Anwar to contest Permatang Pauh
July 31, 2008
Anwar Ibrahim announced today that he will contest a by-election for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat which will be vacated by his wife and PKR leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.


Wan Azizah told a packed press conference this afternoon that she will be resigning as member of parliament for the seat but will retain her post as PKR president.

permatang pauh election results 310708“I have submitted my resignation letter to the House speaker today,” she said.

Wan Azizah said the people in Permatang Pauh have a special affinity for Anwar, who was their elected representative prior to his sacking as deputy premier and arrest a decade ago.

Meanwhile, Anwar said that other party leaders offered their seats to him but he preferred Permatang Pauh.

Among those who offered their seats, he said, were  Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim (Bandar Tun Razak) and party vice- president Azmin Ali (Gombak).

“After discussing with party leaders, I have decided to go for Permatang Pauh,” he added.

Anwar said he has relayed his decision to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang who has given his full support.

The opposition stalwart  – who is seeking to make a parliamentary comeback after a 10-year absence – has been shopping for a seat to contest after the expiry of a five-year ban from active politics.

The Election Commission will be required to call a by-election within 60 days.

Permatang Pauh was held by Anwar for 17 years since he joined Umno in 1982.

Wan Azizah took over as MP for the seat after her husband was sacked and subsequently jailed on charges of corruption and sodomy.

In the 2008 general election, she won the seat for a third term with a majority of 13,388 after defeating Umno’s Pirdaus Ismail.

Anwar had earlier said that he would contest in the Kulim-Bandar Baharu seat if a court orders a by-election.

The High Court is to hear a challenge on Aug 19 asking it to invalidate the result in the seat that was won by PKR in the March 8 polls.

However, uncertainty over possible delays in the court decision was a key factor in Anwar opting for Permatang Pauh instead.

In an immediate reaction, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, speaking at a different press conference, said: “A loving wife would no nothing better”.

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23 thoughts on “Anwar to contest Permatang Pauh

  1. If he indeed is our foremost democratic reformer, as the world hails him as, do things in the most democratic means possible. The defecting call is a no-go. We might have a new government soon but I don’t think the BN fellas will sit down to take it. And what’s to stop the cross-over MPs from crossing-over AGAIN if the price is right? And really, the underlying problem with this is that it betrays the trust of the people who voted and put them there in the first place. They voted for the party as much as the individuals. For better or for worse, we have to respect the result of the General Election.
    AL, how do you challenge a regime that uses repressive means and are ruthless and corrupt? We abide by the constitution. You should advise your BN friends. They are trying all kinds of tricks to entice PR MPs to come to their side; they use every means possible to deny Anwar Ibrahim his fundamental rights, in particular his right to stand for elections. It won’t work. We know their every move and are vigilant.

    Who started the crossover business and who blocked J. Pairin Kitigan from forming the state government years ago? Mahathir and his gang, of course; they use the courts and manipluate the rules with a compliant judge (In 1998, it was Justice Augustine “not relevant, not relevant, not relevant” Paul to make a ruling, which led to the conviction of Anwar Ibrahim and his humiliation and incarceration in Sungei Buluh for 6 years ; now we have a new set of elite gangsters who are employing the same methods.

    As long as we do not buy the MPs who are desirous of crossing over, I think they should be free to act with their political conscience to join us. At the rate the BN is running the government, our country will be left behind by other countries in East Asia. If they wish to represent and help the voters who voted them to power, they must do what it right, that is be with a PR government which cares for the people.

    Respect the election result? yes, we did, although we know the Election Commission was working hand and glove with the the UMNO-BN clique to fix the elections by any means. They failed because people want a change in the way the country is run. Now it is logical that PR should go for the ultimate prize, that is, take control of Putrajaya and usher in a new dawn of democracy, freedom and justice on the back of robust economic growth.—Din Merican

  2. A piece of advice to PKR,

    I think Pakatan Rakyat should nominate 2 person, instead of only Anwar during nomination day. This is in case, Anwar is charge , or anything goes wrong, at least Pakatan Rakyat won’t lose the seat to UMNO.

  3. Dude you have a point. I am sure PKR is all prepared, they are always one step ahead of things. Don’t worry.

    A wise decision and so welcoming for your supporters! Good luck.

  4. How many of you agree with me on this?

    I have this gut feeling that Anwar will NOT be arrested or charged!!
    The Solicitor General will most probably say that the prosecution does not have a prima facie case or he might direct the police to plug some holes in the investigations. Case closed.
    Anwar wins Permatang Pauh. And bingo! and we have a new government.
    There is only so far this conspiracy can go. It has already gone to the ridiculously insane.
    I am an Optimist, and I dream dreams.

  5. AL,
    I am not sure how old you are but in the 1970s to the 1990s, it was common for opposition MPs and ADUNs to cross over to BN.

    This was a culture in East Malaysia. In the Peninsular it was always the DAP jumping ship.

    The DAP made many calls for the constitution to be amended to prevent party hoping.
    PBS even amended the state constitution to bar cross overs but it was ruled by the courts to be against the spirit of the Federal Constitution.
    It was the BN government that never respected the voters choice. Now it time for them to have taste of their own medicine.

  6. Al, it is clear where your allegiance lies but just as Din has pointed out, the cross overs have always been one way and it has always been a case of the BN dangling the multi million dollar carrot and probably a big stick behind each kangaroo that has hopped over to join BN in the past. And while you are ‘advising PR on why they should not encourage cross overs, what do you call that dickhead of a former MB who offered the PAS the position of MB so long as the Perak PAS swings to BN. The same too for those scumbag friends of yours in Selangor.
    You are telling PR to close the doors to members of BN who want to come over to PR voluntarily – PR does not have a bottomless bank to offer largesse to anyone man) while it is bloody all right for BN to offer everything including probably a few more Mongolian girls (I am sure Razak Baginda can check his source for more if you want) to every one to cross over.
    What the F**K do you call this latest so-called proposal for a PAS-UMNO tie up for Race and Religion. Thats quite OK with you right. And it’s OK as well that UMNO has by this act F**ked Up all the component parties of the BN. Shit, iof they have any more brains left in their empty skulls, component BN parties should all abandon the sinking ship called Ti-UMNO-TANIC. The scum leading the BN and their cronies realise that they will be facing Judgement Day once PR rises and takes over the reins of the government and are already showing how desparate they are to do anything and everything to buy Opposition MPs and Aduns or thraten and force others to do their dirty bidding to finish off the only threat to their stayin in power.
    Sorry Al, NO DEAL, now run off to your masters with yourntail between your legs – give them this message.
    The End is Near – DSAI HAS RETURNED!!!

  7. “The Solicitor General will most probably say that the prosecution does not have a prima facie case or he might direct the police to plug some holes in the investigations. Case closed.” Mr Smith

    I think you meant the Attorney General and not the Solicitor General.

    There is just an outside chance that the current AG may now see the light, that he cannot go on being an instrument of oppression for a regime that is fast losing popular support. He may now want to reach to Anwar to give him some measure of immunity from prosecution. After all he was carrying out orders. If that at all is possible, now is the time for him to do it!

    Directing the police to “plug some holes” in the government’s case?? Why should the AG be plugging holes when holes are what he would need! As it is there are plenty of holes in the government’s case against Anwar.

  8. Din , you said

    [ how do you challenge a regime that uses repressive means and are ruthless and corrupt? ]

    Are you saying we should compromise the trust the people give , to get what we want ? The question is , is it a right thing to do? Are we suppose to sacrifice our own judgement/(integrity) , in order to get to where we are going. Are we so obsess with the destination (or paradise ), that we ignore the path to get there.

    Mr Smith, you said

    [I am not sure how old you are but in the 1970s to the 1990s, it was common for opposition MPs and ADUNs to cross over to BN.]

    Just because it is common, it does not it make it a right thing to so. After all, we tell people that we are better than the other side. And we end up doing the same thing.

  9. On the matter of ‘cross-overs’ you cannot prevent MPs from wanting to change their party affiliations. But what treatment should we give to the issue of cross-overs?

    This is a democracy and MPs and ADUNs have been elected to represent their constituents based on the political parties they stood for. They are, of course, some who voted for these MPs based on their personal loyalties rather than the party platform they stood on.

    Cross-overs should, therefore, be followed by fresh by-elections as if these duly elected representatives resign their positions. The first Pakatan Parliament should pass amendments to mandate the holding of fresh by-elections once MPs indicate their desire to change their party affiliations and let the issue of who best to represent go to their constituents.

    Of course, Pakatan leaders would be seen as being hypocritical over the issue. But hey! It wasn’t Pakatan who passed the law allowing cross-overs!

  10. “Just because it is common, it does not it make it a right thing to so. After all, we tell people that we are better than the other side. And we end up doing the same thing.” Dude

    The majority, of course, is not always right. But that is not what democracy is all about. Democracy is about the freedom of the majority to do what they think is right for them! Fascism takes its roots when a group of people get together to claim that they are best qualified by their superiority in intelligence to decide what is good or bad for the rest of us.

  11. Mr Bean,
    This case is now under the Solicitor General Datuk Adrus Harun. The files are with him now.
    The AG is ‘not supposed’ to be involved in this case.

  12. This is for Mahathir,

    Yes, a loving wife would do nothing better like Kak Wan…

    But, your son Mukhriz refuses to leave UMNO!

  13. Mr Smith,

    I find that puzzling!

    Is it not the Attorney General who prosecutes? Is it not his decision alone based on the evidence available to him to prosecute or not to prosecute.

    An AG would not proceed with prosecution unless there is enough prima facie evidence to make a case. If he does he exposes himself to allegations of prosecutorial misconduct for which he could be tried, convicted, imprisoned and disbarred.

  14. The Solicitor General in the U.S. is behind the Attorney General and his deputies, and his duty is in representing the federal government in cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

  15. Dear Din,

    To add to the point, i believe people in the GE did not vote PR, they simply vote againts BN. Do they want PR to take over the country? Hey, i could be wrong here , and so can you. Could you not have been mislead by the GE’s result . How can you be sure?

    To make matter worst, the MP just cross-over, rather than doing for people’s best interest, they do it for their own. Again, i could be wrong here, so can you.

    How do we make the call, using my judgement, or yours. Shouldn’t we give it back to the people to decide. After all, isn’t is suppose to be about people’s power.

    I think a fresh GE is the best way to go.

  16. Looks like we Malaysians mudah lupa the past. The people at Peoples’ Parliament have already gone through all this crossing over ethics. Yes in the past elected DAP candidates used to cross over to MCA ..people like Richard Ho and Yap Pian Hon who contested on the DAP ticket. Remember Dude,
    the election commission is not exactly independent as shown in the March 8 GE as well as in the past elections as well ie indelible ink issue. Why should the Pakatan Rakyat be whiter than white and the BN Gomen can be black for the 50 years of its rule and yet we can tolerate it. For the sake of our country and the future generation we should let PR have the mandate now. Remember China’s Deng Xiaoping once said ” Whether the cat is white or black is not important. As long as it can catch the rat then it is a good cat”. Look at China today.

  17. Dude,

    How naive can you get?

    Fresh general elections would give UMNO/BN a fresh opportunity at vote rigging and voter fraud. This time knowing the odds they would do a better job than the last time.

  18. Mr Smith, can appreciate your rational but knowing these Goons , they will make sure Anwar to be charged and arrested soon- within 48 hrs.

    These goons just can’t afford Anwar to be in the Parliament . Anwar would be a ‘pain in the neck’ for them. After all, these goons has recognized Anwar’s capablities.


  19. ariffin,
    It is always my hope that there will good men amongst evil ones. They can make a difference. There is a hope, albeit, a slim one that commonsense and decency will will prevail. Will these good men please stand up!
    I am disgusted why the many leaders/law makers of other BN parties can allow UMNO to abuse its power with such impunity and get away with it.
    This is sin of omission – for not doing what you ought to do.
    But then, even if charged in court, Anwar can still win the by election and go on to become PM before the courts hand down the verdict.

  20. Mr Bean,
    After the AFP interview, it would seem that the AG chambers might be taking orders from the PM.
    Being an idiot, he has exposed himself in this AFP interview.

  21. to all you guys,
    I have no doubt that Anwar would be arrested,it is a matter of time.Statements from Syed Hamid and Abdullah Badawi more or less confirms that they have the case wrapped up against Anwar.I am sure they both have read the investigation reports before being submitted to the AG chambers.My worry is , is this a bailable offense?Will he be incarcerated in the detention cell while attending his trial?
    I have a gut feeling that the AG and IGP are still very much involved in the direction of this case albeit unseen.

  22. Judging from the real threat that Anwar poses to their survival and I’m not referring to their political careers (since many could be prosecuted for corruption and abuse of power), anything is possible.

    A crime like sodomy punishable with the maximum of 20 years imprisonment is serious enough to warrant the use by a prosecution minded trial judge of his inherent discretionary powers to have Anwar detained. In some other jurisdictions, this could be in the form of a house arrest with perhaps the use of electronic braces. But I have my doubts. They just want Anwar out of the way permanently.

    In light of the above Anwar should give asylum and the prospect of a temporary life abroad serious thought, from where he could direct his struggle for a free Malaysia. This is better than being incarcerated after another political trial.

    Needless to say this is also what the BN government wants! For Anwar, it is a decision involving serious choices that no politician should have had to make but will have to make.

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