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August 4, 2008

How the UMNOPUTRA Elites Are Fighting Back?

The UMNO Elites will never release their grip on the nation’s wealth and power easily. It will require total commitment from all of us to ensure that their misrule is ended permanently.

With the impending rise of Anwar Ibrahim to the Prime Minister seat in Putrajaya, the UMNOPUTRAs are sweating profusely. They are nervous and loosing and more importantly they are scared. Their once tight-grip on power and the country’s wealth is in serious jeopardy.

In view of this, they are willing to set their individual differences aside. Please note that even from the olden days, feuds between feudal lords among the Malays were frequent and prolonged. The same applies today between the UMNOPUTRAs. But, the circumstances no longer allow for such luxury anymore. They have formed a committee which includes military intelligence and other agencies of government dedicated towards maintaining their continued and desparate hold on power.

They have agreed on three short term but crucial objectives:

a. Destroy Anwar Ibrahim’s credibility and relevance. In short, destroy him completely.
b. Bring PAS into Barisan Nasional and thus resulting in the break up of Pakatan Rakyat
c. Ensuring smooth transition from Pak Lah to Najib for the PM position.

The committee consists of important figures in the government like the IGP, Panglima Angkatan Tentera, Ketua Setiausaha Negara, several senior civil servants, UMNO leaders and many more. In short, every unit and resources of the Federal Government are at their disposal to achieve the objectives I mention above.

Pak Lah was informed of this committee and its objectives, but are not told of their moves and actions. Which means that this committee has a degree of immunity for all the actions they are going to take.

Who Are These UMNOPUTRA’s?

They are a class of people created by the British to ensure the country is ruled in according to the whims and fancies of the British after independence was awarded to this country.

The British recruited them from a number of types of Malays, namely those related to Royalty, Malay civil servants that served under the British and local leaders who were friendly to the British.

When they awarded Independence to Malaysia, the British effectively handed over power to this elite class of the Malays. They, in turn, ensured that British interest was protected and at the same time they consolidated their control of the country’s power structure. That, in part, explains the pro-British policy stance of the Tunku’s administration in the early years of independence.

To find legitimacy in a Constitutional Monarch that practises democracy, the elite required a political platform. UMNO, and later Perikatan (Alliance of UMNO, MCA and MIC) is chosen to be that platform. (amended by Tulang Besi)

In other words, the default political platform for them is UMNO. They formed the core support base of UMNO among the Malays. And through their diabolical and ingenious scheme they were able to subdue the non-Malays of this country as well. This is the Ketuanan Melayu concept with MCA and MIC as willing accomplices.

The Non-UMNOPutra Malays are nothing more than servants to them. When the elites require their help, they will fan the fire of “Malay spirit” among the Malays and these Malays will do whatever they want them to do.

However, as far as wealth and opportunities are concerned, the lion’s share remains with the UMNO elites while the majority of the Malays survives on whatever scraps and crumps they grudgingly decide to throw at us.

In order to subdue and guarantee the support of the Malay masses, they employ Malays in large numbers in the public sector, creating a culture of dependency among the Malays upon their patronage. They also ensured that the Malay masses in the desas remain ignorant as the media and flow of information was manufactured to propagate myths of Ketuanan Melayu.

The “Utusan Melayu” started out as a very critical newspaper to UMNO, but in the 1950’s the newspaper was taken over by force, thus subjecting the Malays to a prolonged period of darkness and ignorance. Ignorant Malay masses will follow the whims of the UMNOPUTRAs at a drop of a hat.

Other Motivations Of The UMNOPUTRA

Apart from the need to monopolize the country’s resources, the other motivation that is driving the UMNO’s relegation to irrelevance was when they decided to band together and place for the first time in Malaysia’s history, those not from the elite lineage were put in a position to chart the future course of the country. We are talking about sons and daughters of farmers, laborers, tailors, in short normal people who will have the power to determine what goes and what does not in the running of this country. The elites will have to live their lives, like other normal people and their special treatment would cease to exist. A new elite, more rapacious than the previous aristocratic British trained one has since emerged.

The scenario is best explained from a dialogue from the movie “Count Monte Cristo” when Edmund Dantes asked Fernon Mondego, the son of Count Mondego, why has he betrayed him. Fernon replied “ [Y]ou are the son of a clerk and I am not supposed to want to be you”. The dialogue sums it up and applies to the current situation in Malaysia. A shift in fortune from these UMNOPUTRA elites to the general masses is an eventuality that must be prevented at ALL COST.

How The Committee Operates

Basically, they operate as they will. And they have full control over every institutional arm and resources of the Federal Government. They will use their individual powers to ensure these 3 main objectives, stated earlier, are achieved.But it seems, their hold on the government is not as strong as it once were. For one thing, government employees are themselves reeling from the effects of high prices, including petrol.Nearly government employees are not spared from the dreaded arms of inflation.

That explains why there were many leaks in their movement. How can one explain a doctor’s confidential report of Saiful was leaked to the public, or the various meetings held between PAS and UMNO leaders came to the knowledge of the masses. They cannot operate as effective as they once could. They too are feeling the fury of the masses.

Race And Religious Issues Are Mere Distractions

These are are used to fan undying and unlimited support of the Malays to them. In addition, the Malay issue is used to create dissensions within the ranks of Pakatan Rakyat. They need to fan the fury of the Malay because each time that has happened, UMNO will reap its benefits.The real issue is corruption and abuse of power. And how the country has is going down the drain because of the UMNOPUTRA greed.

The economy needs to be reformed so it can be dynamic and able to compete at the international level, not to feed the UMNOPUTRAs .

How PAS Was Nearly Won

They used their mole in PAS in the form of Mustafa Ali, a fan of the Malay spirit. On top of that, they awarded Rameli Musa a RM2billion contract. Being Rameli Musa ,a respected figure among PAS leaders and a financier of PAS, he took the bait and some of the PAS leaders fell for his deception. Again, all this would not have happened without the support from the government apparatus. But they never expected Tok Guru Nik Aziz to resist so vehemently. And so their plan failed, at least for now.


Do not kid ourselves. They are fighting back. And they will not cede power and their control over national resources that easily. They will fight tooth and nail and will ensure that their status quo remains intact.

On our side, we should take precautions and never allow ourselves to be fooled by their propaganda, duplicit and deceptions. Also, we must move towards eradicating the corrupt UMNOPUTRAs and ensure our goals are achieved without any hitch.

Tulang Besi

32 thoughts on “From Tulang Besi @

  1. Sounds like a congregation of evil people who worship money and power.

    Religion has become a plaything in their hands, despicable!

    110% behind Anwar but he better be careful with his advisors. Not too comfortable with his recent Yergin example …

  2. tulang besi is writing a really nice fiction for those who want to believe it. To me, it’s total bullshit. The British created Umnoputras? HAHAHAHA

    The biggest Umnoputra in the 80’s and 90’s was none other than ANWAR IBRAHIM himself. What were you guys thinking?

    ripcurl, you are entitled to your opinion, of course. But if you care to read Malaysian history carefully, you will know that the British colonists used Malay royalty and elites (MCKK types) to control the “Malay natives”. UMNO was born in Johor in 1946 and sponsored by the Sultan of Johor. The revered Sultan and Dato Onn were genuine in trying to protect the Malays.

    Today UMNO is an elitist party, no longer one dominated by ordinary Malay school teachers and penghulus when it was founded. Mahathir made UMNO the party of sycophantic and fawning Malay businessmen and professionals in designer watches, Georgio Armani suits and fancy cars, and UMNOputras are, therefore, the elites who are raking in billions of ringgit for themselves, the families and cronies who are also elites.

    Correction, the biggest UMNOputra throughout the 1980s till 2003 was Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and his cronies, and now we have Badawi and his family and cronies. Accept this reality and you won’t be looking like an ostrich with its head buried in the sand.–Din Merican

  3. Hey Ripcurl
    If you don’t know how to write they refrain from writing.
    “What were you guys thinking” Who are you refering to “you guys”?
    If you have problem with the article, then tackle the issues point by point like others on this blog. Stop calling the readers idiots because you are also one of them.
    I suggest you go back to “Writing 101” and learn ethics and etiquette of writing.
    Shrek no idiot. 10-4

  4. oi shrek!

    wanna know why i say tulang besi is an idiot?

    read here from his article:

    “When the British awarded Independence to Malaysia, they effectively handed over power to this elite class of the Malays. They ensured that British interest is protected and at the same time they consolidated their control of the country’s power structure.

    To find legitimacy in a Constitutional Monarch practicing democracy, they will require a political platform. They then formed UMNO, and later Perikatan to be that political platform.”

    when the the ‘rombongan kemerdekaan’ went to London to negotiate for independence, it was in 1955. In 1957, we gained independence.

    But WTF tulang besi said after independence, Umno was formed? Is he an idiot? Umno was formed way back in 1946 la monkey!

    Idiot! And you too are an idiot Shrek for believing Tulang Besi!

    That whole article was filled with fiction and lies, only an idiot will believe it.

  5. Well, belalang from my point of view ripcurl’s views are true. Maybe you can’t get past the language that been used in his/her comments but the gist of what needed to be put through was concrete enough.
    Just because you didn’t agree with what is being said doesn’t mean it’s not correct.

  6. ReeWoo, Belalang, Shrek,

    Respect the man who disagrees with you.

    It was Philosopher George Santayana who said that those who forget history are condemned to repeat. This is what is happening to UMNO types today. They are caught in a trap of their own making and are now unable to get out of it. Inertia is going to drag UMNO into a deep morass.

    Unless it can reform itself, UMNO will be going into history as a party that is unable to deal with the reality of a changed world. Even the ordinary Malays realise that they can only survive if they invest in quality education for their offsprings. But they need help and opportunity to rise above the present socio-economic station in life.

  7. din,

    well then, from your reply, i assume you never rebuke my claims that Anwar was one of the Umnoputra. If Dr M was the biggest, then Anwar was the SECOND Biggest. enough said.
    If Anwar was the then second biggest UMNOputra, PKR would have billions of ringgits to fight the last elections, and we would have carried Sabah, Sarawak and other states and be the government today. It is UMNO-BN that has loads of money including taxpayers’ money to spend and buy voters and the power to make Rashid Rahman, the SPR chairman, and his boys to sing their tune.

    We stayed in touch with the people and got our message through to them, despite the fact we in PKR, PAS and DAP did not get even a minute of air time on the television and were absolutely ignored by the mainstream newspapers. All you heard from the mainstream media was negative news.

    We won 5 states and 82 seats in Parliament on the strength of our manifesto and ideas. You see, it is power of our ideas that won us national prominence and international recognition.—Din Merican

  8. Dear Ripcurl,

    It is quite funny reading what you wrote, let me tell you this. History is really dependent from which side you’re hearing, which source you are reading, and many other factors.

    Sure the history that you read from your kindergarden textbook is different than what is written above, how do know the above is not true.
    I’m also not implying that the above is true.

    One must always read history with an open mind,
    read different sources and make your own analysis, and perhaps conclusion. And in this case, the writers analysis (depending on how he interpretes the events) made him think and conclude something.

    And what did you do, still relying on your kindergarden textbook.

    You also said :
    [If Dr M was the biggest, then Anwar was the SECOND Biggest. ]

    Din, i feel i’m about to blow when reading this statement, (though i’ve promise not to say anything ** before).

    What does that got to do with anything. ***.
    Even if Anwar was the biggest, does it mean he’s not suitable to lead Malaysia. It’s totally irrelevant.

  9. Din,

    So umno cybertroopers are here again?! They step in here and start hurling abusive words to upset everyone on this blog, typical of their species. Such arrogance, they are afterall janitors/toilet cleaners or the corrupt party!

    They have no more issues except the ‘basi’ ones, so the best the can do is to upset blogs which expose their wrong doings.

    Din, I don’t think there’s even a need for you respond to their garbage. Just delete, it’s your right to as host.

  10. Well, I can only say ripcurl does not understand the passage properly, (or chooses not to).

    “When the British awarded Independence to Malaysia, they effectively handed over power to this elite class of the Malays. They ensured that British interest is protected and at the same time they consolidated their control of the country’s power structure.

    To find legitimacy in a Constitutional Monarch practicing democracy, they [REFERS TO THE MALAY ELITES] will require a political platform. They then formed UMNO, and later Perikatan to be that political platform.”

    Of course, Tulang Besi could have made his message more direct by changing the order of the two paragraphs, to help readers read better.

    Seriously, attacking Anwar as an (ex?)UMNOPUTRA is like barking up to the wrong tree. He has already shed that image. Some people try to paint him as such, but I think people LISTEN to what Anwar says now, instead of getting preoccupied with his past.

    The same thing cannot be said of Mahathir though …

  11. “…tulang besi is writing a really nice fiction for those who want to believe it. To me, it’s total bullshit. The British created Umnoputras? HAHAHAHA …

    – ripcurl

    The Brits were not fools. If they could not own the land they leased it as with HongKong. And there, they could still trade and it turned out kept a tab on communism. Even now, they hold sway on a lot of things in Malaysia.

    They even engineered the laws affecting royalty and the constitution and left us with a few time bombs.

    Were I “them”, I would have been faced with the similar choices. Cultivate rubber and UMNO!

    Then there’s the confusion with Federated/Unfederated Malay States for “Malaya” with Sabah and Sarawak independent enitities on the total Federation Malaysia. “Malaya” has almost gone from everybody’s lips, except occasionaly when some judge is made Boss of the “Malaya” High Court. Why do you think they left so many holes behind? Obvious, ain’t it? So they can poke their fingers in it again, later!

  12. Bro Din
    Shrek have no problems with RipCurl and his opinion but calling “you guys” idiots is not acceptable.
    Shrek also don’t agree with some of the facts in Tulang Besi’s article but Shrek respect Tulang Besi’s opinion as much as RipCurl. Shrek only object to the way RipCurl calling “you guys” idiots.
    Shrek Mano a Mano 10-4

  13. RipCurl
    Wow you’ve suddenly become a mind reader. Rather presumptive of you to say Shrek believe in Tulang Besi and the article. Shrek never mentioned Shrek believed in Tulang Besi article. Be very careful when jumping to conclusion.

    Shrek read Tulang Besi’s article. Though there are some factual errors Tulang Besi is entitled to his views and opinions. Other commentators have pointed out Tulang Besi’s error. So no need for Shrek to elaborate.
    Shrek scared of mind readers. 10-4

  14. Dr Bean,

    I keep getting this poppers on my laptop for US immigration. How many Indonesians do you think there are in the US?

    There are only some 250 blooming Malaysians sitting on 1 sg mile in Malaysia. Mahathir asked Malaysians to make more love and produce 70.0 million. What he didn’t tell us was that he gave out free MyKads to a lot of people. Being a fake Malay, he didn’t give citizenship or they’ll demand rights. The real Malaysians didn’t demand anything. So it was all for his taking!

    Supposing instead of prospering our neighbours, we prosper Malaysians—you know give Indonesians laptops those poppers and make them Malaysians! We need productive labor to man the next 50 years of growth!

    There’s just one problem. Mahathir’s children can’t do anything on their own without handouts and robbing other non-demanding Malaysians!

    If we make Indonesians Malaysians, we’ll be truly Malaysian! But we have to throw out those BN people first!

  15. Salak
    The US Immigration runs a Diversity Program and Immigrant Visas are given out via lottery. Malaysia is under represented and they want more Malaysians to migrate to the US.
    Since so many Malaysians have claimed that they are treated as second class citizens, the US believed that these people should migrate to the US.
    Indonesians are already over represented.

    Shrek waiting for the Mega Million lottery 10-4

  16. Hey Tulang Besi –
    You read what I wrote, and rewrote it or what?

    Just kidding, okay …. just that I could’ve written the above myself – In fact, I wrote many things along the same line of understanding of Malayan History, and the economic monopoly of the aristocracy in Malaysia.
    That is one of the reasons why they would never want Anwar as PM.

    About the backlash of the aristocrats and the punishment dished out to the proletariat- that too, was written during the early post GE period. I gave it 6 mths to materialize ….. that means, September.

    I agree with almost everything you say about the Brit-Umno conspiracy, and how they “pulled the rug” on early nationalists thru ISA.
    This was to facilitate Umno’s rise, so as to set the “national Malay agenda”. and also how the “fought” for independence through “negotiation”.

    What we now see, is the contempt that aristocrats have for the common man, and rule of law.

    Umno has taken the Malays on a roller-coaster joyride that got them drunk and screaming with delight on the “adrenaline rush” of “Ketuanan Melayu” while enslaving them – for far too long …… the stomach will grumble sooner or later, whether they know the reason for it or not.

    That’s now – and the signs are obvious.
    The Umno show is slipping, and their slips are showing ….

  17. Wonder what Tony Blair came down here for?

    He couldn’t care less for miilions of Iraqis and Afghans lives. Could he care more for those Ayeman in UM? The Menara Gasing that keeps losing its maruah?

    Well, there’s always a fat fee!

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  19. Ripcurl says:

    “But WTF tulang besi said after independence, Umno was formed? Is he an idiot? Umno was formed way back in 1946 la monkey!”


    Ripcurl, I think u have problem reading too. I never said anything about UMNO being formed after independence.

    I said British gave power to the elites, whom have collected themselves in UMNO.

    And because UMNO is effectively under the control of these elites, the British were willing to hand over power to them.

    That’s why if u noticed, the only contribution of UMNO towards the independence is to have that small group going to London to ask for Independence.

    None of their leaders actually fought for independence. They were awarded by the British.

    Why? Because the British knows that UMNO is their agent in Malaysia that can protect their interest.

    And Din Merican is right, u need to learn the history of Malaysia more before talking about it.

  20. RIpcurl,

    THe fact u are unware of the existence of the Malay elites taken care by the British proves how much u know about our country’s history.

    Also, might I add that, after Dr Mahathir came into power, the real UMNO elites was seriously under threat. This is because Dr Mahathir is not your run-of-the-mills, British educated, tea drinking, cricket playing UMNO elites. He was of a completely different brand. Everyone was rejoicing the possibility of change in Malay leadership.

    But what Dr Mahathir did was he expanded the elite club but made the elites more corrupted and more heartless then their predecessors. At least the old elites had ethics and held on the the discipline the BRitish trained them with. THe elites under Dr Mahathir has no idea what ethics is. They commit corruption without even a hint of remorse. They take as much money via corrupt ways as they can.

    The old elites, despite being instruments of the British, were well respected because they had pride in their work, they were disciplined, hard working and not corrupted like the ones we see now. Ask any old civil servants before and they will say corruption is a thing very rarely seen. They were very proud of what they were doing before.

  21. Mr Din Merican,

    I am honored that you have considered my writing worthy of occupying a space in your blog.

    I do apologize for some mistakes and missing words in my article which might have led to unscrupolous individuals like ripcurl to capitalize on it. When I wrote the article, i just finished a 14 hrs shift and i was in a state of exhaustion.

    Below is how i should have written the two “controversial” paragraphs:

    “When the British awarded Independence to Malaysia, they effectively handed over power to this elite class of the Malays. They ensured that British interest is protected and at the same time they consolidated their control of the country’s power structure.

    To find legitimacy in a Constitutional Monarch that practices democracy, they will require a political platform. UMNO, and later Perikatan is chosen to be that platform.”

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  23. You all should see the youtube of Lindsay William, George Galloway and Economic Hitman to enrich you’re knowledge how the zionist will control your and your generation future life.

    Argue all the way and the next day we all will be brainwashed.

  24. “Malaysia is under represented and they want more Malaysians to migrate to the US.” Shrek

    Thanks to you, Shrek. There are now long lines of Malaysians waiting to get passed U.S. Customs and Immigration at all airports!

  25. Dr Bean
    The long lines are Malaysian passengers disembarking from Malaysia Airlines flights. Soon there will be shorter lines as Malaysia Airlines cut back flights to the US. After that there will only be lines at LAX three days a week.

    Shrek travel by steamers 10-4

  26. I would like to add a note here. The Malay Elites under the British followed a system under the British. When Mahathir took over, the legacy died when Mahathir had his own ways of looking at things. However Mahathir’s concept of absolute power began to corrupt the elites. If I remember clearly, Mahathir stated that when you have power you can do anything!

  27. That is why I always emphasis that we need leaders with great moral values, so that they have a guide to base their leadership on. Even YB Nik Aziz of PAS is a man with better moral values and therefore highly respected.

  28. To Dinobeano,
    I can see that you are a rational man, not like some that just shoot their mouths. this country needs more people like you.

  29. You guys, both for and against, are good thinkers. But you are powerless. Whether the Elites were or were not started by the Brits should no longer be a bone of contention. Just start NOW. Is there that Elite Group or the Special Team to downtrodden all opposition to the UMNO plans? And what are the current UMBO Plans? Are these for or against Non-Malays? Will such plans kill Malaysians? These are the matters we must consider, get true information and work on .. again for or against as our conscience dictates. And for me, I think Dato’ Syed Ahmad Idid whom Mahathir forced to resign should be reinstated to give credence to the Judiciary. But then many lawyers want corrupt Judges and so they don’t care two hoots even when ethics and reputation do not exist. What type of HUMANS are we? And you? Fikir-lah kawan!

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