Press statement by Dr. Lim Teck Ghee, Director, Centre for Policy Initiatives

Saiful’s Sodomy Allegation

The disclosure of an earlier medical report on Saiful’s allegations against Anwar has now been followed by a widely circulated – though not available in the mainstream mass media – copy of the report lodged at Hospital Pusrawi Sdn Bhd at 2.14 pm on July 28, 2008.

This new report – and all the doubts and questions it raises – should not be concealed or kept out of public scrutiny by the mainstream media, the Government authorities or other interested parties for their own selfish interest.

Given the high political leadership stakes as well as enormous national and international interest in the new sodomy charge against the country’s most prominent opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim – and indirectly against the newly formed opposition front, Pakatan Rakyat – it is imperative that all Malaysians – in their individual and organizational capacities – should raise their voices to show their concern for the full, transparent, and fair disclosure of all the facts and developments in the case, and to demand that swift justice should prevail.

Further attempts at one sided or politically biased and manipulative handling of the case will cause the nation even more grievous damage than what has already been inflicted.

Kuala Lumpur, July 29, 2008

17 thoughts on “Press statement by Dr. Lim Teck Ghee, Director, Centre for Policy Initiatives

  1. We need more statements from civil society organizations and concerned citizens about this latest revelation of yet another attempt by the Government to fabricate evidence and build a case against Anwar Ibrahim.

    I feel a sense of outrage over this and trust my fellow Malaysians too will stand up and be counted on this issue of sodomy. Make your views known to your MPs and ADUNs.

  2. main stream media….?

    they can go to hell…..!!!

    Only BN totok’s and an ignorance peoples would still believe the MSM….

  3. Mr Din,

    If Pak Lah is sincere, NOW is the time to be impartial and come out strongly as a LEADER.

    The TRUTH is unraveling and he must show JUSTICE is for all including the enemies…

    Else, it is another case of FAILURE in LEADERSHIP as Mandela pointed in ZIMBABWE.
    hjghaz, Pak Lah just can’t lead. He has failed as a Leader and we must learn to accept this fact and find the alternative. It will not be in UMNO. It is Anwar Ibrahim in PKR/PR.—Din Merican

  4. I reckon the slavish editors are waiting for green light from the Internal Security Ministry or the fourth floor boys before running the story.

    If this story sees the light of day in our MSM it will not be RPK’s version but the establishment’s response to it.

    Probably, a denial. They will say the report is not authentic or go after whoever released it to RPK.

    We have another good man on the run because he refused to play ball with the police.

  5. MMC’s website disabled by the goons.
    Just go to Susan Loone website under posting by jin_aprit, time 14:07:48.

  6. what we need is for this doctor to come out from hiding though, just like Mr Bala in that explosive SD of his. Otherwise this style is beginning to look abit too familiar already.

  7. The PM should come up to explain what UMNO the IGP and AG have done to the nation . Why is he refusing to ask the IGP and AG to go
    on leave.

    As for TDM the government is not so
    stupid to do it the second time

    Hamid what is there to be afraid off.

    Malaysian cannot be made a fool

  8. Din, your sense of outrage is shared by every true Malaysian who wants to see justice done. The fact is that the BN cares not for justice and fairness and like their sleepy leader, Noddy Badawi, would prefer not to know the truth.

    Frankly, I can’t help but fear for the worst as things go on because we can see for ourselves how the BN leadership has complete control over the PDRM, ACA, the AG and every other arm of the government.

    The Judiciary, despite the findings of the Royal Commission is obviously still very much under the control of the BN. How else can you explain the situation where with 2 SDs filed pointing the finger directly at Najib, his Fatso Dominatrix spouse and several other characters and Karpal Singh’s attempt to have the Court to call Najib to the stand being denied by the Judge. That’ the law a’la Augustine Paul all over again.

    Hey Al, I wouldn’t suggest that the doctor should come out of hiding man, want him to then disappear like PI Bala and family or worse be sent to his forefathers a’la Altantuya? Better he vamoose to some safe country before appearing in front of the International press.

    While I am sure the ADUNs and the MPs from PR would be making all the right noises, we regretfully have to accept the fact that we cannot say the same of the BN side. These so-called elected representatives of the people have their mouths conveniently sealed by the shit they all carry or perhaps they fear that they may be Altantuya the S, PI Bala the Second, or third, or fourth.
    Just wonder when we an see these politicians recover their Balls and speak up for justice that they have sworn to uphold.

    The way things are developing, we can be sure that we will soon become another Zimbabwe or worse.

    Anak Malaysia, God forbid. Zimbabwe is already a basket case.—Din Merican

  9. Why can’t we have an inkling from all the airheads in Malaysia. Like asking and then seeing all the good honest policemen on strike (they should know what peaceful demons mean) and demanding the resignation of their bosses?

    That should spook the filthy lot! 😦

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  14. tqvm. saya kagum bahawa masih ada orang yang cintakan kebenaran dan bersama2 menolak kezaliman.

    I’m impress that we still have people who love the truth and together to fight the badness
    TQ SIR

  15. Everybody that link with DSAI cases always gone missing.
    1) Saiful
    2) Bala
    3) Doctor Mohamed Osman

    Don’t u think that this is obvious.

  16. Dear Lim Teck Ghee,

    It is heartening to see you continue writing persuasive letters.
    This allows readers to have alternative opinions, views and figures in view of monopoly of major media in Malaysia
    You must be committed to present a fair and balanced view.

    To me it is stupid to question the loyalty of citizens born in Malaysia until they behave otherwise.

    Corruption can destroy the nation.
    Therefore Corrupt leaders are traitors to the Nation.
    Corrupt leaders are definitely NOT LOYAL to the Nation because their actions harm the nation.
    They put SELF above Nation & people.
    They are DEFINITELY DISLOYAL to the Nation.

    Do our Ministers really care for the people ?
    Do they go around KL to see who go to bed hungry & then offer them food ???
    Do they go around KL at night to see how many sleep on the pavements, open space, field etc and offer them a bed ??? No

    But they spend the peoples’ money without care & to enjoy the luxuries they give themselves as they have the power to spend the peoples’ money the way they like.
    Just look at the RM350 million half bridge at the Causeway rotting in the sun & wind. This is stupidity & arrogance of the first degree. They just don’t care.

    Continue your good work.
    I met a young lady who told me she has replaced you in ASLI.

    May God Bless You

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