it. They couldn’t care a damn. That’s why we see corruptions, abuse of power, murders, rapes and what not. Want to know who their guru is? He’s none other than Mahathir himself. He once said that when one dies that’s the end. There’s no hereafter for no one has come back with tales of the hereafter.

  17. Mr Bean

    Didn’t I ask DJ Din to dedicate the song Black Magic Woman to Che Mah Chot? Shrek can read peoples face easily.

    Soon Che Mah Chot will need a voodoo witch doctor. 10-4

  18. Shrek,

    ‘Black Magic Woman’ by Santana is too good to be associated with the likes of Che Mah Ketot 🙂

    Furthermore, I don’t want to have to be thinking of Che Mah Ketot whenever I listen to “Black Magic Woman”!!

  19. Big fat botak! If U want to cleanse off your sin [Atlantuya – bless your soul], Botak please turn to your true faith & ask for forgiveness. Turning to the occult is totally against our faith. It makes a mockery of ISLAM i.e. if U & your wife still profess to be muslims. Think what damage U both of done to our FAITH. Ponder, BOTAK, what the non-muslims are saying & thinking about us. We don’t need hippocrites like you both to demean our faith. Admit U are no more MUSLIM than the non-muslims. At least the latter are true to their own faith whatever that is. BUT U, a leader of the country, DPM; should be shameful. U do not practice what U teach.

    There is nothing to hate U about but pure condemnation to U & your wife.

    May the truth come out one day. Atlantuya pls help.

  20. Mr Bean

    If Black Magic Woman is too good for Che Mah Chot then dedicate Devil Woman to her or better still I told the Witch Doctor by the Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

    If Najib is not careful he will end up like the late Mazlan Idris exco Pahang who delve in black magic with Mona Fendy. Cut up into 18 pieces.

    Toh Puan Rahah nasihatkanlah siNajib ni.Tua bapak budak tapi otak maseh budak budak.

    Shrek still trolling in Balek Pulau 10-4

  21. yo bro bean … my name is omar qayyum mohan probably reincarnation of that long deceased poet

    i know i would probably hauled in for “sadis-tion act” one day but who cares anyway i prefer using my actual name so that i can be accountable to what i say and answer for it if and when there want to charge me

    🙂 cheers matey


    Consultation of bomoh, from whatever creed is a very acceptable and well-practiced act of UMNO politicians. Whatever Najib and Che Mah Chot did and I am sure continues doing is not seen negatively by UMNO leaders, provided its being practiced in private. Now that it has been made public, most of them will deny the Statutory Declaration and accused it as another anti-government plot.

    Some of the UMNO guys will use this against Najib and seen in the context of their Islam Hadhari, will take Najib into the realm of: kafir” and “munafik”. Of course if he does not stand against the village moron this December he will be forgiven for whatever deeds he did. This only goes to show that in UMNO the village moron can override God.
    Din Ahmad, awat Najib ini. Dia dan Che Mah Chot aka ketot muka masham sudah hilang daratan kerana Altantuya duk kacau diapa siang malam. Kena guna bahasa melayu pulau pinang kali ni la: apa punya damdasalam, Najib, Najib. Sumpah di masjid tak cukup, pi cara kuil pula. Pekan punya torki ka ni!.

    See what desperate people do. How we trust such a man to lead our country. Badawi is bad enough. Najin is a torki, man.—Din Merican

  23. Mr Bean,

    Do you think you and I could set up a Health Clinic on Ubat Tradisi?

    Don’t mind if you’re the Head Bomoh and I be the Kaki Bomoh. We could shrink these UMNO people into good malleable examplary Malaysians.

    You can bomoh the patients and I can bomoh the accounts! 😀

    At the end of each day we can go over our work and sip Boh Teh!

    Just wondering, if it’ll make me more bodoh! 😀

  24. Dear Din,

    Najib ni memang cukup punya Bamdasallam. Punya la takut pasai Altantunya sampai satu ugama tak cukup. La ni dia kena pi sumpah kat kuil la pula ! Porenge betui !!

  25. Apa punya Najib. Kecik kecik tak nak mati. Dah besar menyusahkan Badawi. Nasib baik Badawi tak berapa cerdik, dia tak sedar.

  26. Yo bro Qayyum Mohan! Sorry to have mistaken you for the ghost of the long deceased Iranian poet cum astronomer Omar Khayyám !

    I’m waiting for the ghost of Altantuya to make her debut here on this blog!

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