UMNO Strong Arm Tactics in Permatang Pauh: Deployment of State Assets

Police ‘birds’ swoop in on campaign

Athi Veeranggan
August 19, 2008
Fear and election results have always been synonymous, and in the high stakes by-election coming up in Permatang Pauh, the fear factor is building up.


Police helicopters have been filling the night air since nomination day.

On Monday – for the third night straight – a police helicopter circled Taman Ciku in Bukit Mertajam where a Pakatan Rakyat rally was in progress. There were some 800 persons in the crowd that night.

Police have confirmed the one hour episode as routine surveillance patrol, but residents have said that they are not used to aerial incursions.

anwar ibrahim tengiri market permatang pauh by election 180808 01On Saturday night at a large rally in Permatang Pasir – in the midst of PKR candidate Anwar Ibrahim’s speech – a police helicopter showed up. Allaying fear in the crowd, Anwar asked the crowd to enjoy the chopper’s antics since “it’s not always we have a helicopter flying over us in Permatang Pasir.”

Each time helicopters have been passing over these rallies, crowds have cheered them on excitedly – somehow adding to the general ambience of evening events.

Yet PKR supporters are convinced this is a fear tactic, and consistent with Barisan Nasional’s intent to move votes by all means possible.

Election watchdog, Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections (Mafrel) has received several complaints from voters on the ‘chopper’ issue, and its coordinator B K Ong believes it may be intimidation tactic by those in power.

In this hotly contested by-election, PKR de facto leader Anwar, 61, faces BN candidate and standing Seberang Jaya state assemblyperson Ariff Shah Omar Shah, 52, and Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (Akim) president Hanafi Hamat, 61.

A victory for Anwar on Aug 26 polling day would see him returning to Parliament as an elected representative after a 10-year absence since he was sacked from the government in 1998.

Trekking the seat

Meanwhile, the candidates – with the exception of Hanafi – not dampened by the torrential rains have been crisscrossing the parliamentary seat.

The Akim president is reported to be back home in Kelantan resting, and will resume his campaigning on Wednesday.

arif shah bn candidate permatang pauh walkabout 170808 02Ariff displayed his human touch by wading through foot-high waters in flash flooded villages to express his concern for the residents while Anwar has been busy with voters in Seberang Jaya.

Arif has just started campaigning outside his state seat yesterday. Anwar as expected has spread his calendar across the seat his family held on for 26 years.

At spots close to Umno-BN operation centres are large screens displaying Anwar’s sodomy accuser Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s Quran swearing video.

13 thoughts on “UMNO Strong Arm Tactics in Permatang Pauh: Deployment of State Assets

  1. Encik Beano,

    There are two PDRM helicopters being deployed during this by-election. On nomination day, my friends and I was standing outside the main gate of the nomination centre. We were giving the ministers a piece of our mind, you know la and especially Ezam when he walked past.

    Behind us is a technical school I think. One of my friend when into the school’s toilet for a pee. He saw a PDRM helicopter on the football field. The pilot was chatting to some guys. The pilot said they will be here until polling day. That’s where the two helicopter will be parked because the nearest airfield is too far away. They also have to fuel up manually because, as you know, the football field have no fuelling facilities. He sort of merungut la , you know.

    So, Permatang Pauh folks, expect the two PDRM helicopter there until polling day.

  2. come on all 21st.century people.don’t be stupid to think we will buy his swearing doesn’t prove anything as far as we r concerned,otherwise the country don’t need the courts.anyone here dare to swear he or she had not swore before in their does it prove anything?

  3. What’s this!?? A PKR supporter seen taking BN candidate’s autograph? I suggest this pic be taken down! It doesn’t reverberate well at all with us grass roots supporters of PKR!

    A PKR ADUN trying to ‘butter’ a BN candidate for the election?? I assure you, you don’t get to see a Democrat supporter shaking hands with a Republican nominee during the Primary for obvious reasons! It makes for a bad photo shoot.

    This pic should not appear in a pro PKR or a pro Pakatan blog because it gives the wrong signals. And for this PKR ADUN, what was she thinking?? This is stupid knowing that photographers were around and this photo would be political fodder.

  4. Akhirnya tembelang orang yang bernama Ramlang Porigi, yang dikatakan imam yang menjadi saksi sumpah mubahalah Saiful terdedah juga.

    Beliau adalah ahli Pemuda UMNO Cawangan Seri Machang di dalam Bahagian Bukit Mertajam dengan Kod keahlian 03405843.

    Tidak menghairankan kepada semua kini, bagaimana pantas “imam” ini memperakui mubahalah yang dilakukan oleh Saiful, sekalipun mubahalah itu diragui oleh banyak pihak sebagai tidak mengikuti kaedah yang diajarkan oleh Islam.

    Dan juga seorang rakyat SABAH No. KP 790726-12-5443
    tengah 12 adalah menunjukkan orang SABAH !

  5. Ya lah! Of course she can for own whatever. The Webmaster does not have to put up the pic. There’s no explanation, unless it is about appreciation for the flood, BUT it was not written so!

    Makes no sense unless it is to encourage PKR supporters to flip over to BN! Malaysiakini may have their own/ reporters own personal reasons and can do it at their own expense and space. We don’t have to gulp down hook line and sinker for Malaysiakini! Well, we have our very reason – under no excuse to chum up with (yang bukan) Arif for this election!

    Hey Webmaster! What you doing, Man?

  6. Mr Bean n Salak, Read the Sun. Both parties bumped into each other while campaigning, and shook hands. It’s called good manners and sportsmanship.

  7. Six more days to Polling Day and “Win, Yes?” Don’t let your guard down PKR!
    Public impression is important – the buttering of relationship between BN and PKR is going to backfire and Bean has a point. I agree.

    Enough of gaiety and clowning around in Permatang Pauh and over-confidence is bad Pakatan Rakyat.

  8. “Both parties bumped into each other while campaigning, and shook hands. It’s called good manners and sportsmanship.”ayho

    Are they seen here shaking hands?? Good manners have nothing to do with the point I’m making – and Jong here got my point. I don’t see why you could not!

    If I were the campaign manager for this Arif guy I would use this photo to his advantage and have it titled, “PKR Adun enthralled by BN candidate”.

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