This report (July 28, 2008 ) is from Michelle Yoon in New Zealand. How pathetic our mainstream media can be!! –Din Merican

Anwar, the media, and us

As I write this, it is now 6pm Malaysian time.

I first found out about the medical report on Saiful which stated that he was never sodomised, on Malaysia-Today this morning, at 4:56am Malaysian time. It has been a 13 hour gap between then and now.

Malaysiakini reported this at approx 1:01pm today. It has been a 5 hour gap since then till now.

Malaysiakini had their news updated at 4:50pm. It has been about an hour’s gap since then till now.

Malaysian Insider had a news article on it at about 4pm. Two hours between then and now.

TheSun has an article updated 5:32pm. Half an hour from then till now.

The Star: nadda
NST: nadda
Bernama: nadda

My question is: why?

Malaysiakini has already authenticated the medical report:

A senior Pusrawi official told malaysiakini this morning that the hospital had launched an internal investigation on how Saiful’s medical report was leaked, which is widely considered as a major infringement of patient privacy.

When malaysiakini showed him a copy of the report, he refused to return it saying, “It’s our document.”

Taken from Din Merican’s blog HERE.

What are they afraid of, the people from The Star and NST and Bernama?

Not even Wong Chun Wai’s personal blog carries any such news item.

Have the papers not learnt anything? Don’t they know that speed is something that they cannot lose out on when reporting on items like this?

This is very similar to the time when Balasubramaniam first came out with the first SD, linking Najib to Altantuya. None of the mainstream news portals reported on the issue, until the evening when Najib came out to deny all allegations.

The Star, NST and Bernama all reported on Najib denying the allegations, without reporting on the allegations prior to Najib’s press conference.

Am I to assume that they are not going to report on this at all until and unless Saiful makes a statement? Or until and unless any government official comes out to say that the medical report was fabricated? Or until and unless the IGP comes out to say that he knows nothing of it?

Must there be a denial of sorts from the government before this issue gets reported in the mainstream media?

I hope not. But it’s not looking good for them.

UPDATE: 6:15pm, NST has an article. Go HERE.

According to the report, the police say that whatever is being circulated on the Internet is yet another attempt to sabotage the investigations.

I guess it is true. Mainstream news portals need someone from the government to deny it before they can report on it.


And nor is this looking good for the police and the government.

I have been aptly reminded by several comments left around blogosphere, about something I once wrote when Bala came out with the first SD.

I said:

It’s not just about them. It’s about us. It’s about how we understand the situation at hand. It’s about how we, as a society, will handle this issue. It’s about how we react.

I have to admit, amidst all the cacophony, I have forgotten the most elementary part of the issue. It’s not only about vindicating Anwar. It’s not only about Saiful being un-sodomised.

It’s about how rotten the system has become. It’s about how we could have let it become the way it is. It’s about what we say, what we do, and where we stand from here on.

RPK ended his article with this:

Civil society movements, NGOs and the Malaysian Bar Council must not remain silent.

WE, the rakyat of Malaysia are the civil society. We cannot afford to remain silent anymore.

Lim Teck Ghee, Director of Centre for Policy Initiatives has this to say:

Further attempts at one sided or politically biased and manipulative handling of the case will cause the nation even more grievous damage than what has already been inflicted.

Taken also from Din Merican’s blog HERE.

Comments from Haris’ blog HERE:

This goes beyond Anwar. I think it is what we do as a nation that will matter. What we demand how far we want to go is what matters now. Telling the truth and standing for it at a time of universal deceit is what makes partiot get counted. We will have to demand the best of our nation and it is now. Keeping silent or standing aside is being part of the crimes being commited against our motherland. Abdul

How are we going to trust our system ever again. I think we all have to stand p and be counted. Inaction rather than opposition is the country’s worst enemy. arianna

This is beyond me. My reaction to this so far has been: What has Malaysia come to?

Are we being led by leaders who don’t lead? Are we being duped by reporters who don’t report? Are we being silenced by fear and paranoia? Are we being robbed by unfair policies? Are we being stepped on by rubbish politicians? Are we being spat at on the face by the very persons we voted into office?

Are we going to keep silent about all this? Are we going to say “I’ve had enough of this,” and simply turn our cheek? Are we going to slowly kill ourselves by thinking it has nothing to do with us?

Haris had this to say in reply to a comment:

Let this fight for equality reach to the highest heavens, I am up to the task, God-willing.

Question is, are you?

I am too.
Are YOU?

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  1. I join Haris, RPK and Michelle (in far away New Zealand). We are up to the task. Are you? If you are, come join us in the name of democracy, freedom and justice. Fight this elite gangsterism before it is too late.

    Make your views known to and your sense of outrage felt by your MPs in Dewan Rakyat and ADUNs and explain what is at stake for our country to all our friends in the desas, bandars and ibu kotas from Perlis to Sabah.

  2. The thruth is out there somewhere but the BIG QUESTION is what if the THRUTH all along being staring right in our faces all this while . Can we accept it ?

  3. I think Raja Petai are more good from Raja Petra..cause when we eat the Raja Petai make our health healthy..and when we blown the aircond from our back side..all people arround us can smell the lovely perfume..but not as Raja Petra..when he blown the aircond from his back side..nobody smell..cause no prove,no evidences,no eating Raja Petai..just simply-simply take notes from no where(Kota SODOM)..then claims sodomize is not true..I think Raja Beruk will laughing until not enough place.. when seing Raja Petra.. SAME FACES..

  4. The fight in our hands is not just about DSAI though we shudder at the thought that if the tyrants in Putrajaya and their lackeys in the PDRM, AG chambers and whatever have you right down to their underlings in every strata of Malaysian society can do whatever they wish even to people of DSAI’s stature – what will become of the common Rakyat if we should unwittingly step on their toes. Th fight is our demand for an explanation as to why the entire Government machination has been dedicated to bringing down the only possible threat to the position of these tyrants on a charge of sodomy – for that matter, how many government high fliers are themselves practitioners of sodomy in the confines of their private
    hideaways ? Our fight is to ask, NO, to DEMAND why nothing is done about the damning SDs of RPK and PI Bala. The subjects of the SDs have blithely just denied that there is no truth in the SDs and the lap dogs in PDRM immediately close the files. Its is now so obvious that it is all right to fuck a Mongolian woman and then C4 her to bits but it is not all right to bugger another guy even if some of the friends of those in power continue to do so.
    It is a really sad day for us Malaysians to discover that the Man who claims to be the Prime Minister of all Malaysians has chosen to clam up when dastardly murders are committed during his watch. If he doesn’t watch it, somebody impatient might chose to remove him permanently before his plans to step down in 2 years time. If that happens, you can bet all of Malaysia will say with great enthusiasm “PADAN MUKA”.
    It is clear as day for all to see that the BN and the rotten to the core leaders do not, for a single moment, think of the good of the country. Their interest is to hang on to the reins of control in the country at all costs even if their actions will one day soon turn Malaysian against Malaysian, Brothers against brothers – a terrible thought but I can clearly see the direction the BN is pushing this country to.
    Yes, the time has come for all true Malaysians to stand up and say in a collective voice – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It is about time we all stand up and be counted and Din, COUNT ME IN.

  5. Che Pet – I prefer to call him that because I like to hear it pronounced in Cantonese, if you know what I mean 🙂 – is talking a lot of bull.

    He said how could the first doctor who examined his nephew know since the physical examination only took some two minutes to complete! How hard is it to verify if there had been penetration of the anus??

    In a rape case involving heterosexuals, a fresh tear of the hymen is evidence of a recent penetration and supported by bruises in the area would generally support the allegation of rape. We are talking sodomy involving two men, how hard is that to find evidence of penetration?

  6. Mr Bean
    Initially they put it at 5.8 but now downgraded to 5.4. No fatalities but some minor building damage. Water main burst near Cal State Univ and brickwalls collapsing in Pomona. Full extent not fully known
    Anyway thanks for asking. Felt it shake quite good. The whole house shook even tho I am about 50 miles from epicenter.

  7. Mr Bean
    Thanks. Shrek is busy calling all friends and making sure they are OK. All local TV stations are having live coverage. 10-4

  8. if u dunno the truth it’s better to say nothing rather than making your own story.

    Dear internationa readers,

  9. Raja Petra should not alone fight against tyranny towards Anwar, Altantuya, Corruption and a whole lot of ills by the people in power. We as able & fair minded Malaysians should stand up and be counted. Only people’s power will good prevail over evil doers!

  10. Count me in too!!!!!!!
    We fight this gangsterism in whatever little ways we can.
    Conscientize those in around us who are naive and ignorant or plain gullible.

  11. Dear Maxtor,

    I couldn’t agree with you more on what you have just said. Put aside your hate about UMNO/BN/Police or whoever, and look at this case/evidence objectively.

    I’ve been telling people my opinion, and i feel that Malaysian uses their heart instead of their brain. At least there are some who are insync with my frequency. Good for you.

    The medical ‘evidence’ (if you consider it as evidence at all’ ) is nothing more that just a medical note (thanks dr raffick for pointing this)
    and it is not enough to rule out possibility of sodomy/no sodomy.

    In fact, i feel Anwar should not call the Police & AG to drop the case, the case should be drop if there is no (not enough) evidence. Who is he to ask the Police to stop, i think it is not right . We have to be fair to everybody, shouldn’t the same rule be applied to him also.

  12. I thought this Auntie Pet (Mr Bean, it should be Hakka not Cantonese, for the effect you’re after) was all-dumb-no-brain exactly what I expect an UMNO monkey should be. I shudder to think that Malaysia is run by a bunch of monkeys so stupid that we are expected to believe their stupidity.

  13. The Sun 30 July08 Pg 4 reported: “Act against those who leaked medical report: Syed Hamid”

    – How irresponsible, this scumbag of a Home Minister is more interested to go after the whistle-blower and those responsible for leaking the Pusrawi Medical Report than to do what’s right -reveal the existence of such a medical report and not to ignore it. A good man’s reputation is at stake and he wants to act against the whistleblower?
    How despicable can he get?!!!!

  14. Whatever happens, the raakyat is and should be with DSAI after reviewing the first case in 1998.

    Those involved in 1998, is now worried that DSAI will go on a rampage and after them. I foresee them fleeing the country like how Marcos and his cronies did when his government fell.

    Is AG sueing? Why not now and what is he waiting for, since IGP have started the ball rolling.

    DSAI will win Kulim hands down as a martyr if he his detained and jailed this time around. The option is in his hands and better still if the dog (EMN) with six shoe boxes stand against him.

    Knowing what our government stand for, the persistant fabrication of evidence such as doctering Police Reports and how the man in blue work, there is no relevance in which Medical Report is genuine. (RM50.00 will enable a sargent to help you write a very good report and even help you alter it so that you get round what you are reported against.)

    So my dear fellow malaysians, whatever race you are, the question is:-

    1. Do you want to be part of history?
    2. Do you want to play a part in toppling this Corrupt Government of ours?
    3. Do you want to join our Asean brothers who have already toppled their corrupt and useless government?
    4. Do you want to let our corrupt and useless government and politicians continue sodomising you?
    5. Do you know besides the petrol increases, there are other areas we are robbed of our hard earned money in the name of Privatisation.
    6. Do you or have you been deprived of a decent job in the name of M&A.
    7. Do you know many suffering Malaysians, have been robbed on their job and families broken as a result of Bolehland big grandoise plans and life style set backwards 30 years.
    8. Do you know if you are given the same privilege as the 1st Mamakk family, you can also be a billionaire and not resort to commit suicide when the financial crisis sets in in 1997.

    And many more questions that we can start asking and only you will know the answers.

    Lets show it via the ballot boxes starting with Kulim.

    Go for a change and hope for the better.

    The system needs a complete overhaul and the beauty of it is we decide who runs our lives and not the Politicians.

    Once again, my dear malaysian brothers, please be bold enough to go for a change and see to it that justice is done. Do not adopt a “tidak apa dah biasa and nothing we can do” attitude.

    The well being of your children and future generations is in your hands.

  15. What crime did they do?

    Withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense, and prosecuting knowing that the proceedings would qualify to be frivolous and vexations would make the AG guilty of prosecutorial misconduct!

  16. “At 2.30pm on Wednesday, 25 June 2008, Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) II Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof met Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan in room 619 of the Concorde Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Prior to this secret meeting, Rodwan and Saiful spoke on the phone at least eight (8) times.”

    This is what RPK says in his latest post at Malaysia Today.

  17. The BN spin doctors have sucessfully carried out a diversion. Malaysians are now talking nothing but sodomy and Anwar. Meantime the Altantuya case goes unnoticed. The protest on petrol price increase have also subsided. Nobody is addressing the rise in cost of living. Soon all will be forgotten. As Mahathir says Melayu mudah lupa.
    So people please don’t get distracted too easily. Focus on other issues too without forgetting the attempt to frame Anwar for sodomy.

  18. Dear Mr Smith,

    SACII Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof met Mohd Saiful Bukhari in a room of Concorde Hotel.

    So what.. what is wrong with it. Are you telling me they can not met. It is wrong for them to met. Does the law forbids them from meeting. Hey,. they could be best of friends.

    All of you are not giving any real evidence. Nope. Just using more of your imagination. Malaysians,.. when will you ever learn.

  19. That’s interesting, if Saiful claimed to have been sodomised 8 times before, and assuming that’s his lifestyle, …hmmm what’s stopping him having another go, in a room in Hotel Concorde?

  20. Dude,
    I have always been a very quiet and patient person even when dealing with the greatest arseholes but man, you take the f*****g cake.
    If a cop wants to meet with, see or interrogate a person be it a complainant, a witness or a suspect, they would (the exception being DSAI where they go out to “receive” him with balaclava clad UTKs) and should do so in the public or better still in the Balai Polis. What the fuck do you think SACII Mohd Rodwan was doing with Shitfull in the hotel room???? Buggering the arsehole for kicks, part of a deal, or just making sure that there would be clear proof that the dickhead can be found to have a bruised anus when he goes to see the doctor.
    I, for one, would be happy if the Cops did their duty in investigating the case transparently and if there is irrefutable proof that DSAI was the culprit, then the law should take it’s course. However, we are bombarded with silence, refusal to provide police report and all other Hush Hush shit and the Mutton heads at Putrajays, Bukit Aman and wherever else expect us to accept all they say as Bible – Whoops Koran truth????
    And now you, the Dude expect all Malaysians to “learn”?? Up your arse man, it is obvious that you are one of the dickheads in Najis’s army. Go hide in your hole and pray that there are no C4 heading your way.
    As for other Malaysians, I will repeat the call made, stand up for an end to the rule of this corrupt and criminal government. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  21. Yeap, I agree with Dude Cerosky. We Malaysians are just so stupid, with our imagination running wild. All we need is to put our faith, trust and hope with the IGP, AG, Judiciary and the wonderfully clever ministers. We will be alright. Seriously. Malaysia is heading nowhere but heavenward!

  22. Dude
    Do you know who Rodwan is? He was one of the investigating officer in 1998. Isn’t it eerily similar now? All the same characters involved in 1998 are now involved in this alleged sodomy?

    Nothing wrong with the Rod Man meeting Shitful but why in a hotel room? They can always meet in the police station or even Bukit Aman or in any coffee shop. Don’t you see the conspiracy or are you just blind with loyalty to UNMO?

  23. Boys,

    First of all, I’m just stating what is fact, and that is there is nothing wrong with Saiful meeting Rodwan. Whether Rodwan is the investigating officer of the 1998 case or not , is irrelevant. So you are telling me just because it is the same guy, it must be the same conspiracy. What if it is not?
    What if it is a different conspiracy.

    Consider a genuine case (not this one),and it was dropped because the investigating officer met the victim a couple of days before the incident took place. Should we rule out the possibility that it is genuine case. No. Would it be fair then ? You tell me.

    I not an UMNO trooper nor am i Najib C4 buddies,
    so is this your logic, anybody who disagree with you is considered as UMNO trooper. Grow up boys. We may have different perspective of how we interprete the evidence (use our imagination),
    it does not mean we are not on the same boat.
    Does everybody have to sing the same song, or tune to the same frequency, to be on the same boat.

  24. Right, of course! Meeting secretly in a hotel just a few days before the big news (our wonderful MSM made sure of that) of a 61-year-old back-ailing Anwar raping this 6-foot 23-year-old poor boy, no less than 8 times, totally normal and acceptable. The entire Malaysian police force just doing their excellent job of quickly nabbing this confirmed boy rapist, nevermind that the police report has yet to appear todate, and that the first independent doctor found that his anus was still ‘virginal’ etc. We foolish Malaysians should NEVER question the guilt of Anwar Ibrahim, and we should place our hope and trust on the IGP and AG. Where is our faith, man?

  25. Lawyer wannabe Dude,

    It never fails to amaze me of your kindergarden level reasoning. Save us your lawyer talk and spin about Fair Play. You seemed inclined to give hypothetical scenarios from your various postings to augment your view of fair play and of course, without realizing your scenarios are just so fake and plain retarded to say the least. You obviuosly don’t seem to realize that you are also contradicting yourself.
    You wrote:
    “So you are telling me just because it is the same guy, it must be the same conspiracy. What if it is not?
    What if it is a different conspiracy.

    LOL….Have you been smoking something Dude? Same players, same charge, same accused. These are elementary facts. I guess an “intellectual” like you wouldn’t know what facts are even if they stared you in the face.

    So please spare us your intellectual spin and fine detailed analysis. Leave the majority of Malaysians see the simple and obvious big picture without your condescending “help.”
    If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck…IT IS A DUCK.

  26. That’s interesting, if Saiful claimed to have been sodomised 8 times before, and assuming that’s his lifestyle, …..

    Anally “violated without consent” 8th time round????
    Is that an oxymoron or what?

    Maybe the Pusrawi notes should’ve at least mentioned if an “anal funnel” (seen in ‘regulars’) was noted – that doesn’t take more than 2 seconds….. and it’s “critical observation”, if you ask me!

    However, it doesn’t take a Forensic expert to see the external injury or elicit “tenderness” arising out of “repeated forced violation” that may cause tenesmus. Any first year medical student can do that, if you ask me …..

    The A&E notes don’t constitute “evidence, proof or report”.
    Actually, it says “nothing” and the MO did not make any conclusions.
    He only wrote that “he personally did not observe these signs”, and that “anal assault” needed to be ruled out – and he never did rule it out!

    But the more “detailed examination” at HKL should concur (partially, if not in toto) with the cursory observations at A&E, or there’s reason for doubt.
    The significance of it is however a little overhyped – sorry for the cold shower, all you heated guys!
    Just being “anally” rational here.

    Anyway, we gotta keep our focus on Altantuya & Bala PI a lot more than what we are doing right now.
    That’s the real stuff!

  27. Dear Freedom & Barry,

    Let’s look at the latest posting in Rocky Bru’s blog entitled The Osman Conspiracy. Let me take part of the writing

    [Can anyone clarify the relationship between Dr Mohamed Osman Hamid and Anwar Ibrahim, especially when they were both active at RISEAP in the early 1990’s and late 1980’s?]

    What would you say to this.

    I would simply say.. so what .. what is the issue here. Just because both of them are active at RISEAP , it does not mean it’s a conspiracy. These are all nonsense. I’m being consistent here, how about you.

    Give me actual fact, not all these irrelevant imaginative mumbo jumbo crap you like to call conspiracy.

  28. Dude,
    “It’s all nonsense”.
    That’s definitely
    a very consistent “argument” in the MSM,
    coming from “certain parties”
    on every misdeed by “certain parties” of late.

    Lets not forget the words “it’s all lies”, “fitnah”, the flip-flopping and denials……..

    Those were quite consistent too ….

  29. wow it seems that more and more medical doctors are telling that RPK was wrong in his medical report spin.

    but between rpk who has no medical experience at all against apolitical doctors we read online now, more people would believe the doctors.


  30. “Whether Rodwan is the investigating officer of the 1998 case or not , is irrelevant. So you are telling me just because it is the same guy, it must be the same conspiracy. What if it is not? What if it is a different conspiracy. ” Dude

    Dude is right.

    Meeting surreptitiously is not a crime? Maybe they are doing so to avoid publicity. Maybe they feel they are entitled to some luxury enjoying a meal paid for by a good Samaritan who happens to be an UMNO division chief for their hard work? Maybe they are sharing old memories? That is not a crime. It may not even be relevant.

    In law there are two kinds of evidence i.e. ‘direct’ and “indirect’ or circumstantial evidence. In this case it is circumstantial evidence relevant to prove the existence of a conspiracy.

    By itself it does not mean much but when taken together with other pieces of evidence, it could point to the existence of a conspiracy involving the alleged victim and these police officers to ‘fix’ the accused. Whether it is or not, it is for the jury to make up its mind considering the totality of the evidence. In a non-jury trial it is for the judge acting as a tribunal of fact and not just of law to make up his mind.

  31. Creasant,

    “but between rpk who has no medical experience at all against apolitical doctors we read online now, more people would believe the doctors.”

    Yes, I do believe in apolitical Dr M eversince.

    Fat Hope!!!
    Long Live RPK and DSAI !!

  32. Semper and Barry,

    Let’s not lose our bearings. Time to let things hang out! Guys, let’s goyang ourselves to freedom and ecstasy while there is time left! Life is too short!

    Ecstasy pills, anyone?

    This should remind Barry of his stay in Jakarta – and why his wife needs to work on those skills!

  33. Dude,

    Like I said, you pull out scenarios and examples like an idiot. There is a difference between what happened 20+ years ago and asking a rhetorical question about a relationship between DSAI and the Dr. and comparing it with a situation where a player in the first Sodomy case met clandestinely with the accuser of Sodomy II in a hotel a few months ago, not to mention the “counseling session” with the Najib bloke. Once again, in your broad paintbrush of consistency, simple logic escaped you.

    Dude, as a human being (Malaysian or not), if you are in DSAI shoes, you are OK with the clandestine meetings of the players who have a hand in frabricating evidence, putting you in jail and beating the crap out of you the first time? So don’t keep comparing apples with oranges , OK?

  34. Mr Bean, you shouldn’t be showing these things to a poor sod like me. Little wonder the shakes in California, with her shakes traversing the Pacific Ocean. Still, I take offence with this guy’s insistence that Anwar HAS to be guilty on the basis that a young boy has made such an accusation, ignoring everything else pointing otherwise. Not to say that I am completely shut off at the idea of the possibility, but until convincing evidence is shown, he remains an innocent man in my mind. And I like the way he socks it to the monkeys who seem to be at a loss as to what to say, other than accusing him, pronouncing him guilty and then hang him.

  35. “And I like the way he socks it to the monkeys” – barry

    Hahaaha, I like the way you said it! Yes, and he did it so effortlessly!

  36. Mr Bean
    I needed that. Getting a headache trying to figure out some of these comments. Some people just refuse to accept the facts even if it is staring them in the face. Always creating doubt.

    I refuse to entertain these people. It’s a waste of time. Anwar deserves better. I wonder how people like Dude and Maxtor would react if they were accused of sodomizing Saiful.

  37. By: cresant on July 30, 2008
    at 11:34 am

    but between rpk who has no medical experience at all against apolitical doctors we read online now, more people would believe the doctors.

    Let’s get one thing straight here
    – just saying that it was overhyped as a “REPORT”, from the medical perspective, doesn’t make it “wrong”.

    It is a very critical piece of medico-legal document that will have enormous bearing upon on the outcome of the “Official Report”.
    The “gross findings” of the Official report cannot deviate far from the stated observations ….. any signs of that – the report and “specialist’s” credibility can be questioned.

    To run down its significance, would definitely be “wrong”.
    In that sense, RPK wasn’t really wrong!

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